Biathlon, the broken trace of Raphaël Poirée

On March 11, 2007, he had been left with his fist raised, angry as always, forced to lower him during this last race, defeated by half a spatula by the Norwegian king Ole Einar Björndalen. Following his sparkling career (8 world titles, 4 big crystal globes, 44 World Cup victories, 3 Olympic medals), Raphaël Poirée then published his first book, “ We are not born a champion, we become it “, written in collaboration with the journalist of Dauphiné Liberated Yves Perret, now press manager of the AG2R-Citroën cycling team.

“My father smiles at life”

The tone was high, informative: he told of the discovery of skiing by a city child and the emerging media coverage of biathlon. A bit classic nonetheless, in the manner of these agreed monographs published by publishers surfing on the notoriety of a champion. Thirteen years later, the Poirée-Perret duo reunited for a second chapter called ” The pursuit of a life “ (1), whose tone is quite different.

Biathlon, life without Martin Fourcade

Everything is said, perhaps, in the last line of the last chapter, written by his eldest daughter: “My father smiles at life. “ We would be tempted to add “finally” to it, as the last thirteen years of Raphaël Poirée’s life, as a former champion, have been so painful. The “little death”, a somewhat frightening nickname for retirement from sports, he experienced painfully. Suffering in his body when he was hospitalized with two broken vertebrae after a quad bike accident. Bleeding in his heart when the golden couple he formed with Norwegian biathlon star Liv-Grete got bogged down in his unsaid and touchy character.

The man had a reputation for being silent asocial; he was in fact running behind the hope of the recognition of a stranger, his father, who had abandoned him shortly after his birth, before remaking his life in New Zealand. “ For me, playing sports was a way of shouting ”, he said from Bergen, Norway where he is based. But this father, who died shortly before he found his trace, never heard him.

Daily champion

Professionally, retraining has not been easier. In 2007, biathlon was still a confidential sport in France and race bonuses were not enough to secure the future. The great champion, who only lacked Olympic gold, found himself as a worker on the oil platforms, then a construction engineer, before taking the commercial management of a public works company. “Poor guy, he’s lost his mind. He is sad. We must help him, say those who have not understood that it is my simple and unique choice to exercise this profession ”, he wrote, addressed to an environment which has never quite understood it.

A second championship course, no longer fighting for glory but to raise his three daughters. “I wanted to leave a mark on my children, that they know my story and that they know that it is necessary to fight in the life”, he said before hanging up the phone with an excuse: ” Tomorrow I get up early. “


Matthew Perry reveals date of ‘Friends’ reunion

One of the most anticipated moments of 2020 for fans of the television series was the reunion of the actors from Friends. The protagonists of the series were going to meet in a special produced by HBO Max, a platform that landed last spring in the United States. But then, the bad news arrived for all the followers when it was announced, for the second time, that the filming of the program that brought back in front of the cameras was canceled due to the pandemic. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry y David Schwimmer. In fact, Ross’s interpreter explained last July in The Tonight Show that the idea was to see each other in mid-August, although he was not very convinced either: “Honestly, we’ll have to watch for a week or twoFinally, the months have been lengthening (the studio doesn’t want to record anything if they have to keep a safe distance) and It will be in March 2021 when they can finally meet, as the Chandler actor revealed on his social networks.


– What would ‘Friends’ be like in 2020? One of its creators responds

“The gathering of friends is rescheduled for early March. We seem to have a very busy year. And that’s how I like it! “, Wrote Matthew Perry in his profile to announce the reunion of all the actors. Why so much delay? The production of the program wanted to record”in a traditional way” Y “With public“, both determining requirements to be able to consider shooting it. “We didn’t want to do it suddenly by video call, with six pictures of people recording themselves in their kitchens and rooms, “he declared to Variety the president of Warner Media, Bob Greenblatt. The actors will be the executive producers of the international event and its original creators of the series, Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman y David CraneThey will also be part of the team in this fiction special.

