«… the train in Atlanta is damn fast»

Isn’t Alex Wilson (30) the fastest European of all time? Not only his fabulous time is currently a topic of conversation around the world.

the essentials in brief

  • The Swiss sprinter Alex Wilson runs the 100 meters in 9.84 seconds.
  • It is the best time ever for a European.
  • The Tokyo Olympics begin on Friday.
  • There are doubts about the timing and rumors about a doping coach.

Less than a week before the start of the Olympic Games, Alex Wilson is running two fabulous times in Alabama. With his 9.84 seconds, the 30-year-old from Basel improved his best time over 100 meters by 0.24 seconds. Never before has a European run this distance faster!

But doubts arise the very next day, the time has yet to be homologated. US sprint expert Rana Reider is immediately convinced: “We know 100 percent that this is not real.” Timekeeping in Alabama, in particular, should not be beyond doubt.

The conditions for this were great, as Alex Wilson confirms in an interview with the “Tagesanzeiger”. Nevertheless, the sprinter is also amazed. “I don’t believe it yet, I’m still shocked,” said Wilson.

And further: “I felt that I was in 10.0 form, and the train in Atlanta is damn fast.” But he never expected the measured 9.84 seconds.

Nevertheless, he does not want to doubt his record before the official clarification. “The time is shown like this on the target film photo,” says Wilson.

Did a doping offender train with Alex Wilson?

In addition to the fable record, Alex Wilson is causing a second excitement shortly before the Olympics in 2021: The Basler can be seen on an Instagram video training with Raymond Stewart.

The Jamaican is banned for life for doping offenses!

In an interview with the “Tagesanzeiger”, Wilson vehemently denied knowing Stewart. “I worked with my trainer in Las Vegas,” said Wilson.

At the time, Stewart was playing football at a tournament at the same location. His trainer asked him if he knew the man. “I said no.”

«My coach then asked him if he could give us a few tips. He did that for ten minutes, ”explains Wilson.

Why his trainer made a video of it is a mystery to him. “He put it on Instagram without my knowing about it.”

And Wilson confirms again: “I never heard from Raymond Stewart after that. Or did something to him! “

For him it is clear: “It was a mistake that my coach did not point out to me that Stewart is banned as a coach.”

Do you believe Wilson?

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Olympia 2021
Alex Wilson


Samsung Galaxy S21 debuts special Tokyo 2020 design

Tokyo Japan /

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are just a few days away, and for a few weeks started a to arrive the first athletes who will participate in the summer joust that officially begins on July 23 with the opening ceremony. Although Games will be different to previous editions due to coronavirus restrictions, athletes yes received his first surprise.

Al to get to the Olympic Village and settle into their assigned rooms, contenders for an Olympic medal will They found with a telephone smart and ones headphones edition special of the Olympic Games. Through their social media They were excited to receive these gifts, as was the case with the Mexicans Kevin Berlin and Kenia Lechuga.

Tokyo 2020 is not the first time that this type of products, in past editions it has also happened, although sometimes it is only to the standard bearers. This could be a incentive in order to cheer up a bit the environment That it lives in the Olympic Village for the detection of the firsts Covid-19 cases.

Galaxy S21 special edition of the Olympics

Cell phones were awarded for Samsung, a company based in Seoul, South Korea, and which is World Sponsoring Partner of the Olympic Games since Seoul 1988. With the postponement For Tokyo 2020 the original plan was a Samsung Galaxy S20 phone, however things changed and she spoke even of a cancellation of patronage.

olympic games cell

However, the strategy is restructured already at the beginning of this year announced the Galaxy S21 spice editionl of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which features a Recorded of the Olympic hoops in the back, and gold camera module.

In addition, you will have wallpapers personalizeds and exclusive lock screens with reasons of the Olympic Games. Also, icons of the applications will be custom, you will also have a themed animation from Tokyo 2020 to start and shut down the device.

