Florida Governor Says State Will Win Donald Trump

Note that on election day, the media will all say that Donald Trump has lost and that the polls indicate defeat, but then the numbers will start coming out of Florida and then the minimum margins will be seen nationally “and “then Florida will give Donald J. Trump the victory,” he said.

At that point all journalists will start to cry. But then Donald Trump will be re-elected, “predicted the Republican governor, elected in 2016.

Donald Trump was on Friday night in Passadena, northwest of Florida, a city close to the state of Alabama, and announced that he will vote today in Miami just as he called for the “Latin” vote of the state where immigration represents 20% of the electorate.

The state of Florida, confers 29 super voters, and is considered as determining for the final result of the presidential elections.

So Trump, who was on Thursday in the debate with Joe Biden in Nashville, Tennessee, returned to Florida for more acts mobilization accompanied by the republican leaders of the state.

“We have a chance to win this. Swear to me that everyone in your family, as well as your friends and neighbors will vote for the Republican Party and that in these 11 days before the elections are going to do everything possible to re-elect Donald Trump, the president of the United States, “appealed Ron DeSantis who spared no criticism of the Democratic Party candidate.

“Joe Biden wants to confine the country. For what? Doesn’t he believe that kids have to be in school? We in Florida have kids in schools in all counties, but Biden it is not capable because it is controlled by the unions. We will not leave Joe Biden confine our country, “said the state governor.

Thousands of supporters of the Republican Party participated in the Friday night rally on the airport board of Passadena with Donald Trump – who was flown a few meters from the podium where he spoke.

Among the thousands of participants, supporters African Americans and most of those present were at the unmasked rally protection health and disrespecting the basic rules of social distance due to the pandemic of covid-19.

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Angola on the “threshold of the state of emergency”

Ade Almeida spoke today at a press conference in Luanda, during which he presented the new rules on the calamity situation, which were changed 15 days after the last decree came into force, due to the increase in the number of cases of covid-19.

“We are on the threshold of a state of emergency. If we cannot stop the growth of pandemic and risk of system collapse, there will be no alternatives but to adopt more drastic and restrictive measures of citizens’ rights “and as long as it is possible to counter the trend of the last days, said Adão de Almeida.

“It is an extreme and undesirable level for us to get there,” said the minister, recalling that there have already been 60 days of state of emergency and that this requires more severe measures and suspension of citizens’ rights.

Among the news of the next calamity situation, which come into force at 00:00 on Saturday, 24 October, there are stricter schedules for shops and restaurants, as well as increased fines and changes in the area of ​​inspection of measures.

According to Adão de Almeida, organs defense and security must create conditions for “to adopt proportionate measures, but guarantee compliance with the presidential decree “and may use videos and photos shared on social networks as evidence of non-compliance with the law.

The organs defense and security may terminate or Act on situations of violation of the rules in commercial establishments “or other type of equipment, even if it is not in the act”, even if the knowledge of the situation is made through unofficial channels.

“If the organs of the national police have information, through social networks that a certain site held a party, being prohibited, organs they can use that evidence and apply the appropriate sanctions “, warned Adão de Almeida.

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Woman shows face when leaving dentist and images are already viral

AWhat would be a simple trip to the dentist ended with a video that went viral on social media. Úlida Guimarães, 29, recorded the images to send to the employer, explaining that he could not go to work.

The Brazilian, a seller of air conditioners, had to take three anesthetics for a dental intervention. The result? Úlida his face was partially immobilized and, as soon as he saw his image, he could not contain his laughter.

“Márcia, I’m not going back today. If I cover this side, I’m very serious,” she says in the middle of an uncontrollable laugh.

The images were captured at the end of September, but only last Sunday they reached social networks, reveals the Brazilian press.

“When I left there [consultório], I felt strange, but I was wearing a mask and I hadn’t seen my face. When I looked in the mirror, the face was deformed. It was very ugly, very strange. And I thought, ‘I’m not even going to call [para a chefe]. I will make a video to show the situation “, revealed Úlida to G1.

The employer was sympathetic to the situation and allowed the employee to be absent for the rest of the day. The face of Úlida ended up returning to normal after four hours.

