Vaccine, third dose at the start, who is it and when to start: what you need to know

10/10 © Ansa Ready but waiting for further indications, instead, i family doctors. “At the moment we have not been contacted and we have not received any operational indications, but from our side there is maximum availableilità “, says the general secretary of Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg), Silvestro Scotti .

NBA market, Los Angeles Lakers: five candidates to add to the roster

With the arrival of DeAndre Jordan and the subsequent departure of Marc Gasol, 13 places remain on the Los Angeles roster already occupied – which therefore still leave two spaces free, to be filled with veteran contracts, with which to complete a team that wants to aim for the title NBA in the coming months. […]

Juve, a point in the first three games: the previous ones in Serie A history

10/11 © LaPresse DEPARTURE IN RILENTO, BUT IN 2016 SCUDETTO WITH MAX For the fifth time in its history, therefore, Juventus collected one point in the first three days of the championship. The analysis of the precedents, however, confirmed that on three out of four occasions the bianconeri then closed Serie A among the top […]

Facade bonus 2021: how it works according to the Enea vademecum

8/11 © IPA / Photogram There are several ways to take advantage of the facades bonus: through the direct use of fiscal detraction, which will be broken down into 10 annual fees of the same amount, through the credit assignment, which can be arranged in favor of credit institutions and financial intermediaries, suppliers of goods […]

Brazil Argentina and the other bad figures of football

13/14 THE BATTLE OF SANTIAGOAt the 1962 World Cup the “Battle of Santiago”, with an unprecedented brawl on the pitch that makes the game go down in history as the most violent ever. Fouls from the penal code not sanctioned, revenge, continuous impropriety. The English commentator David Coleman, before the recorded commentary of the match, […]

2021 Shower and Faucets Bonus, Requirements and How to Apply

10/10 © IPA / Photogram To register, you will need to fill in the self-certification in lieu of declarations with personal data, the amount of the expense for which reimbursement is requested, the specifications of the work carried out and the technical ones, the cadastral identification of the property and you must declare that you […]

Afghanistan, Nangarhar is the den of Isis-K: what do we know

7/11 ©Getty But Taliban, Afghan army and bombs they have by no means eradicated ISIS from the area, as the American raid demonstrates. In the province of Nangarhar, strategically close to Pakistan and the Khyber Pass, there has been an escalation of attacks since last year, most of them improvised devices and bombs on vehicles, […]

Covid and home care, FDA alarm against bluff drugs: no to the use of ivermectin

6/10 © Ansa “The clinical effects ofoverdose da ivermectina – the CDC wrote – include gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Overdoses are associated with hypotension and neurological effects such as decreased consciousness, confusion, hallucinations, convulsions, coma and death ” .