taz research on threatening letters: Call from “NSU 2.0”

The “NSU 2.0” was more intensive and active earlier than previously known. The main suspect police officer has called for the election of the AfD.

Poster at a protest in Wiesbaden in July Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa picture alliance

FRANKFURT A.M./KIRTORF/BERLIN taz | The perpetrator or perpetrators who have sent the more than 80 “NSU 2.0” threats to date have spied out target persons more intensively than previously known. As taz research has shown, a man tried by phone in August 2018 to get private data from taz author * in Hengameh Yaghoobifarah. At the time, he phoned the taz editorial office, pretended to be a police officer and made a threat. In two later “NSU 2.0” letters, precise reference is made to this call.

At the time of the call, no threats from “NSU 2.0” were publicly known. The messages in which the phone call is mentioned were sent in October 2019 and June 2020 from the address that the investigators assign to the “NSU 2.0”. “SS-Obersturmbannführer” is given as the sender. It is a mail account with the provider Yandex, whose username is a racist swear word.

The “leader” of the “NSU 2.0”, as the sender calls himself, expresses several times in emails that Yaghoobifarah is receiving “special treatment”, that it is “our primary goal”. Yaghoobifarah has been receiving massive threats for a long time, which increased again after a column critical of the police in June 2020.

In the “NSU 2.0” mails that the taz has received, several private data of people who are not publicly known who have received threatening letters from the “NSU 2.0” are mentioned. Including an old and the current address of the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız, as the taz had reported. Başay-Yıldız received the first known threat from “NSU 2.0” by fax in August 2018. Shortly before, private data had been accessed from her on a duty computer in a Frankfurt police station.

A suspected policeman

The investigators still suspect a Frankfurt police officer to have requested the data and sent the “NSU 2.0” faxes. The suspicion that he is behind the threatening emails has not been confirmed, according to the Frankfurt prosecutor. A year ago, the public prosecutor made a request for legal assistance to Russia in order to get the traffic data of the Yandex address. According to taz information, this has not yet been answered, although the German side has followed up several times.

According to taz research, the accused policeman is policeman Johannes S. The current 31-year-old belonged to a chat group in which police officers from the 1st precinct exchanged right-wing extremist content. According to the public prosecutor’s office, intensive investigations were conducted against him from May 2019 to the end of 2019. In June 2019, the investigators searched his apartment in Frankfurt and his house in Kirtorf in Central Hesse for the second time. His communications were also monitored.

Johannes S. expressed himself politically in social networks. On Facebook, for example, shortly before the 2013 federal election, he wrote: “On the 22nd it’s a cross for the AfD …. and no, this vote is NOT given away!” When the G20 summit took place in Hamburg, he posted a “Fck Antifa “lettering, plus hashtags like #scheisslinke, #terrorvonlinks and #ingedankenbeidenkollegen. The posts are available to the taz. Johannes S. did not want to speak to the taz and did not answer any written questions.

It is unclear how the “NSU 2.0” sender obtained the current address of Başay-Yıldız. The Hessian Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) said on Thursday in the plenum of the state parliament in Wiesbaden that there had been no further illegal inquiries in the police system in Hesse.

You can read the entire research on the threatening letters from the “NSU 2.0” and the suspicious police officer in the taz on the weekend of May 5th / 6th. September 2020.


taz research on “NSU 2.0”: Are you asked for police data again?

The lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız has been threatened by the “NSU 2.0” for two years. A new threatening mail even gives their current address.

Lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız has been receiving threatening letters from “NSU 2.0” for more than two years Photo: Janine Schmitz / photothek / imago

FRANKFURT A. M./BERLIN taz | The perpetrator or perpetrators behind the “NSU 2.0” threats have again obtained private data from the threatened lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız. In an email signed with “NSU 2.0 Der Führer” from the end of June, according to taz research, your current, publicly unknown address in Frankfurt is given. So there is a suspicion that personal data has been requested again in a police system.

“SS-Obersturmbannführer” is given as the sender name of the mail, it is not addressed directly to the lawyer and is available to the taz. The message was sent from the email address of the Russian provider Yandex, which, according to investigators, is used by the perpetrator (s). According to this, more than 80 threatening letters have been sent by “NSU 2.0” so far, most of them from this email address, which has a racist swear word as its user name.