See, in the gallery, the video recorded by Úlida.

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Spanish doctors take meals to Cape Verdean island affected by the crisis

EThis solidarity operation is being carried out on the main tourist island of Cape Verde, which received half of the tourists that annually visited, until the pandemic of covid-19, the archipelago (total of 819 thousand in 2019), but that since mid March it is practically without tourists.

“An epidemic of covid is having serious consequences for the Cape Verdean economyverdiana and, as usual, unfortunately, it ends up to affect directly the most vulnerable groups in society “, recognizes the association, in a note sent to Lusa, explaining that, with this campaign, it plans to take meals to around 200 families, benefiting 800 inhabitants of the island, over the next few weeks.

The volunteer doctors of that ONG have already carried out 1,113 free surgical interventions, in addition to 2,569 consultations of various specialties, on the island of Sal, in the âscope assistance program started in 2012 and which involved, until February 38 trips to Cape Verde in the past.

“In view of the temporary impossibility of continuing the ‘Doctors Solidarity for Cape Verde’ program, due to the ban on international travel, the Africa get moving launched this aid campaign, aimed at families with children in difficult situations. They are hot meals prepared and packaged in hygienic and safe conditions, with healthy, local ingredients, and include bread and dessert “, adds the organization.

Suspended since 19 March, to contain the transmission of pandemic of covid-19, international commercial flights were only re-authorized by the Cape Verdean governmentverdean from 12 October – forcing negative tests to the disease at least 72 hours in advance -, but the impacts on tourism, which represents 25% of the Gross Domestic Product (START), still do not feel.

According to the organization, the “Solidarity Menus” campaign has the support of the international network of hotels and resorts RIU, one of the main on the island of Sal, and the authorities of Bizkaia, in the Spanish autonomous community of the Basque Country, Africa get moving, in addition to the Cape Verdeanverdiana.

It adds that the beneficiaries of this campaign are selected based on “official socio-economic criteria” and the delivery of meals – first in the city of Espargos followed by Santa Maria -, it is made “by appointment with the representative of each family”.

No âscope support to Cape Verde, essentially on the island of Sal, that organization says that since 2012 it has trained 150verdeans on area of health, involving a total of more than 150 volunteers, including a hundred doctors.

Cape Verde records an accumulated of 8,033 cases of covid-19 diagnosed since 19 March, with 90 Deaths associated with the disease in the same period.

A pandemic of covid-19 has already caused more than 1.1 million deaths and more than 41.3 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected not end of December of 2019, em Wuhan, a city in central China.

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The funeral of the professor who became “the face of the struggle for freedom”

Fhi at a ceremony this Wednesday in the honor courtyard of the University of Sorbonne in Paris, which paid tribute to French professor Samuel Fifth. Present at the ceremony was the French head of state who justified the location chosen for being a “place of humanism” and “of universal knowledge”.

Samuel Fifth was killed because Islamists want our future and know that with silent heroes like him they will never have it“, said President Emmanuel Macron, referring to the teacher who was beheaded by an Islamist, last Friday near the school where he was teaching, and after being the target of revenge on social networks for showing cartoons of Mohammed in a of your classes.

We will defend secularism. And the freedom that you taught so well. We will not renounce caricatures or illustrations“, assured Macron, in a ceremony celebrated in the honor court of the University of Sorbonne, in Paris, which the French head of state claimed as” a place of humanism “and” of universal knowledge “.

The coffin was carried on the shoulders by effective of the National Republican Guard, while, at the request of the family, the theme “One” by the band U2 sounded, and the national anthem “A Marselhesa” was sung, sung by the many people who attended the tribute ceremony.

During the brief and very solemn act, Macron also pointed out that Fifth he was murdered “because he decided to teach his students to become citizens, to assume their duties and the freedom to exercise them”.

The professor, who posthumously received the Legion of Honor, the most important French award, began to embody, according to the French President, “the face of the struggle for freedom and reason”, a struggle that Macron says will continue in his name ” because it is more necessary than ever “.

The attack took place last Friday afternoon at a school in the suburbs of the French capital, where Samuel Fifth, 47 years old, taught the disciplines of History and Geography. The alleged perpetrator of the attack, identified as Abdullah Anzorov, a young man of 18 years of origin chechen, born in Russia (Moscow), was shot down by the police.

