New Fabia 2021 shown in first renders

The hatchback is budgetary, roomy and beautiful.

The first render of the Skoda Fabia, close to the original.  Concept:
The first render of the Skoda Fabia, close to the original. Concept:

Car enthusiasts are looking forward to the Skoda Fabia. A car in Russia will “compete” with Granta, so you want to know more about it in advance. The designer from the portal depicted the appearance of the car, having studied the spy video from Europe, showed and told the details about Fabia by the editorial staff of the Pokatim portal.

The car on the renders turned out to be juicy and bright due to the selected colors. At the back, the hatchback was equipped with fresh optics, and the front one was installed from the Enyaq electric SUV. Confirmed the availability of new items and spy shots.

Rear view.  Render:
Rear view. Render:

Apparently, Skoda Fabia is suitable for motorists who prefer maneuverability and low price of a car. The spy video shows the new Skoda hatchback driving briskly.

Such a Skoda will “destroy” Granta in the future – at least due to the economical engine, but more on that right after the video.

Skoda Fabia 2021 on the roads of Europe. Video:

The new Fabia will move on 1 and 1.5 liter engines. There will be no diesel – only 4-cylinder petrol engines. This will keep the price tag to a minimum and avoid tax duties. According to the calculations of the portal “Drive”, they will start selling the hatchback at a price of 800 thousand rubles (in recalculation).

It is not yet clear whether the new Skoda Fabia will be sold in Russia – the car was officially shown only on independent renders. But it is likely that the “Czechs” will go for it, given that Fabia 2021 is able to “knock down” the sales of the most popular car model in the Russian Federation – LADA Granta. Now from the “state employees” Skoda we sell only Rapid, and it is respected by motorists.

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AvtoVAZ cannot – Fiat will help: Engine knock in LADA Vesta removed support from Ducato

As a result, it remains only to wait for the official presentation of the car and a press release from the Russian representative office of Skoda.


Mercedes W201 turned into a meeting room

Car enthusiasts were delighted.

Everything is done with love for Mercedes. Photo: “VKontakte”

“Boar”, aka the 190th “Mercedes”, in Russia is revered as a legend and drives it even in 2021. In Germany, they chose a different path and turned a luxury sedan from the nineties into a meeting room for one of the local offices.

The doors on the Mercedes W201 were removed and the entrance was covered with velor pillows. Inside, 2 rows of seats were left, pointing them at each other. So the car was turned into a conference room that can be held comfortably – it turned out to be a kind of “Boar” for “coughing up serious questions.”

By the way, negotiations can be carried out with music, the central panel at the back is not a dummy, the real control of the multimedia system was brought to it. Probably, it remained original in the Mercedes W201, because a TV or at least a tablet for presentation inside the “Boar” is not mounted.

The bottom was cut out so that the legs could be placed comfortably. Photo: “VKontakte”

Motorists from Russia appreciated this approach: “If only the seats would unfold, there could also be a rest”, “Oh, is there a mini-bar in the trunk? The Germans are rummaging around how to negotiate, ”the drivers wrote on the VKontakte social network.

Yes, the meeting room from the Mercedes W201 was equipped with a refrigerator in the luggage compartment. Perhaps there is a second one under the hood, anyway, the car is no longer on the move, because, according to its creator, their “Boar” is made to attract customers.

Minibar to celebrate completed deals. Photo: “VKontakte”

The car was developed by Antoni advertising agency, in the photo from the office you can see a lamp in the shape of the Mercedes logo. All this shows love for the legendary “Merin”, which has survived not only in post-Soviet countries, but also in Germany itself.

As a result, such a “Pig” for “coughing up questions” can be taken as a basis for a business idea. The project can be implemented not only in the office, but also for cafes, bars, as well as for any teahouse. Fortunately, the Mercedes W201 in Russia on the “secondary” are sold in the thousands.


Four reasons to bring JAC Hunter to Russia

Impressive dimensions are just one of the advantages.

Photo: JAC Hunter, source: JAC
Photo: JAC Hunter, source: JAC

The new JAC Hunter will reach Chinese dealers in 2021, but in Russia the car would also look good. The journalists named four reasons why the pickup should be brought to us – from the harsh exterior to the affordable price list. The details are provided by the Pokatim editorial staff.