Başay-Yıldız has been receiving threatening letters from “NSU 2.0” for more than two years. In the first fax to her on August 2, 2018, insults were given, her home address and the name of her daughter, who was threatened with death. The data had been called up shortly beforehand by a service computer in a Frankfurt police station. It is still being determined whether a Frankfurt police officer has requested the data and is involved in the threats.

In another fax at the end of December 2018, private data on Başay-Yıldız’s family members were again given. The investigators then assumed that these came from the same query. This cannot be the case with the current address mentioned now. It must come from a new query or from another source.

“Interior Minister Beuth is part of the problem”

Neither the Hessian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) nor the Ministry of the Interior in Wiesbaden answered the taz’s question as to whether the use of police databases was checked in this current case. The Frankfurt public prosecutor did not want to comment “for tactical reasons of investigation”. The investigators have had the mail since mid-July. The LKA and the Ministry of the Interior did not answer the question of whether Başay-Yıldız was informed that the “NSU 2.0” knew her current private address. Corresponding inquiries were made on Friday last week or on Tuesday. Başay-Yıldız himself did not want to comment when asked by the taz.

In a current email from Thursday night, the “NSU 2.0” explicitly points out the lawyer’s address change without being asked. In the response mail to a taz press request, it says that she has meanwhile moved to Frankfurt. “But it doesn’t help.” This mail was also sent to various LKA addresses in Hesse and Berlin.

For Günter Rudolph, the parliamentary managing director of the SPD parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament, it is a “clear alarm signal” if the personal data of those concerned was recently accessed again improperly. Compared to the taz, he criticized the Hessian Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU): Anyone who let such crimes run for two years and only now announces further security measures has simply not recognized the problem. “Interior Minister Beuth is part of the problem, not the solution,” said Rudolph.

The domestic political spokesman for the left in the state parliament, Hermann Schaus, finds it “very frightening when a blocked address ends up at NSU 2.0”. He emphasizes: “This laissez-faire style that the investigators are displaying must be changed at full speed.”

Inquiries to police computers in connection with “NSU 2.0” letters were also given at two different police stations in Wiesbaden at the beginning of 2019 and 2020, respectively. There, the data of the cabaret artist Idil Baydar and the Hessian left-wing parliamentary group chairman Janine Wissler, who received both “NSU 2.0” threatening letters a little later, by SMS and email.

The two officers, who were logged into the service computer at the time in question, claimed that they had not requested the data. Baydar’s data was also queried from the police in Berlin in March 2019. In Hamburg, police computers were used to request data from taz columnist Hengameh Yaghoobifarah in the summer; in this case, too, according to the police, no official connection can be identified. Previously, on June 15, a police-critical column by Yaghoobifarah appeared in the taz, which sparked a heated debate.

According to taz information, several “NSU 2.0” threats have been sent from the Yandex address in the past few days; they went to Wissler, Baydar, the left-wing member of the Bundestag Martina Renner and other recipients in the police, judiciary and media .

You can read all of the research about the threatening letters from the “NSU 2.0” and the connections to the police in the taz on the weekend of 5./6. September 2020.


Suspect in the “NSU 2.0” case: the snake breeder

An armed ex-police officer in Landshut is arrested in the course of the “NSU 2.0” investigation. Apparently he is close to local politics.

Unusual hobby: The NSU 2.0 suspect breeds the snake species Boa constrictor Photo: image

LANDSHUT taz | The boa constrictor is a type of boa that is characterized by its diverse appearances. The animals, also called idol snakes, can be between one and 4.5 meters long. They are red, white, brown and-or black. Snake fans all over the world find it fascinatingly different.

The man, who calls himself Eugen Prinz, breeds these animals together with his wife, even if he is not a big fan of diversity himself. Not in his living space.

Prince bears testimony to this when he writes articles: For example about the “Muslim machos” who would not integrate or the alleged hatred of Germany by the taz. Eugen Prinz writes for the right-wing extremist platform Politically Incorrect and his own blog. In real life he is called Hermann S.

On July 24th, the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor sent the police to Landshut-Auloh to see Hermann S. aka Eugen Prinz. The suspicion: S. could have written six of the at least 71 threatening emails that have since been received by prominent activists, politicians and journalists and all of which were written in the name of “NSU 2.0”.

Right hatred from the norm German idyll

In July, the police took away computers and data media, as well as three weapons that S. illegally owned, a pump gun and two pistols. The evaluation of the data should now show whether S. is actually behind the six threatening emails.

