Japan’s swimming star Daiya Seto despite the Olympic 2021 affair

EThe news from young Mr. Seto, a person who swims, is good. Despite moral concerns, the Japanese federation is now allowing him to compete in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. We remember: Reporters revealed that the talented crawler had met a woman he was not married to in a so-called love hotel.

Apart from the fact that it is hypocritical when a country maintains extra hotels for lunches and then gets upset that someone is staying there, the question now arises: It must be feared that the swimming world champion will keep morale in the athletes’ village at underwater level will press?

The answer: Probably not, if you consider that in 2016 in the athletes’ village in Rio, 450,000 condoms were virtually ripped from the hands of donors. With 11,000 athletes that makes just under 41 per person! And they are probably not all married to each other. Well, some condoms were probably taken as souvenirs. But enough of that. What the young woman Seto says about all of this is not an Olympic topic anyway.


French teuf – Culture / Next

A speaker wall, dented turntables and a truck (or a bus): nomadic sound systems are emblematic of the free party, the radical fringe of the techno scene. One of the most famous, Spiral Tribe, has just mobilized for Lebanon. The occasion for an overview of these collectives which were very active in the 90s and seem to be reborn thanks to the closure of the clubs.

1 – Spiral Tribe

Catalyst of the free movement in the United Kingdom from the end of the 80s, the Spiral Tribe went into exile in France in 1993 (the very first teknival in Allonnes, it is them) to escape the repression of the Conservative government and preach good electronic speech. More than thirty years after its beginnings, the collective, some members of which are now in their fifties, still beats the pavement of the underground. The “Spinnaker” spirit is still carried today by 69 DB, Crystal Distortion or even Ixindamix, to name only the best known of the collective. They are the inspirers of this famous “party” which never ceases to agitate the nights of our countryside, as we saw this summer in the Creuse or in Loire-Atlantique. But the activism of the SP23, the new name of the collective in recent years, knows no borders. As evidenced by the charity compilation Mission Lebanon available on Bandcamp, which they came up with to help victims of the Beirut port double blast in August.

2 – OQP

In 1993, a whole crew of graffiti-skateboarders from Marseille, who were quite fond of hip-hop and ragga, converted to techno following a meeting with the Spiral Tribe. They take for pseudo an acronym meaning Original Quartier du Panier (a district of Marseille). This merry band led by the VJ Starsk and the DJ Xtech not only organize parties in the south of France but carry their bus and sound system all over Europe. The Marseillais are also the founders of the legendary Okupe label, a boiling hardtek cauldron whose productions are tinged with breakbeat and ragga influences. Less harsh than the usual free sound. In 1998, OQP joined forces with the English sound systems Facom Unit and Total Resistance to create Sound Conspiracy. A tribe that will go to preach the good word as far as India. The paradise of travellers all eras.

3 – Impakt-Teknokrates

Alongside the Nomads, Psy4triX or Mas I Mas, the Impakt-Teknokrates sound system is part of the first generation of converts by the Spiral. Although not all from the region, they were particularly active in Brittany, blessed land of free, and deployed an unfailing inventiveness to “plant” clandestinely in places as improbable as the underground car park of a supermarket in the center of Rennes. This did not prevent them from regretting, like many historical collectives, the standardization of the scene in the 2000s, a time when fatigues, hoodies and the big hardtek sound reign supreme. Is it because he got tired of this formatting that Antoine Caudron alias “Kraft” subsequently created the production agency Miala, which is now part of the Fimalac group and represents artists like The Avener or Tez Cadey, who we don’t necessarily imagine performing at the traditional “tekos” of 1is May ?

4 – Heretic

The smartest, crazy and famous. There’s even a Wikipedia page detailing their exploits. Foremost among which is the Dantesque free party they organized in 2001 in the disused Molitor swimming pool in the heart of the XVIe district of Paris. Easily available on YouTube, the documentary We Had a Dream, produced in 2010, tells the incredible game of cat and mouse in which the twenty members, including DJs today renowned as Popof or Noisebuilder, engaged with the police, going so far as to impress the intelligence officer generals who testify in the film. But the Heretiks have also organized perfectly legal events at the Zénith in Paris or at the Olympia.