Photo: JAC Hunter, source: JAC
Photo: JAC Hunter, source: JAC

Brutal style

The truck looks modern, but also has rigid body lines, which gives brutality. The front is attracted by a powerful plastic body kit and an original radiator grill, as well as an expander in the area of ​​the wheel arches. The lighting unit was made bunk. Overall it looks more modern and fresher than Toyota’s Hilux.

An expeditionary roof rack is installed on the roof, allowing you to take as many things as possible. The engine was protected with a plastic lining, and the body was protected with a special frame. It is in this performance that the car will be of interest to Russians, like Toyota LC or UAZ Patriot.

Photo: JAC Hunter, source: JAC
Photo: JAC Hunter, source: JAC

Rich inner world

The salon was equipped with the latest entertainment complex and the climate controlled by a touchscreen. The center console is large for easy access to options. The transmission mode selector is visible on the tunnel. And the finishing materials are quite soft and of high quality. Toyota Hilux is also doing well in this regard, but loses due to the higher price.

Good technical parameters

Under the hood of the JAC Hunter there will be 2.0- and 2.5-liter engines. The latter will be able to provide 150 horsepower. The units are driven by mechanical “six-way” and all-wheel drive. And this is quite acceptable for Russia.

Photo: JAC Hunter salon, source: JAC
Photo: JAC Hunter salon, source: JAC

Optimal price tag

In China, JAC Hunter will be offered at a price of 129,800 yuan or 1.4 million rubles. In Russia, this truck can cost more, but not more than 2 million rubles, so it is quite affordable, as for a pickup.

As you can see, there are four reasons to bring JAC Hunter to Russia. This is cross-country ability, and powerful motors, and good functionality, as well as a completely acceptable price tag. And if the car arrives, then somewhere in the distance Toyota will cry – its Hilux cannot be compared in price with the Chinese Hunter.


LADA Vesta II will be made on the basis of Lancer – opinion

Since Mitsubishi Pajero forms the basis of Niva, technologies unnecessary for the Japanese will be introduced into Vesta.

LADA Vesta Sport.  Photo: LADA
LADA Vesta Sport. Photo: LADA

The Russians are waiting for a breakthrough from the second generation LADA Vesta, but when it will debut is not yet clear. The next step is a minor facelift, but the editorial staff of the portal told why Vesta has every chance to come out on the basis of Mitsubishi Lancer.

First, the Japanese brand that weakened in 2018 was bought by the Renault-Nissan alliance, which also owns LADA. Nothing prevents the French from using technology at their own discretion.

Secondly, the Pajero SUV was recently brought to the AvtoVAZ Scientific and Technical Center. Probably, on its basis, they will make a serial LADA 4X4 Vision. To “rip off” the Japanese – so to the fullest, they will also make “Vesta”.

Mitsubishi Lancer was discontinued in 2018 for a simple reason – sedans are sluggishly bought in Japan, the USA and the EU. At the same time, in Russia, “four-doors” are still loved – LADA Vesta is sold out like hot cakes.

The slightly outdated Lancer platform and technologies will only be a plus – today they are already cheaper, and in terms of their level they are just “fresh”, as for Russia.

Mitsubishi Lancer.  Photo: MMC
Mitsubishi Lancer. Photo: MMC

It is unlikely that the Japanese will just give up the Lancer technology. Selling a sedan to Europeans will not work, but the good will not be lost. The Russian market will bring at least some benefit.

AvtoVAZ is currently actively modernizing its assembly lines, and only Karakatzanis knows what is being prepared there. But the innovations are expected to be dramatic.

If many people laugh with LADA Vesta Sport, then the basis of Mitsubishi Lancer will “plug in the belt” skeptics. The Lancers are known for their ability both on the track and in everyday tasks.