Landshut-Auloh, that is the norm German idyll. Generous but inconspicuous houses, trimmed lawns, the FC Bayern flag is waving, a cat is missing, the citizens’ forum is looking for helpers on the way to school. To S. ‘ Wooden picket fence hangs a sign that shows a shitting dog in the crosshairs.

The public prosecutor’s office is now concerned with whether S. also takes people into his crosshairs or would like to take them. The investigators had obtained a search warrant because the threats sent to politicians and artists in July came from an email address that also uses the pseudonym Eugen Prinz.

S. himself denies the allegations and claims to have been the victim of an intrigue. Among other things, he points out that the emails contain not only his pseudonym, but also his real name and full address. The Frankfurt am Main public prosecutor’s office confirms this. The evaluation of S. ‘ Hardware is still going on. The Munich public prosecutor’s office is meanwhile dealing with the three unreported weapons. There are also legal weapons in the S. household, he is a marksman.

Visiting the AfD in the Bundestag

S. had once worked as a police officer. The now 63-year-old resigned from the police force 16 years ago and is now receiving a pension that could now be withdrawn from him in the course of disciplinary proceedings.

What do the Landshut police say? “We are a very young agency,” says Landshut police chief Helmut Eibensteiner on the phone. “Almost nobody here knows that.” Two colleagues still worked with S. for whom Eibensteiner would put his hand on the fire. If S. had any information that he shouldn’t have, it was definitely not from the Landshut inspection, according to the chief police officer.

Even if S. in the end cannot be classified as part of the NSU 2.0, it is worth taking a closer look. Because even if no story about threatening emails comes to light, there is at least one story about the lack of distance between people like him and local politics. Eugen Prinz aka Hermann S. is more than just a real smack from the provinces.

In May 2019, the AfD invites various journalists to the “Conference of the Free Media” in the party’s parliamentary group in the Bundestag. With wraps and Asian poultry skewers, there is an opportunity to exchange ideas about possible cooperation between the AfD and the far-right of the blogger scene. Members of the Bundestag come into conversation with dubious authors, for example with the Islam critic, ex-CSU Munich spokesman and PI writer Michael Stürzenberger, who has several criminal records.

Wish for a more aggressive AfD

Götz Kubitschek should not be missing either, three representatives of the Identity Movement observed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution are there, including Herrmann S. and Eugen Prinz. The photo that was taken of him at the conference – S. wears an AfD collar and looks grim – he consistently uses as a picture of the author.

In the following February, Eugen Prinz addressed the AfD directly in a PI News article. In the text he formulates the wish for a new, aggressive AfD, whose politicians refuse to provide information to the established media and cause “inconvenience” to the parliamentarians of the established parties. The writer’s sympathy for the AfD is no secret.

There is also an online newspaper in which texts by Eugen Prinz appeared: klartext.la, a “platform for citizen journalism”, launched and supported by Rudolf Schnur from the Landshut CSU, who lives near the snake-breeding couple in Auloh. Schnur is the head of the CSU parliamentary group in the city council.

In 2015, Schnur and S. agreed to work together – and to set up the “Immigration” department, which S. is responsible for, where interested citizens can find out more about crimes committed by people with a migration background. Prinz promptly raved about a German Rape Wave, an alleged wave of rape by refugees.

No clear border to the AfD

What does Schnur, the CSU man, say? Today he claims to media representatives that he ended his collaboration with S. in 2015 and has not been in contact with the man since. However, it once sounded different on his own homepage, where it was said that the immigration department had been “outsourced”. Because it gets so much attention.

It does not necessarily speak in favor of a clear demarcation of the CSU from the right wing when the armed snake breeder, who serves as a court reporter to the AfD, has been hanging out with their city council politicians for years – if not buddies.

In 2008, Schnur also founded the Landshut Citizens’ Forum, which was renamed the aktiv.bayern association in 2016. Hermann S. once again advertised events of this club vigorously on his blog, he is also said to have initiated events in the restaurant of a gymnastics club.

In 2016 Vera Lengsfeld came to the restaurant, shortly afterwards the journalist Iris Nicole Masson, about whom you can hardly find anything via Google search today, except for the event announcement from the pen of Eugen Prinz. CSU man Schnur is also said to have been on site on both evenings. Because of xenophobic failures in the context of the lectures, the gymnastics club subsequently banned the club aktiv.bayern from entering.

