Minnesota: Resigns from the police force after another black man was killed

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Resignations from the police after another black man was killed – protests continued

Serious riots after the death of an African American

A US policewoman shoots a young African American in his car; apparently for no reason. The police speak of a mistake, civil rights activists of murder. At night there are serious riots and attacks on the police station.

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Two days after the death of a black man in a police shot in the US state of Minnesota, the policewoman and the chief of police resigned. Confrontations between demonstrators and police officers continue over the incident.

NAfter a black man was killed in a police operation in the US state of Minnesota, the officer in charge and the local police chief resigned. Hopefully this will start a new phase, said the mayor of Brooklyn Center in northern Minneapolis, Mike Elliott, on Tuesday.

The police officer Kim Potter and police chief Tim Gannon submitted their resignation. There had been protests in the city since Sunday after the death of the black man named Daunte Wright.

Police Chief Tim Gannon handed in his resignation

Quelle: AP/Shari Gross

Gannon said on Monday that he believed that Potter accidentally shot the 20-year-old during a traffic stop. According to initial findings, instead of using a stun gun (taser), she mistakenly pulled her pistol, he said.

The police checked Wright on Sunday because the registration of his car had expired, it was said. They found that there was an arrest warrant for the unarmed man and wanted to arrest him. A video shows Wright loosening the grip of the officers and getting back into his car. A policewoman yells “Taser, Taser, Taser” – but has a pistol in her hand. A shot can then be heard. Wright died from a gunshot wound to the chest, according to the autopsy.

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At the scene of the event, in Brooklyn Center in the north of the city of Minneapolis, protests, some of them violent, broke out for the second day in a row after the death of the 20-year-old on Tuesday night. Among other things, the posters said: “Am I next?”, “Mord, Mord, Mord” and “Black Lives Matter” (in German, for example: Black lives are important). Despite the night curfew, hundreds were on the streets.

Police violence protests in the United States

Some of the demonstrations turned into violent riots

Those: dpa / John Minchillo

Police violence protests in the United States

A protester sits outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department during a protest on a street

Those: dpa / John Minchillo

According to US media, the police used tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the protests. The National Guard was also on duty. Around 60 people were arrested, among other things, for “causing unrest”, said a police spokesman. Demonstrators had pelted officials with stones and also used fireworks.

Mayor Elliott said that another black man was killed by the police was “just unbelievable”. He emphasized: “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.”

Biden promotes police reform

Commenting on Wright’s death, US President Joe Biden said, “The question is whether it was an accident or on purpose. That still needs to be clarified. ”He showed understanding for people’s anger. “Peaceful protest is understandable,” said Biden. But there is “absolutely no justification” for violence. The democrat has made the fight against racism one of his central concerns. He’s also campaigning for a police reform bill named after George Floyd to be passed, but Senate Republicans are likely to stonewall.

More than 150 years after the abolition of slavery and a good five decades after full legal equality for blacks, there is still a lot of catching up to do on the issue of racism. The structural disadvantage of the minority, which makes up around 13 percent of the population, has many facets: Blacks live less long on average, are less well educated and much poorer than whites. They are also much more likely to be victims of police violence.

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Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo during his testimony in court

Minneapolis’ police chief

Another case only caused outrage at the weekend: A video showed two police officers harassing a black lieutenant in the US armed forces during a traffic control. An officer used irritant gas. The police in Windsor, Virginia fired the officer and the state opened an investigation.

The presenter of the “Daily Show”, the comedian Trevor Noah from South Africa, summed up the criticism of many blacks on Monday evening: The police don’t care whether you are a member of the military or simply a valued member of the black community. “They don’t care because they know they can get away with it. And until that changes, they won’t care anymore. “


USA: Shots at Tennessee high school – suspect shot

Panorama USA

Shots at high school in Tennessee – suspect shot

Several people were hit by bullets in a gun attack at a school in Knoxville, Tennessee

Several people were hit by bullets in a gun attack at a school in Knoxville, Tennessee

Source: via REUTERS

In an exchange of fire in a school in Knoxville, Tennessee, a student was killed by a police bullet on Monday. In addition, a police officer was injured.

IIn a school in the US state of Tennessee, according to the authorities, a student shot at police officers and was killed by them. The officers were alerted about a possible shooter at the Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, said the chief of the state criminal investigation office, David Rausch, on Monday. The police placed the student in a toilet and asked to come out. However, he opened fire, whereupon the officers shot back.