This edition is available al public generally only through the Döcomo website, since for being a Exclusive product will not be available on other sites. According to the döcomo online store, the price of Galaxy S21 Olympic Games Edition It is 112,464 yen, which in Mexican pesos is approximately equivalent to 20 thousand pesos.

Galaxy S21


The venues that are repeated from Tokyo 1964 in these Olympic Games

There will be six scenarios that were used 57 years ago and will repeat in 2021, with the same or another function.

Tokyo will receive the Olympic Games for the second time in its history, 57 years after having hosted them in 1964. From then on preserved and updated some of the venues so that they can be used again in 2021. This will not be the case of the Olympic Stadium, which is in the same place but was demolished and rebuilt from scratch, but of the next six, all with Argentine protagonism in the past and today.

Yoyogi National Gymnasium

The most spectacular of all, in sight, was the home of swimming, diving and basketball in ’64. Now it will be the house of handball, with Argentina as the protagonist in the male branch. Its ceiling, which seems suspended in the air, is the most striking. It also hosted concerts by Queen, Pink Floyd and Britney Spears, among other events, and the Judo World Cup in 2010.

Tokyo 2020 toilet seat

Nippon Budokan

Mythical names in music passed through the heart of Kitanomaru Park in central Tokyo. The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Queen, Led Zepellin, Bob Dylan, Phil Collins, Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith, Oasis … But it is also the temple of Japanese martial arts. He received judo in 1964 and will do so again in this edition, in addition to karate.

Tokyo 2020 toilet seat

Muhammad Ali fought there in 1976 against Antonio Inoki in a fight with hybrid rules, considered the forerunner of mixed martial arts (UFC, for example). On that very ground, Paula Pareto will try to revalidate her golden and also Emmanuel Lucenti Y Lucas Guzman They will go for their Olympic dream.

Equestrian park

It will repeat the same function it had in 1964, although at that time it was only for dressage. Argentina won in those Olympics. his only medal in the history of horsemanship: it was the silver medal in the complete contest of Carlos Moratorio, captain of the Army, who rode Chalán but in Nagano, another stage. Now there are four classifieds: José María Larocca (individual and by team), Martín Dopazo, Matías Albarracín and Carlos Cremona (in group).

Tokyo 2020 toilet seat

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium

Attached to the gigantic Olympic Stadium, sIt will be the place where Gastón Alto and Horacio Cifuentes will represent Argentina in table tennis. In 1964, on the other hand, it was one of the main venues for artistic gymnastics and water polo (it has an underground pool and even an athletics track). There were great recitals there too, like Katy Perry in 2015, and the definition of the Women’s Volleyball World Cup in 2010.

Tokyo 2020 toilet seat

Enoshima Marina

Built in Fujisawa, on the outskirts of Tokyo, it is the first port in Japan to be used for sport. It had the five tests of 1964 and conserves some facilities back then. It can accommodate more than a thousand vessels and there will be where Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza will try to green their laurels of the gold medal won in Rio 2016, among nine other classified Argentine sailors.

Tokyo 2020 toilet seat

Asaka Shooting Range

Located northwest of Tokyo, it has temporary facilities set up to meet the demands of the current Olympic Games. Fernanda Russo, Alexis Eberhardt and the brothers Melisa and Federico Gil will carry the Argentine flag there.

Tokyo 2020 toilet seat

This is how Argentina did in these venues of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

Yoyogi National Gymnasium – Swimming

  • Luis Nicolao, 26th in 100m freestyle, 11th in 200m butterfly and did not start in 400m freestyle.
  • Carlos van der Maath, 45 ° in 100m freestyle, 25 ° in 400m freestyle and 16 ° in 200m breaststroke.
  • Ricardo Morello, 28 ° in 1500m free.
  • Peter Says, 26 ° in 200m backstroke.
  • Miguel Angel Navarro, 31st in 200m breaststroke.
  • Van der Maath, Navarro, Nicolao and Alfredo Bourdillón, 11th in the men’s 4x100m medley relay.
  • Susana Pepper, 25 ° in 100m backstroke and 22 ° in 200m chest.

