Police raid a Berlin building to evict 57 squatters

In an unprecedented operation, some 1,500 policemen Arrivals from eight federal states proceeded this Friday to evict one of the last large buildings squatted in the center of Berlin. Supported by helicopters, climbing units that took over neighboring rooftops, heavy tanks and even a new technical anti-drone team, the security forces in the German capital began their assault on number 34 Liebigstrasse, a four-story building on Friday morning. of the early twentieth century in the popular neighborhood of Friedrichshain illegally squatted for years mostly by women from a group self-described as “anarcho-queer-feminist.”

However, the vast majority of the agents who joined the operation did not participate in the seizure of the building. His mission was to isolate the target and create a security cordon so that a small group of policemen could assault with their backs covered a building that its occupants had transformed into a fortress. An anti-terrorist operations command was at all times ready to intervene. It was not necessary.

After several unsuccessful attempts to access the interior of the house with the use of crowbars, chainsaws and radials, a group of agents managed to enter with the help of a ladder and after breaking a window on the first floor. It took them half an hour to cut the thick bars that blocked it. And after almost four hours of slow and cautious search in front of the barricades and traps set up by the occupants to prevent the eviction, the police managed to evacuate all the inhabitants by force. “A total of 57 people have been located who have already been evicted,” the police reported in a tweet, in which they announced the immediate and priority entry of archaeologists to check the status of the building and the subsequent delivery of it to the attorney sent by the courts to execute the order of expulsion and eviction of the occupants. In the vicinity, meanwhile, protests and fights with the agents continued.

The first confrontations with the police took place as early as 4:00 a.m., when members masked from the so-called «black block»Radical leftist activists known for their violence in the demonstrations, unsuccessfully tried to break one of the chains of riot control agents deployed in the area. For weeks, left-wing militants had called for European solidarity to defend the building that had become one of the best-known symbols of the radical left. “X Day: lead the eviction to disaster” is one of the slogans that have circulated in the forums of the autonomous movements on social networks. They came by the hundreds, but the police deployment was so overwhelming that supporters of the resistance were only able to witness an eviction that lasted for hours from afar. Those who tried to break through police barriers or attacked officers with bottles and cobblestones were immediately detained.

Before dawn a police tank and an excavator with a ram took up positions in front of the building. A group of police officers also pushed a wheeled assault tower built with steel scaffolding up to the facade. After the judicial prosecutor, dressed in a helmet and bulletproof vest, failed in his attempt to access the building, the police began the assault simultaneously by several routes at around 7:00 a.m. The barricades, traps and obstacles mounted inside the building by its occupants, however, prevented a rapid eviction. The agents advanced slowly through the interior and were dripping its inhabitants out, mostly through the window on the first floor and the stairs placed by the agents. Some of the women were carried in their arms. And while, a few dozen meters away, protests and fights with the police by supporters of the radical left continued.

The eviction of “Liebieg 34” was ordered by a court after the owner of the building demanded its return in a long and complex legal process. Two years ago the ten-year rental contract signed by the group of women that inhabited it had expired and since then it had been impossible for the owner to access the building and for his lawyers negotiate a solution with interested parties. The building will now be cleaned up and predictably sold as housing. The assault on Liebigstrasse will not, however, be a final operation. Just around the corner and a few meters away, there is another similar building occupied by left-wing radicals on Rigaerstrasse 94. It is the last stronghold in the Fiedrichshain neighborhood, a short distance from where the Berlin Wall used to be and in the old sector Communist city, movement occupies in the German capital.


Italians arrested for 160 sexual assaults in Germany

The French police have caught the man (symbol picture)
Image: dpa

The man is said to have molested his partner’s children and his own daughter for years. Because the Italians are being investigated in Germany, he fled to France. Now he has been caught.

Dhe French police arrested an Italian who was charged with 160 cases of rape and abuse of minors in Germany. The 52-year-old was arrested a week ago due to a European arrest warrant applied for by Germany in the vicinity of Strasbourg, the police told the AFP news agency on Friday. Accordingly, he is said to have passed on the children of his partners in the years 2000 to 2014.

According to the police, a total of 122 investigations against the man are ongoing in Germany. Accordingly, he only recently fled Germany to settle in the Alsatian border area. There he was arrested on Friday last week based on information from German investigators in the Rumersheim-Le-Haut community and taken to Colmar prison until he was transferred to Germany.

