The “New Yorker” in revolt picks up the Wintour – People house

“The Devil wears Prada, but to the workers nada”: with this slogan, written in the characteristic typeface of the headlines of the “New Yorker”, over one hundred employees of America’s most intellectual weekly they marched on Anna Wintour’s house in a quiet block of Greenwich Village in a protest for the long tug-of-war that for two years has been opposing the Conde ‘Nast publishing house to the workers of the almost centenary newspaper: journalists, proofreaders, fact-checkers who every week 47 times a year guarantee an impeccable product to its affectionate readers. Some policemen watched impassively as the march stopped in front of the empty “townhouse” of the Wintour for months. Sullivan Street: the owner, who bought it years ago on a $ 1.6 million interest-free loan from then-publisher SI Newhouse, spent the months of the lockdown in the Hamptons. “You don’t live on prestige alone” was another of the signs raised by demonstrators ready to provide figures to show that, as with other jobs in the cultural sector, wages do not guarantee an acceptable standard of living in a city with a high cost of life. life like New York.
“Working at the New Yorker is a luxury that only those who have a wealthy family can afford it “, explained Geneviève Bormes, who started dealing with the covers five years ago with an initial salary of 33 thousand dollars a year. job insecurity: many at the “New Yorker”, including prestigious collaborators, are considered freelancers and do not enjoy the benefits provided by the employment laws.
Employees of the “New Yorker” they organized themselves into a union since the dispute began two years ago: in the event of a strike, the News Guild asked all collaborators not to hand over the pieces to prevent the publication of the magazine. The protest represented an escalation and Condé Nast had tried to block it by declaring “unacceptable” and “illegal” the fact that the home of a VIP at the top of the group was targeted.
The “New Yorker” is the only Conde Nast magazine that does not respond to the “queen of fashion”, but Wintour, immortalized in 2006 by Meryl Streep in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”, was targeted because in the eyes of the world it represents its face. The protest is also the latest episode of protest against Anna Wintour who last year was forced into a rare mea culpa for discriminating against black journalists, photographers and stylists. However, the criticisms had not stopped the apparently unstoppable rise of the director of “Vogue” who last December emerged as the winner in a reorganization at the top with two new titles – head of content worldwide and global director of “Vogue” – which give her the last word on what is written in over thirty markets around the world.


Student housing will have a harder time finding buyers in 2021, especially in Paris – Miscellaneous

In Paris, a studio is rented on average 857 euros

In Paris, a studio rents on average 857 euros (© Joel Saget – AFP)

With a start-up in September which will be 100% face-to-face, students must prepare themselves and some find accommodation. And according to the LocService data revealed to you by BFM Business, the demand for student accommodation has fallen sharply over one year.

(BFM Immo) – The demand for student rental is dropping sharply, according to a study by the specialist in rental between individuals LocService that BFM Business reveals to you this Wednesday morning. Locservice relied on data collected over the last 12 months: they therefore reflect what has happened in France since the end of the first confinement. “The most visible effect of the health crisis on the student rental market is the reduction in demand. Comparing the volume of student rental requests between this year and last year, we observe a net decrease of -17% “, can we read in the study.

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Between remote courses, canceled internships or apprenticeship contracts, absent foreign students, LocService notes that nearly 60% of those who rent to students have experienced a premature departure of their tenant.

The majority of students are looking for a studio

But the return to school in September should be 100% face-to-face. Students must therefore now seek accommodation. Of the 41,138 requests from student tenants analyzed by, a majority of them (55%) are looking primarily for a studio or a one-room apartment. An apartment with a separate bedroom (T2) is targeted by 19% of students. A figure up 3 points compared to last year, which shows a tendency to seek more spacious accommodation. Single room rentals, whether independent or homestay, collect 6% of searches (compared to 7% in 2020) while shared accommodation is popular with 19% of students (compared to 20% in 2020) .

On the budget side, there is good news for some students. Because the other notable phenomenon caused by the health crisis is the share of searches for rentals in Ile-de-France which is losing ground compared to the share of searches carried out in the region. “As a result of this drop in demand in the Paris region, we are seeing a decline in studio rents in several towns in the Ile-de-France region, including in Paris”.

Thus, at the national level, the student accommodation budget is 603 € but varies greatly depending on the sector. In the provinces, a student has a budget of € 560 compared to € 771 in the Paris region. As for students who wish to live in Paris itself, their average monthly budget, including charges, amounts to € 856.

The studios are rented for € 554 for 23 m2

On average, student rooms rent € 426 for a surface area of ​​14 m2, studios € 554 for 23 m2 and one-room apartments € 544 for 30 m2. For one-bedroom apartments, the observed area is 41 square meters and the average rent is € 707. “Compared to the study carried out last year, we see an increase of almost 10% in the average rent of studios and T2, certainly linked to the influx of Airbnb-type properties, often of good quality and therefore more expensive. , in the traditional market “, specifies LocService.

LocService took a closer look at the average rent for a studio apartment in major student cities. Staying in a studio in Limoges (352 euros), Le Mans (357 euros) or Poitiers (359 euros) costs almost 60% less than in the capital (857 euros). Moreover, 9 of the 10 most expensive student cities are in the Paris region with rents of several hundred euros more than in the provinces.

Among other large cities, the average rent for a studio is 495 euros in Lille (stable over one year), 575 euros in Lyon (+ 1.95% over one year) or even 499 euros in Montpellier (+ 0.81%).

Diane Lacaze with Marie Coeurderoy


Cooking & painting: The 6 most important questions for perfect Easter eggs – guide

Eggs, eggs, eggs – whether natural or in the chocolate version, everyone is talking about them at Easter. These days, Germans are plastering three times as many eggs – they prefer to paint the eggs themselves.