Nippon Budokan –Judo

  • Carscar Karpenkopf, 9th in the -68 kg category.
  • Rodolfo Perez, 5th (diploma) in the category -80 kg.
  • Michel Casella, 6th (diploma) in the category +80 kg.
Michel Casella in Tokyo 1964

Metropolitan Gymnasium – Artistic Gymnastics

  • Carlos Alberto Pizzini, 112° en All Around.

Equestrian Park – Horse riding

  • Francisco D’Alessandri, 13th in individual dressage.

Enoshima- Vela Marina

  • Ricardo Boneo, 26 ° in individual boat.
  • Roberto Sieburger Y Arnold Pekelharing, “Rampage”, 12th in a boat for two.
  • Jorge Alberto Salas, Jorge Alberto del Rio Y Rodolfo Rivademar, “Tango”, 10th in a boat for three people.

Asaka Shooting Range – Shooting

  • Manuel Jose Fernandez, 28 ° in rapid gun at 25m.
  • Juan Carlos Oxoby, 32 ° in rapid gun at 25m.
  • Humberto Aspitia, 41 ° in free pistol at 50m.
  • Eduardo Armella, 44 ° rifle at 50m in three positions.
  • Melchor Lopez, 59 ° in rifle in prone position at 50m.
  • Cyril Nassiff, 60 ° in rifle in prone position at 50m.
  • Juan Angel Martini, 13th in Olympic pit.
  • José Passera, 44 ° in Olympic pit.

Photos: Getty Images / olympics.com.

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Tennis player Karen Khachanov could hardly fit in the bathroom of the Olympic Village in Tokyo due to his height (video)

The Russian national tennis team shared their impressions of settling into the rooms of the Olympic village in Tokyo after a six-hour journey from the airport.

Karen Khachanov in Elena Vesnina’s story asks how he will generally wash his soul if he barely fits in it. And what? After all, there is no soap, as Vesnina noted. “Conditions, of course …” – the voice of Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova is heard.


Khachanov’s progress and Samsonova’s takeoff. New ATP and WTA rankings

07/12/2021 at 05:54

  • The Olympic team includes Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Elena Vesnina, Veronika Kudermetova, Ekaterina Aleksandrova, Daniil Medvedev, Andrei Rublev, Karen Khachanov and Aslan Karatsev.
  • Previously, tennis players, except for Medvedev, were in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk at a training camp.


Khachanov played the best “Helmet”. Proved to the haters that he is not a dummy

07/07/2021 at 19:03


Khachanov lost a 5-set battle to Shapovalov and did not come out in 1/2

07/07/2021 at 15:41


how will he wash here? ” Russian tennis players complained about the low ceilings of the hotel in Tokyo

Russian tennis players who arrived at the Tokyo Olympic Village complained about the hotel’s low ceilings.

Elena Vesnina posted a video with Karen Khachanov during the first inspection of the premises. The head of the Russian, whose height is 198 cm, practically rests against the ceiling of the bathroom.

– Now attention! Karen Khachanov asks the question: how will he wash here? – says the athlete. Criticism from other members of the national team also sounds in the background.

Open video

The official Telegram page of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) ironically adds: “We have bad news for the volleyball and 3×3 basketball teams.”

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held from July 24 to August 8.

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He traveled from Uganda to the Olympics and fled for a better life

Julius Ssekitoleko, weightlifter, left a note in his room and escaped. “I want to work in Japan,” he wrote.

The Olympic Games are often an inexhaustible source of poignant stories and Tokyo 2020 will not be an exception. In some cases they can be very painful such as Julius Sekitoleko, a 20-year-old Ugandan weightlifter who se ran away from the hotel where he was in search of a better life than the one he had in his country. He left a note with the reasons and bought a bullet train ticket with the intention of never coming back.

