Video: This was the rescue of ” El Squidward ”, leader of the Gulf cartel

A video that circulates on social networks shows the way in which armed men in UNOPES military-style suits entered the Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office to free José Alfredo Hernández, alias “Squidward“, leader of” Los Metros “, a group of the Gulf Cartel. It was on July 13 when a command was captured by security cameras showing […]

Minors in Mexico are victims of armed violence, not “crossfire”

For Tania Ramírez, by reducing the weight of what happened, impunity rates increase in a country where more than 90% of the investigation folders that are opened on issues of violence against children and adolescents are not resolved. In addition, he says, a message of permissiveness is sent: “organized crime groups and even the authorities […]

Tamaulipas. They detect 50 drug leaders in the state dispute

Intelligence reports from the federal government have identified the main leaders of the six groups of the organized crime that have devastated the state of Tamaulipas for the dispute of the square. It is about fifty leaders of the four factions of the Gulf cartel (The Meters, The Cyclones and his armed wing Los Scorpiones, […]

Regional development to achieve social welfare

Humberto Armenta Chairman of the Board of Directors of RECSA; He has also served as president of the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE and national president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, among others. Today more than ever it is necessary to use innovative schemes to promote regional development, whose objective is […]

Hanging corpses terrorize Zacatecas

ZACATECAS, ZAC.- Three corpses hanging from a vehicular bridge over federal highway 49 in the municipality of Fresnillo generated terror among the population of Zacatecas, mainly because in that same place on Friday another hanged body appeared. That is, in less than 24 hours there are four hanged dead. According to security reports, on Saturday […]

Mexican drug traffickers “inject” methamphetamine into Europe

Brussels.— Methamphetamine production and trafficking are at levels never before seen in Europe, as a result of collaboration between Criminal organizations premises and Mexican narco, holds the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). In its annual report published this Wednesday, it points out that before and during the pandemic, the mexican crime […]

Operation “Trojan Shield” also in Austria – Austria –

9.06.2021 09:20 (Akt. 9.06.2021 11:02) ©WHAT International investigators have arrested more than 800 suspects in 16 countries – apparently also in Austria – during an operation against organized crime. The gangs are said to have been active in more than 100 states. It was one of the largest police operations to date, Europol announced on […]

More than 800 detainees in global operation against mafias that used app to spy on criminals

Rita salcedas June 8, 2021 at 8:39 am An international mega-operation against organized crime has culminated in the arrest of more than 800 suspects and the seizure of millions of euros and property, mostly in Australia. An FBI-designed application that infiltrated communications between criminals was essential. The operation against organized crime, which lasted for three […]