The final parquet of Fontajau is almost installed

After a couple of temporary installations, one in February and the other in August, Fontajau is about to release the final parquet that will replace the one that was damaged a year ago due to the storm Gloria. The workers are taking advantage of these days to complete the preparations so that the work, which has cost 135,000 euros, can be premiered tomorrow taking advantage of the match between Uni and La Laguna (19.30).


They install the final parquet in Fontajau

The sudden rise of the Ter on Thursday 23 January 2020 at noon as a result of the effects of the storm Gloria flooded the central track and other facilities of the Fontajau pavilion with almost two meters of water. That night, the Euroleague match against Arka Gydnia had to be moved to Palau as a matter of urgency, while Uni managers began to calculate the cost of the damage. A year later, this Friday, the pavilion will open the final floor acquired by the City Council with an investment of 135,520 euros. It will be in the duel between Spar Girona and La Laguna (19.30), after two temporary surfaces, one installed last February and which was ceded by the Generalitat from Tarragona, and the other placed in the ‘August, for rent, by possibility the start of the season of Spar and Basketball Girona.

The third floor will be the final one. Yesterday began to install in Fontajau the playing surface that the City Council awarded at the end of November to the company Soluciones decorativas Ibaizabal SL, for 135,520 euros. This floor will be final, in property, and must be prepared for this Friday’s match of the Women’s League and the next day between Bàsquet Girona and Huesca (17.00). The flood damaged the previous floor of Fontajau just when it had not been half a year since the City Council had restored it with an investment of close to 45,000 euros. A total of six bids were submitted to the public tender opened by the City Council.

Throughout this year, between the flood and the opening of the new playing surface, in Fontajau there have been two temporary parquets. Three weeks after the accident, the pavilion was again ready to receive sports activity thanks to the management of the City Council with the Generalitat, which gave them a disused track they had in Tarragona. On February 15, a Girona-Albacete Basketball was played, and the next day a Uni-Perfumerías Avenida. With the pandemic the sport stopped and the ceded parquet returned. In August, before the start of this season, the City Council rented another one.


Former skating coach Gilles Beyer indicted for “sexual assault”

He is at the heart of the scandal that shook French figure skating a year ago. Former trainer Gilles Beyer was indicted on Friday for “sexual assault” and “sexual harassment” after accusations from at least six skaters or ex-skaters. Including Sarah Abitbol. The bronze medalist at the 2000 Worlds had questioned him in a book published in early 2020, “Un si long silence” (Plon).

She recounts the facts of repeated rape and sexual assault in the early 1990s, when she was only between 15 and 17 years old at the time. At the time, Gilles Beyer recognized “Intimate relationships” and “Inappropriate” with Sarah Abitbol, ​​presenting her with «excuses». Apologies immediately refused by it.

Cascading Revelations

Following these revelations, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation in early February for “rape and sexual assault on minors by a person in authority”, aimed in particular at verifying the existence of other potential victims.

In charge of the investigation, the Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM) had placed Gilles Beyer in custody on Wednesday morning, before his presentation to an investigating judge on Friday. The Paris prosecutor’s office has indeed opened a judicial investigation into the counts of “sexual assault by a person with authority and sexual harassment by a person with authority” targeting the one who was champion of France in 1978.

These prosecutions do not include the old accusations of several women, minors at the time of the alleged facts, since they were time-barred (this is the case for Sarah Abitbol, ​​who did not file a complaint). In contrast, more recent charges, brought by six adult women at the time of the alleged crime, were not and could be prosecuted. Three of them accuse him of sexual assault.

A liberation of the word allowed by the book of Sarah Abitbol. Several skaters or ex-skaters have also indicated to have been victims of the actions of Gilles Beyer, such as Hélène Godard, Laure Detante or even Najma Mahamoud, champion of France juniors in 2014. Sabina Mahamoud, her mother, said herself “Relieved and confident that justice will be done”.

The Federation questioned

The earthquake caused by this flood of revelations goes beyond the simple Beyer case. Other skaters have thus brought charges of sexual assault, sexual harassment or blackmail targeting other coaches or former skating coaches.

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The scandal was right, at the beginning of February 2020, of the president of the French Federation of ice sports (FFSG), Didier Gailhaguet. At the head of the discipline for more than twenty years, the latter was forced to resign from his post, put under pressure by the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu.