The alarms were turned on when he did not show up to leave a sample for the PCR tests in Izumisano, the headquarters of the concentration of his team, which in turn had had one of the first positives for Covid-19. According to sources there, wrote that he did not want to return due to the difficult conditions to be in his East African country. “Work in Japan”he asked.

Julius Ssekitoleko

Sekitoleko, who was to return home next week, left the hotel without prior notice, not even to his colleagues with whom he had been the night before, and traveled by ‘shinkansen’ – as the bullet train is called – to Nagoya, 200 kilometers. Equally, his whereabouts remain unknown, according to the latest information from the Kyodo news agency. He also asked that all his belongings be returned to his wife.

It is not the first time that happens. At the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, hundreds of athletes applied to the local government for asylum after finishing competing, something that was rejected. Four years earlier, in Scotland, two Ugandan rugby players had disappeared, who were able to remain under that condition.

The thing is Uganda is among the 25 poorest on the planet according to IMF data, with an average per capita income of just $ 915 a year (about 161 thousand pesos at the blue value). Has a third of the population in poverty (they live on less than US $ 1 a day), in very painful health conditions and with very high infant mortality rates.

Julius Ssekitoleko

Not to mention the educational. In search of a decent future, only the children of the rich can study because the costs can be up to five months of a worker’s salary, which makes it impossible for a normal family to support it. In summary, living in Uganda is hell for the majority, Ssekitoleko could not bear it and saw in the Olympics the opportunity to escape.

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Was there a racist insult? They filter the true story of what happened in the Honduras-Germany in Japan

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The news of the alleged act of racism in the friendly match of the Honduras U23 against Germany has gone around the world. The Europeans denounced the incident and decided to leave the field within minutes of the end of the preparatory meeting prior to the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Much has been said about the situation that occurred in the match played on Asian soil. The German player Jordan Torunarigha, a defender with Nigerian descent, assured his teammates and coaching staff of the Teutonic team that he received a racist insult from a catracho footballer. The match was suspended in the 86th minute after what happened.

Hours later, the true story of what happened in the field was known. This is how the journalist Eduardo Solano, correspondent for Diario La Prensa, tells it through his Twitter account.


1). I tell you a little about what happened in the game and what caused the accusations of racism against a Honduran player. The situation began to degenerate due to the performance of the central referee, who omitted certain actions for both sides, which heated up the spirits ”.

2). At minute 86, the game was already damaged, at the same time they hit; ours did it, one of the most aggressive was “the victim” Jordan Torunarigha; Nigerian-born and a Hertha BSC player, the German defender kicked a Honduran player hard ”.

3). What sparked a very heated discussion, in which the German filled his mouth shouting: “Fuck You” repeatedly to the national footballer, in the verbal exchange, the European lost his head, when according to him he was called “Monkey”, so they almost go to blows “.

4). Of course, the Honduran player who ran this sentence is NOT a Garifuna; it could never be. At that time, the coaches left the technical area, being the German coach who withdrew his team and decided the end of the game. The offended one left in tears “

5). Among the players, it was suggested to Falero and the manager of the H, to go to the German dressing room and apologize for what happened, which were half accepted by the Europeans, who explained that such insults had already happened to him. to Torunarigha in Germany ”.

6). The German coach thanked the gesture of our representation, who were surprised by the incidents that occurred, the hope is that everyone will learn from this and that this misunderstanding ended there and will not reach other instances ”.


Why Argentina is the power of collective sports in the Olympic Games

There will be eight national teams at Tokyo 2020. The United States, Australia and Spain, the only ones above.

The Argentina will be represented by 177 athletes in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and more than half of that number is made up of the members of the eight national teams that achieved a place for team sports, a figure that is only surpassed by three countries.

Only the United States (12), Australia (11) and Spain (9) have more sets on Japanese soil than the Albiceleste delegation, at the same height as great powers such as China, Canada and France or above others, for example Russia and Brazil (7). Further back are South Korea, New Zealand, the Netherlands and South Africa (6).