The other reunion of FriendsVIEW GALLERY

– Emmy 2020: The best moments of the gala with Jennifer Aniston as the main protagonist

Although everyone wants March 2021 to arrive, the truth is that the most famous friends on television had their particular reunion in October 2019, a small event that Jennifer Aniston made viral. Although the six are known to be close friends behind the scenes, it is true that since the end of the series there were almost no images of all of them together, so the photograph quickly circulated among all the followers of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. “Now we are also friends on social networks“The actress wrote in the snapshot with her friends. Hopefully nothing else happens and that next spring we can finally see the long-awaited reunion of all of them.


Katy Perry and Aitana join their voices in ‘Resilient’, a unique collaboration

‘Resilient’ is the new song by Aitana and Katy Perry, a unique collaboration in which the artists join their voices in English and Spanish to the rhythm of the base of the international Dj Tiësto, in a song that talks about resilience and positive attitude in the face of adversity.

I am resilient, I was born to shine “, says the chorus of the collaboration, a remix of the song ‘Resilient’, belonging to the album ‘Smile’ by the American, and which comes as a milestone in the musical career of Aitana, who in July declared herself a fan of Katy Perry and alleged that “it was not so cool to do a song with her”, for three months later to fulfill a dream.

A song with which Aitana Ocaña continues to grow professionally, in a meteoric race truffled with great professional projects, such as the recent voice dubbing in ‘Beyond the moon’ (Netflix), or his long list of collaborations with artists such as David Bisbal (‘If you want her’), Morat (‘I feel ), or Sebastián Yatra (‘Heart without life’).

“I’ve been cooking some spicy soul soup and made a ‘Resilient’ mix, plus I’ve invited my new friend Aitana to bring a new perspective“Katy Perry wrote in an Instagram post to publicize the news, revolutionizing social networks, which already baptize the duo of artists on the networks as ‘Aitanity’.

The Californian, who rose to fame in 2008 with the song ‘I kissed a girl’, is one of the most influential voices on the American music scene, and holds, among others, five American Music Awards and fourteen People’s Choice Awards. Timbaland, Calvin Harris or Kanye West are just some of the artists with whom Perry has collaborated throughout his long musical career, to which the former triumphant Aitana Ocaña now arrives.

“What can I say €This is a dream come true. Thank you very much Katy Perry and DJ Tiësto. I really love this remix. How incredible, really “, the Catalan published about the collaboration, a piece of news that is released just one day after the launch of her second album, ’11 Reasons’, which will be released on December 11.


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce the birth of their daughter – Entertainment – Culture

The singer Katy Perry and her partner, the actor Orlando Bloom, have been the parents of a girl, Daisy Dove Bloom, happy news that they both wanted to communicate this Thursday through the Unicef ​​Instagram account.

“Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove Bloom! We are honored to introduce you to the Goodwill Ambassadors @KatyPerry and the new piece of joy from @OrlandoBloom”

“We are full of love and amazement for the healthy and safe arrival of our daughter, ‘Katy and Orlando told us,” begins the message that has been posted on the networks.

The 35-year-old singer announced her pregnancy through a video clip in which she presented her new song “Never worn white” in which she talks about being ready to make commitments. “I want to try it with you. No, I have never dressed in white, but I’m here tonight, because I really want to say yes I do.”

On this occasion, the birth of her daughter coincides with the launch tomorrow of the new album by the pop diva “Smile”, the fifth studio album by the American artist.

For singer Katy Perry, Daisy is her first child, while for actor Orlando Bloom, 43, it is the second, since she already has a 9-year-old boy, Flynn, the result of her marriage to model Miranda Kerr.

The artist and the actor announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day 2019, after three years of relationship.

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Katy Perry breaks away from number one and smiles again

That was her experience about three years ago when Katy released “Witness,” which had some success but didn’t dominate the charts. Although the first single “Chained to the Rhythm” hit the Top 5, the others waned and the pop star’s popularity waned as newcomers – mostly budding rappers – took over the music scene.