In question: the responsibility of Gailhaguet concerning the return to skating of Gilles Beyer, despite an administrative investigation in the early 2000s, for inappropriate attitudes with skaters, which had led the ministry to remove him from its ranks in 2001. Didier Gailhaguet had defended himself, assuring that he had never protected Gilles Beyer. He had even tried to counterattack by implicating the ministry.

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After these cascading revelations, the Ministry of Sports had initiated an administrative investigation with the General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research (IGESR). This highlighted the suspicions weighing on 21 FFSG coaches, including 12 accused for “acts of harassment or sexual assault”. Of these, three were sentenced in the past to firm or suspended prison terms.

Following this damning report, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a new investigation on September 4 for “rape” and “sexual assault” by a person with authority over a minor. The scandal is far from over.

Romain Métairie with AFP


Cordless hard floor cleaner FC7 from Kärcher in the test

DHe’s just coming right on call: The cleaners are currently not allowed into the house, the hard floor cleaner FC7 is, it can’t get infected. Now he has to show what he can do around the holidays on parquet and tiles. The advertising promises vacuuming and damp wiping in one operation and time savings of 50 percent compared to manual labor, even if only “up to”.

Lukas Weber

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

The function is simple: four counter-rotating rollers arranged in two rows brush the floor, while fresh water mixed with detergent is finely distributed from a tank, while dirty water is transported into a second tank. The rollers wipe off coarse dirt on brushes.

The assembly is easy, a set of rollers for hard and one for sensitive floors, a parking and cleaning station and some liquid are included in the set for a price of at least 460 euros. The FC7 has two speeds and a boost button against sticky dirt. Level 1 is sufficient in most cases and distributes less moisture on the floor. The first impression: the device is quiet, it almost looks limp. Anyone who tries to hold on to the reels will, however, be taught better. Around five kilograms and a working width of 30 centimeters make it not exactly handy, but the size ensures that you can do fast laps on the parquet. What remains is a very thin film of water that dries in a few minutes. We don’t know whether working hours will really be cut in half; in any case, things are much faster and more convenient than manual work.

The price for this is that it is difficult to get into corners and under cupboards with the chunk, and careless people can scratch sensitive strips with the plastic edges of the rollers. The running time of 45 minutes specified by the manufacturer is around enough, then the 25.2 volt battery must be connected to the mains for four hours. By then, around 100 to 130 square meters will be cleaned, so we would prefer a system with a removable battery for large areas. The fresh water tank with a capacity of 0.2 liters, which is inserted above the engine, is a bit small; it would like to be refilled after around a quarter of an hour. In this regard, it harmonizes with the dirty water tank that is clipped into the bottom, which is best emptied and cleaned straight away.

The FC7 picks up dust and small particles, but sharp-edged dirt can get stuck in the rollers and scratch the parquet. The hard floor cleaner reaches its limits when tufts of hair from the house dog clog the rollers. Then the self-cleaning mode in the parking tub doesn’t help either, brushes and rollers have to be removed. Afterwards, removing the dirt from the former by hand is not for sensitive people, the rollers can be put in the washing machine. We therefore recommend vacuuming quickly before using the Kärcher.

For the paws that dogs like to leave on parquet and tiles in winter, however, the cleaner is ideal, they can be brushed off and wiped off in no time at all. The hard floor cleaner can also absorb accidentally spilled liquid to a certain extent, as we have involuntarily tried. The Kärcher FC7 is suitable for people who have to clean large areas without angled corners and who are not afraid to spend a lot of money on it despite the restrictions mentioned.


The long-awaited European public prosecutor’s office is behind schedule

The Europeans are betting on it. France has even proposed to strengthen its powers before this anti-fraud body is created. And yet, the implementation of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office announced since March 2017 is behind schedule. The European Commission has taken note that it will not be ready, as expected, by the end of the year.

Friendly pressure

Of the 22 Member States expected to participate, only Germany and Slovakia have appointed the delegated prosecutor who will be attached to it as planned. Brussels calls latecomers to order. “I call on all other Member States to speed up the nominations in order to be able to start activities on 1 March 2021”, said European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders after a videoconference meeting of European justice ministers. The Netherlands, Estonia and Luxembourg, which have already started the designation process, should respond to this friendly pressure soon.

