Bsquet Girona play seven games in a month to recover the postponed duels

Seven games in 29 days. This is the calendar that awaits you at Bàsquet Girona from Friday. The team coached by Carles Marco will have to recover the postponed duels due to the covid-19 against Canoe, Lleida and Alicante over the next month and will also have to deal with the calendar of the LEB Or, which will give a truce the head of week of 23 and 24 January, when the Princess of Asturias Cup will be played.

Girona will start the Tourmalet of matches this Friday on the court of the TAU Castellón (20.45 h) and next Tuesday they will play in Madrid the first of the three postponed matches against Canoe (20 h). Then, two games in Fontajau: Saturday 16 against Huesca (5 pm) and Wednesday 20 against Lleida (7 pm), in another postponed match. 4 games in 12 days that will test those of Marco, who started the year with a defeat, at home, against Palma (80-83) and need to find positive results as soon as possible.

Almansa on January 30, Alicante on February 2 and Granada on February 5 will be the other three rivals to close this crazy month for Bàsquet Girona.


More illegal parties are disrupted in various parts of Córdoba – Cadena 3

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Diet “detox”: how to heal the body after the Holidays

The end of the year parties with their typical food and drink marathons provide us with the same amount of calories that we should consume in a week: an average of 14 thousand, when a healthy person needs between 2,000 and 2,500 per day. For this reason, from the College of Nutritionists of the Province of Buenos Aires they warn that to compensate for these excesses, the days after the celebration should choose healthy nutrients, especially vegetables, fruits and water, which help to “clean” the body, prevent gastric discomfort and risky overweight.

“When we do an excessive intake of food and beverages, generally, a metabolic disorder occurs that causes different symptoms, such as heaviness, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, so-called hyperosmotic diarrhea caused by excessive food intake and, also, gastric disorders such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting and headaches ”, explains the president of the Buenos Aires College of Nutritionists, Paula Das Neves.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that during December not only do you eat and drink excessively at the Holidays, but almost the entire month because the farewells of the year with friends or colleagues are added, which this time were more anticipated than ever after months of mandatory isolation due to the pandemic.

Therefore, once the great end-of-the-year feasts are over, it will be necessary to take action to heal the body and keep it in balance. How to achieve it? “The best way is to eat healthily, this implies respecting the four meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, incorporating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, which are equivalent to three daily fruits, half a plate of raw vegetables and half a plate of vegetables cooked and avoid foods with excessive fat and sugar content ”, recommends Das Neves. And he adds that if you count how many fruits and vegetables you eat in a day, you will most likely fall short and do not reach the five servings recommended by the World Health Organization. The key to achieving them, indicates Das Neves, would lie in adding them to the diet as a replacement for other more caloric foods, for example, preferring a fruit instead of cookies or cakes in the middle of the morning or at snack time.

In a healthy diet, in addition, when it comes to hydrating, safe water is the best because it does not provide calories, quenches thirst like no other drink and is a true balm for the body, even more so when compared to alcohol. sodas or juices that are excessively sweetened with sugars.

The specialist is not in favor of prohibitions but understands that there are some foods that are not recommended: “Today we all know that sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods such as cookies, dressings, sausages, hamburgers, snacks or ready-to-eat preparations are those with the highest content of fats, sugars, additives and preservatives and, therefore, those that most promote obesity and overweight ”. That is why he insists on “prioritizing a varied diet that, mainly, has fresh foods, baked goods and cereals with fiber and water as the drink of choice.”

What the pandemic left us

This year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory isolation generated in certain sectors of the population – especially those who did not lose their jobs or access to food – much more time to cook, eat and, at the same time time, more sedentary lifestyle and less energy expenditure in daily activities or sports. For this reason, many feel heavier and consult nutritionists.

However, Das Neves underlines some positive aspects of the change in habits because “at the beginning the purchase of food was oriented towards the shops closest to the home, so new foods were purchased or that were not usually consumed, for example, more consumption of fresh food and less ultra-processed ”.

At the same time, it rescues that many families resumed eating habits with the family, rescued recipes from grandmothers or relatives and an important role was given to the preparation of meals: “In such a globalized world, where food culture is so blurred and they appeal to ready-made food, the pandemic has allowed us to rediscover fresh food and homemade meals in a different way, something not less in these times where we often eat in a hurry, looking at a cell phone or working.

Another lesson from the pandemic is that the virus was more aggressive in people with obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Therefore, Das Neves analyzes, “it is probable that many people have taken a greater dimension of the importance of choosing in a conscious way what to put in the mouth, when to do it and to what extent”.

Eating healthy is eating all four meals and including 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day

“After the Holidays, drink lots of water and eat more fruits and vegetables”

When we make an excessive intake of food and beverages, generally, a metabolic disorder occurs that causes different symptoms, such as heaviness, bloating, abdominal pain, among others “

Paula Das Neves president of the College of Nutritionists of the Province of Buenos Aires


Fate wanted Pochettino to return to the Camp Nou

Mauricio Pochettino will return to the Camp Nou. But not as a local coach, but as a visiting coach. And it is that the Argentine has been confirmed this Friday as the new head of the Paris Saint-Germain bench. In this way, the former Spaniard will lead the main team in France to replace the retired Thomas Tuchel.

