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Today, on this 44th day of confinement, the Prime Minister met with representatives local elected officials to adapt on the ground the measures announced for May 11. In practice, many questions remain outstanding. Especially in the transports where operators face a huge challenge. Pending deconfinement, France is preparing to a unique May 1st without a procession of demonstrators. However, the unions do not disarm.

Roland Gauron, journalist at Figaro

1. Where is the epidemic?

Covid-19 has killed 427 additional patients in France in the past 24 hours. The total assessment of the epidemic now stands at 24,087 dead since March 1, including 15,053 in hospitals (+243) and 9,034 in social and medico-social establishments including nursing homes (+184), according to the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

Average change in the number of patients over a week. Marie Coussin and Nicolas Mondon for Fig Data

However, the decline has been confirmed for three weeks in the intensive care unit with 180 fewer patients on Wednesday. With “1070 new admissions to hospitals, discharges outnumber admissions and the balance is negative for 650 Covid patients less than yesterday”, details the DGS.

A total of 26,834 patients with coronavirus were hospitalized, including 7,303 patients in intensive care. Four regions, Île-de-France, Grand Est, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Hauts-de-France, alone account for 72% of hospitalized cases.

2. What happened today

Édouard Philippe hands over to the elected officials. After presenting his deconfinement plan to the deputies, the Prime Minister met with representatives of local elected officials in the morning by videoconference to adapt the measures announced on the ground. “The Prime Minister’s watchword:” Doing the lace “, with the maneuver, the mayor-prefect couple”, explain François Xavier Bourmaud and Tristan Quinault-Maupoil. The departmental deconfinement map should therefore leave a significant margin of appreciation to local officials. On this occasion, François Baroin agreed to answer questions from the Figaro. “We have no right to go wrong”, estimates the president of the Association of the mayors of France, which proposes various solutions to help with the economic reconstruction of the country.

Deconfinement in practice. A large majority of French people, 60%, consider the deconfinement plan unsuitable, according to our survey. In detail, 45% consider it too fast and 15% consider it too slow. The strategy presented yesterday in any case leaves many questions unanswered, even if the executive has since given some details, especially on the “compelling reasons” to move beyond 100 km from his home. During the afternoon, we answered your questions live. We have also detailed the businesses that will be able to reopen and those that will have to remain closed after May 11. Finally, we explain to you where it will be possible to get the masks, which will be mandatory from this date on public transport.

Life “after” could well be like “before” … but worse, with monster traffic jams

Angélique Négroni, journalist with the “Figaro” Society service

Transportation facing the challenge of May 11. The imperative of social distancing and the wearing of the compulsory mask turned into a headache in transport companies. “At a minimum, there will be hiccups. The challenge for operators will be to limit them as much as possible ”, warns our sector specialist, Jean-Yves Guérin. We give you some reflexes to adopt: “Wearing a mask does not exempt strict compliance with other barrier gestures, and washing your hands with hydroalcoholic gel when entering and leaving the train, or avoiding touching your face, remains essential”. For fear of contagion, many French people will prefer the car or the bicycle to move again. “Life” after “could well be like” before “… but worse, with monster traffic jams”, says Angélique Négroni of the Company department.

The imperative of social distancing and the wearing of the compulsory mask turned into a headache in transport companies. THOMAS COEX / AFP

A confined May 1st. It is a first since its creation in 1947, Labor Day will not be entitled to its traditional procession of demonstrators. No trade union organization has filed a notice of demonstration this year. But the unions did not disarm and met on social networks and on the balconies. This will also be the case in Russia, says our correspondent on site, Alain Barluet. Confinement will undermine another very French use, that of thrush. Its sale will be prohibited on the public highway. Each year, 60 million strands are sold on this occasion. Fearing the ups and downs of the market, market gardeners have only harvested a third. We list everything that will change on May 1: partial unemployment, gas prices or even recreational drones …

3. Cook, get away, put away…

Tidy. Matthieu Morge Zucconi and Émilie Faure from the Fashion department provide some tips for sorting out her wardrobe during confinement. “Knowing how to part with certain articles turns out to be complicated for many”, recognize the two journalists who offer to follow the advice of Marie Kondo, the star of Japanese sorting. To know : “A garment to keep is one that gives you an emotion, and what does it matter if you no longer wear it”. For the rest, several solutions are available to you: sale or recycling are possible under certain conditions despite confinement. Once sorting is finished, Le Figaro also offers some tips for optimizing your wardrobe.