At the next European summit on 10 and 11 December, some countries including France will propose that this public prosecutor’s office be able to integrate the “Terrorist offenses”, as the Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune mentioned in The cross. But this European public prosecutor’s office must as a priority ensure the proper use of European funds provided for in the next multiannual EU budget 2021-2027, as well as in the massive post-Covid recovery plan that is backed by it. The painful adoption of these financial means must take place by the end of the year, despite the veto of Poland and Hungary, two countries which did not wish to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, in addition to Ireland, the Sweden and Denmark.

Power to prosecute

Specifically, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office will have the power to search for, prosecute and refer to trial before national courts the perpetrators of criminal offenses detrimental to the Union’s financial interests. It was officially installed at the end of September in Luxembourg. Its head, the Romanian Laura Codruta Kövesi, and the 22 prosecutors representing the states participating in this enhanced cooperation, have already taken an oath. But to function, this body needs delegated prosecutors responsible for conducting investigations in the 22 states, before transmitting the findings to Luxembourg. Such a project also requires the adaptation of national laws to integrate this new judicial authority.

Every year in Europe, nearly 50 billion euros evaporate from national budgets due to VAT fraud alone. The means to fight against tax crime are currently limited. There is indeed a European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), but it has no investigative powers. It is satisfied with recommendations for prosecution. These are only followed in 40% of cases by the national authorities.


Maradona’s doctor under investigation

Diego Maradona’s personal doctor is the subject of an investigation for manslaughter four days after the death of the football idol, at the age of 60, of a cardiac arrest at his home, announced Sunday the parquet of San Isidro, near Buenos Aires. The police raided the office and home of Dr Leopoldo Luque on Sunday looking for evidence of possible professional negligence.

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No complaint has yet been filed. “The investigation was opened because it is about a deceased person in her home and no one has signed her death certificate. This does not mean that there are suspicions of irregularities ”, clarifies justice. It does not automatically imply an interrogation, police custody or deprivation of liberty of the doctor, who declined to comment. The San Isidro prosecutor’s office is awaiting the results of toxicological tests. He demanded the medical file as well as the recordings of the cameras of the district where Diego Maradona lived his last days. The 1986 world champion died on Wednesday at the age of 60 from the aftermath “Secondary acute pulmonary edema and exacerbated chronic heart failure”.

Dalma, Gianinna and Jana

The investigation was sparked by statements from Dalma, Gianinna and Jana, three daughters from Maradona, about how the former footballer’s heart problem was handled at his residence in Tigre, north of the Argentine capital. “We are continuing the investigations by collecting testimonies, including those of members of the family” Diego Maradona, said the prosecution.

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Diego Maradona had been operated on for a bruise on his head in early November, then seemed to have recovered well. The location of the residence where he was convalescing had been chosen so that he was close to his daughters. “The clinic had recommended that he go elsewhere to be hospitalized, but the family decided otherwise. His daughters signed his discharge from hospital “, said a family member, on condition of anonymity.

The day after his death, his lawyer and friend Matias Morla denounced the fact “That the ambulance took more than half an hour to reach the house where the 10 was”. He had warned that he would go “until the end” of his approach.

Another controversy surrounding the death of Golden Boy, the photos of funeral directors posing, thumbs up, next to the open coffin where Maradona’s corpse lay before the wake on Thursday, scandalized Argentina, despite repeated pardons from one of the perpetrators on Friday.

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Fontajau released in January a final floor purchased for 135,520 euros

The Fontajau pavilion will open the final floor in January, which will replace the one that was disabled due to the flood caused by the storm Gloria. Almost a year after that accident, which denied the central track and other units with more than a meter and a half of water, the City Council has awarded the company Soluciones decorativas Ibaizabal SL, for 135,520 euros, the final floor that will be installed in the pavilion, in property. The flood damaged the previous floor of Fontajau just when it had not been half a year since the City Council had restored it with an investment of close to 45,000 euros.

The award has been public since yesterday, although now it opens a period of fifteen days before it is final and the contract is signed. A total of six bids were submitted to the competition. Once the purchase has been initialed, the winning company will have a month and a half to proceed with the installation, which could be done in less than a week. Therefore, Spar Girona and Bàsquet Girona, the main users of the central court of Fontajau, will be able to have them at the beginning of 2021.

A year after the flood, the serious problem that was generated in Fontajau will be solved, which made the clubs fear that they would not be able to have the pavilion last season (the health crisis had not yet erupted). Initially, the City Council obtained, via the Generalitat, a parquet floor that was disused in Tarragona and three weeks after the accident, official matches were played again. Then the expansion of the coronavirus abruptly cut the leagues, and during the confinement it had been raised that the pavilion might house a field hospital, a scenario finally ruled out. The floor returned to Tarragona in the spring, and last summer another was rented to face the start of the season of Uni and Bàsquet Girona, which is still installed.