“In 2017, 2018, I went through an ego check and really reprioritized what was important and my association with validation, or my relationship with validation. It just happened a change in my life and my career. I wasn’t getting as high on my own anymore as I used to, ”Perry said. “Like I had reached the top of the mountain. He had seen the view. I had gotten used to it. So, of course, the universe decided to come and say, ‘Alright honey, let’s figure this out.’

“I definitely had to go through a real emotional, psychological and spiritual journey in those years to find my smile, because I had lost it,” Katy Perry continued. “That’s why I titled this album ‘Smile’.”

“Smile,” her fifth album with a major record label, comes out on Friday as the 35-year-old artist – who is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom and close to giving birth to a baby girl – sees life differently. .

In an interview with The Associated Press, Perry discussed how she smiled again, her wedding plans during the pandemic, and the 10th anniversary of the epic “Teenage Dream,” the album that cemented her as an international superstar.

AP: What are your fans going to hear on “Smile”?

Katy Perry: It’s a record full of hope and resilience and a little bit of joy and some fun … I think it’s always a good time to get a little injection of hope, especially these days. This album really talks about my own experience going through hell, finding the light and coming out of it. So if someone else is going through this journey and can be inspired by the positivity and hope (of the album), I’m happy about that.

AP: In the title track of the album, you sing: “I ate a piece of humility pie / That ego check saved my life.” What made you write that?

Katy Perry: I mean, I’m not invincible, I’m not perfect. I have fallen from a banana tree so many times and I have learned from that growth. I have been living in the public light for over 12 years and have had moments that have been very intense. I don’t necessarily like to avoid or ignore, I just like to accept and assume. I think, “Look, I needed that. It was a sobering experience ”. Obviously when you’re going through it, you hate it. But I do think that you have the option to step away from the situation a little bit and say, “OK, what am I going to learn from this? What is the lesson? Where is the growth?” Not just, “Fuck it … everything should burn!” If not, “Where is the gratitude for this obstacle?”

AP: You name your parents in the song “Only Love”, how did they react to that?

Katy Perry: I touched my mom, she was very touched. This song really talks about if life threw you a curveball, and the weird thing is, I was vocally putting the finishing touches on it in my room during that week of March 13 when everyone went into lockdown and everyone was buying thousands of rolls. of toilet paper. Nobody knew what the hell was going on and the sensations and emotions were very intense.

I was almost ready with my album. This was the last song I added and it’s funny, because it reflected the feeling of that moment. “Damn, life is throwing a curve ball at me, and what is valuable to me now? What is really important?” You start thinking, “Yeah, this is what matters. Forget all the bullshit and even your career. I have to take care of my parents. I have to take care of them ”. And I think everyone changed their speed a little bit.

But this song is really about, at the end of it all … what are we going to say, wish I had worked one more day? Or, I wish I had had a little more love, to have connected with my brother or my sister or my mom or my dad a little more, or with my partner or my children or whoever? I just want a little more love.

AP: It’s the 10th anniversary of “Teenage Dream,” which equaled Michael Jackson’s “Bad” record as the album with the most singles at number one, how do you feel thinking about that album and that time in your life?

Katy Perry: I hope you can see 10 years on my face. Is incredible. In your twenties you hear people more mature than you saying that time flies. It is starting to fly. You are such a different person in your twenties than you were in your thirties. And I love that record and what it means. Each album has a special meaning for me. I always try to approach music composition as a super vulnerable and authentic open book so that anyone who wants to be reflected can do so. I think “Teenage Dream” really encapsulates this fantastic idea of ​​love. It was nostalgic in a way.

It was a special moment and I can’t believe 10 years have passed. I’m glad “Smile” is coming out at the same time. It’s like, “Okay, let’s get hold of that energy.”

AP: Mariah Carey once said that pregnancy gave more strength to her voice, has your voice changed anything with your pregnancy?