To escape. Valérie Duponchelle takes us to contemplate the works of Goya, Bosch and Vélasquez, at the Prado. The Arte channel broadcasts a replay on its site of a documentary devoted to the emblematic canvases housed in the Madrid museum. Among them, the Garden of Delights, an extraordinary triptych by Jérôme Bosch. “All of humanity, its thirst for enjoyment, its gaiety, its freedom, its follies, occupy two of the three panels, in an ocean of details and slamming pastels, details our reporter. The one on the right, black with soot, is Hell that threatens them all. ” The documentary also allows you to contemplate Les Ménines, painted by Vélasquez, where the main character is none other than the painter himself.

Truffaut’s feature films are filled with Eiffel Towers, tires, Trenet tunes

Éric Neuhoff, journalist in the Culture department of “Figaro”

See again. Thanks to a partnership with MK2, twelve films made by François Truffaut have just made their debut in the Netflix catalog. And not least: Last metro, Jules and Jim, Shoot the pianist, The woman next door or Fahrenheit 451“It’s a gift. It’s a miracle”, enthuses Éric Neuhoff of the Culture department. “Truffaut’s feature films are filled with Eiffel Towers, tires, Trenet tunes. They speak of a time when men smoked Celtics, where the Gaumont-Palace projected The Cheyennes, where the lawyers dined in the dining car and where the 16th century buildings had no digital locks ”, delights our journalist.

To cook. For dessert, Claire Heitzler offers a strawberry and rhubarb pie. “This association is magic: the flavors (sweet for the first, sour for the second) and the textures are perfectly balanced. I developed this recipe five years ago, when I was pastry chef for the restaurant Lasserre, and its success has never wavered. ”, says the former pastry chef of the Ritz, Lasserre and Ladurée, now a consultant. And advise: “Choose very ripe and very red strawberries. I have no preference over varieties: it depends on the month in which you consume it; the important thing is that they are grown in the open field! ”

4. Photo of the day

A patient performs rehabilitation exercises with a physiotherapist at the Center hospitalier de Bligny in Briis-sous-Forges. REUTERS / Benoît TESSIER

5. Containment, instructions for use

Despite the containment measures, it is possible to leave your home in several cases:

  • Go to your place of work, if teleworking is impossible.
  • Do your shopping in “authorized local shops”.
  • Go to the doctor or pharmacy.
  • Travel to babysit or care for “vulnerable” people.
  • Make brief trips, one hour maximum and within a radius of one kilometer, related to individual physical exercise.
  • Go to judicial or administrative summons.
  • Participate in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority.

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In the event of an inspection, you must present a certificate to the police. It can be downloaded here, on a smartphone or be handwritten. The document must be completed at each outing to justify the reason. Violators are liable to a fixed fine of 135 euros, or even 1500 euros in the event of a repeat offense.

6. The reflexes to adopt

A few simple gestures help limit the spread of the virus. Here they are :

  • Wash your hands every hour.
  • Cough or sneeze into the crease of his elbow.
  • Use disposable tissues.
  • Avoid kissing or shaking hands.
  • Wear a mask when you are sick.
  • Limit your movements as much as possible.

Covid-19 is transmitted by saliva, through close contact with an infected person, especially when the person coughs or sneezes. The virus also remains viable for a few hours on different surfaces.

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The disease manifests itself in several symptoms. In 9 out of 10 cases, this results in a fever below 39 ° C. According to the World Health Organization, this fever is most often accompanied by a state of tired, of signs ofshortness of breath and a dry cough.

7. What to do in case of symptoms?

The most important thing is not to go immediately to a general practitioner or to the emergency room to avoid infecting more people. Wearing a mask is highly recommended. For the rest, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health differ from case to case.

Stay at home, if you don’t show up little or no symptoms, taking care not to contaminate your loved ones. If you have a fever, take paracetamol. Possibly plan a follow-up teleconsultation with your doctor.