5 – Kraken Krew

Should you store your speakers and truck in the garage when you are over 40? The answer is, of course, no! The proof with this collective founded in 2013 by former members of different sound systems in the Paris region. Their objective being to pose imposing facades of sound supported by a total visual show based on mapping or VJing. But these activists are not only die-hards of clearings and plowed fields (or not), since one of their most memorable evenings took place in December 2016 in a Vendée club, Complex 85.

Alexis Bernier


Patrice Bardot


NBA: League chief prepares the world for the Olympics in Tokyo without NBA stars

Sport Olympia in Tokyo 2021

League chief prepares viewers for summer games without NBA stars

| Reading time: 3 minutes

The American basketball team is a guarantee of spectacle at the Olympic Games. Due to the corona pandemic, however, the team will probably be recruited without NBA players. League boss Silver draws a clear line.

We coronavirus pandemic threatens an Olympic basketball tournament in Tokyo without NBA stars. It is “unlikely” that the league will interrupt its season if the season starts late for the summer games next year, said NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

The NBA is not expected to start its next season until January. The regular main round alone in the best league in the world normally lasts around seven months, followed by the play-offs. After the move to the coming year, the Olympics in Tokyo will now take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021, which would result in a date collision.

It was not just about the season having to be interrupted just for the tournament, Silver justified his skepticism: “They need a training camp and they need a break afterwards.”

Influence also on the German national team

The possible waiver of NBA professionals would also affect the German team, which still wants to qualify for the Olympics via a tournament next year. National players Dennis Schröder, Maximilian Kleber and Daniel Theis play for teams from the NBA.

NBA-Commissioner Adam Silver

Quelle: Getty Images/Stacy Revere

“I’m a little concerned about some of the international teams because some of their stars are in our league and their absence would make a big difference,” said NBA boss Silver. However, he pointed out that these were extraordinary times. “Even if we make a plan for the Olympics, how do you know what the world will be like next summer?”

LA Lakers remain on course for the title

Meanwhile, a decision is looming in the current season, because LeBron James is once again in top form in the big games. Together with Anthony Davis, the LA Lakers basketball superstar follows in the footsteps of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. Because in the 124: 114 success against the Miami Heat, the duo added 33 and 32 points. In the best-of-seven series, it is now 2-0.

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Tips from the personal trainer

Most recently, the two Lakers legends O’Neil and Bryant managed to score at least 32 points in a final in 2002. That’s when LA met the New Jersey Nets. “It’s an honor to be named with these great professionals,” said James humbly. His coach Frank Vogel praised: “These guys play at an extremely high level. Hopefully we can get two more wins. ”If that succeeds, the 17th title in the club’s history would be perfect.

In the second game in the series, the Lakers played into the cards that in Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo two top performers at Miami were missing. Coach Erik Spoelstra had to speak a word of power before the duel, because the duo wanted to play. Jimmy Butler – the most conspicuous Miami professional with 25 points and 13 rebounds – reported: “You really wanted to be there, but the coach has to be considerate of his players. The injuries must not get worse. We need them, they are extremely important on both sides of the pitch. “

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The failures were particularly noticeable on the defensive. The Lakers consistently exploited the gaps and gave 47 three-point throws – more than ever this season. Davis wore down the Heat pros with four transformed throws after half-time, and James shifted up a gear in the final quarter.

The first Lakers title since 2010 is still missing two successes. Guard Alex Caruso says: “We haven’t reached our goal yet. We’ve been together for over a year and we’ve been talking about it since day one. We will stay hungry until we have four wins. “

The Lakers want to take the next step on Monday night. Maybe Dragic and Adebayo will be back in the squad at Miami.

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Coronavirus in sport: latest news in the live blog – sport

Coronavirus im Sport


Ibrahimovic tested positive

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Second Milan professional with Corona

(Photo: AP)

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic was infected with the corona virus.
  • The Kölner Haie report four positive tests.
  • 800 Bayern fans give back their tickets for the Supercup – Uefa is still sticking to its concept.

Overview of news


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Coronavirus in sport: Current news in the live blog – sport

Coronavirus im Sport


Gündogan tested positive

National player Ilkay Gündogan

Ilkay Gündogan is infected with Covid19.

(Photo: dpa)

  • Bad news for Ilkay Gündogan: The midfielder is infected with the corona virus.
  • 20,000 spectators are to be admitted to the German F1 Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

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Athletes without support: Top athletes face financial difficulties

Dhe top German athletes broadcast SOS. Many of them face existential hardship and impair their preparation for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. A call for help from athlete representatives in the face of enormous cuts or cancellations of sponsorship and equipment contracts as well as reduced remuneration of clubs as a result of the Corona crisis has now startled politicians in Berlin.