Argentina U23 team

65 percent of the Olympic team belongs to the national teams. The men’s basketball, soccer, handball and rugby 7, which contribute 60 names, and hockey and volleyball, which add another 56 athletes, since they achieved their places among women and men. In total there will be 116.

Argentina had had more classified in team disciplines only in Rio 2016, when there were nine – the women’s handball was added – but within a larger delegation (215). It is also important to clarify that at that time, as a host, Brazil did not participate in several pre-Olympics and “released” plazas.


Outside of that last Olympic event, the records were in five teams for Atlanta 1996 (basketball, soccer and men’s volleyball plus hockey in both branches), Athens 2004 (the same) and London 2012 (handball instead of soccer).

How many teams does each country have at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

  • 12 – USA
  • 11 – Australia
  • 9 – Spain
  • 8 Argentina, Canada, China and France
  • 7 – Brazil and Russia
  • 6 – Italy, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand and the Netherlands
  • 5 – Germany and United Kingdom
  • 4 – Serbia
  • 3 – Mexico, Belgium, Kenya, Sweden and Hungary
  • 2 – Nigeria, Romania, Egypt, India, Ireland, Iran, Montenegro, Norway, Fiji, the Dominican Republic and Poland
  • 1 – Zambia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Angola, Greece, Israel, Honduras, Croatia, Bahrain, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Turkey
Simonet Moscariello

The 14 medals of the Argentine teams in the Olympic Games

  • 4 – Men’s Soccer: two gold (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) and two silver (Amsterdam 1928 and Atlanta 1996).
  • 4 – Women’s Field Hockey: two silver (Sydney 2000 and London 2012) and two bronze (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008).
  • 2 – Men’s Polo: two golds (Paris 1924 and Berlin 1936).
  • 2 – Men’s Basketball: a golden (Athens 2004) and a bronze (Beijing 2008).
  • 1 – Men’s Field Hockey: a dorada (Rio 2016).
  • 1 – Men’s volleyball: a bronze one (Seoul 1988).
Messi and Aguero

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Brayan Moya undergoes emergency surgery and is a question of Honduras for his debut in the Olympics

Tokyo Japan

Brayan Moya, one of the two reinforcements of the Sub-23 of Honduras For the Olympic Games, he has set off the alarms in the Catracho team since his participation in the Olympic tournament to be held in Tokyo is in doubt.

In information provided by Fenafuth, sThey point out that the Honduran soccer player underwent emergency surgery for acute appendicitis since he presented a picture of moderate intensity abdominal pain.

“Appendectomy with successful result. More details later”, The National Autonomous Football Federation of Honduras added in their social networks.

The catracho player must be at rest and for now his participation for the debut of the H in the Olympic Games is in doubt, which will be the next Thursday July 22 when Romania is measured.

New Zealand and South Korea will be Honduras’ other U23 matches in the group stage of the Olympic Games in clashes that will take place on July 25 and 28 respectively.


“It will be a very tough Olympics. They smile in our faces, but they themselves have a stone in their bosom “

With the Russian women’s handball team, Evgeny Trefilov won four world championships and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. However, at the Tokyo Games, our team will be led by a different mentor. Trefilov goes there in an unusual role for himself.

– Evgeny Vasilievich, how do you feel in the role of a coach-consultant?

– No way. Weird feeling. This is unusual for me. I’m going to the Games in Tokyo, but I will live separately from the team.

– Why?

– These are the quotas. For example, the federation wanted to include another massage therapist in the national team, but we were not allowed. I am accredited to the Olympics as vice president of the FGR.

– Earlier you told me that doctors forbid you to go to Japan. There is a coronavirus pandemic in the yard, and you had heart surgery …

– I have undergone not one operation in my life, but several. Through what hole this coronavirus can crawl to me – only God knows. Maybe tomorrow I’ll fall on the porch of the house and won’t get up. But I’m not used to sitting around. I’m bored. So I decided to fly to Tokyo. I will pass three tests for coronavirus in Moscow.