King defies the threats

Schnur no longer wants to comment on this issue, and he also refuses a personal conversation – as does Hermann S. Instead: A visit to Anja König, SPD chairwoman in Landshut, who received threatening letters in 2017. On a photo that was sent along with her, someone had smeared a swastika on her forehead, the letter said: “You soci-devils all belong to Auschwitz.”

A perpetrator could not be identified at the time, now she has presented the letters to the public prosecutor again. For König, the connection between the CSU and the new right blogger is nothing new. “We have known for a long time that Mr. Schnur should be treated with caution and that he is not afraid of being close to the people in question. Nobody can tell me that they are no longer in contact, ”she says.

König also criticizes the Landshut CSU for helping the three AfD city councilors to have a greater say in the city parliament by increasing the number of committee seats. While Prime Minister Söder now calls the AfD the enemy and regrets the rapprochement that the CSU pursued in 2018 towards the AfD, there are apparently fewer fears of contact between CSU members and the far right at the local level.

Some time ago, König received an anonymous message on his cell phone, which alludes to her WhatsApp profile picture with her granddaughter in a subliminally aggressive manner. König, who is known as a committed campaigner against right-wing extremism, does not want to be intimidated by this. “I already said in 2017 that they should tell me that face to face. I’m always open to discussions. But if nothing comes of that, they’re cowardly dogs. “


Right-wing threatening letter from “NSU 2.0”: Two arrests

An ex-police officer and his wife were arrested for the right-wing threatening emails from the “NSU 2.0”. They are said to have sent six of the threatening letters in July.

The police have temporarily arrested and released two suspects Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa

FRANKFURT/MAIN afp / dpa / taz | There have been two preliminary arrests in connection with the right-wing extremist “NSU 2.0” threatening emails. The suspicion is directed against a 63-year-old former Bavarian police officer and his 55-year-old wife, the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt am Main said on Monday. Both were provisionally arrested on Friday, but have since been released.

A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office told taz that the suspects were accused of sending six emails. All were sent in July. The suspicion currently relates only to a small part of the threatening series.

The Hessian left-wing politician Hermann Schaus therefore wrote on Twitter that it was apparently a “free-rider”. He suspects that “it wasn’t the big fish that went online,” tweeted Schaus, who is the political spokesman for his parliamentary group in the state parliament.

In total, dozens of letters with insulting, hateful and threatening content have been sent to members of the Bundestag and other addressees under the abbreviation “NSU 2.0” since 2018. A man was arrested for the first time in April 2019 in connection with the series. He is currently on trial in Berlin. The series continued after his arrest.

Arrested on Friday

The public prosecutor, together with the Hessian State Criminal Police Office, took action against the now suspected couple in Landshut last Friday. According to the public prosecutor, the former police officer had previously attracted attention to right-motivated crimes. Since there were no conditions for an arrest warrant, the two suspects were released. The evaluation of the data media seized during the search and the further investigations were still ongoing.

Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) had announced last week that 69 “NSU 2.0” letters had been known by then. The recipients were different public figures, most of them women. Previously, data on victims of Hessian police computers are said to have been partially retrieved.

It is unclear whether the emails of the suspected couple from Bavaria also contained such data. The public prosecutor did not provide any information on Monday. She also left open whether the suspects had connections to Hesse. In the afternoon, Bundestag member Konstantin von Notz (Greens) demanded that it now be carefully examined “whether and what connections exist between the former Bavarian police officer and the deeply worrying events in Hesse”.


NSU 2.0: Couple from Bavaria provisionally arrested – politics

The ex-police officer and his wife were temporarily arrested on Friday, but have since been released, the prosecutor said.

In the investigation of anonymous threatening emails with the sender “NSU 2.0”, a couple from Bavaria has been temporarily arrested. Officials of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office and the Bavarian police last Friday searched their apartment in Landshut and secured data carriers, the Frankfurt am Main public prosecutor said. The two people were subsequently released – the conditions for an arrest warrant were not met. The evaluation of the seized data carriers and the further investigations continued.

The accused were a 63-year-old former Bavarian police officer who had appeared in the past because of right-wing motivated crimes and his 55-year-old wife. The two are suspected of having sent several emails with insulting, hateful and threatening content to members of the Bundestag and various other addressees. They are being investigated on suspicion of threats, sedition, anti-constitutional abuse of constitutional organs and insults.