Police source, cited by the France-Press news agency (AFP), explained that the victim may have displayed caricatures of the prophet Muhammad during a class on freedom of expression. According to research sources cited by the French newspaper Le Monde, one or more students will have provided the Abdullah Anzorov the teacher’s identity in exchange for a few hundred euros.

In addition to the four students arrested, another person, already referred to for links to terrorist movements, volunteered to the French authorities for having been in contact with the suspect some time before the attack.

Another 10 people have remained in police custody since Friday, mainly relatives of the alleged perpetrator of the attack, namely parents, grandfather and a younger brother, who were detained in Evreux, about 80 kilometers from the place where the attack took place.

Also in detention are a father of a student of Samuel Fifth, who started a campaign on social media against the teacher and against the decision of the teacher to show the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in the classroom, and a preacher islâmico, identified as Abdelhakim Sefraoui, who kept in touch with that parent.

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The vaccine is coming; Going from Porto to Lisbon in 1h15

A Saturday magazine highlights this Thursday that the “vaccine is coming” and points out “32 responses about the new cure”.

Me and Eyesight makes cover with “victims beyond covid“. In this Thursday’s edition, the magazine reveals the” stories of the families they took their children from in England “.

The newspaper Public reveals that “high speed line between Porto and Lisbon will reduce trip to 01h15” and also indicates that the candidate of the PSD the presidency in the Azores is “investigated for culpable insolvency”.

Stay with today’s highlights:


– The vaccine is coming: 32 answers about the new cure “

– “Right of Response: Lisbon Law Faculty clarifies internal competitions”

– “Report: Infected with covid caught on the terrace, shopping and serving customers “

– “Ana Gomes has the most assets: The savings and assets of five face-to-face candidates”

– “The life of Joana Pais de Brito: A actress that imitates Cristina Ferreira like nobody else “


– “Victims beyond covid

– “Justice: The stories of the families who took their children in England”

– “QAnon: The big conspiracy that divides America even more “

Morning mail:

– “Director do Sporting terrifies ex-wife: Miguel Albuquerque directs club modalities “

– “Man. City-FC Porto (3-1): English curse”

– “Europa League: Benfica in the final is Jorge Jesus’ ambition”

– “With AEK: SP Braga ‘wants to kill lamb’ “

– “Rosa’s father accused of helping to plant a bullet in the widow’s house”

– “Iftimes for agency: Government promotes chief of staff of Medina “

– “Video sergeant plot caught masturbating at the post of GNR

– “Pandemic: Viruses already marou 906 elderly people in homes “

– “Estoril: Firefighters put out the fire and leave a charred corpse”

– “Sentence: Nine years in jail for throwing baby in the trash”

– “Catholic Church: Pope accepts gay civil union”


– “High speed line between Porto and Lisbon will reduce trip to 01:15”

– “Azores: Candidate for the PSD to the presidency of the regional government investigated for culpable insolvency “

– “Gay marriage: Pope Francis defends civil union, but that does not mean changing the doctrine”

– “Rio votes against the OE because the PS said it didn’t need the PSD

– “[Jorge Torgal, do Conselho Nacional de Saúde Pública] ‘Government should make plan not centered on covid-19′”

– “The 2016 polls on USA also vote “


– “‘Bazuca’ of two billion for meters from Porto and Lisbon”

– “Pope opens the door to civil unions of homosexuals”

– “Euthanasia: Popular referendum with lead in sight in parliament”

– “Manchester City 3-1 FC Porto: The English curse”

– “Braga: DGS cuts 2,300 followers “

– “Giro: João de rosa e Rúben in blue “

– “North Region is the closest to the hospitalization limit”

– “Porto: El Corte Inglês prepares investment in Boavista”

– “Sentence: Nine years old for trying to kill baby in ecopoint

– “National 2: 50 thousand made the road from side to side”

Jornal i:

– “Pope approves civil unions of homosexuals: ‘This was an arrival on the sexual moon of men and women’ [Fundador da Opus Gay]”

