NASA photo responds

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 26.11.2021 10:28:54 Surely it is easy for you to recognize on a world map where Mexico is, perhaps if you cannot do it by its location you will identify it by the unique shape of our country; however, an incredible photograph taken by the NASA in 2020 shows that the […]

Dzhigurda expressed his respect to Otar Kushanashvili

According to the showman, the scandalous TV presenter and journalist was able to answer for his words, proving to everyone that he is a real man. Photo source: Yandex pictures According to Rambler.Novosti, Kushanashvili entered the ring for a large fee, which will have to help him close the mortgage. By the way, in the […]

Bolshunov reported about health problems after the accident :: Others :: RBC Sport

According to the two-time World Cup winner, he crashed on a bicycle at high speed. Due to the consequences of the accident, he had to undergo surgery. Read us in News News Photo: TASS World cross-country skiing champion Alexander Bolshunov told TV2 how the consequences of a bicycle accident in the off-season forced him to […]

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Captures Impressive Postcard of Mars: PHOTO

DPA Madrid / 24.11.2021 10:01:27 Stunned by the sprawling landscape, NASA’s Curiosity rover mission team on Mars created an artistic rendering of the view of the robotic vehicle atop a Martian mountain. The image was taken from its most recent position on the slope of Mount Sharp on Mars. The mission team “was so inspired […]

NASA captures incredible image of Saturn’s rings from the Moon: PHOTO

DPA Madrid / 23.11.2021 10:40:23 There is no doubt that the universe does not stop surprising us, and many times the most impressive news comes from our own Solar System. Now, from a vantage point 90 kilometers from the lunar surface, the camera aboard NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft captured images of Saturn and […]

Fantic renews the Caballero range: 500 Explorer and Rally 125 arrive

The Caballero 500 Explorer (photo above) and the Rally 125 version (photo below) make their debut at Eicma 2021. The first is conceived and designed for adventuring, while the eighth liter inherits the spirit of its older sister and is presented to a young audience. The Caballero 500 Explorer shares with the Rally version the […]