PSG announced the dismissal of the German the day before Christmas, and made official his replacement the day after the new year. Pochettino will have the mission, first, to straighten the course of the Paris club in Ligue 1, where he is currently third, just one point behind the leader, but with an unusual record of 4 defeats and 2 draws in the first 17 games of the competition, which do not correspond – in the eyes of the owner – with the potential of a set built on a checkbook.

But, above all, Pochettino’s job will be to get the Champions League, a title that PSG was about to win last season, but which escaped him in the Lisbon final against Bayern Munich. The first hurdle for this dream will be Barça, against whom they will face in the round of 16 of the Champions League. The last precedent is that of 2017, when Barça went back 4-0 in the first leg with the historic 6-1 at the Camp Nou.

“I will do my best to optimize PSG’s results”

Mauricio Pochettino PSG coach

“This team has fantastic potential and I will do my best with my coaching staff to optimize results in all competitions. We will do our best to give our team the identity of the combinatorial and offensive game that Paris fans have always liked.” , Pochettino said in a statement.

The 48-year-old Argentine has signed until June 2022, with the option of one more season depending on the results. However, the financial details of the contract have not been disclosed. Pochettino is not a newcomer to the French team, as he wore the PSG shirt between 2001 and 2003. He played 95 games, scored six goals and became captain.


Eusebio Sacristan continues in an induced coma

Eusebio Sacristán’s family reported on Friday that the coach, who suffered a severe cranioencephalic trauma and is in an induced coma, remains stable and his clinical situation has not changed. Through a statement spread through social media, the family is grateful for the displays of affection and care of the staff of the Hospital Clínic de Valladolid.

Eusebio Sacristán, former player of Valladolid, Atlético de Madrid, Barça and Celta de Vido, and former coach of Celta de Vigo, Barça B, Real Sociedad and Girona, was rushed to hospital on Wednesday night in Thursday after suffering a fortuitous fall. After spending the night under observation, doctors detected a clot in his head, which led to his transfer to the ICU and his subsequent operation.

The family has pledged to report on the coach’s health status on a daily basis.


Santa Claus revolted youth – Mir – Kommersant

New Year’s Eve thanks to the declared curfew passed in France more calmly than usual. However, in several cities, the police had to intervene to break up underground parties, which gathered hundreds of fun lovers. In Lieron, near Rennes, the youth decided to openly challenge the government and, seizing an old factory, staged a rave for many hours. For two days, the authorities did not know what to do with the excessively dispersed citizens, only this morning they turned off the music. The police turned out to be powerless against Santa Claus, the Kommersant correspondent in France believes Alexey Tarkhanov.

On New Year’s Eve, the French were encouraged to stay at home. The holidays have been canceled. From 8 pm to 6 am there was a curfew – the indulgences of Christmas were forgotten. The sanitary authorities demanded that more than six people not gather at the table, wear masks and be careful and distance even with those closest. The government feared that the epidemic would rise after the holidays, the third wave of COVID-19 for which France is not ready. The curfew was extended yesterday, in 15 departments, including the Hautes and Maritimes Alps, Marne, Vosges, Saone and Loire, starting from 6 pm.

For leaving the house at an inopportune time, they threatened with punishment, already on the evening of December 30, policemen took to the streets and roads to check the documents of everyone who came across them on the way, drivers, passengers, pedestrians.

Violators were fined € 135, those who resisted were sent to police stations to meet with Santa Claus.

However, by the morning, France learned that on the night of December 31, an initiative group of young people had organized a wild party in an empty production facility in Lieron. Holiday seekers from all over the country and even from abroad rushed to the cry thrown on the Internet.

At least 2.5 thousand people gathered in three hangars. It turned out that in this situation the police are completely powerless. Bursting into the hall, where thousands of people were madly having fun, meant not only to create an open conflict and, possibly, a mass brawl, but also to lead to possible casualties both from the police and from the guests of the holiday. The first attempt to intervene, when the gendarmes tried to detain the people gathering in Lieron, led to a skirmish.

The gendarmes were bombarded with stones and bottles. Three of them were slightly injured, and the gendarmes’ car was set on fire. All they had to do was to surround the factory and watch the holiday from afar, waiting for the moment when the merry fellows get tired and go home.

However, they made it known that they were not going to interrupt the holiday until Monday. Only this morning, having mercy, the organizers of the rave turned off the music after 36 hours of continuous dancing.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen spent his New Year at the crisis headquarters, deployed with the same seriousness as if it were a terrorist attack. The news from Lieron was widely and eagerly commented on by the opposition. “While the curfew locks our fellow citizens, the government allows the rave party to continue, which brought together 2,000 people under the powerless gaze of the gendarmes,” said Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, head of the Arise France party, MP.