– “Euthanasia: Deputies decide today if there is a referendum”

– “Northern hospitals with more pressure start having to cancel surgeries”

– “The mystery of Asian seeds in the mailbox”

– “Carrilho acquitted for the third time of domestic violence “

– “FML: Tourism addiction sinks prospects to Portugal”

– “The book about the earthquake that reminds a policeman”

– “For years, Trump paid more taxes in China than us USA


– “Second wave increases risk of recession in ‘w'”

– “PSD force approval of the Budget on the left “

– “Survey: Majority holds PS, Block and PCP if proposal is failed “

– “Agriculture: New area of irrigation will cost 400 million “

– “Constitutional: court prohibits end of old rents due to lack of response from the tenant”

– “Transport: Metro admits to receive 42 million by concession contract”

– “Diogo Xavier da Cunha, Miranda’s managing partner: Crisis will bring ‘insolvencies and an increase in litigation

The ball:

– “Man. City – FC Porto (3-1): Won, but not convinced: Dragão loses in Manchester due to own and refereeing errors”

– “Lech Poznan-Benfica: The beginning of the long walk “

– “‘We must show that we are better’, Jorge Jesus”

– “SC Braga-AEK: The return of the public “

– “Sporting: Punishment does not take off Rúben from the bank”

– “Spin: ‘The legs are responding’, João Almeida”


– “Man. Company-FC Porto 3-1): Stomp only from referee: Penalty unbelievable tilted the field in Manchester “

– “Lech Poznan-Benfica: Jorge Jesus already thinks of Gdansk: ‘We want to be in the final’ “

– “Back to Italy: Almeida de Aço”

– “Sporting: Amorim livre no Açores”

– “SP Braga-AEK Athens: Carlos Carvalhal: ‘Winning is everything’ “

The game:

– “Stepped Dragon: Goal stratospheric from Luis Diaz opened the game, but bumped into referee Latvian and no WHERE Dutch”

– “Lech Poznan-Benfica: Start dreaming about the Champions “

– “Braga-AEK: Carvalhal takes aim at the Greek lamb “

– “Sporting: Matheus renew, but it is more expensive “

– “Real Madrid-Schakhtar (2-3): Luís Castro punished the lack of education “

– “Back to Italy: João Almeida survived the longest climb”

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Zambia becomes first African country in ‘default’ due to pandemic

“A 13 of October, the Government of Zâmbia issued a statement that it said it would be unable to make payments on external financial obligations due to liquidity pressures that were created by pandemic“, say S&P analysts in the note accompanying the decision to put the country’s rating at ‘Default Selective‘.

“S&P today lowered the rating of sovereign credit in foreign currency of long and short term to SD (Selective Default, in the original in English) and, at the same time, maintained the level of CCC– for ratings on debt issues in local currency “, announce the analysts of the financial rating agency.

With the decision to place Zâmbia in ‘default’, this African country bordering Angola and Mozambique becomes the first to default due to increased public spending to combat the pandemic of covid-19 and, at the same time, the fall in the price of raw materials and world demand.

Last week, the Government failed to pay an installment of 42.5 million dollars, about 35 million euros, related to the issue of 1 billion dollars (843 million euros) that matures in 2024, already after having private creditors were asked to suspend payments for six months, ie a restructuring of private debt.

“The declaration of 13 October [na qual afirmava que não iria pagar a prestação] follows an earlier consent request announcement in which it asked for effectively to bondholders who agreed to a six-month freeze on debt payments “, write the analysts, stating:” We see this request to bondholders as a problematic offer under our methodology “, which implies a decline in the ‘rating’ to ‘default’.

S&P anticipates that Zâmbia will remain in default for the next six months, during which time it will attempt to complete a broader restructuring, but warns that regardless of the outcome of these negotiations, “the overall credit quality is constrained by factors structural problems, including little wealth, large deficits and high debt burden “.

The S&P estimates that Zâ’s economymbia negative growth of 4% this year, recovering to an expansion of 2% in 2021, and that the ratio public debt vis-à-vis the START rise from 85.9% in 2019 to 106.1% this year.