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Russian mink cannot replace Danish

At the beginning of November 2020, it became known that a coronavirus mutation was detected in minks at fur farms in Denmark, which can be transmitted to humans. After several farm workers became infected with the coronavirus allegedly from animals, the Danish authorities decided to completely destroy the mink population (17 million), eliminating 1,100 fur farms throughout the country. As of November 27, 11 million animals have been killed, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

In fact, breeders began to destroy minks a few days before the start of official slaughter (from about November 5, raw materials are being prepared for sale) and without waiting for the adoption of the relevant law by parliament, which was supposed to regulate the slaughter of animals, a temporary ban on breeding minks until the end of 2021 (on the Danish government agreed with the opposition parties), as well as sources of compensation for financial losses to farmers. The breeders themselves hope for compensation from the European Union. Fur market experts doubt that the European Union will do this, because after the Danes, breeders from Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Finland and Lithuania announced their intention to destroy the “infectious” mink population, who unexpectedly also discovered the virus in animals.


Caution, the deal is expanding – Kommersant newspaper No. 232 (6953) dated 17.12.2020

A possible return of Washington to a nuclear deal with Iran after the arrival of President Joe Biden in the White House could lead to unexpected consequences. It is possible that instead of the resumption of constructive interaction between the signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – that is, Iran, Russia and China on the one hand, as well as the “European troika” and the United States on the other, there will be a split around the Iranian agreements with the IAEA. This conclusion can be made following the meeting of representatives of the diplomatic departments of the JCPOA member countries, held on Wednesday.

Iran does not intend to abandon the implementation of the draft law “Strategic actions to lift sanctions.” This was stated by the Deputy Foreign Minister of the country Abbas Arakchi during a meeting of the joint commission on the implementation of the JCPOA, consisting of representatives of the diplomatic departments of Russia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Iran, which was held on Wednesday in the format of a video conference. The event preceded the informal meeting of the foreign ministers of the JCPOA countries, scheduled for December 21, which will also be held online. According to Mr. Arakchi, “the European side only calls on Iran to refrain from illegal and aggressive actions in response to US sanctions, sabotage in Natanz and the murder of a nuclear scientist.”

«Iran cannot bear the burden of both imposing sanctions and illegal actions of others (JCPOA participants – “B”). The rest must also bear the costs to keep the agreement, ”he said.

These words were a response to the call of the “European troika” to Iran to return to the fulfillment of technical obligations under the nuclear deal. Tehran, for its part, insists on lifting US sanctions from it, which will allow it to carry out normal banking activities and export oil. At the same time, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday: “We are not saying that we are not seeking to lift the sanctions, so there is no need to hesitate even an hour if there is an opportunity to lift them.” At the same time, he urged to think more about mitigating the effect of the sanctions than about lifting them.

Recall that the JCPOA was signed by Iran with five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany in 2015. The agreement implied limiting Iran’s nuclear program, as well as temporary restrictions on the sale and purchase of weapons in exchange for lifting all international sanctions from this country. In 2018, US President Donald Trump decided to leave the JCPOA and return US sanctions on Iran. This has led to problems in cooperation with Iran for most countries, primarily EU members. Not waiting for economic dividends from the JCPOA, Tehran began to gradually reduce its obligations under the nuclear deal, but did not dare to withdraw from the agreement.

Following the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of the Defense Ministry’s Research and Innovation Center in late November, the Iranian parliament passed the Strategic Actions to Lifting Sanctions bill, which, if implemented, effectively nullifies all agreements under the nuclear deal. We are talking about Tehran’s refusal of an additional protocol with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), increasing the uranium enrichment level to 20%, using hundreds of centrifuges in Natanz and Fordow centrifuges, opening a uranium metal production plant in Isfahan and restoring a 40-megawatt heavy water reactor in Arak. The government was given two months to implement these decisions. The parliamentary activity was negatively received by the administration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who, as one of the JCPOA lobbyists, hoped to wait for Joe Biden to take office in Washington and resume dialogue with the United States. President Rouhani cannot outright reject the parliamentary decision, approved by the Guardian Council of the Constitution, but he still has not signed the bill. This means that the document has not yet entered into force.

However, two weeks ago, Reuters reported with reference to the IAEA report on Iran’s plans to install three cascades of advanced IR-2m centrifuges at the plant in Natanz. According to the Iranian side, the information came to the media from a closed report based on a confidential letter from Tehran. Even Moscow has expressed its concern over Iranian plans. “This step does not add positive to the already complicated and tense atmosphere around the Iranian nuclear program,” said then Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

On Monday, during the annual big press conference, President Rouhani reiterated that Iran can return to fulfilling all of its obligations under the JCPOA if two scenarios are implemented.