Yes you feel a difficulty breathing, with feeling of suffocation, after having felt proud and a cough for several days, call 15. The centers 15 being overflowed, rhinitis and fever or cough well tolerated should not be the subject of a call.

See you tomorrow.


Covid-19: concerns for some children

DECRYPTION – Doctors note an increase in the number of young people with inflammatory syndromes.

An internal communication from the Necker pediatric hospital (above), in Paris, warns of the increase in the number of children hospitalized for severe inflammatory syndrome.
An internal communication from the Necker pediatric hospital (above), in Paris, warns of the increase in the number of children hospitalized for severe inflammatory syndrome. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

The coronavirus has definitely not finished revealing all its secrets. On Tuesday, an internal communication from the Necker pediatric hospital in Paris warned of the resurgence of the number of children and adolescents hospitalized for a strange severe inflammatory syndrome, potentially linked to Covid-19. Some had to be admitted to intensive care, but all saw their condition improve with treatment. The message, which has spread quickly, is quite worrying, in a context where the reopening of nursery and primary schools is scheduled for May 11.

And this concern is not only French. “The contacts made with our London, Spanish and Belgian colleagues confirm this emerging problem”said Damien Bonnet, pediatric cardiologist at Necker Hospital, author of the alert. The alert is also part of the British Institute of Health, which reported last weekend of “Small increase in the number of very sick children with a chart

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should we be afraid of public transport?

DECRYPTION – Promiscuity is the best ally of the coronavirus but it is possible to limit the risks of contamination.

Bus passengers arrive in Montpellier.
Bus passengers arrive in Montpellier. PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

Urban transport should gradually regain its frequency before the crisis. The goal, however, is to minimize the number of daily users by promoting the use of telework. Because even by condemning one seat out of two, it is hard to imagine, and this particularly on certain lines in the Paris region, how it will be possible to maintain distances of one meter between users.

The main ally in the spread of the virus is the number of our social interactions. The best protection is therefore distance. But for lack of being able to keep one’s distance, and in an enclosed, poorly ventilated or insufficiently ventilated space like public transport can be, wearing a generalized mask is a solution that limits the risk, because it prevents projections of postillions.

However, if there are unclear elements on the mode of transmission of the virus, the scientific literature seems to show that most transmissions are by droplet.

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Covid-19 and undernutrition: the double penalty

DECRYPTION – This pathology would actively participate in the mortality of the coronavirus, especially in the elderly.

In the nursing homes, many residents have lost their appetite.
In the nursing homes, many residents have lost their appetite. 139239157 / lumenphotos – stock.adobe.com

While some have enjoyed cooking since the start of confinement, many fragile people, especially the elderly or those suffering from chronic pathologies, have lost their appetite. In the nursing homes, the testimonies of residents who no longer eat and allow themselves to waste away are increasing. And while more than two million French people are undernourished, including almost half of seniors, the dangers of this pathology facing the coronavirus are more and more visible.

“Undernutrition is actively involved in the mortality of Covid-19, so it is essential to take care of it as soon as possible”, ensures the Pr Pierre Déchelotte, head of the nutrition service at the Rouen University Hospital. In fact, undernourished people are much more vulnerable to Covid-19 and severe forms of the disease, due to an immunodeficiency. Conversely, the infection worsens undernutrition. “From the initial stage of infection, inflammatory processes take place to fight the virus. These ask

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does France test more or less than the other countries?

As the deconfinement from May 11 becomes clearer, where does France stand in terms of screening policy?

The number of tests carried out in hospital laboratories peaks at 90,000 per week.
The number of tests carried out in hospital laboratories peaks at 90,000 per week. Thomas COEX / AFP

THE QUESTION. The issue of masks is the one that has focused the most criticism of government action since the epidemic hit France. But there is a second that also makes a lot of talk: its screening policy and, therefore, the number of tests carried out.

France would test much less than the Asian countries which quickly managed to contain the epidemic, or, in Europe, than Germany, where mortality is much lower, we hear regularly. While deconfinement will take place gradually from May 11, do we have figures to assess this screening policy? Are these comparable with those of other countries? Is France, in this matter, as bad a student as they say?