– When will you fly to the capital of Japan?

– I don’t know the exact date yet. First, Sergei Nikolaevich Shishkarev and I, (President of the Russian Handball Federation – approx. Sportbox.ru) we will arrive in Novorossiysk – for the opening of a new grain berth. From there we will go to Abrau-Durso …

– Really for a champagne tasting?

– No, we will not taste anything! I’m not on this case. Once in my youth, I went over so much that I felt bad. I remember thinking: if only my mother did not see me in such a state. I felt ashamed. Since then I don’t drink much, I know my limits … A new sports complex was built in Abrau-Dyurso. Again, we’re going to open it. In general, from the Krasnodar Territory we will fly to Moscow, and then to Tokyo.

– The current Russian team includes eight Olympic champions in Rio. Is it good or bad? Has the process of generational change dragged on?

– The choice of the squad is the prerogative of the head coach. He is responsible for the result, and I can only advise. But, to be honest, I would have included in the composition of two or three other athletes. However, I am a consultant and do not want to interfere with Alekseev’s work.

Open video

– What is your relationship with Alexey Alexandrovich?

– He was my assistant in the national team, we worked together. Two years ago, when I left the team (my heart began to play naughty), Alekseev stayed. He helped the Spaniard Ambros Martin. And when Martin was removed, he took his place. My relationship with Alexei is working. I structured the training process differently, played the team differently, but this is normal. Of course, he’s tempted to insert his five cents. But I am silent. I didn’t even go to the pre-Olympic training camp in Sochi.

– Why?

– In order not to loom, as Vysotsky said. Do not interfere. The national team must have one head coach. And then the girls can lose the landmark. I remember how back in 1982 the USSR national football team played at the World Cup in Spain. Beskov was the head coach there, and two more were imposed on him – Lobanovsky and Akhalkatsi. Each of the three pulled the blanket over. The result is a three-headed Serpent Gorynych. In the grouping team, grievances arose. In general, nothing good came of it. Please note that we have a female team, and this is a special article. Working as a trainer with women is like putting a grenade under you and pulling the pin. We only sweat with them in the same way, but otherwise – completely different people.

– In two test matches before the Olympics, the Russian team lost to the Netherlands and Sweden. Does this fact bother you?

– It is not necessary to attach great importance to these two defeats. It is better to lose in friendlies than in the Olympics. In Holland, Lena Mikhailichenko played after a severe injury – before that her knee was collapsed. I once called Lena “green snot”, and she remembered. Well, and what, Mikhailichenko is not yet 20 years old, she has everything ahead. The worst thing in sports is the test of fame. After Rio de Janeiro, our girls got a little arrogant. So what? In Europe, two years later, they became the second.

– Silver medals – is that bad?

– I wanted gold.

Open video

– What can you really count on in Tokyo?

– I’ll say it carefully: for a successful performance. Don’t forget, the flag and anthem were taken away from our athletes. Plus covid restrictions. It will be a very tough Olympics. They smile in our faces, but they themselves have a stone in their bosom. There will be a prejudiced attitude. I understand that no one is obliged to love Russia. The main thing is not to harm.

– The # 1 favorite in women’s handball is the Norwegian national team?

– Yes. The Norwegians are very strong. France and Holland, I would also classify as favorites. And also the Swedish national team. However, you need to tune in to any opponent. If you give a little slack, you will be devoured.

– Do you want to return to the coaching bridge?

– Sure. I will not dissemble. But I understand that health is not the same. We must give way to the young. This is what worries me now. Several promising girls were taken from us from Krasnodar, where I work. They are 13-15 years old. My parents blatantly lied to me. Deceived. They said that their daughters decided to give up handball. And then I found out that these girls are quietly training, only in another city – in Astrakhan. They were simply lured away, and their parents were promised financial benefits. I don’t know what to do about it. People have become obsessed with money, and decency and honesty somehow imperceptibly recede into the past.