The first is the return of the United States to the situation that existed before its withdrawal from the nuclear deal in 2018. The second is without the United States. “As soon as, no matter in what format – 4 + 1 or 5 + 1, they begin to fully fulfill their obligations, the Iranian government will immediately return to full implementation of the provisions of the nuclear deal,” he said. Hassan Rouhani also stressed that Tehran does not accept in advance plans to adjust the JCPOA, including additional items that may affect Iran’s missile program. The closest allies of the United States in the region – Israel and the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf – insist on revising the JCPOA. Perhaps this option would suit the “European troika”, which, despite its desire to preserve the JCPOA, has always condemned Tehran’s missile activities.

The Russian Federation, like Iran, is categorically against any adjustment of the nuclear deal, which has been repeatedly stated by Russian diplomats in recent days. While the Trump administration advocated a complete break in relations with Iran, Moscow was able to find a consensus with its European colleagues to preserve the JCPOA. But a change in US position could bring Washington and Brussels closer together again. In the meantime, the JCPOA participants have been cautious in their statements. “The meeting of the joint commission on the JCPOA is over. The participants reaffirmed their firm commitment to the nuclear deal, as well as their readiness to make serious diplomatic efforts to ensure its full implementation, ”Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, wrote on his Twitter page on Wednesday.

In any case, few hope that the United States and Iran will be able to quickly find common ground.

“These will be very difficult negotiations. I have no illusions about this, ”Joe Biden said in an interview with CNN. According to him, Washington cannot allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, but this cannot be achieved alone. “Therefore, in resolving issues concerning not only Iran, but also Russia, China and a number of other states, we need to be members of a larger group,” he added. And the candidate for the post of Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security, Jake Sullivan, noted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that the future American administration is considering returning to the JCPOA as a basis for further negotiations with Tehran on more global issues. That is, an attempt to expand the nuclear deal is most likely inevitable.

“Some say that we are encouraged by the rise of Joseph Biden to power. This is not true, but we are very happy that Trump is gone. This is a man who committed crimes, killed people and was a terrorist and even interferes with the import of vaccines, ”President Rouhani said Wednesday. However, the Iranians still have to live until Donald Trump leaves. On Wednesday, the United States again expanded the list of anti-Iranian sanctions.

Marianna Belenkaya


SUV ZIL-2021 “Principle” presented in the first renders

A premium car would fit well into the luxury SUV segment in Russia.

Renders ZIL “Principle”, source: Instagram

Even taking into account the fact that the ZIL team, according to rumors, is now working with US on the Aurus project, his business lives on. A fan of premium limousines from the USSR, on the Principle virtual project, prepared his vision of the future SUV, which the editors called the ZIL-2021 model.

The author of the project tried to preserve the recognizable features of the legendary passenger cars. The length of the wings, the slope of the rear pillar, two spacious rear windows – for the desire to maintain proportions, an SUV with an extended hood and a roomy body turned out.

Renders ZIL “Principle”, source: Instagram

Of the other differences between ZIL limousines, the new project “Principle” retained square head optics, “multi-storey” taillights, as well as sporty-style alloy wheels.

If the original concept of ZIL-2021 “Principle” reaches at least a small series, then the main “luxury” SUVs in Russia – Rolls-Royce and Aurus – will have to nervously smoke. Obviously, the car would be sold at an exorbitant price, but the very fact of the presence in Russia of “our” crook with a national nameplate would be enough for the reputation of foreign brands to noticeably decrease.

Renders ZIL “Principle”, source: Instagram

Networks’ reaction to ZIL-2021 turned out to be ambiguous, but positive reviews prevail over negative ones. “Principle” is praised for its bold forms, a little scolded for not the most successful transition of the windshield to the roof and neatly hope that in the near future such SUVs will be able to afford every first motorist of the Russian Federation.

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“In general, the concept is successful, only the transition of the frontal to the roof needs to be finalized”, “Aurus after such a tarantass is boring”, “We are waiting for millions of salaries to afford such costs,” the Russians share their assessment of ZIL-2021 Principle.