As the Hesse CDU Interior Minister Peter Beuth announced last week in a special meeting of the Interior Committee, a total of 69 threatening letters have been sent with the sender “NSU 2.0”. They almost always came from the same sender address. They were aimed at 27 people in eight federal states. In three areas, data about the women later threatened were called up via police computers.

The series started in August 2018, when a fax reached Seda Başay-Yıldız’s office. It contained insults and – alluding to the case of an Islamist perpetrator whom the Frankfurt lawyer had defended – a frighteningly concrete threat: “We will slaughter your daughter in retaliation for a € 10,000 fine.” This was followed by the first name of the then two-year-old and the correct address of the lawyer. The sender was: “NSU 2.0”. Başay-Yıldız has received more than a dozen similar threatening letters since then.

Again and again: “NSU 2.0”

But she wasn’t the only one. On February 15, 2020, Janine Wissler received the first of several emails in which the left-wing parliamentary leader in the Hessian state parliament was threatened with a “day X” on which the police would no longer be able to protect her. The formula “NSU 2.0” appeared again.

Already in March 2019, the Berlin cabaret artist İdil Baydar received threats that she would be “shot”. She received even more such hate letters by text message when it was announced that she would deliver a speech in November 2019 in Frankfurt to commemorate the Mölln racist arson attack in which three people were murdered in 1992. The author of these threats did not call himself “NSU 2.0”, but “SS Obersturmbannführer”.


Expert on hatred of women and racism: “Feminism as an enemy image”

Women in particular have received extreme right-wing threats signed with NSU 2.0 in the past few weeks. This is no coincidence, says Eike Sanders.

Are threatened by right-wing extremists: Janine Wissler, Martina Renner and İdil Baydar (from left to right) Photo: dpa / Murat Tueremis / Lia Darjes

taz: Ms. Sanders, recently several women like Seda Başay-Yıldız, left-wing politicians Janine Wissler and Martina Renner, or comedian İdil Baydar received threatening letters that were signed with NSU 2.0. What unites these addressees?

Eike Sanders: They are addressed because they are women. They are addressed as women. They are women who take on roles that the patriarchal and racist system does not allow them, they are perceived as a particular threat to white Germany. Women like this can open up society. And they already embody this social opening.

How would you describe the relationship between anti-feminism and right-wing extremism?

A right-wing worldview includes a binary gender order, the hierarchization of men and women, classic role assignments. The extreme right rejects border blurring. This means that ambiguities such as diversity or flowing categories are also rejected when it comes to gender. Feminism questions binary orders, and (queer) feminism has achieved a lot that breaks with classic role attributions. Feminism is thus emptied as a concept of container and converted into an enemy image.

Can you explain that?

Feminism is inflated into a threat and charged with a conspiracy ideology: It is said that women are at the levers of society and take away their rights from men, or that we live in a matriarchy. Feminism is thus credited with more power than it actually has. In addition, right-wing extremism and anti-feminism have similar functions: the connection between megalomania and delusion of persecution with the idea of ​​male self-sacrifice.

So do the right-wing attacks by Halle and Hanau, those by Christchurch, Toronto and Utøya, but also extreme-right threatening letters in anti-feminism have a common ideological core?

They have a lot of common nuclei, but yes, anti-feminism is one of them. The perpetrator from Halle said: Feminism is to blame for a low birth rate in the West, which leads to mass immigration, and the root of all problems is the Jew. If we look at right-wing terrorist acts of the past decade and read the manifestos, we find this constellation with different weightings. Anti-feminism, anti-Semitism and racism function differently in terms of the associated exclusion, attributions and the will to destroy. But these three components play together in the world declaration model of the right, mutually dependent and reinforcing each other. Although anti-feminism has always played a role, the consideration of anti-feminism in right-wing extremism has remained a blank.

is an employee of the Antifascist Press Archive and Education Center e. V. (apabiz) and part of the authors’ collective Fe.In, which published the book “Women * rights and women * hate: anti-feminism and the ethnicization of violence” in 2019.

What do you mean?

The 1500-page manifesto of Breivik, the assassin of Oslo and Utøya, was rated as anti-Muslim and racist, for example. That is true, but there is already something on the first page about feminism, more than 100 pages deal explicitly with feminism and propagate a restoration of patriarchy. Although there are few terrorist acts that are explicitly directed against women, right-wing terrorists often choose enemy groups based on gender or sexual orientation.

