How a Caribbean island is buried under ashes

Dhe eruption of the 1200 meter high La Soufrière volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent at the weekend did not come as a surprise. Since shortly after Christmas there had been repeated minor gas and water vapor eruptions on the volcano, which has been dormant since 1979. As a result, a more than 100 meter high lava dome grew in the crater. After the gas outbreaks had intensified in the past week, the civil protection agency sounded the alarm on Thursday and began evacuating the northern part of the island. Almost 16,000 of St. Vincent’s 110,000 residents were affected.

The first major eruption on Friday tore up the lava dome and hurled volcanic ash more than eight kilometers high into the atmosphere. The eruption continued over the weekend, and eventually a layer of grayish ash an inch thick covered the entire island. Experts reckon that the outbreak may last for several more weeks.

The Fire Mountain on St. Vincent is one of 19 active volcanoes in the tropical archipelago of the “Leeward Islands”, as most of the Lesser Antilles are also called. Under these islands, which extend in an arc of more than 850 kilometers, the North American tectonic plate slides under the Caribbean crustal plate coming from the east. That is why there are always earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in this tropical tourist paradise, also on the island of St. Vincent located in the southern part of the arch of the island.

At least five major eruptions of the La Soufrière volcano are known to have occurred in historical times. In the most catastrophic outbreak on May 6, 1902, 1,680 people were killed. Almost all villages that were inhabited by the indigenous population of the archipelago, the Caribs or Kalinagos, were also destroyed. Most of the native people died in the outbreak.

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Volcanic eruption

Ash clouds in the Caribbean

Just two days after this deadly eruption, another, much worse volcanic disaster occurred on the island of Martinique about 250 kilometers further north. After a massive eruption of the almost 1500 meter high Mont Pelée, huge avalanches of glowing hot ash streamed down the southern slopes of the volcano at great speed and completely buried Saint-Pierre, then the largest city in Martinique. Of the 29,000 inhabitants, only two allegedly survived, including the only inmate of the island’s fortress-like prison. Despite the short interval between the two eruptions, volcanologists have so far found no physical connection between the two most devastating eruptions in the Caribbean.

Because most of the residents of St Vincent followed the evacuation orders over the weekend, no one has been harmed in the recent eruption of La Soufrière. More than 3,600 residents were accommodated in emergency shelters. In addition, several cruise lines sent passenger ships to St. Vincent to take those affected to other Antilles islands.

Because of the heavy ash rain, agriculture on the island is expected to be seriously damaged. Banana cultivation is the largest occupation in the small state, followed by tourism, which was largely absent due to the pandemic last year.


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Covid-19: outbreak with 49 cases closes Sintra school

Colégio Cosme e Damião, in Rio de Mouro, Sintra has an outbreak of active covid-19. The outbreak of infection was confirmed TVI24 by the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (ARSLVT), who added that the first case was detected in an employee between March 24 and March 31.

As determined by the health authority, the college was eventually closed.

So far, more than 500 people have been tested – including employees, children and their cohabitants – 49 positive cases have been identified “, informs ARSLVT, adding that the result of 135 tests remains to be known.

ARSLVT states that it is monitoring the situation, having determined the public health measures appropriate to the situation according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health.

Among these measures are the disinfection of the building, testing, confinement of positive cases and the prophylactic isolation of risk contacts.

In the middle of March, 1st cycle students returned to face-to-face classes, after almost a month of confinement. For this Monday, the beginning of the face-to-face classes of students from the 2nd and 3rd cycles is scheduled.

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Evenement Call of Duty Warzone, quand se termine l’event Outbreak sur Cold War ? – Breakflip

The Oubreak event in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is ending soon.

With the release of season 2 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Activision has brought many new features to the game. Whether it is new weapons, new maps or a new mode for the Zombie with Outbreak, the additions have been numerous.

To celebrate this new season an event is running on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone until March 11, 2021.

When does the Outbreak event end in Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone?

Until March 11, 2021 7 p.m. (French time to be confirmed) players can participate in the Outbreak event on Warzone and Cold War. In this event players will join Requiem to help fight a zombie invasion in Verdansk or on Cold War. This event will be an opportunity to collect accessories, stickers, business cards and many others.

By completing all the event objectives (nine in Warzone and nine in Black Ops Cold War Zombie Outbreak Mode) players will receive two weapon blueprints, one for each game. Below is a list of all of them. the objectives to be accomplished to recover the weapon blueprint Tear Drop (Warzone) et Gray Matter (Cold War) (source).

