Singing-voice and medicine

The world of art associated with medicine is fascinating. In the 18th century, one of the most important artists of his time, Manuel del Populo Vicente García, turned his family into one of the best representatives of music and song. Daughter María Felicia was undoubtedly the most talented and rebellious against parental impositions; her prodigious […]

Neymar HUMILIED by Herrera, the Brazilian takes VENGE | JT Foot Mercato – Foot Mercato

Neymar HUMILIED by Herrera, the Brazilian takes VENGE | JT Foot MercatoFoot Market OM – PSG: a teammate of Neymar insulted him like AlvaroBut! Football Club Neymar humiliated in training, his revenge is terribleFoot01 Neymar’s revenge after training humiliation makes internet users laughGQ Magazine OM-PSG: Wijnaldum preferred to Herrera? – News – Paris See […]

SAMUEL PATY: "Taught respect and tolerance towards others, that’s why he was murdered" – WORLD news channel

SAMUEL PATY: “Taught respect and tolerance towards others, that’s why he was murdered”WORLD news channel France commemorates the teacher Samuel Paty who was murdered by IslamistsTyrolean daily newspaper online Islamist terrorism: France commemorates the murdered teacher Samuel PatyTIME ONLINE “To honor Samuel Paty means to honor the republic”WORLD See “More on Topic” in Google News […]

European car market slows down

The European auto market is slowing down to the point of missing the recovery. In September, the Association of European Manufacturers said in a statement Friday, this market returned to its 1995 levels with 718,598 new cars sold, a drop of 23.1% over one year.The main markets suffered double-digit declines with, in Germany, a fall […]

France pronounces a damning verdict on Boris Johnson

Since Brexit, there have been regular crashes between Great Britain and France. There is now a great deal of mistrust between the countries – this is mainly due to the British Prime Minister. Sometimes it’s about migration, then about defense projects, and currently there are wild threats in the dispute over fishing licenses. The dispute […]

“The public deserved better, at least the truth”

The film Eiffel devoted to the French engineer and industrialist takes too many liberties according to one of his descendants. For him, the genius of his ancestor cannot be reduced to “a banal love affair ”. Angry, he asked the producers to add the mention “Fictionalized fiction” at the start of the feature film. He […]

Drake vs. Michael Jackson: the debate continues

People are definitely bored on the networks … Americans, their magazines and their high-profile sales ranking systems can lead to complete nonsense. This is exactly what happened when a fortnight ago, American magazine Billboard, which also gives the rankings of music sales, asked his Twitter followers “who was bigger by his prime, Drake or Michael […]

France threatens to cut power to British island in English Channel

Ana Sofia Rocha 06 October 2021 at 15:06 France once again threatened London with a power cut on Jersey, a British island in the English Channel, after London denied fishing licenses off that island’s coast to more than half of the French fishing boats that asked for it. The British government appears determined to violate […]