According to information from the French police, the 52-year-old has allegedly raped his own daughter since November 2000 and over a period of around twelve years. At the same time he raped and abused another partner’s underage children. “He acted in his different family circles,” said the police.


TV duel between Trump and Biden: should that be moral?

“You know who I am”, Joe Biden shouted to the American voters in his televised duel against Donald Trump, “and you know who he is.” Should anyone have forgotten, then the debate provided enough illustrative material, especially during the most important topic of 2020, the pandemic.

When asked about the more than 220,000 corona deaths in his country, the President did not wrest a word of sympathy this time either, but boasted: for the millions of deaths that he had prevented; for the vaccine, which in Trump’s imagination is “ready” for immediate mass vaccinations; even for his own contagion, because: “I am immune!” It was left to the democratic challenger to point out the currently devastating development of the number of cases in several states as well as to the gloomy prognoses of the experts and to spell out the often unpopular measures that are not a panacea , but until further notice the best medicine: mask requirement, plexiglass, rapid tests and so on.


The Dresden knife attack fuels criticism of the deportation ban

Bcobblestones stained with blood, a few grave lights and flowers testify to the deed that took place a good two weeks ago in Dresden city center, very close to the Frauenkirche. On that Sunday evening two men, 53 and 55 years old, who came from Cologne and Krefeld and were visiting Dresden, were on their way back from a restaurant to their hotel when they were suddenly attacked by a man with a knife near Schlossstrasse were.

Stefan Locke

Correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia based in Dresden.

It is still unclear what led to the attack, whether there was an exchange of words, an argument or another encounter between perpetrators and victims. The 55-year-old man died shortly afterwards in the hospital, his companion was seriously injured, but has since been able to return home.


Juanes accidentally steals a car and police chase him

Juanes can add the title of “car thief by mistake” to his biography. Photo: AP


Juanes can add the title of “car thief by mistake” to his biography.

The Grammy and Latin Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter told in an Instagram video how it was possible that will take the wrong car home and how the police came to look for him because they had received a report for a stolen car.

I come across five police cars, with ten police officers armed to the teeth, ”he said in the video posted on Tuesday.

Juanes showed the police his Tesla car, he even closed the door telling them they were wrong.

But when he checked the license plates and the interior of the car he realized that indeed it was not yours. Meanwhile, the police did not leave in front of his house.

How does the car open for me and how does the car go? Because in these cars you carry the key, if you don’t have it with you, the car won’t open it, ”said Juanes, who pointed out that a Cuban policeman was laughing at the situation. “He said to me ‘hey boy this is incredible, in 20 years it had never happened to me … it’s a scandal!”

Juanes was able to resolve the situation without being arrested, but he did have to get on a police car to pick up your own car, who had stayed in the parking lot of a restaurant where he had gone with his wife.

The wrong car owner explained that he used to leave his car key in the car and that is why Juanes was able to start believing it was his.

“Literally (my wife) Karen Cecilia and I stole a car without realizing it in Miami,” Juanes said.

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Sociologist Ralph Ghadban in an interview on clans

Police officers in Essen check two young men’s Mercedes.
Photo: Daniel Pilar

Clans used to be thought of as Scottish highlanders beating each other’s heads. Today one thinks of drug trafficking and vows of silence. An interview with clan researcher Ralph Ghadban, who says: “Young women play a decisive role”.

The migration researcher and author Ralph Ghadban, who came to Germany from Lebanon in 1972, is regarded as an excellent expert not only on the current clan scene in the Federal Republic of Germany. After his book was published: “Arab Clans. The underestimated danger ”he was under police protection for a while. He studied philosophy and Islamic studies in Lebanon and received his doctorate in political science in Berlin, where he has lived since then. He was head of the counseling center for Arabs of the Diaconal Work and a member of the first Islam Conference. As a social worker, he had direct contact with clan structures. Above all, he is a specialist in the Mhallamiye from Lebanon and Eastern Turkey, who have formed various clans in this country.

Rainer Schmidt

Responsible editor Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly.

Ralph Ghadban, why do we usually automatically think of criminal machinations when we hear the word “clan” today?


Attack on Berlin museums: “Baal Temple”? “Origin of all evil”?