For example?

In 1999, David Copeland also attacked a gay bar in his London bombings. Or the Montreal assassination attempt in 1989, one of the few that explicitly targeted feminists. Even then, it was necessary to wrestle for 30 years before this attack on a plaque was described as anti-feminist. It is a struggle to perceive oppression.

How sensible is it to separate extreme right-wing and anti-feminist violence?

The NSU 2.0 e-mails are probably classified as right-wing deeds in statistical crime registration, but not as violence against women. That would be another statistic. So far, these statistics have not been linked. Just as a right-wing offender who threatens his partner does not appear in the statistics on rights but in violence against women, the mails from NSU 2.0 will not be visible in the statistics on violence against women.

What are the consequences?

When I look at historical and current neo-Nazi pamphlets or hate letters and emails like NSU 2.0, sexualizing components are usually visible as soon as it comes to women or LGBTI. Nevertheless, this gender component usually disappears, the act is simply considered violence against political opponents.

Why is this connection important?

“Right-wing assassins often have a history of perpetrating domestic or sexual violence”

US studies show that the perpetrators of the two categories often overlap. Right-wing assassins, but also or gunmen or terrorists, who are attributed to political Islamism, often have a history as perpetrators of domestic or sexualized violence. This means that they were known to the police in connection with these acts, but their political background was not questioned because they are classified as private. It can be assumed that past anti-feminist acts are not in the public consciousness at all, because we have not yet followed this connection sufficiently analytically.

That right-wing extremist networks are anti-feminist is not new. Are we still dealing with a new quality of anti-feminism in NSU 2.0?

At least the NSU 2.0 is playing at a very dangerous level. The threat comes from the police, an armed institution that has power. And although anti-feminism is not new to extreme right-wing ideologies, something has happened: anti-feminism has become a more offensive policy area. In the past, gender was at most the subject when right-wing groups said: Nationalism is also a woman’s affair. Today we find the topic of gender as an enemy in the entire right wing and in some cases also in the conservative spectrum. It is used to make politics. This became apparent in the protests against curricula in Baden-Württemberg, in which sexual diversity was to be addressed.

Why is there so little discussion in society about the anti-feminist dimension of right-wing extremism?

Antifeminism is based on a patriarchal society in which, for example, the systematic dimensions of violence against women are privatized. For example, it is not spoken of feminicides, but of jealousy dramas. This obscures the everyday broad base and shows how dangerous anti-feminism is.

So antifeminism also has a broad basis beyond right-wing extremists?

Antifeminism is not just an Incels phenomenon (Involuntary Celibate, involuntary celibacy, refers to heterosexual men who have involuntarily no sexual relationships, Anm. d. Red.). If we look at manifestos or threatening emails, we see that they are mostly very right-wing male perpetrators. These have a picture of a supposedly disturbed patriarchal order. And society tells them they’re somehow right. If right-wing men derive the motivation to act from this world view, they feel called in their masculinity as warriors and heroes to restore a supposedly natural state. After all, ideas of feminism and gender as fine images do not come from the extreme right. They come from conservative circles.

The enemy image of gender, as we know it today, had its most important step in the public eye in 2006 through a text on “Gender Mainstreaming” by Volker Zastrow in the DOES made. If we become aware that perpetrators don’t take these ideas out of their own heads, but take them out of society and exaggerate them, it becomes clear that anti-feminist discourses can lead to action. They enable perpetrators to do their deed to enforce an imagined popular will.


Interior Committee on NSU 2.0 threatening letters: no trace of the data retrievers

69 threats related to “NSU 2.0” had been sent, said the Interior Minister of Hesse. The investigation is making little progress.

Under pressure: Hesse’s interior minister Peter Beuth (CDU) before the meeting of the interior committee Photo: dpa Pool / Arne Dedert

WIESBADEN taz | Under the sender “NSU 2.0”, significantly more hate emails and death threats have been sent than previously known. A total of 69 threatening letters had been received by public figures, institutions and the media by July 19 this year; this number was given by the Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth, CDU, at the special meeting of the Interior Committee of the Wiesbaden State Parliament; the sender was always the same.

Beuth confirmed that in 3 cases previously personal data of those threatened by email or fax had been retrieved from computers of the Hessian police. He was therefore “concerned and angry,” said the minister. The police and public prosecutor pressed ahead with the investigation.

