Ruggeri vs. La Volpe: Even my 6-year-old grandson was champion of Boca

Oscar Ruggeri and Ricardo La Volpe found everything in a virtual session organized by Fox Sports, where the Mustache defended itself from the attacks of the World Champion in 1986, who he blamed his failure with Boca Juniors in Argentina and even stated that “even a child” made that team champion.

“You give yourself that you know everything and I tell you something, I put my six-year-old grandson on the bench and Boca was champion. You lost the championship, you had to get a point with Boca, you had to keep your mouth shut, get to the bench, sit quietly, tell the players to ‘play’ and Boca wins the championship”Said the Cabezón, but La Volpe was not left.

“You are right, Boca is Boca, I always said it, on Boca’s court you cannot lose; you are absolutely right. I don’t want to answer you (laughs)”, but Ruggeri continued to blame him until Ricardo exploded.

It is very clear why you are sitting as a journalist and you no longer direct… I spoke and there were no champions because they did not put what they had to put, “said the Tricolor coach.

Eggs were missing in Boca: La Volpe

In the heat of discussion, Oscar Ruggeri asserted that the Xeneizes players came out annoyed with the Mustache and they forced him to leave the technical direction despite not having even half a year in command.

You fought with all the players, you quit because you lost the championship there, they were all angry “, regarding the Final that Boca lost against EstudiantesThe only one in short tournaments in Argentina since they tied on points after the Xeneizes lost their last two games when they only needed one point for the trophy.

“If they are mad at a coach, with the category of those players, they were missing something that starts with h … If they are your friends (the ones who told you that) they lacked something that begins with h, “Ricardo Antonio said.

“I think I demonstrated with category that the coach is 20 or 30 percent guilty of losing the championship, not 100 as you say; I submitted my resignationI would have continued six more months, but I said I don’t deserve it for having lost the championship“He added.

To end, Ruggeri mocked La Volpe: “You are great and it is very good that you do not direct anymore”, Óscar said after the former del Tri contradicted himself by first pointing out that on the Boca court you cannot lose and then mentioning that all the courts are equal.

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Twenty years after his suicide, Ruggeri remembered Mirko Saric with an emotional message

April 4, 2000 Mirko Saricsoccer player San Lorenzo, took his life at age 21 and touched Argentine football. Back then, the Cyclone coach was Oscar Ruggeri, who today used his official Instagram account to remember him with an emotional message.

There, the Cabezn shared the video of the goal that Saric scored for Racing in the 4-0 win of Clausura 99, in the New Gasmeter. That day, Saric wrote down the second and celebrated by hugging his technical director.