$ 2000 .. The waitress’s tyranny and “surprising villainy” of the restaurant

Emily Bauer, who works as a waitress at the “Red Hook Sea Food” restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, said that she was surprised to find, along with the bill that a customer paid, a large “tip” of two thousand dollars, along with a message that included his wishes for a happy holiday season.

The “Daily Mail” quoted Bauer as saying that she was very happy with this “tip”, as she was planning to use the money to buy many of the needs of her two children.

Bauer’s joy did not last long, as the restaurant’s management refused to give her the amount under the pretext that she was unable to spend more than $ 500 as tips in one go, so the waitress only asked for the two thousand dollars in four installments, which was also rejected.

The restaurant presented, through a post on its Facebook page, a different version of the one revealed by Bauer, saying that the customer’s credit card refused to withdraw the $ 2,000 tip, as the balance was insufficient, and the person who provided the “tip” refused to pay the amount in cash after calling With him, knowing that he paid with his card the price of a meal valued at $ 69.01.

The owner of the restaurant pointed out that Bauer’s story of “tips” had caused great abuse and heavy losses, as the number of visitors to the place decreased dramatically, as a result of “bad advertising,” and reached the point that he was free during the day of any customers in some cases.


Fahrbericht Mitsubishis Outlander PHEV

MSometimes one sentence is enough to describe a car. He doesn’t understand this vehicle, says the colleague after driving it for a while. There is something to it, without a closer study of the function, enlightenment does not come about. On the other hand, it is good that understanding is not necessary, it is enough to just let the Outlander PHEV do it and drive off.

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

If you want to know exactly: The movement starts electrically and remains largely that way. In addition to the electric motors with a maximum output of 60 kW at the front and 70 kW at the rear, there is a four-cylinder gasoline engine with 99 kW that drives a 70 kW generator and can be connected directly to the front wheels via a clutch and without a gearbox at the earliest from 65 km / h. All three together result in a system output of 224 hp (165 kW). Because the Outlander generates its own electricity, a relatively small battery of nominally 13.8 kWh is sufficient, which saves costs and weight.

The interaction works well, the PHEV drives quietly and relaxed like all electric cars, the engine keeps mumbling and charging. With a cautious driving style on country roads, a consumption of a little more than six liters of gasoline is possible, a good value for a 1.8-ton SUV. The concept is less suitable for higher speeds on the highway, full throttle drives the thirst for a terrible 15 liters. That’s not even particularly fast, the electronics shut down at 170 (electric 135) km / h; the Outlander is likely to be the slowest car beyond 200 hp.

Big mouth: the cargo space swallows a lot

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Mitsubishis Outlander PHEV

The Outlander is not made for sales representatives, but families get a relatively narrow, but long five-seater, with which the daily commute to work can be done purely electrically. If that’s not enough, the generator just switches on. For electric driving or the two 230-volt sockets for kettles and the like, 9.8 kWh are available, which meant that we could travel a maximum of 42 kilometers. Because of the charging losses, the measuring device then shows 10.75 kWh at the household socket, and charging can also be carried out at the fast charging station.

The consumption of around 26 kWh came about in mountainous terrain, what is the use of recuperation downhill? The Outlander shows everything the driver wants to know in a large and colorful way, including the sum of the energy that has been recovered through braking and immediately recycled – in addition to the pedal, braking is possible via six levels that can be set on the “shift paddle”. For 100 kilometers through the Taunus, 5 to 10 kWh are generated, the twelve kilometers downhill from the Großer Feldberg to Oberursel brought 2.5 kWh.

The Outlander PHEV is a successful model, it has been around since 2007. After the latest revision, the inside appears polished. There is a new infotainment system with an eight-inch display that can call up videos from a USB stick in addition to the usual arts such as voice control and five years of free map updates. The operation is no longer as playful as in the predecessor, but the drive programs are still distributed over five buttons in the car – normal / snow / lock, including sport, front forced charging / energy conservation, next to it EV, front right Eco, and then there is yes nor the paddles on the steering column. In addition, the constant beeping and tinkling annoys us in the new model.

If Mitsubishi could simplify (operation) or leave it alone (beeping) in the future, a good car with a highly interesting technical concept would turn into a very good one – we would also have a larger battery on our wish list. All of this at an affordable price from around 37,000 euros, with the fully equipped Top version for around 50,000 euros. Each less electricity subsidies, of course.


A terrible accident … a car crashes a woman while being dragged by Chinese thieves in Argentina … Video

A video clip circulated on international news sites recorded the moment when a 24-year-old woman was hit by a car while being dragged behind a motorcycle with two armed thieves on board.

It is noteworthy that the accident occurred last Tuesday morning in the “Moreno” area in the Argentine capital “Buenos Aires”, while the victim “Brenda Gutierrez” stopped at a bakery in the residential neighborhood in which she lives before heading to a job interview.

A surveillance camera at the scene of the accident detected what the victim was exposed to moment by moment, as while she was stopping outside the shop, the two thieves approached her and climbed on their motorbike to the sidewalk and managed to grab her mobile phone and bag.

In another footage, the two thieves were seen driving the motorcycle and dragging the victim behind them, and it was only moments before a passing car hit her on the road while its driver was trying to avoid the motorcycle, and he collided in a pole after the victim hit the car; The driver was then seen running to check her condition, while the thieves ran away, leaving her on the road.

It turned out that the driver was called “Thomas Villalba”, a bakery employee who happened to pass on this road while Gutierrez was being robbed and dragged; The eyewitnesses reported that the two thieves fired several shots at the car, “Villalba”, before they fled the scene. It took about 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, and during that time the driver and his wife took care of the injured woman until paramedics arrived and took her to a hospital.

It should be noted that “Brenda Gutierrez” suffered fractures in her arm and ribs, in addition to suffering from internal bleeding, bruises and bruises, but her condition is generally stable. It was not immediately clear if the police had arrested the two thieves.