Did Pati Chapoy save Daniel Bisogno from leaving Ventaneando?

In a recent interview with the journalist, Pati Chapoy, one of the issues that was addressed was the departure of Daniel Need of the program “Ventaneando” Would the driver be his savior once again?

In recent months, the permanence of Daniel Need in the evening, he has been surrounded by various speculations, and various rumors suggested that his departure would not be turned back.

However, the so-called “doll” seems to always have a stroke of luck, in the past it would be the “Mexican driver“From the program Ventaneando who will save him, however, on this occasion, in addition to her, there was another involved, he revealed to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda in the program” En casa de Mara. “

This prevented the departure of Bisogno

The date for the departure of the “Ventaneando driver” was a fact, it would occur in January, after the broadcast in which they would celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show program, however, there was a change of director.

Well, the anniversary passes, a day is set for departure and a week before departure, Benjamin Salinas decides to appoint Rafa Rodríguez as general director of the company.

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The communicator described Mara Patricia Castañeda who has known Rafa Rodríguez for several years, and this one day she asks him: Do you agree that Daniel Bisogno should be sent off?

I told him: No, that is Alberto Ciurana’s decision and he tells me: ‘Ciurana is claiming to me that those who support the program are Pedro Sola and you, that Daniel is not.

We are going to do this Pati today I communicate with Benjamin to tell him what is happening and that he makes the decision, ‘”he explained.

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“Pati is the only one authorized to fire”

This would be the key call that would return power in the broadcast to the celebrity journalist, Patricia Chapoy Acevedo, it was after Rodríguez contacted Benjamín Salinas, at which point he would give her his place, telling her that “she was the only one who had the word and the decision to be able to fire someone from “Ventaneando”, that person is “Pati”, said the driver.

So it was about a week after “El Muñe” was terminated, his luck changed for the better.

Today, Daniel is on the program, but there was something that made Alberto Ciurana very uncomfortable in December,

This would be the reason that Pati Chapoy explains led to the irreverent presenter being absent for some moments during last December after the head of programming and content, Alberto Ciurana, punished him.

If I’m honest; then, he rested on the orders of Ciurana, ”said Chapoy, 71.

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It should be remembered that almost at the end of 2020, the absence of “El Muñe” in the evening caused a wave of speculation, this in the midst of the controversy that broke out between the communicator and the presenter of a well-known YouTube program whom Bisogno insulted live calling it “evil witch c0g * da”.

Now, the host and head of the program on Tv Azteca, said that she hopes that with this, her colleague has learned her lesson and warned that if she “continues to screw up,” she could leave the broadcast.

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I hope that you have dropped the twenty that you must be very careful with what you do outside the program, especially if you are going to step on the interests of the company or an executive, Chapoy Acevedo said.

Already at 47, 48 years old, he must understand why it is not the first time that an executive wants to thank him, concluded the producer who has been in charge of this production since 1996.


Pati Chapoy tells who of her collaborators would she leave the Ventaneando post

For more than two decades, Pati chapoy has remained in front of Windowing, a space that has managed to become the benchmark for entertainment news in Mexico. However, this work has not been easy, although the journalist is fully proud of the valuable lessons she has been able to acquire throughout this time. Precisely, by recounting his long experience, he has also been able to meditate on the possibility of retiring from the small screen, although the love he has for his profession is so great that he hopes to continue leading this project, which for 25 years has been placed in the public taste. But to whom would you pass the baton for your program if that were necessary?



In all honesty, Pati spoke in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda about how she assumes in these moments the possibility of contemplating a retreat, sure that, for the moment, her only passion is to continue informing. “Sometimes yes (I have thought about retiring) but I don’t want to miss the news either Mara, then obviously, -the news of my death-, then I make the joke that maybe it’s my turn in the forum, then those who are next to me are ready so that they can quickly start with all the information … ” she said with a laugh with the sense of humor that characterizes her.

The truth is that if the need arose to leave Windowing For whatever reason, Pati is very clear about who would pass the baton to remain at the forefront of the coveted program of shows, in which several drivers, as well as reporters, have managed to forge valuable professional experience within the medium. “I have thought more of Pedro Sola than of any woman, I am honest, because Pedro Sola has the characteristic that he is the man they love the most in this country, and in many other countries. Pedro can say the worst of anyone and they blame it on me or they blame it on Daniel, but they allow Pedro everything, absolutely everything …“Said the communicator.

Pati Chapoy and Pedro SolaVIEW GALLERY

During the talk, Pati also delved into the firm reasons she has to trust Pedro Sola, who, as is well known, has managed to win the appreciation of the viewer public thanks to the spontaneous way he has had to express his opinion on various topics. “He is responsible, he is a worker, he is not a journalist … but he has that wonderful angel who can obviously continue alone with the team …“Said Chapoy, who incidentally revealed if he has spoken about the subject with ‘Pedrito’, as he is affectionately called. “No (I have talked about it with him), he is scared, if I tell him he will cry … The good thing about Pedro is that communication that he already made with the public …”, said the producer, who has managed to form a kind of relationship familiar with each of his collaborators.

A benchmark of the show

Recently, Windowing celebrated 25 years on the air, consolidated as one of the most important entertainment programs in Mexico. Of course, for Pati it has not been easy, although she has always kept her gaze fixed on her goals, despite the competition that has arisen over the years. “I do not give room to envy and that if someone comes and has a television program similar to mine … But there came a time when when there were eight programs or nine programs… when I was in the eighth or ninth grade, I said: ‘How stupid am I, what am I counting for, if the world is too big…’. There is for everyone, I am not worried, that if such a whore comes to a program of Azteca How is it Come the joyWhy do I worry … Today Windowing it has become like an information agency… ”.



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