“I had the feeling that one was shocked by these numbers. And even I was shocked, ”reported Nadine Hildebrand, athlete spokeswoman for the track and field athletes, of her presentation of a survey on the emergency in her sport in the Bundestag Sports Committee. After that, 23 percent of the Olympic, perspective and junior squad athletes had their sponsorship contracts terminated. 62 percent of 357 athletes took part in the survey.

At 40 percent, the size of the contracts with top athletes has been reduced, young athletes have losses “sometimes up to 80 percent,” said the former hurdler. For 14 percent of these team athletes, these are “existence-threatening difficulties”.

The German sporting goods manufacturer adidas did not want to reveal whether and to what extent athlete contracts have been or will be shortened or terminated. “We are in close contact with all of our partners and will continue to support them in the current situation,” said a spokesman when asked by the dpa. Contract details are generally not discussed in public.

Like the athletes, other athletes feel the same way. “We got a similar response in sports like swimming or beach volleyball,” said Johannes Herber, Managing Director of Athleten Germany. “Most athletes are used to living in asceticism. Our task now is to confirm that they have the right to make demands. “

While the professional team sports of the 2nd and 3rd leagues get around 200 million euros from the federal government for loss of income, there is currently no help for needy individual athletes who have already been buffeted by canceled competitions and lost entry fees. “There is an imbalance,” said Herber. “Athletes who go to the Olympics should also be supported.” So far, 223 athletes from 400 expected Tokyo starters have qualified.

Johannes Herber: “Athletes are used to living in asceticism.”

Image: Imago

The athletes’ call for help impressed the politicians in Berlin. “The athletes can rely on the fact that we on the part of federal politics keep an eye on the issue”, assured the sports committee chairman Dagmar Freitag (SPD). CDU colleague Eberhard Gienger also sees a need for action. “If we don’t want to lose a whole generation of subsequent athletes in the junior squad, we have to support the competitive athletes and their clubs even more,” said the former world gymnastics champion.

“The dream would be if the athletes had the same financial status as before in the Olympic year. They don’t want to get rich, ”emphasized Hildebrand,“ they don’t have to worry about being able to pay the rent. ”At the moment, they can rely primarily on Deutsche Sporthilfe, whose funding continues without restriction. “For the medal candidates at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the elite programs have been fully extended until summer 2021, primarily to strengthen the backs of our best athletes,” explained CEO Thomas Berlemann.


Olympics 2032: Qatar – a hot candidate – sport

You do it again. Qatar is applying for the summer games, it is the third attempt. The emirate wants to host the 2032 Olympics, just ten years after the World Cup, which will take place in this desert district in 2022, which is the size of Northern Hesse. You treat yourself and the world nothing else.

So far, wrestling for the event: Brisbane / Australia, India, Indonesia and the two Koreas, also the German regional candidate Rhine / Ruhr is involved. Now, however, an actor is entering the ring with Qatar who is raising relevant questions.

Excluding the public, but at 40 degrees

Olympic games are huge geostrategic decisions. And so inexperienced sports observers attest bad cards to new prospective customers. The 2015 World Handball Championship is unforgettable, for which Qatar even brought fans into the country to cheer on the national team, which was just quickly bought up and naturalized. Because the enthusiasm for sport beyond hunting falcons and racing camels is traditionally subdued, the Road Cycling World Championships also took place in the middle of October 2016 in camera, but at 40 degrees.

So why should world sports – after the equally controversial World Championships in Athletics in 2019 and the 2022 World Cup in soccer – always hit the gulf again and again, in a scorching hemisphere that compels top athletes to perform midnight acts of strength? Doesn’t every other candidate look more promising? Australia, the previous front runner – a sports-crazy continent? Two sleeping giants in South and Southeast Asia? The eternal duelists in Korea, who hold the greatest treasure on earth for the International Olympic Committee (IOC): the Nobel Peace Prize if double games would work – even if the border would be closed again immediately afterwards? Or this German infrastructure campaign: It also has advantages over Qatar from the point of view of sports and athletes; starting with the climatic ones.

But you shouldn’t see it that naively.