The student reportedly died at school. An injured officer had to undergo an operation. According to the police, there were no other dead or injured. The building was said to have been secured. Mayor Indya Kincannon said she spoke to the injured officer. He was conscious and in good spirits.

The police warned the population to stay away from the school building. Families could meet students on a baseball field behind the school, she said. The media showed numerous police and rescue vehicles at the crime scene.

School councilor Bob Thomas said unaffected students had been turned over to their families. The authorities were gathering information about the “tragic situation” and would later release more information.

Several serious incidents involving gun violence since mid-March

The United States is repeatedly rocked by deadly gun attacks in schools. At Columbine High School in Littleton, two teenagers shot and killed twelve classmates and a teacher in 1999. They then committed suicide.

There have been several serious incidents involving gun violence in the United States since mid-March. Eight people were killed in massage parlors in the greater Atlanta area. Ten people were shot dead in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Four people, including a nine-year-old, were killed in an office building in Orange, California. In a factory in Texas last week, an employee shot and killed a man and injured six others before he was arrested.

US President Joe Biden last week called gun violence in the United States a “plague” and “eyesore” for the country and called for stricter gun controls.


They found a body floating in Puerto Madero | Chronicle

The body of a man was found floating this afternoon in the South Dock of Puerto Madero, near the Floating Casino, and the authorities are trying to establish the reasons for his death, police and judicial sources reported.

The man, who has not yet been identified, was found face down and was dressed in a black jacket, blue jean and white sneakers, the sources said.

The investigators indicated that the body was spotted by a passerby who was walking through the area, who observed that there was a floating bundle in the river and, as he approached the place, he verified that it was a person, for which he notified an officer. of the City Police that carried out a control in one of the accesses of the Federal Capital.

Police sources indicated that they immediately notified the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA), in charge of the jurisdiction.

After removing it from the river, the body was transferred to the judicial morgue on 2100 Viamonte Street where the autopsy operation will be performed to find out the reasons for the death and take fingerprints in order to identify it since it did not carry any type of documentation.

The investigation is in charge of the prosecutor Susana Calleja, head of the District Attorney’s Office of the La Boca neighborhood, the sources completed.


For adults only – Nisreen Tafesh Hitorik Al-Batelo Al-Baladi: Better than our lordina

Beirut – Thoraya Shaheen – The artist, Nisreen Tafesh, published a new photo of her through the story feature on her personal account on “Instagram”.

And Nisreen Tafesh appeared in the photo with a Ramadan look.

The star, Nisreen Tafesh, said that she embodies the character of “Rehab” during the events of the series “Al-Madah”, which is expected to be shown in the Ramadan drama season for this year, noting that the character is a rural girl, and her father is financially capable and affluent, and although she was educated in the city, she is proud of her belonging to her rural environment.

Nasreen Tafesh added that a complex love story arises between her and Saber Al-Maddah (Hamada Hilal), and from here the series’ events start, indicating that it embodies a complex and not easy character, and the audience will always feel surprises while watching.

“Nisreen” continued that she appears in the series in the veil during a number of episodes, not all, pointing out that director Ahmed Samir Farag was the one who chose this “look” for her in cooperation with May Al-Bayadi, confirming that she did not interfere with the character of the series, and that the series makers They have more knowledge of the culture of this environment that her character belongs to in the series.

The series takes place in a social context, as it discusses many social issues that the audience prefers to watch in the Ramadan race.

Saad Mahmoud

Saad Mahmoud

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One month after his disappearance: What is known about Tehuel de La Torre? | Chronicle

It has been a month since no one has seen Tehuel de La Torre, the young trans man who left his home on March 11 in the Buenos Aires town of Saint vincent to travel to the neighboring city of Alejandro Korn to a Work interview to the house of an acquaintance. From that day until this Sunday, the family led a dramatic search and asked the provincial government to offer money for information on the boy who turned 22 days ago.

The last trace of the young man is a selfie of the day he disappeared along with the two arrested in the case, Luis Alberto Ramos, 37, with a 2020 murder conviction and sexual assault complaint, and Oscar Alfredo Montes (46), with a complaint for gender violence. Both refused to testify.

So the family asked that those who have some clue or information about what happened that day can tell it before the Justice under the figure of the protected witness in the province of Buenos Aires. However, they were out of luck.

For this reason, in the last hours, the Tehuel family held a meeting with the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, and the head of the Buenos Aires Police, general commissioner Daniel Garcia, with the intention that the Province offers a reward in exchange for information that expedites the cause.