And so that the art on the egg really comes into its own, white eggs are more popular at Easter than the brown version. But it is precisely these that are very difficult to get at the moment. This is due to the fact that for the rest of the year Germans prefer to use brown eggs – they are considered healthier and more valuable compared to the white version (which is not true, however – the ingredients are identical). Six out of ten eggs are brown.

Problem: The production of white eggs cannot simply be increased because the color depends on the breed of the hen. Hence, white eggs are in short supply these days. But brown eggs can also be colored.

1. But which colors are the best?

There are special egg colors and pens for painting. However, according to a study by Stiftung Warentest, egg pens are difficult to handle because they harden quickly and are difficult to apply.

The basic rule is: Egg colors are free from harmful substances, as they may only contain dyes that are approved for use in food. Felt pens or paint boxes are not suitable for coloring boiled eggs.

Beetroot and spinach as natural colors

Instead of artificial colors, eggs can just as easily be embellished with colors from nature. Beetroot and red onion peels make beautiful shades of red, black tea, onion and walnut peels create shades of golden yellow. Spinach or parsley turns eggs green. Blue from red cabbage leaves or elderberry juice. The brew of half a liter of water, a dash of vinegar and 250 grams of plant parts should boil for 30 to 45 minutes before adding the eggs.

2. How are eggs evenly colored?

Eggs that are seven to 14 days old and have a smooth surface are particularly suitable for coloring. This is because these eggs compensate for differences in pressure when dyeing and are less likely to crack. The egg becomes evenly colored, especially with liquid colors or coloring tablets. With natural colors, however, the eggs are often colored inconsistently.

3. How long can colored eggs last?

After boiling, undamaged eggs will last for around two weeks at room temperature, and in the refrigerator for up to four weeks. If the eggs are quenched, the shelf life is reduced to a few days.

4. What should I consider when buying painted eggs?

Hard-boiled and colored eggs from the trade can be kept for several weeks at room temperature because they are treated with a protective varnish that prevents the penetration of germs. Indeed: In the case of Easter eggs that have already been colored, it is not necessary to state how the laying hens were kept. Animal rights activists therefore advise against buying colored eggs for Easter, as these almost always come from a cage.

5. Is it actually dangerous to blow eggs?

Raw eggs, along with raw poultry meat, are one of the main sources of salmonella. The bacteria are found on the eggshell and sometimes in the yolk. Infection can occur through eating, but even touching, infected eggs.
Children under five years of age, as well as the elderly and sick, are particularly sensitive to salmonella infection – for them, the symptoms are usually more severe or, in individual cases, can even be fatal.
If you want to avoid this danger, you should blow raw eggs out of the craft store with a thin straw, a disposable syringe with cannula or a bellows. As an alternative, you can rub the peel with alcohol.

Then rinse the eggs thoroughly inside and out with lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid before reaching for a brush and paint. Then pat dry, wash your hands and off you go with the fun of painting!

6. And how do you cook eggs properly?

Eggs at room temperature should be used for cooking if possible, as eggs that have just come out of the refrigerator require more cooking time. The first step is to bring a saucepan of water to a boil. Note: The water must be high enough to completely cover the eggs. Use an egg pickser (or a clean pin) to pierce the egg at the flatter area.

The most popular are waxy eggs – they should cook for five to eight minutes. A hard egg should cook for about nine minutes.

Important: The optimal cooking time ultimately depends on the temperature and size of the eggs. The smaller the egg, the shorter the cooking times should be. After the cooking time, fish the egg out of the water and rinse with cold water. Quenching prevents the eggs from continuing to cook.

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In the countryside, there have never been so many sales of houses with agricultural land – Buying Selling

Sales of homes in the countryside are at an all time high

Sales of homes in the countryside are at an all time high (© AFP)

More than 110,000 houses in the countryside changed hands last year, with an average price of each lot of 182,000 euros.

(BFM Immo) – Allergy to confined urban spaces, rise of teleworking: the health crisis resulted in 2020 by a “record number” of transactions relating to houses in the countryside, reported Thursday the national federation of regulatory bodies of land (FNSafer).

A “record number of transactions” (111,930) was reached in 2020, up 6.6% over one year, FNSafer reported during the presentation of its annual report on rural land markets. Total amount: 23.5 billion euros (+ 12.1%). The average price of each lot is 182,000 euros (+ 6.4%), for an average surface area of ​​5,620 m2.

A lasting “reverse exodus”?

This market was “boosted by the search for space, the rise of teleworking or even the change of main residence”, detailed Loïc Jégouzo, design engineer. He notes that the average age of buyers has increased (44 years and 8 months, +7 months).

“Many of our fellow citizens wish to change their place of life and their way of life,” noted the president of the FNSafer, Emmanuel Hyest. “I think that this exodus reversed compared to what we have known in recent decades will be sustainable,” he added, noting that the trend was confirmed in the first months of 2021.

The only growing market

“Will they be farmers tomorrow? It is not certain. We live differently, we do not become a farmer,” added Mr. Hyest. In the sense of the Safer, a house in the countryside is a built property used as a residence (primary or secondary) sold with agricultural or natural land of less than 5 hectares, free of lease, acquired by non-farmers.

The Safer (land development and rural establishment companies) are responsible for overseeing, on behalf of the State, transactions relating to land, meadows, vines and forests. In these rural markets, the country house market is the only one that has grown in this particular year.

Outside these rural areas, house sales are progressing everywhere in France, with prices which increased by 6.5% over one year in the first quarter according to INSEE and notaries.

(With AFP)


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