San Juan Airport receives first Copa flight in more than six months with a water arch

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport staff welcomed the first Copa Airlines flight to Puerto Rico in more than six months with an iconic water arch.

A video shared on networks shows the moment when the aircraft approaches the bridge where the passengers who arrived from Panama City disembarked.

“After 6 months, today Copa Airlines restarted operations at #SJU with one flight a day three times a week,” the airport wrote.

Governor Wanda Vázquez celebrated this arrival and thanked “the San Juan airport for the collaboration in screening our visitors.” In addition, he reminded travelers that they must comply with the traveler’s declaration when entering to maintain control of COVID-19.

Each of these flights will have as destination Panama being the headquarters of the airline and from where they connect all other destinations.


FIFA 21: the best 10 Central Americans of the video game

EA Sports has finally revealed almost all the player ratings that will be in the game’s database. FIFA 21, the new installment of the video game saga most loved by football fans. This includes not only icons or soccer players within the world top, but the vast majority of those who are active in registered leagues.

The aforementioned also applies to Central Americans, of whom now we were able to know their “Overall”, after only the one who carried Keylor Navas (since it integrates the Top 100 of FIFA 21). By virtue of it, from Fútbol Centroamérica elaborated this Top 10 with the best legionaries in descending order (the first to appear on the list will be the worst of the 10, and the last on the list will be number one).


10) Giancarlo González – 71


9) Aníbal Godoy – 71


8) Bryan Acosta – 71


7) Andy Najar – 71


6) Oscar Duarte – 72


5) Michael Murillo – 73


4) Joel Campbell – 74


3) Alberth Elis – 75


2) Luis Mejía – 76


1) Keylor Navas – 87



The ideal 11 of Central America in FIFA 21

He FIFA 21 It is just around the corner. Those who have purchased the standard packages will be able to enjoy the game from this October 9, while those who purchased the superior options will have the possibility of entering this new edition three days before (06/10).

For all the above, there are almost no details to discover and / or polish about the news that the continuation of the most famous video game saga among football fans will have. Player ratings are no longer a secret, including Central Americans. By virtue of this, from Fútbol Centroamérica we share the Ideal XI of the region.


Keylor Navas (89) // PSG – Costa Rica


Michael Murillo (73) // Anderlecht – Panama


Óscar Duarte (72) // Raise – Costa Rica


Giancarlo González (71) // LA Galaxy – Costa Rica


Ronald Matarrita (71) // New York City – Costa Rica


Aníbal Godoy (71) // Nashville – Panama


Bryan Acosta (71) // FC Dallas – Honduras


Roger Espinoza (70) // Sporting Kansas City – Honduras


Alberth Elis (75) // Boavista – Honduras


Joel Campbell (74) // Leon – Costa Rica


Romell Quioto (71) // Montreal Impact – Honduras



Panama will begin to carry out “massive” tests of COVID-19

As business activities begin to reopen in many places, Panamanian authorities confirmed that coronavirus tests will be applied to all those who are asymptomatic, since before they were done exclusively to those individuals who presented symptoms.

This Saturday Panama exceeded the 85,000 cases and came to 1,878 deaths, highlighting that 5,551 tests were applied in the last 24 hours, so 1,143 new cases were detected.

“To be sure that nothing out of the ordinary happens during the economic opening, you have to keep looking for positive cases and isolate them,” he said. Francisco Sánchez Cardenas, member of the Advisory Council on COVID-19.

In the same way, he assured that the nation has sufficient resources to apply 5,000 tests daily, a situation that has already occurred three times in the last week, with just over five thousand exams performed in a single day.

It has to be done to all, because the population is afraid right now of going to the hospitals (…) there is no other option than to go and look for them in the streets. “

Likewise, it was reported that there are currently 1,634 hospitalized patients, 152 in the intensive care unit (ICU) and 1,482 in the general ward, while 21,440 are isolated at home.


The children of former President of Panama Ricardo Martinelli are detained in Guatemala

The brothers Luis Enrique and Ricardo Alberto Martinelli, children of former Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), were accused in a New York court of money laundering for their role in the corrupt plot of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

The brothers, detained this Monday in Guatemala at the request of the United States, have mediated the payment of $ 28 million in bribes by Odebrecht to a high-ranking Panamanian official, who was also a relative of the Martinelli family, the US Department of Justice reported. .

According to the indictment, between 2009 and 2014, during their father’s presidency, both participated in the Odebrecht plot with actions that included “the opening and administration of secret bank accounts in the name of shell companies in foreign jurisdictions.” “These secret bank accounts were used to receive, transfer and deliver bribe payments,” the Justice Department detailed in its statement.

Many of these transactions were made in dollars through US banks, some of them in New York.

The case was brought before the federal court for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn), the same in which Odebrecht was sentenced in 2017 to pay a fine of $ 2.6 billion after pleading guilty to bribery offenses.

Oderbrecht admitted to the United States Justice having paid $ 788 million in bribes in a dozen countries in Latin America and Africa, including Panama, with the aim of winning contracts in those nations.