Russians are not ready to forget gender roles – Society – Kommersant

Russia turned out to be one of the most conservative among developed countries – such data was shown by a sociological survey completed in December by the research holding “Romir” and the international community of research companies GlobalNR. 71% of Russians surveyed believe that traditional gender roles for boys and girls are best suited to society, the highest after China. At the same time, in Russia they least of all agree with the right of same-sex couples to marry and have the most negative attitude to the idea of ​​skirts for men.

Experts of the two companies studied the opinions of residents of several leading and at the same time most populated countries of the world: Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, USA, Thailand, South Korea. A total of 7100 people were interviewed, 800 of them in Russia.

Study participants were first asked to comment on a statement “Traditional Gender Roles for Boys and Girls Are Best for Society”:

  1. In China, this thesis was supported by 82% of respondents,
  2. in Russia – 71%,
  3. in India – 69%,
  4. in Thailand – 46%,
  5. in the USA – 47%.

Germany (24%) and Korea (16%) agree with this statement least of all.

It is curious that Russian women more often than men agreed with this statement (73% and 68%), and married people more often than single people (77% and 61%). Among childless Russians, the statement was supported by 67%, with children – 79%; 76% with higher education and 63% without higher education.

“We are witnessing that rare case when Russians are knocked out of the image of an average earthling and show their unwillingness to compromise or a principled orthodox position,” said the president of “Romir”, Doctor of Sociology Andrei Milekhin, in an interview with Kommersant. the top three are China and India, which are also centers of civilization based on traditions, basic values ​​and conservative views. “

Results on other questions are also interesting. So, with the opinion that women are not allowed to work agree:

  • in Russia – 18% (and this is the highest indicator among other responding countries),
  • in Italy, 8% think so,
  • in the USA – 7%,
  • in China – 5%,
  • in the UK – 3%.

Russia also turned out to be one of the most vulnerable countries in attitude towards transgender people… Their very existence offends 43% of Russians, while in Germany 20% answered so, in Thailand 15%, in the USA and Brazil – only 10% each.

Only 13% of Russians surveyed believe that same-sex couples must be eligible to marry… This is the lowest.

  • In the UK, 70% of citizens support this right,
  • in Germany – 69%,
  • in India 63%,
  • in the USA – 59%.

Once again, Russia was on the bottom line when answering the question, is it permissible for men to wear skirts… Only 12% of those surveyed agreed with this possibility. Most of all, this clothing option is approved by residents of India (55%) and the UK (51%). 45% of Brazilians, 45% of Germans, 41% of Americans surveyed, 29% each – Koreans and Thais, 28% of Chinese are calm about this.

80% of Indians agree that women should be more present in positions of directors of companies and organizations… This opinion is supported by 79% of Brazilians, 63% of Americans and British, 57% of Germans – and only 33% of Russians. But in the question equal salary for men and women Russia was in third place (82%), slightly behind Brazil (95%) and the United States (84%). In this matter, Italy stood out from the general mass: there only 33% of the population stood for equality in income.

At the same time, 34% of Russians believe that the salaries of men and women in their country are the same.

“By most of the relevant indicators, we are average earthlings,” Andrei Milekhin shared his conclusions with Kommersant. “But in some worldview and value positions, we are much more conservative than representatives of the same Anglo-Saxon world.” At the same time, Mr. Milekhin believes that “Russians have tendencies towards changes”: “We are a younger country than many technologically advanced countries. But generation Z – our children born after 2000 in prosperous families in the megalopolises of Russia – have caught up in all respects, are comparable and in some way surpass their peers in the same megalopolises – New York, Paris, London. “

“The image of Russia that this study shows is a completely predictable result, given that over the past 15 years the Russian state has been actively promoting conservative traditional values,” says lawyer Mari Davtyan. “In the international arena, Russia is trying to look like the last state in the Council Europe, adhering to conservative worldview values. That is why we do not have progressive laws, including, for example, the law against domestic violence. It does not fit into conservative values, because conservatism presupposes hierarchy and power, and the possibility of violence is what keeps and legitimizes such power. “

Maria Litvinova


KIA dealers have cleverly turned around diesel Sorento customers

After eliminating the “jambs” of the 8DCT box, you can forget about the “cheap” versions of the cross.