Tehuel de La Torre, 22, was last seen on March 11.

Although the rakings stopped, the case investigated by the prosecutor Karina Guyot, of the San Vicente Decentralized Prosecutor’s Office, advances with searches beyond the limits of Alejandro Korn, and also the southern area of ​​the Conurbano, and with its sights set on a third suspect.

The results of the skills will be key, to which will be added some key measures in the search during this week.

In addition, prosecutor Guyot was expected to request preventive detention for Ramos and Montes, as the maximum detention period expires this week.

What is known about the disappearance of Tehuel?

De La Torre, who lives in San Vicente, was last seen around 7 p.m. on the last March 11, when he left his home for the Alejandro Korn train station for a job interview from which he never returned.

After the complaint made by his partner, the police and prosecutor Guyot deployed various operations, including at Ramos’ house, the man who had summoned him for a job and who, according to sources in the investigation, has a history of violence and for drug sales.

The investigators arrived at that house located at 1203 Mansilla street, not only because he was the person the young man was going to see, but also because he Tehuel’s cell phone was active for the last time in that area from 7:45 p.m. on the day of the disappearance until 0:30 a.m. the next day.

The sources detailed that in an excavation carried out in the suspect’s house they found a burned phone and some clothes that could belong to the young man.

The residents of Tehuel de La Torre undertook the search by their own means (Archive).

Ramos acknowledged having met Tehuel on March 11 at 4:30 p.m., but maintained that they did not go to any event and that each one went their own way.

As he did not appear, the Tehuel couple began to call the young man and when they did not get a response, they filed the complaint at the first police station in San Vicente, stating that the young man had not returned to the house they shared on 500 Buenos Aires street.

With the passing of days without news of him, the Justice ordered on March 16 a search of the suspect’s house, where Scientific Police personnel seized hair to be analyzed, two open condom wrappers and carried out a survey in search of blood traces for DNA.

They also raided the house of Ramos’ mother, where they hijacked two cell phones.

With all these elements, the Justice ordered the arrest of Ramos, which took place when he wanted to enter the house of an ex-partner, located at 1119 Nuñez Street, Dock Sud. Ramos had shaved, had a beret and chinstrap and was carrying a backpack with a blanket and a verijero knife, which was kidnapped by the police.

Now, through various pieces of evidence, the investigations confirmed that Montes had also been with both of them on the day of the disappearance.


Dozens of partygoers arrested in Naaldwijk

During a surveillance night from Saturday to Sunday, officers heard a noise in the shed on Opstalweg. The partygoers were warned by the 62-year-old resident. The partygoers fled to the garden house and locked the doors. The door was refused to open, after which the door was forced.

” data-revoke=”“>

The 40 people were arrested one by one for not listening to directions from the police and ignoring the corona measures. Three of them have also been arrested for insult. A party guest from ‘s-Gravenzande was injured when he fell 2.5 meters during an attempt to hide. He was taken to hospital by ambulance. The detainees are between 19 and 29 years old.


Police stop by armed hand and spray US Army military pepper with gas – World

A US Army military officer, Caron Nazario, is going to sue the police accusing her of unwarranted aggression after being stopped, armed, and sprayed with pepper gas.

Caron had the uniform on, but even that doesn’t seem to have prompted the US police to act more sparingly. According to the New York Times, the lieutenant was returning from his job when he began to see the lights of the authorities behind him. Nervous, because he was on a dark road, Nazario decided to stop only at a fuel pump that was about a kilometer and a half away.

When he stopped at the gas station, he put his cell phone on the tabelier. Outside, the police got out of the car and started shouting “get out of the car”.

Nazario, according to the case that was opened now, in the case that dates back to December 5, questions why they told him to stop and that they were pointing guns at him while he kept his hands in view, outside the window of the vehicle he was driving.

“I’m afraid to get out of the car,” said Lieutenant Nazario. The policeman says yes, that the military “should be” afraid. Seconds later, Carons was sprayed with pepper gas.

According to the lawsuit, the military man kept his hands up while coughing due to pepper gas and asked the police to loosen his feeling – since he had pepper gas in his eyes – and to see if his dog, who would be in the back seat, found it well.

Nazario, 27, a graduate of Virginia State University, filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court where he accused the police of illegally searching his car, using excessive force and violating his rights under the First Amendment. The suit calls for a million dollars in compensatory damages.