Roland-Garros: suspicion of rigging on a women’s doubles match

A priori, everyone didn’t give a damn about the match of the first round of the ladies’ double at Roland Garros, between the Romanian pair composed of Andreea Mitu and Patricia Maria Tig to the Russian-American duo Yana Sizikova and Madison Brengle on September 30, except perhaps in Paris pharmacies who knows where in the world where some have been able to pocket a jackpot totally disproportionate to the stake of the meeting. The Paris prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday that it had opened an investigation for “Organized gang scam” and “corruption sportive active et passive» for suspicion of a match-fixing, a practice which has already damaged the reputation of tennis recently. “It’s a first round match with players not very well known”, simply confirmed to AFP a source within the National Gaming Authority (ANJ), which regulates games, horse racing and sports betting in France. The investigation was opened on 1is October.

None of the players involved in the investigation are particularly famous: Tig is ranked 59e mondiale, Mitu 512e, Brengle 78e and Sizikova 652e. The suspicions would fall particularly on the fifth game of the second set, when the score was 2-2: a shutout won by the Romanian duo after two gross double faults by the Russian Sizikova and a point on which she seems particularly borrowed. The Romanians won in straight sets 7-6, 6-4.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the bets made on this meeting represent “Obviously large sums, abnormally high” of the order of “Several tens of thousands of euros”. According to the team “The average international odds on winning the game in question by the Romanian pair was 1.9. In other words, a person who bet 100,000 euros on this result recovers his initial stake and pockets 90,000 euros more ”. Enough to put butter in the spinach for the winners and compensate for the poor services of Sizikova, on which the suspicions seem to fall.

The «Maestro»

The ANJ did not detect an anomaly on the bets operated “On the French market”, explains the source within it. “They must have been afraid to bet in France. They tried to disseminate the bets on the other markets but the associations of operators know how to make additions. We received information through several channels. Both private operators, an alert from GLMS (Global Lottery Monitoring System) and also from the Copenhagen group (which brings together 33 platforms to fight against sports manipulation in the world). ” The police from the central racing and games service (SCCJ) were responsible for the investigations, said the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Tennis is occasionally struck by suspicion of match-fixing, which most often concerns second or third category professional tournaments. On September 27, two players of Kyrgyz and Uzbek nationalities were thus indicted and placed under judicial supervision in the Val-d’Oise, as part of an investigation opened by the Pontoise prosecutor’s office after a tournament in Gonesse, in March.

The most resounding investigation, in France, was opened by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) in July 2019 for sports corruption, criminal conspiracy and laundering of organized gang corruption, and could have European ramifications. It followed a vast investigation launched in Belgium which, according to the Belgian public prosecutor’s office, affected at least seven countries (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, United States and Belgium) and concerned “A very structured group from Eastern Europe, which operates from Belgium and specializes in tennis matches”. At the head of this alleged network would appear a certain Grigor S., presented as a 28-year-old Belgian of Armenian origin nicknamed the “Maestro”.



Fontajau wears the new parquet, ready to train

The Fontajau pavilion already has the final floor, as Girona City Council announced yesterday. The installation work on the new parquet, which came from Valladolid, has been completed this August and in this way Uni and Bàsquet Girona will be able to start training there from next Monday without suffering from having to look for alternatives when the season starts – scheduled for mid-October. So far, Eric Surís’ team has been training in the Fontajau annex, while Carles Marco’s team will start the pre-season on Tuesday 1 September.


Sextape affair: the Versailles public prosecutor’s office requests a trial for Karim Benzema

Five years later, the business continues. A trial for “complicity in attempted blackmail” was required against Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema in the case of Mathieu Valbuena’s blackmail sextape in 2015, said the Versailles prosecutor’s office interviewed by AFP on Thursday. As a reminder, Benzema is suspected of having incited his ex-teammate in the France team to pay blackmailers who threatened to reveal an intimate video staging it. The prosecution also asked for a trial for four other men involved in the football community, but he requested a dismissal for Djibril Cisse, also indicted for complicity. Last December, the Court of Cassation had validated the investigation in which Karim Benzema and five other people were indicted. (AFP photo)