CHECK. Most countries regularly publish the main information about the coronavirus epidemic. This is the case for example concerning the number of contamination cases, the number

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A piece of the moon for sale .. but the price is very fantastic

Source: London – Arabic Net

Perhaps realization of some people’s dream of stepping on the moon becomes easy and affordable, but the price seems exorbitant, and this time not to reach the moon’s surface, but rather to reach a piece from there to the planet on which humans live, and suffers from the worst pandemic in its history Arising from the emerging corona virus.

In one of the strangest and rarest selling deals landed on the world markets for sale is a very rare piece extracted from the surface of the moon, which is only a stone rock, but this rare rock is more expensive than gold, as the estimated price is two and a half million US dollars, according to what He mentioned a report published by the British newspaper “Metro” and viewed by “Al-Arabiya.net”.

According to the published information, the piece offered for sale is a “lunar meteorite,” which is in fact a rock taken from the moon and weighing 13.5 kilograms, while its estimated price is two million pounds (2.5 million US dollars).

Scientists say that its landing on our planet may have been caused by an asteroid or comet colliding with the moon earlier, which led to the fall of this rock or “meteorite” on the ground and then it was found and is now offered for sale to the public.

This lunar meteorite carries the name (NWA 12691) and it is believed that this meteorite is the fifth largest rock that has ever fallen from the moon on the planet Earth. There are currently only 650 kilograms of lunar rock on Earth, and this rock is one of these recorded rocks discovered by scientists on our planet.

This lunar rock is now found in one of the largest auction houses in the world, which is “Christie’s” company specialized in organizing international auctions and selling rare pieces that are brought in from different parts of the world.

“It is an unforgettable experience that you can hold your hands on a piece of another world,” said James Hislop, head of science and natural history at Christie’s.

He added: “It is a real piece of the moon, the size of football, or a little larger, or that it is larger than the head of an ordinary person.” He pointed out that this piece was found by an unknown traveler in one of the deserts of Africa, to discover that it reached a planet The Earth, having traveled 240,000 miles (384,000 km), is the distance between the Moon and Earth.

Scientists were able to confirm that this rocky piece came from the moon to the planet after being compared with pieces brought by the American space mission “Apollo”, which landed on the surface of the moon in the middle of the last century, where “Apollo” returned with 400 kilograms of the moon’s surface, While there are currently 650 kilograms on Earth, which means that 250 kilograms of moon have been found on the planet.

It is noteworthy that the company “Christie’s” intends to offer the rock piece for direct private sale, and not in public auction, according to information published by the newspaper “Metro”.


Mercury’s surprise in the May sky – Space & Astronomy

In the May sky Venus gives up the starring role in the evening sky to make room for Mercury: normally difficult to see, the planet closest to the Sun at the end of the month will reach the conditions of best evening observability of the year. “Just the May 31 Mercury sets 1 hour and 54 minutes after the Sun. They are the best conditions of the current year to observe it in the twilight on the western horizon, “notes the Italian amateur astronomers union (IAU).

Waiting for Mercury, for the whole month Mars, Jupiter is Saturn they will continue to be the protagonists of the second part of the night and the couple Jupiter-Saturn will also greet in the morning. Another conjunction are to be observed is that of may 22 between Mercury and Venus, which meet on the western horizon. Do not miss the spectacular twilight of the May 24, when the crescent moon crescent will be accompanied by Mercury and Venus towards the northwest horizon.

This year there will also be optimal conditions for observing the falling stars produced by the swarm of Age Aquarids, generated from the residues of the Halley’s comet. In our latitudes it is usually not easy to observe them, but “this year we will be lucky because, even if it will be full moon on May 7, we will be able to observe them favorably, since we will see them rise above the horizon just when the Moon will turn at sunset, that is from 2 in the morning onwards, “notes Paolo Volpini, of the Uai.

Instead, we will have to wait for the second half of May to return to greet the passage of the Space station on Italy, while the processions of the satellites Starlink of SpaceX, generally observable with the naked eye or at certain times of the night, they may also be visible during the day.