Katy Perry: It’s interesting to have an extra 45 pounds … 30 (13.6) of them right here on my lung capacity. It wasn’t too difficult, but I definitely had to change a couple of notes. I think that is simply due to the physical intensity … I have been very active. I’ve done everything. I go to every meeting for Zoom. I am a mom on the go. I’m on promotion. Don’t go saying I didn’t work hard. I worked hard for this moment, I created a life, I am doing my part!

AP: How are wedding plans going during the pandemic?

Katy Perry: We have ideas, but anyone making plans in 2020 is a bit LOL (haha). There are bigger things happening in the world. I don’t want to say “oh, how sad I had to postpone or cancel or whatever.” So many other terrible things are happening. What we hope for now is just a healthy and safe baby. It’s the next thing on our calendar that we can look forward to.


Katy Perry confessed that she almost committed suicide due to a breakup with Orlando Bloom – Entertainment – Culture

In 2016, at the Golden Globes ceremony, singer Katy Perry met actor Orlando Bloom and they have been dating for almost a year. However, the relationship suffered a breakup in early 2017.

The same artist confessed, in a recent interview for CBC Radio One, that as much as she struggled, That rupture meant a disgrace to her life and career, which even led her to think about suicide.

Despite everything, this famous Hollywood couple was reconciled in 2018. Some time later they announced their engagement and, since last March, revealed that they are expecting a girl. She is the first son of the singer and the second of Bloom, since the actor was a father for the first time with his ex-wife, the model Mirand Kerr.

For his part, in the interview Perry explained that That last break came at a very successful moment in his musical career., but that even this did not help him to get up from the pain of the sentimental loss.

“I broke up with my boyfriend, who is now the father of my baby who is on the way and, back then I was excited about the work of my next recording, but this did not lift my spirits at all, I was just destroyed“Perry confessed.

“Back then, my career was on a trajectory where everything was going great and I had this little problem (the breakup), it wasn’t a big deal if viewed from an outside perspective but to me it was like an earthquake“he assured.

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For her part, this artist explained that what saved her from death in that 2017 was gratitude for a lifetime.

“If it hadn’t been for gratitude, the sadness I suffered would have consumed me and probably would have jumped,” he said.



Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce their baby’s gender


Katy Perry announces the gender of her baby with a cute photo

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom revealed the gender of their baby. They have come up with something special for the embassy.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been a couple since 2016. Now the two have a daughter.

Photo: Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have over Instagram announces the gender of their baby. “It’s a girl” wrote the singer and published a photo that shows her fiancé Orlando Bloom radiant and covered with pink buttercream.

In addition, the singer completed her profile with the words: “Girls run the world”. At the beginning of March, Perry made her pregnancy public with the video for her new song “Never worn whit”.

Katy Perry: pregnancy announced with a music video

In the music video, Katy Perry showed her baby bump in a transparent dress. At the same time, she wrote on social media how happy she was to finally be able to announce her pregnancy.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been a couple since 2016. After repeated rumors of a separation, they got engaged in 2019. For both of them it is the second marriage.

Bloom was married to Australian model Miranda Kerr and they have nine-year-old son Flynn. Perry was with the British actor Russell Brand married. (msb)

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People Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are said to be engaged

A beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day… Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom would have become engaged, as suggested by a post published on the Instagram accounts of the two stars.

Katy Perry wears a ring adorned with 8 diamonds that surround a pink stone, which could be a ruby. “Full bloom” (“in full bloom” in French), commented the singer in legend of the shot. A reference to the jewel which makes one think of a flower and to the name of the actor, “bloom”. The future husband, aged 42, who has also already been married to Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2013, would have requested at an organized party in the presence of family and loved ones and for his part commented on “Life times” which can be translated as “eternity”.

On Facebook, Mary Hudson, the mother of the 34-year-old singer, confirmed the news by sharing photos relayed in Cosmopolitan. She also commented: “ Look who got engaged on Valentine’s Day! »

After three years of love, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are therefore ready to take their relationship to the next level.