However, there is apparently only a concrete suspicion against two now suspended police officers from the 1st Frankfurt police station in the case of the death threat against the lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız. In the course of this investigation, the police came across a right-wing extremist chat group in the police in summer 2018. The situation is different in the case of threatening e-mails against left-wing politician Janine Wissler and cabaret artist İdil Baydar, before which there were data calls from computers in the 3rd and 4th police stations in Wiesbaden. The officials who were logged in at the time of the data query are only listed as witnesses by the public prosecutor.

The minister had to put up with critical questions from the opposition, especially regarding the timing and his own information policy. Cabaret artist İdil Baydar received the first threatening emails in July 2019. The Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office had been aware of data retrieval from a computer in the 4th Wiesbaden police station since October 2019 – but officers from this area were only heard as witnesses six months later. Unlike in the Yıldız case, data carriers or cell phones were neither seized nor searched.

“Top priority”

At the police station, it was common for an official to log on to the computer, but other colleagues also have access to it, said a public prosecutor’s representative. Therefore there is no initial suspicion against a specific person.

The left-wing politician Janine Wissler received threatening emails from “NSU 2.0” for the first time on February 15, 2020. Ten days later it was clear to the police that there had been illegal data retrieval in the 3rd Wiesbaden district. However, the first hearing of the witnesses did not take place until June 22, because of the corona pandemic, the prosecutor said.

The authority objected to the accusation of not being decisive enough. The head of the public prosecutor’s office, Albrecht Schreiber, assured that the investigation into the threat emails and the right chat networks would be carried out with the highest priority. Unfortunately, it was neither possible to clarify the sender of the threatening emails nor the background of the data queries from police computers, because the perpetrators used the anonymity of the Internet. After all, none of the proceedings had been stopped. Interior Minister Beuth promised to reform access rights to police computers.

SPD parliamentary group leader Nancy Faeser called the crisis management of the minister “underground”. He has always “proactively not informed” MPs and the media. Left-wing MP Hermann Schaus did not get an answer to the question why Beuth had apparently not asked for himself given the parallels to the Yıldız case.


SPD politicians on dealing with NSU 2.0: “The Greens nod everything”

Günter Rudolph criticizes Hessen’s interior minister for dealing with extreme right-wing threatening emails. The Greens are also jointly responsible.

About Peter Beuth and the Hessian police: Not much is added to this from the Greens Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa

taz: Mr. Rudolph, two years ago there was the first NSU 2.0 threatening letter to Frankfurt lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız. There are now further threatening emails, among others to Janine Wissler and the cabaret artist Idil Baydar. Why is it still unclear who did this?

Günter Rudolph: This has been the central question for almost two years. There is no conclusive explanation of why the police and prosecutors are unable to pin down the perpetrator.

Who is to blame?

The Interior Minister is politically responsible. Mr. Beuth has been reducing the risk from the right for years and has rejected the assumption that there may be right-wing extremist cells or even networks in the Hessian police. So far, these were all isolated cases that had nothing to do with each other.

Is there a right network in the Hessian police?

It can no longer be ruled out that there are right-wing extremists in the ranks of the police who are networked with one another. Because there is a temporal connection between certain data queries in the police information system and the appearance of threatening letters. Clarifying this is the task of the Interior Minister. This failed Mr. Beuth. Instead, we are witnessing a public struggle between the Minister and his State Criminal Police Office and his Chief of Police. Beuth fired him because he supposedly didn’t inform him. That doesn’t seem very credible to me. In any case, the result is chaos in the police leadership.

Beuth has now appointed a special investigator. Is that enough?

No. The special investigator comes from the police hierarchy. It would have made more sense to name a person outside the Hessian police. In addition, the prosecutor has emphasized that it will continue to investigate. So it is unclear what competencies the special investigator has at all. The SPD has long called for an independent police officer, a kind of contact point for whistleblowers. The Hessian police need a new leadership culture in which officials are encouraged not to look away.

The SPD deputy is chairman of the NSU investigation committee in the Hessian state parliament.

How do the Hessian Greens behave?

They are silent. And if they do say something, then hardly anything critical. The latest idea from Mr. Beuth is to transfer the management of the LKA to a political official who the minister can recall at any time. The LKA should be put on a leash politically. You don’t hear a critical word about this from the Greens either. The Greens nod everything that comes from Beuth. You are therefore also liable for its errors.