Qatar takes on a favorite role with the entry into the race. First of all, the super rich Emirate is notorious for very convincing argumentation aids for sports candidates. So the two World Cup awards in athletics and football have a penetrating smell of corruption. Hardly any of the sports officials who once succumbed to Doha’s advertising stimuli here and there did not later get into trouble with the judiciary; hardly anyone is still in office.

Bach – one of the most faithful in the Emirate

And the failure of Qatar’s Olympic candidacies for 2016 and 2020? This was thanks to the courageous intervention of the then IOC President Jacques Rogge. The Emirate failed the pre-selection. Knowing that winning Doha in a final round, if all hungry 110 IOC members were allowed to go to the ballot box, could hardly be prevented.

But Rogge resigned in 2013, and his successor was one of the emirates most faithful at the time: Thomas Bach, business lawyer and even head of the controversial Arab-German Chamber of Commerce Ghorfa until the IOC ascended to the throne. And Bach’s most influential campaign worker was Ahmad Al-Sabah; The Kuwaiter is no longer so present in sport only because the FBI has targeted it. Bach always had a soft spot for Qatar, despite constant rumors of corruption and human rights debates: “It is up to Qatar. I can imagine that Qatar will one day be a candidate for hosting the Olympic Games,” he exulted at a conference in Doha in 2016.

On the same day, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that it would withdraw accreditation from the test laboratory in Doha. That was of course a stupid coincidence. But that fits perfectly into the picture.


Olympic champion from 1980: GDR handball heroes demand recognition

The Olympic victory of the GDR handball players in Moscow in 1980 was a sensation. But in unified Germany he does not find the appreciation he deserves, the players from back then – and call for improvement.

The former world-class goalkeeper Wieland Schmidt demands the highest recognition for the GDR handball players who won the only German Olympic gold in Moscow in 1980. Because Heiner Brand, world champion as a player and coach, as well as Erhard Wunderlich, Bernhard Kempa and Joachim Deckarm are represented in the Hall of Fame of German sports, but the GDR handball players are not.

“I find it very, very unfortunate, because we were overall very, very successful. Not only with this team, but also as a single player with our clubs,” Schmidt told the German Press Agency on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Moscow sensation when the team defeated the Russians after extra time.

Wieland Schmidt (archive picture): The goalkeeper coach from HC Leipzig demands more recognition for the Olympic victory of the GDR selection in 1980 in Moscow. (Source: Eibner / imago images)

Schmidt believes that his former team members more than deserve it. “Frank-Michael Wahl, as a record national player and honorary captain of the DHB, who was also a trainer in Hameln, or people with Lothar Doering, who became an Olympic champion as a player and who led our DHB women to the world title as national coach, simply belong in the Hall of Fame “, emphasized the goalkeeper idol from SC Magdeburg, who still works with goalkeeper talents at the DHB or the record champions HC Leipzig.

DHB President Andreas Michelmann wants to use the anniversary again. “The East German Olympic champions from 1980, as well as the West German world champions from 1978, are part of the DNA of German sports and handball history,” said Michelmann when asked to dpa and emphasized: “Some of the 80s Olympic champions had been on the threshold of admission in recent years to the Hall of Fame. We’ll be happy to add the names of our handball heroes again, but the decision is up to a jury. “


Olympia – IOC deletes tweet with controversial film – Sport

The International Olympic Committee has deleted a Twitter message with a film about the 1936 games in Berlin. “We apologize to those who feel offended by the film of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games,” wrote the IOC on its official Twitter channel.

In addition to the Olympic flame, the film also featured footage of Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals in Berlin, and Luz Long. Owens wrote a “powerful lesson to the Nazi regime and shattered the” despicable fascist claims of racial superiority, “wrote the IOC.

The blonde German Long and the black American Owens not only fought an epic duel in the long jump final. They also shook hands – an image of horror for the Nazi regime. “The story of Jesse Owens and Luz Long is an iconic, historic moment in which the spirit of fraternity was demonstrated at the highest level,” said one of the IOC statements.

Responses on social media indicate that the film was not perceived as such, the IOC wrote. However, the images were chosen to convey a message of unity and solidarity a year before the games in Japan. “Those for the 1936 Berlin Olympics were specifically selected for this purpose, NOT to celebrate this edition of the games,” wrote the IOC.

The museum in the former German Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp had also responded. “For two weeks, the Nazi dictatorship camouflaged its racist, militaristic character,” said a verified message from the Auschwitz Museum. “It used the games to impress foreign viewers with a picture of a peaceful, tolerant Germany.”