NBK committee discusses mental health promotion policy

The Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council, during its meeting held at the headquarters of the Council’s General Secretariat in Dubai today, Monday, chaired by Naama Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Second Vice-President of the Council and Chairperson of the Committee, resumed discussing the issue of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection’s policy […]

Nurse asks young woman to wear mask and is attacked in Metro de Madrid

UA nurse at the 12 de Octubre hospital in Madrid was brutally attacked when, while traveling on the city’s metro last Thursday, he asked a young man in the same train to put on a mask. Not liking the question, the boy hit the health professional in the eye with “a sharp object”. The man […]

A woman died in Madeira after being assaulted by a family member

“A The victim was a resident of that parish and suspicions are that she was attacked by a family member,” said the same source to Lusa news agency. The alert for this occurrence “was given in the middle of this afternoon”, he said, adding that the woman “was assisted by the firefighters because she was […]

Thousands demonstrated in France against health measures

MIslands of people demonstrated today in the main cities of France against the Government’s new measures to stop the pandemic, namely the mandatory vaccination of health professionals and the requirement to have a digital certificate. They should be approved on Monday by the French Council of Ministers and on Wednesday they will be debated in […]

“Hollywood Ripper” was sentenced to death in Los Angeles

O criminal known as the “Hollywood Ripper” (“Hollywood Ripper”) was sentenced to death for the murder of two women and the attempted murder of a third, in a case that has been dragging on in the courts for 20 years. Michael Thomas Gargiulo [√† direita na imagem], now 45, heard the sentence read on Friday […]

Viral image of submerged car with offense to Greta Thunberg is false

A a photograph that began circulating on social media late this week, where you can see a partially submerged car with a sticker that reads “Fuck you, Greta” (“Fuck you, Greta”), is tampered with. As you can see below, the original image does not have any sticker on the rear glass. The idea behind the […]

All passengers on the plane that disappeared from the radar survived

O The Russian plane that disappeared from radar this Friday, when it was flying over Siberia, has already been located and all 18 people on board survived, according to Agence France Presse, which quotes the Russian aviation agency. According to initial information, the Antonov An-28 was forced to make an emergency landing. TASS reported this […]

Shocking images. Rains trigger landslides in a German city

UA landslide, caused by bad weather that is affecting some countries in Europe, has destroyed several houses in a town near Cologne, Germany. Images show the devastation left by the force of the waters. According to what was shared by the local authorities, several “houses were swept away and others are in danger of collapsing” […]

Taxpayer data on the loose; plan that Socrates put together

Ahe newsstands this Friday are more composed of the weekend editions of several newspapers and because today is also the day of Expresso, Novo and Jornal Econ√≥mico. The newspaper Express reveals “The plan Socrates put together to control everything” while the New says the “Government leaves taxpayer data on the loose” with the IVaucher program. […]