Criminal cases have been initiated against the organizers and participants on all possible counts: from violence against government officials, illegal organization of a musical festival, destruction of other people’s property as part of a group, to illegal labor activities, illegal keeping of a drinking establishment and drug trafficking. It looks more like an excuse than the beginning of a serious investigation. “Security forces reinforced this night at my request and strict controls have brought the illegal rave party to a halt without violence. We continue to check and fine each participant, ”Gerald Darmanen reported on his Twitter this morning. In practice, participants risk only a € 135 fine for violating the curfew, while the organizers risk a € 1,500 fine, a modest deduction into the state’s pocket from the fee received from those present at the rave.

The government and the police found themselves in a ridiculous position not only in front of the party participants, who decided to openly disregard the prohibitions, but also in front of all the French, who have been suffering from the crisis for almost a year. If in the first quarantine people were ready for sacrifices and hoped that reasonable behavior would bring them a speedy release, the second quarantine and the subsequent prohibitions were accepted with despair and discontent. The widely announced start of vaccination in Europe looks almost like a failure in France – to date, only 332 people have been vaccinated here against 131.6 thousand in Germany and 945 thousand in the UK.


Madrid leaves two points to Elche (1-1)

Soccer – First Division

Real Madrid drew with Elche (1-1). The white team missed two points in a game in which Modric (minute 19) opened the scoring. Fidel equalized thanks to a penalty (52 minutes). The local hero of the night has been Edgar Badía, who has squandered a handful of good opportunities for the reigning League champions.

When the score was 0-1, the VAR canceled out a penalty in favor of Real Madrid. The white team ended up desperately looking for the winning goal with Sergio Ramos as the striker.

Madrid is left with 33 points, two less than Atletico Madrid (35) who have played two games less. Barça, who have a game in hand, have 25 points.


Mandatory curfew and prohibited circulation: what you can and cannot do on New Year’s Eve

The farewell to 2020 will be a reflection of what the year was like for thousands of Portuguese: it will have to be spent at home. The rules tighten in the coming days and apply to all municipalities in mainland Portugal, regardless of the level of risk of transmission from Covid-19. Before making plans, check the list of rules and recommendations you should follow:

Are there no parties?

Traditional New Year’s celebrations are “totally cut”. Meetings (with more than six people) on the public road and public or open parties are prohibited, there will be no fireworks or open-air concerts. Bars, clubs and other nightlife establishments will be closed.

Do I have to be home at midnight?

New Year’s Eve will have to be celebrated at home. Circulation on public roads is prohibited from 11 pm on December 31. Citizens from all over the national territory, without exceptions, will have to be at home when the 12 strokes of the clock signal the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

Can I move between counties?

On the last day of 2020 and the first days of 2021 it will not be possible to travel far from home. Between 00:00 on December 31 and 5:00 on January 4, 2021, circulation between municipalities is prohibited.

Between Thursday and Monday, it is only justified to leave the municipality for “health reasons, imperative urgency or other specifically foreseen”, according to the decree of the Council of Ministers.

Do I have to meet curfew?

There will be mandatory curfew from 11 pm on the night of 31 December and on 1, 2 and 3 January from 1 pm and until 5 am the next day.


Four matches to inaugurate the last day of 2020

The sixteenth day of the Santander League is the last to be held this 2020 in the highest category and opens today with the dispute of four games. The first is the clash that Sevilla and Villarreal will hold from seven in the afternoon at the Sánchez Pizjuán. The faces of the sixth and fourth place will be seen, respectively, separated by only three points away. Apart from Barça-Eibar (7.15pm), Llevant-Betis is also planned. It will be at two-thirty. At the same time should play Cadiz and Valladolid, as long as the number of positive cases for covid-19 in the Andalusian team is not excessive.


Madrid dodges the VAR and wins Granada (2-0)

Real Madrid had to work hard to beat a good Granada in the City of Valdebebas (2-0). Casemiro was the protagonist in both areas in the white triumph. The Portuguese midfielder was the author of a possible penalty when, with the score still without goals, he grabbed Yangel Herrera by the shirt when he was just stepping on the white area to finish off a cross. Neither the Valencian referee Martínez Munuera nor the VAR considered that the action should be sanctioned, but the players of the Andalusian team and their coach, Diego Martínez – who would soon be warned – protested the play. The action was in vain and, after the break, Casemiro ended up opening the can shortly before the hour mark of the game with a powerful header after a good cross from Marco Asensio.

The Mallorcan footballer, in fact, was the best of his team. Despite not starting, Rodrygo’s injury in the first half meant the entry of Marco Asensio. The former Mallorca man, who had lost his place at eleven after a series of disappointing performances, signed his redemption yesterday in the eyes of Zinedine Zidane. In fact, he was very close to the goal in an action in which his shot ended up on the post.

Although Granada, intense and hardworking, complicated things for Real Madrid, Casemiro’s goal allowed the whites to have more control of the game once they overcame the pressure to advance on the scoreboard. Diego Martínez sought the reaction of his team giving entrance to several attacking players. Colombian striker Luis Suárez, veteran striker Jorge Molina and Alberto Soro, a winger, came in with good intentions, but a pragmatic and effective Madrid left little room for their rival. Only a possible hand, again, from Casemiro, to a shot by Antonio Puertas seemed to give hope to Granada, but the refereeing team also did not consider it worthy of being whistled. Finally, at the last minute, Benzema, who is living a sweet moment, signed the sentence.