The forgotten assault on the Capitol with rifles, pistols and shotguns that surprised “racist” Ronald Reagan

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Since the assault on the Capitol took place last Thursday night, with four deaths, no media has remembered this violent, surprising and similar episode that occurred in Sacramento 53 years ago. It is likely that the United States did not want to remove ghosts from the past in the face of the serious alarm situation that the country is experiencing, after President Donald Trump harangued the masses not to surrender to the alleged “fraud” in the elections. «We love you. You are special, “he even told the assailants, without denouncing their actions.

But what happened last week in Washington had already occurred on May 2, 1967 in the Capitol of


“Black Panthers”, once upon a time there was the African-American revolution

What remains of the Black Panthers today? The question quickly arises at the sight of the documentary in two parts that Arte devotes to the revolutionary and anti-racist movement. In the evocation of the movement, returns first its aesthetic, ultra documented at the time and highlighted in the film: armed militants, afro cut, leather jackets, berets and dark glasses.

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From 1966 to 1982, the Black Panther Party was the instrument of post-Martin Luther King Afro-American emancipation. That of black activists who no longer wanted to turn the other cheek. Those who, rather than fighting in Vietnam for the American empire, have chosen to fight in their own country, against white domination but also against capitalism and American patriarchal society.

A current movement, 50 years later

Thanks to the contribution of numerous archival images, Stanley Nelson’s film plunges us back into the context of a time when counter-cultures opposed racism and violence, which were nevertheless omnipresent. Soul music from the late 1960s and Emory Douglas drawings in the mind « Black is beautiful » evoke current events. A hymn of movement, Revolution has come, was repeated in June 2020 by singer Camélia Jordana during a rally calling for justice for Adama Traoré. Just as an illustration of Emory Douglas was updated by the artist on the occasion of the movement. Black Lives Matter in the USA.

The cinematographic device of the documentary helps to make the movement current. The witnesses are as much the former activists as the leaders of the time Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton, questioned in the thick of the events. The film shows the limits the party encountered and which led to its downfall. In addition to the police repression, the ego wars of the leaders, sometimes armed, and the purges of militants went so far as to weaken the party at the base, as the FBI had foreseen.


Panthers about to sign Teddy Bridgewater; Newton Must Go • FootballR


The Carolina Panthers and quarterback Teddy Bridgewater are currently finalizing a three-year contract worth around $ 60 million. The contract should be signed and sealed by Wednesday.

The Panthers have already given the quarterback Cam Newton and his agents “permission” to look for a trade partner.

Bridgewater spent the last two seasons with the New Orleans Saints, where he served as a backup for Drew Brees. As starting quarterback, he led the Saints to a 5-0 record in 2019, while Brees was out with a thumb injury.

Bridgewater, a former Minnesota Vikings first round pick, had suffered a devastating knee injury during his career but fought his way back from contracts spanning just a year.

In the last offseason, Bridgewater turned down the offer to start for the Miami Dolphins to return to New Orleans.

The Panthers are currently undergoing a general overhaul under the new head coach Matt Rhule. The team has broken up with several veterans over the past few weeks and said goodbye to people like Greg Olsen, Mario Addison and James Bradberry.

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