Warzone Black Ops Cold War
Kill 25 zombies with headshots Exfiltrate 3 times
Eliminate 100 zombies Eliminate 250 zombies
Use lethal gear to kill 25 zombies Eliminate 250 elites
Kill 25 zombies using a vehicle Open 25 chests
Kill 5 zombies in a single match (5 times) Complete 3 World Events
Kill 25 zombies with a shotgun Warper 10 times
Kill 25 zombies with a pistol Eliminate 3 special zombies
Kill 25 zombies before the end of the first circle Kill 100 zombies using a vehicle
Quickly kill 2 or more zombies (3 times) Complete 10 objectives

To not miss any news from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, do not hesitate to consult our portals dedicated to Activision games.


Corona mutation in Freiburg reveals weaknesses in test strategy

NSomeone had expected the British virus variant in tranquil Freiburg and so the surprise was great when it became known at the end of January that B.1.1.7 was responsible for the outbreak in a day care center: 10 children and 14 adults had become infected. The outbreak caused quite a stir politically, because the opening of the daycare centers and primary schools in Baden Württemberg, which had been announced for the beginning of February, was then postponed.

Then the infectious work-up began. So the story was not over, but now shows the weaknesses of a missing, clearly structured test strategy. To date, 56 cases can be traced back to this outbreak, with 37 of the British virus variant being detected. Sequencing was no longer possible for some of the isolates. When B.1.1.7 was found in two children from the neighboring primary school – around ten primary school children regularly visit the daycare center in the afternoons – the headmistress Petra Himmelspach advocated that all primary school children, 80 in number, in emergency care can be tested.

“I was told that the rapid tests were too expensive”

However, the health department refused and invoked Baden-Württemberg’s test strategy, which only provides for the testing of contact persons. According to a report in the “Badische Zeitung”, the health department agreed to test all primary school children when asked by the BZ – only to back down a few days later: “I was told that the rapid tests were too expensive,” said Himmelspach. (They are available online for around seven euros.)

The Freiburg health department presented the situation differently when asked by this newspaper: Due to the outbreak situation, those children who were not among the contact persons could have been tested. It is incomprehensible and all the more regrettable that those affected could get the impression that further tests were not possible.

“The incident shows one thing above all,” says Hartmut Hengel, virologist at the Freiburg University Hospital, “there is no clear, overarching test strategy for daycare centers and schools that prevents such misunderstandings.” Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek only had a new S3 guideline on Monday safe opening of schools presented. “You can talk about school openings, but for that you need a clear test concept, that is the alpha and omega, and that is precisely what is missing in the guideline,” criticizes Hengel. This is all the more important now that the more contagious B.1.1.7 mutation is currently taking over the infection process.

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The national test strategy does provide for extensive test claims: as soon as a person infected with Sars-CoV-2 is found in a school or day-care center, asymptomatic people who are cared for or worked there are entitled to a test – regardless of the virus variant. “It is not necessary to categorize the contacts,” says press spokeswoman Claudia Krüger from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs. The implementation differs, however, between the federal states and from school to school, because health authorities have a great deal of discretion under the Infection Protection Act.

Many parents and teachers complain in the social media about too few tests in children and a feeling of insecurity. The confusion continues with mask and quarantine rules.

In order to cope with everyday life at daycare centers and schools, the focus is now on rapid tests. For example, Himmelspach would like a future test strategy based on the Austrian model: “The children should be tested twice a week, ideally at school.” In Austria, rapid tests are used for this, which make a throat swab unnecessary. Hengel thinks this is a feasible approach, but emphasizes that the obligation to report the results of rapid tests would also have to be implemented. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing control of the infection process. “Testing is not a private pleasure.”

Meanwhile, a change in the test strategy is becoming apparent in Baden-Württemberg: Last week, the state government agreed on more corona tests at daycare centers and schools: For example, teachers who work in attendance can have themselves tested twice a week using a quick test – until Easter . What happens to the students is not yet known.

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Covid: Naples; Fuorigrotta school outbreak, 15 students, 4 teachers – Campania

Comprehensive Institute via Zanfagna, yesterday there were 3 positives

(ANSA) – NAPLES, JAN 23 – Fifteen positive students and four teachers are positive in a school in the Fuorigrotta district in Naples. This is the covid19 outbreak that emerged from the daily bulletin provided by the Asl Napoli 1 which every day collects positive reports throughout the city of Naples.

The school, ANSA learned, is the State Comprehensive Institute 91 ° Minniti, in the complex of via Zanfagna in Fuorigrotta, where there were already 3 positive students. (HANDLE).