In a report that night, the police claim that the reason for sending Nazario to a stop was because his SUV did not have a license plate. Lieutenant Nazario said he recently purchased a Chevrolet Tahoe and was waiting for that same license plate. The soldier also claims that he had a temporary sign affixed to the rear window and that it was visible, according to the lawsuit. The authorities also claim that the military offered resistance by not immediately stopping the car.

In the local media and social networks, racial issues are pointed out as a possible cause for the incident.


Ersa’s driver dead: preliminary autopsy data revealed

This Saturday, work continued on the body of the driver Gustavo Cuello, who was found dead on Thursday night in the Villa Boedo neighborhood.

According to the first preliminary versions, Cuello died from a crushing of the skull. In any case, the experts participating in the autopsy could not establish the mechanics of the injury.

Prosecutor Tomás Casas investigates the case and at least two hypotheses are considered. The official was awaiting the final results of the autopsy plus other test measures, according to data from the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF).

Key fact

Vanesa, Cuello’s widow, provided a key piece of information on Friday. She stated that on Thursday night she was in communication until 9:00 p.m. via WhatsApp with her husband and that after 10:30 p.m. her photo did not appear in the messaging application.

So far, the researchers could not find Cuello’s cell phone. “The cell phone did not appear and he had it. Type 22 or 22.30 no longer included his WhatsApp profile picture, “added Vanesa.

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With fear and under threat of revenge, this is the kid who killed and ran over two motochorros | Chronicle

For Belén Corvalán

A 25-year-old young man from Rosario is detained for run over and kill two motorcycle jets who intercepted him in the western area of ​​the city of Rosario for steal a backpack that contained 2,000 dollars and 2,000 pesos. “He’s scared and threatened from relatives of the deceased criminals, as he said, in dialogue with Web Chronicle, Pablo Rajmil,attorney for the accused driver who also emphasized that according to the crime charged to his client “It could range from being released to receiving from 8 to 25 in prison.”

The fact occurred on Thursday afternoon around 6:00 p.m.. The victim of the robbery, identified as D.C, He had carried out a banking operation in the city center, and when he returned to his father’s home to take him the money, he was approached in his Chevrolet S 10 truck, two armed criminals aged 25 and 29.

Police sources assume that the thieves had some information about the transaction that the young man had made, since during the assault, “they asked for more money”, and they shot three shots in the air. The noise of the shots warned the family of the victim that he was inside the house, so he went there when the thieves fled.

In an attempt to get the father’s money back, and “tired of the insecurity of which the neighborhood is a victim “, In an impulsive act, Rajmil remarked, the young man started the truck’s engine and went after the motorcycle on which the criminals were escaping without imagining that in Judge Zuviría Street at 600, your vehicle would hit the motorcycle. The crash caused death on the spot the 25-year-old thief, identified as, Diego Nicolás Quiroga García, meanwhile, the other criminal identified as Luciano Escudero placeholder image He was injured with multiple traumas, which is why he was transferred to the Rosario Emergency Hospital, where he died this morning.

Immediately, the 25-year-old was arrested. After being transferred from two police stations due to the threats he received, he is currently He is being held in the Regional Alcaídia, waiting for the imputative hearing on Sunday, in which the crime for which he is accused will be determined, and if he will have preventive detention for the murder of both thieves.

The driver’s defense, in dialogue with this medium, explained that his client could be charged by “culpable homicide”, that is, a qualification measure by which it is understood that the deaths occurred accidentally, with no will to kill. In such a way, the lawyer remarked that as the The young man does not have a criminal record, the crime could be ex-jailed, with a suspended sentence. Likewise, it stated that they request that the process take place in freedom.

However, another possibility is that the crime is classified as “simple intentional homicide“, figure that has a Penalty scale from 8 to 25 years in prison, and it cannot be released. However, then it will also come into play, whether the accused acted in self-defense or under violent emotion, two mitigating factors that could lower the penalty. For his part, Rajmil said that so farnothing can be ruled out. “

To determine the charge of the crime, the prosecutor Patricio Saldutti ordered a series of measures and expertise in order to “reconstruct the mechanics and trajectory of the event “, as the kidnapping of the security cameras in the area, and a psychiatric examination to DC In addition, the prosecutor took testimony from witnesses and relatives of both parties.

The scenario is complex in itself. For their part, the young man’s family is “very scared and distraught” not only because of the surprising situation his son finds himself in, but also because of the death of the people who offended. However, they had to leave their home, as they received strong threats at the police station from relatives of the deceased, who argued sharply that “they were going to seek revenge“. In such a way, is that they demand and demand a fixed police presence.

March in Rosario to ask for security


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