The brothers, whose whereabouts have been unknown for approximately twelve months, were detained this Monday at Guatemala’s La Aurora International Airport when they tried to leave on a humanitarian flight to Panama.

The Guatemalan Government explained that the Martinelli brothers have “an arrest warrant for the multi-person criminal first instance court on duty in Guatemala”, signed on July 3 and originated by a request for extradition from the United States.


Doctor of Arraiján attended 158 coronavirosos without complications

The doctor and lawyer Ajoortt Lezcano, who works in a private clinic in primary care in western Panama, He said that he attended from February to 158 positive patients with Covid-19 to whom he applied a protocol of medications that were not initially recommended by the WHO and almost all, except one, had no major complications.
In an interview on NexTv, the galena said that she treated patients from Vista Alegre and Arraiján, two corregimientos with many cases of coronavirus.
Initially antiviral drugs were applied to them, immunostimulants and exercises, antibiotics, something for the intestinal flora, improve the formation of red blood cells. When Italian colleagues performed autopsies and reported their findings, blood thinners such as aspirin were included.
The galena explained that the patient was given daily surveillance with visits to the house or via WhatsApp.
Pediatric infectologist Javier Nieto, member of the advisory team of the Ministry of Health on the subject of Covid-19, alleged that he saw with “extreme concern a video where a treatment protocol in a private clinic for people with COVID-19. In fact, adverse effects are revealed by the use of the drugs. It is up to @MINSAP to do research.
Nieto said that appealed to the conscience of the media, avoiding spreading management protocols not recommended by the health authority.

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Photo 1: In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, the Panama Canal begins to run out of water

Panamanian authorities are on alert for the effects of climate change on the maritime canal.

Transit through the Panama Canal has been reduced in the last two months due to the paralysis of the US economy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, however, there is something even more serious than Covid 19 that concerns Panamanian authorities, climate change .


new avenues of medical care for patients

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in mid-March, visits to doctor’s offices fell precipitously as people stayed home to protect themselves from the virus.

But the order to stay home has spurred people to seek medical help in another way: talking to a doctor by phone, email or video, according to a new study.

Now 30% of all outpatient visits are televised, compared to less than 1% in early March, according to researchers at Harvard University and Phreesia, a health-care technology company.

“That is a dramatic change,” said Ateev Mehrotra, a professor at Harvard Medical School and one of the study’s authors. “Those are the kinds of changes we expect in a decade, not weeks.”

Waiting for the telemedicine revolution

Electronic communication with a doctor is not new. With some specialties like dermatology and mental health, phone or video appointments are common.

In many rural US communities, which have seen a decline in the number of hospitals and doctors, telemedicine has been a lifesaver.

But when it comes to primary care, doctors, patients, and regulators have stuck with the way healthcare has been delivered forever: face-to-face meetings.

Some doctors say that much can be accomplished by video.

“Looking at a rash, looking at a spot on one arm, is perfect for telehealth, because we have video capabilities,” said Dr. Edward Lee, an internal medicine physician and chief information officer for the Permanent Federation, a consortium of eight people. medical groups serving the 12.2 million Kaiser Permanente patients and members.

“If I need to do an injection, if I need to do a minor procedure, I will not be able to do it by video or by phone,” he said. “And so, in those situations where there are urgent needs, we would take the patient to see us.”

Mehrotra, the Harvard professor, says that doctors and patients are embracing telemedicine now, out of necessity, but are also realizing its limits.

“Given what I’ve heard from doctors who have tried it, I have to think that this will accelerate growth in the post-pandemic period,” he said. “But I also hear from many doctors:‘ It’s great, but I like in-person visits. I can’t do the tests, I can’t do the full exam. “

Paying the same for video and in-person visits

Political decisions are also driving the adoption of telemedicine. Until the pandemic, government agencies and insurers paid less than half of their normal amount for telemedicine visits. Now they’ve increased pay for a TV so it’s on par with one in person, according to Kaiser Health News.

Federal regulators have also stopped enforcing patient privacy rules, so doctors can use popular apps like Skype, FaceTime and Whatsapp, according to Consumer Reports. The alternative for hospitals and doctors is to find a telemedicine company that offers secure video calls, a process that can be time consuming.

Mehrotra questions whether the widespread adoption of post-pandemic telemedicine is the right course for US health care.

But one place where telemedicine could go a long way, he said, is in rural areas of developing countries, places where access to medical care can be difficult.

“Telemedicine has great potential in that context,” he said. “It can save lives.”


Medical school official says new doctors are not serving in needy places

Gustavo Quintero, president of the Colombian Association of Medical Schools says that they offered to graduate nearly 2,700 doctors early to incorporate them into the workforce amid the pandemic, but that some are being sent to other areas where the need is not high.


Medicines and vaccines to treat COVID-19

With the toll of deaths from the coronavirus exceeding 20,000 this week, accelerated efforts to develop treatments for COVID-19 are primarily focused on adapting existing drugs to combat the disease. These are some of the best known.