Photo: Diesel KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA
Photo: Diesel KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA

Diesel KIA Sorento has finally arrived in showrooms, but customers, who have been waiting for cars since mid-October, have not received them yet. According to one of the versions, this may be due to the fact that the manufacturer decided to compensate for the costs of a hasty correction of the “robot” marriage at the expense of buyers. And this opinion is not unfounded, the editorial board of Pokatim is sure.

Customers of the diesel Sorento Premium and Premium +, who have made a full prepayment of 3.0-3.15 million rubles, have a high chance of meeting their cars soon. The crossovers have already arrived at dealerships after a 2-month delay, probably related to the elimination of the identified factory defect, according to the Wroom resource.

However, the Sorento in the Prestige is no longer available. If information about expensive versions reappeared on the official website of Kia in Russia, then back in November there was information about Prestige with 2.2 CRDi for 2.59 million, and now it disappeared.

Photo: KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA
Photo: KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA

Apparently, selling cheap “diesels” at the old price is no longer profitable – the elimination of the admitted “jambs” presumably with a “box” on a large batch of cars cost the manufacturer too much. Selling expensive Sorentos can compensate for the financial loss.

KIA does not want to incur colossal losses due to emergency improvements, nor to give already paid amounts to customers and, most likely, lose customers. They don’t return money, don’t give out a car, as always they don’t explain anything.

Photo: KIA Sorento in a new body in the dealer's salon, source:
Photo: KIA Sorento in a new body in the dealer’s salon, source:

KIA has taken a wait-and-see attitude towards customers: instead of cheap “diesels” they will be able to offer “rich” versions with an additional payment of 400 thousand rubles. Dexterous calculation is carried out for “starvation”. Exhausted by expectation and uncertainty, motorists will wave their hand and “bring the rest”, if only this hassle ends.

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Such “rounding up” with shifting unforeseen costs onto customers will not cleanse the “stains” from the reputation of the Korean company in Russia, but will allow it to stay in the black and retain customers, paying attention to improving the quality of service.


Three-door Hyundai Tucson IV showcased in render

The machine turned out to be just a “cannon”, without exaggeration.

Three-door Hyundai Tucson IV.  Render: X-Tomi Design
Three-door Hyundai Tucson IV. Render: X-Tomi Design

There are not many three-door SUVs on the Russian market. One of the most popular of them is “Niva”, but it looks too old and unattractive – after all, whatever one may say, it is more than 40 years old. Independent designers from the X-Tomi Design studio decided to rectify the situation and drew a fourth generation three-door Hyundai Tucson.

The car shown in the render has a completely new design with sporty features – not a trace of its predecessor remains. Without the “extra” doors, the rear of the cross is more attractive, and the angular lines are emphasized more than ever. The designers also worked on the roof of the car – now it resembles a cross-coupe.

The likelihood that Hyundai will release the three-door Tucson is there, but not high. This segment is not very popular in the world, and in Russia it is occupied by Niva. It is possible that with the release of the three-door “Tucson” it could become the “killer” of the LADA 4 × 4, because it has all the prerequisites.

So, under the hood of the “Korean” of the 4th generation, a wide variety of engines will be located, which, alas, the domestic model cannot boast of. The basic version of the Hyundai Tucson will receive a 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine with 178 hp. with., combined with a 7-speed “robot” with two clutches.

Three-door Hyundai Tucson IV.  Render: X-Tomi Design
Three-door Hyundai Tucson IV. Render: X-Tomi Design

On the basis of the same engine, the Koreans developed a hybrid installation, complemented by a 59-horsepower electric motor and working in conjunction with a 6-range automatic transmission. In addition, “Tucson” will be offered with a 2.0-liter diesel engine with 182 “horses”. All-wheel drive for the cross will be available exclusively with the latest unit.

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Russians are unhappy: AvtoVAZ is slowly getting rid of 1.8 engines on LADA Vesta

As you can see, the combination of “bomb” design and assorted motors would give the three-door Tucson IV every chance of success in Russia. It remains only to wait, suddenly the Koreans will seriously think about the release of such a machine.