three new players including Poko leave Philadelphia Fusion

And 10 departures! Philadelphia Fusion continues its transfer window. This Wednesday, three new players (Poko, FunnyAstro et Eqo) leave the team. Among them, we therefore retoruve the French tank, Gael “Poko” Gouzerch, not extended by the structure. “Since the inaugural season, he has been a crucial member of our team,” recalls the Eastern Conference franchise’s […]

four players and two coaches leave Philadelphia Fusion

The transfer window has started in the franchise teams of the Overwatch League, and this week it’s on the side of Philadelphia Fusion that there was a lot of movement. Indeed, in the space of 3 days, three new players and a member of the coaching staff have announced their departure. At the start of […]

Overwatch League 2022 should already be played on Overwatch 2

The next season of the Overwatch League should already be played on the not yet released Overwatch 2. Is this taking too much of a risk for Blizzard? An artwork for Overwatch 2. – Blizzard Entertainment Ad the essentials in brief The next season of the Overwatch League will probably already rely on Overwatch 2. […]