Culture Attack on Berlin museums

“Baal Temple”? “Origin of all evil”?

| Reading time: 4 minutes


“Offenders have oriented themselves to the prescribed tour”

Numerous exhibits were damaged by a liquid on Berlin’s Museum Island. There is complete confusion about the motif. It happened on October 3rd during ongoing operations.

Because someone could splash a liquid on ancient cultural assets unhindered, the Berlin museums now have a security problem. But it is said that there is no reason for conspiracy theories. But there is cause for concern.

WOnce again, the Berlin State Museums have a security problem. After a giant gold coin was stolen three years ago, there is now a serious case of property damage on Museum Island. Christina Haak, deputy general director of the museums, called it an “act of vandalism”. The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation only went public after media reports that an attack on cultural assets in the Pergamon Museum, the Neues Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie had already been carried out on October 3.

An “oily” liquid was sprayed onto 63 objects, including ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and sculptures from the collection of antiquities, some of which are still clearly marked with stains. The Berlin State Criminal Police Office was brought in, the State Minister for Culture, Monika Grütters, inaugurated, and then the lenders of damaged works of art that are not the property of the Foundation. The public was initially not informed for tactical reasons. You don’t learn anything about the liquid either, you don’t want to reveal any “perpetrator knowledge”.

Now the LKA is investigating against unknown. 3000 visitors were counted in the museums on the day of German unity. However, personal data is only available for those who have booked their admission ticket online. Visitors at the box office remained anonymous. Even in the corona pandemic, it was not part of the museums’ security concept to note down personal data. “They don’t do that either when you go to the supermarket,” said the lead investigator in a lopsided comparison that can also be interpreted as a point against the museum administration.

“Baal Temple”? “Origin of all evil”?

There is no letter of confession. The evaluation of the video cameras in the museums did not reveal any evidence of the perpetrator. No pattern can be derived from the damaged works of art. One looks for a motive, as well as for witnesses for the deed. While the restorers try to repair the damage, the police and museum administration are still groping in the dark.

Dozens of art objects damaged on Berlin’s Museum Island

In the world-famous museums in the heart of Berlin, extensive damage to works of art was already done on October 3rd, apparently with full intent. Find out here whether it was vandalism or a targeted act.

That leaves room for conspiracy theories. The journalists Stefan Koldehoff from Deutschlandfunk and Tobias Timm from “Zeit”, who first reported on the events, have already identified the perpetrators. They suggest that the anti-Semitic and right-wing extremist conspiracy preacher Attila Hildmann could be behind “one of the greatest iconoclastic attacks in post-war Germany”.

The vegan chef Hildmann, who had not just radicalized himself since the Corona crisis, had already launched verbal attacks on Museum Island. On social media in August he called for the Pergamon Museum to be torn down, the satanic “Baal Temple”, the “origin of all evil here on ‘earth'”. He had also used the backdrop of the Museum Island for anti-corona rallies.

The damage after that

However, there is no evidence of a connection between the vandalism and Hildmann. The police do not want to comment on conspiracy theories. Christina Haak explained to WELT that the LKA had advised her not to overreact to Hildmann and his actions: “We don’t want to generate a public for him.” Attila Hildmann, however, immediately used the opportunity offered by the suggestive reporting. Since then, he has been sharing media reports via the messenger platform Telegram and garnishing them with relish with his crude theses.

“This is dangerous nonsense. And anything but harmless ”

Attila Hildmann, Sido, Xavier Naidoo, now also Michael Wendler. Internet culture expert Skudlarek explains in a WELT interview why so many celebrities fall into conspiracy theories in the corona pandemic.

The real damage is realizing that it’s obviously pretty easy to walk into Berlin’s museums and splash something on the exhibits. Berlin and the federal government, as the owners of most of the exhibits, were once again lucky that there was only damage that the restorers can probably fix. It is worrying that such an act of undisturbed vandalism happens at a time when not only hygiene concepts due to Corona, but also security concepts after the spectacular thefts in the Bode Museum or most recently in the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden have to be constantly optimized.

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The New York gallery owner Rachel Lehmann

The museums are faced with a dilemma: Visitors want to be able to move around the exhibition as freely as possible. Curators don’t want to lock up their exhibits either. Private lenders strive for the highest possible security for their treasures. And people in the countries of origin of colonial art objects will also take notice. Ultimately, the critics of German museum policy were repeatedly pointed out that the objects that have been reclaimed are much safer in Germany than in Africa, for example.