Africa today, 40,000 people died (40,222) due to covid-19, having registered over 9,800 in the last 24 hours infections, for a total of 1,664,212 cases, according to the latest data on the pandemic not continent.

According to the African Union’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), in the last 24 hours the number of recovered in the 55 member states of the organization was 9,672, for a total of 1,372,778 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The first case of covid-19 in Africa appeared in Egypt, in 14 de February, and Nigeria was the first country in the Africa sub-saharan to record cases of infection, in 28 de February.

A pandemic of covid-19 has already caused more than 1.1 million deaths and over 40.8 million cases of infection around the world, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected not end of December, in Wuhan, a city in central China.

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Voters in two states received threatening emails. “Vote for Trump”

ASome voters in at least two US states indicated they had received threatening emails on Tuesday in order to coerce the vote in Donald Trump, according to the New York Times, which had access to one of these correspondences. “Vote for Trump in the General Elections or we’ll go after you“, it can be read, although no group or organization can have access to the vote of a citizen.

According to the same publication, the sender of that email suggests a connection with the far-right group Proud Boys. But the metadata of the email show that it did not come from the address shown – ‘[email protected]’- but before a server from Estonia.

A missive electronics obtained by the New York Times was sent to a voter of Gainesville, in Florida, and was practically identical to dozens of other emails that were sent to residents of the same city. However, citizens of Brevard County, also in Florida, and Anchorage, Alaska, gave the warning about the same type of correspondence electronics.

Lauren By, mayor of Gainesville, said emails were “a very crude way of trying to intimidate voters and preventthe to vote “, but that none of the citizens he spoke to succumbed to fear.

Local and federal authorities are investigating the emails, including notices on social media. “This email is a scam and we are going to start an investigation into the source of it“, clarify the police and city authorities in a joint statement.

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Russia proposes Angola to build factory for vaccine production

Vladimir Tararov was speaking to Angolan Public Television at reception 18.5 tonnes of hospital products, including over 5,000 RT-test dosesPCR to the covid-19, donated by Russia, which arrived in the country today.

According to the Russian ambassador, the proposal also stresses the availability for sending vaccines to the country, with the opening for the construction of a factory for the production of vaccines, including against covid-19.

“But that really depends only on the desire and availability, first of all, of the Government of Angola”, said Vladimir Tararov, stressing that the donated products are “an aid from the Russian people to the Angolan people”.

According to the Russian diplomat, this is a symbolic act of humanitarian aid and demonstration of the historical links between the two countries, “because friends cannot leave friends in a calamity situation”.

For his part, the Secretary of State for Public Health of Angola, Franco Mufinda, said that about 1.5 million surgical masks and about 13,000 biosafety, visors and alcohol for sanitation professionals.

Regarding the evolution of the country’s epidemiological situation, Franco Mufinda stated that, “if things get worse, there is no alternative but to review the process current“, as do other countries.

“We must appeal, once again, to our population to avoid this type of behavior (disregard of the rules for preventing and combating covid-19), so as not to lead the executive to take a measure that we already had here, which is the State of emergency “, he said.

Angola added 8,049 cases in the last 24 hours, with 251 cases Deaths, 3,037 recovered patients and 4,761 active, including nine in critical condition and 19 serious.

A pandemic gives covid-19 has already caused more than 1.1 million deaths and over 40.8 million cases of infection worldwide, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected not end of December of 2019, em Wuhan, a city in central China.

After Europe succeeded China as the center of pandemic in February, the American continent is now the one with the most confirmed cases and the most deaths.

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Youtuber David MacMillan dies at 30 years of cancer after shoulder pain

David MacMillan, who became known for his work in YouTube, died at the age of 30 as a result of a rare cancer, says The Sun. The publication reports that it all started with a shoulder pain.

This symptom appeared in janeiro of this year and David thought that the same was due to the practice of wrestling. Having failed to get an appointment in March, because pandemic, the young man saw his health worsen until he received the diagnosis: a cancer in the cells germinative, which develops in the testicles.

MacMillan he still struggled through chemotherapy sessions, however, earlier this month the doctors revealed that there was nothing left to do.

The young man ended up dying in the arms of his mother, who now wonders if her son would still be alive if he had undergone treatment earlier.

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