From Padua to Rome at 230 kilometers per hour in Lamborghini to transport a kidney: this is how the police saved a life

The Lamborghini Huracan is used by the police to transport organs for transplants. It is in fact equipped to carry out life-saving activities: a special fridge-box equipment is installed in the front trunk that allows you to store the organs. On the car there is also a defibrillator for emergency rescue.


Racial Profiling: With the “wrong” skin color (neue-deutschland.de)

Photo: dpa / Jonas Walzberg

One afternoon in November 2017, Barakat H. (35) and Rasmus L. (35) were in the fitness center and shopping. Now they wanted to go home to Hamburg’s Hafenstrasse, which has been made famous by squatting since the 1980s. Their way led them to the Baldwin staircase, one of several squares in the Hanseatic city, where drugs have been traded for years and where the police hold and control mainly Africans. Two policemen came towards the two of them from a side street. “They definitely want to control us,” said Barakat H. to his neighbor and friend. H., who was born in Togo, is now used to being targeted by the police because of his skin color. But he doesn’t want to put up with it. With the support of the “European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights”, he initiated a second trial against the City of Hamburg for “racial profiling”. In 2017, the administrative court ruled that the police had acted unlawfully during a suspicion-independent inspection of Barakat H. The lawsuit has been expanded to include three cases for the new procedure.

That afternoon, the friends were asked to identify themselves. A reason was not given, they refused. The police report will later state that they made a move to quicken their pace when the officers approached them and “made frantic movements with their gym bags.” Bakarat H. was nervous. In November 2016, on his way home from a German course, he was stopped by a civil servant at a traffic light. When he refused to show his ID, he was handcuffed to the legendary Davidwache and detained for half an hour.

Barakat H. voluntarily opened his sports bag, which also contained fruit. “Oh, bananas,” one of the policemen commented. Meanwhile four more officers had arrived to reinforce the situation. An older woman joined them and spoke up for her neighbor H. He and Rasmus L. gave in and showed their papers. When the two men in turn asked the police officers for names or service numbers, they did not respond. Barakat H. asked the friend to take photos. He shouldn’t do that, a police officer warned him, “otherwise the cell phone is gone.”

Rasmus L. is now asked by the presiding judge whether he himself has been checked more often. Only when he “was in contact with black people,” he replies.

The area around the port street houses is considered a “dangerous place”. The police can inspect without cause. However, this is not a complete license for police action. In 2016, the Higher Administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate found that an inspection independent of suspicion is not legal if the skin color is the only or decisive criterion. A “Task Force Drugs” is supposed to take action against dealers in St. Pauli, in the red-light district of St. Georg and in the “left-alternative” Schanzenviertel.

At one point it got loud in the hearing before the administrative court when the lawyer for the city of Hamburg wanted to hear from Rasmus L. whether, in his estimation as a local resident, most of the drug dealers were black. That brings the lawyers Carsten Gericke and Cornelia Ganten-Lange, who represent Barakat H., into armor. To do this, you have to kindly submit separate evidence requests and consult experts.

The court explicitly attached political importance to the trial. For groups like “Copwatch Hamburg” the “Task Force Drugs” promotes racial discrimination. With banners such as “Stop racist controls” they protested against “racial profiling” based on characteristics such as skin color. The trial will continue on November 10th.


Most wanted mafia boss in Italy sentenced to life on the run

A Sicilian court has given the most powerful man in the island mafia a life sentence. The strange thing about it: The 58-year-old has not yet been found.

Italy’s most wanted Mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Sicily. The 58-year-old is considered the most powerful man in the Sicilian mafia, even if it is unclear whether he controls the entire Cosa Nostra.

Denaro so far further submerged

The court in the city of Caltanissetta sentenced Denaro on Tuesday evening for his involvement in bomb attacks in 1992, in which the judges acting against the mafia Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino and other people were killed, the Ansa news agency reported. Denaro went into hiding in 1993 and has been on the run ever since. He was convicted in absentia.

The court had also awarded the victims’ relatives amounts between 10,000 and 500,000 euros, and the three survivors of the bombings should receive 100,000 euros, it said. Denaro is considered to be the successor of the Mafia godfather Salvatore “Totò” Riina, who died in 2017 at the age of 87 in an Italian maximum security prison. The police have already arrested dozens of his relatives and helpers.