The green parliamentary group leader Matthias Wagner, however, called for structural changes a few days ago …

… but wants a “fresh start” with Mr. Beuth. He didn’t say how to do that. Beuth is responsible for ensuring that nothing has happened for two years.

What do you expect from the special meeting of the interior committee on Tuesday?

The SPD and left faction have submitted 37 detailed questions about the threatening letter affair. If Minister Beuth insists again that he is unfortunately not allowed to say anything so as not to jeopardize the success of the public prosecutor’s investigation, we will not be offered that. We finally need results. Right-wing extremists continue to threaten innocent people. If Beuth is unable to find the originator of these threatening letters, then he is the wrong person on the job. Then he has to resign.


Drohmail: Onay sees Attorney General asked NDR.de – News – Lower Saxony

As at: 07/23/2020 9:46 p.m. – Hello Lower Saxony

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Is threatened by “NSU 2.0”: Hanover’s Mayor Belit Onay. (Archive picture)

Hanover’s Mayor Belit Onay (Greens) has spoken out in favor of intervention by the Attorney General in connection with the threats sent to him and other Green politicians. In the NDR regional television magazine Hallo Niedersachsen, Onay said on Wednesday: “I was amazed that the Attorney General did not want to pull this investigation into his own.” He would urge the authorities to rethink this, Onay said. He had previously said in an interview with NDR Lower Saxony that the emails contained threats of a very special quality. Onay says he has received threats since taking office as OB in November 2019.

The State Criminal Police Office determined

Just a few days ago, the politician – like Filiz Polat, Lower Saxony member of the Greens’ parliamentary group, and her group colleagues Anton Hofreiter and Renate Künast – had received threatening emails from the sender “NSU 2.0”. The mail ends with “Heil Hitler” and threatens his life and that of his family in Onay’s case. He takes it very seriously. But: “I don’t want to be intimidated,” he says. He is in close contact with the police. The State Criminal Police Office is conducting the investigation in Lower Saxony.

Hanover’s OB Belit Onay receives threatening mail

Hello Lower Saxony

Hanover’s OB Belit Onay received a threatening email with the sender “NSU 2.0”. In the interview, the Green politician explains that he does not want to be intimidated. The State Criminal Police Office determined.

Threats will not change Onay’s policies

“In my case, but also in many others, I expect the security authorities to handle it very sensitively,” continued Hanover’s OB. Onay hopes that the investigation will be successful so that it becomes clear “that such letters, such threats are not without consequences”. At first you are touched and touched, but he doesn’t want to let the threats come to you. “It will not change my political actions,” says Onay, who is happy about the solidarity that he and other local politicians are experiencing.



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07/23/2020 2:00 p.m.

NDR Info

Hanover’s green mayor Belit Onay received a threatening email from suspected right-wing extremists. It is signed with “NSU 2.0” and ends with the words “Heil Hitler”. Video (01:28 min)

SPD: “Radical networks smashed”

Johanne Modder, SPD parliamentary group leader in the Lower Saxony state parliament, strongly condemned the threatening letters: “It is vital to act against those intimidation attempts.” Democracy must not be shaken by hatred, agitation and violence, Modder continues. It should not be accepted “that politically active people in our country, whether volunteer or full-time, get caught up in the crosshairs of democratic enemies for their attitudes and their commitment. How quickly words can ultimately turn into cruel deeds has been painful for us in recent years Experienced.” The originators would have to be identified and radical networks broken up, says Modder.

AfD: “Strictly condemned to death threats”

Dana Guth, leader of the AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament, says: “The AfD positions itself clearly and unambiguously. The death threats sent by the self-proclaimed ‘NSU 2.0’ are unacceptable and must be strictly condemned by all Democrats.” Criminal prosecution is essential and must help to “consistently end this and any other extremist threat – whether motivated by right or left or religiously motivated,” Guth continued.



Among the right-wing extremist threats against public figures is “NSU 2.0”. The name appeared in 2018 in death threats against a lawyer. (20.07.2020) external

At least 69 letters to public persons

For weeks Extreme right-wing death threats against people from politics and culture are piling up by email and in letters signed with “NSU 2.0”. The Hessian State Criminal Police Office knows a total of 69 of these, which have already investigated these cases. The authors of the letters are so far unknown. In three cases in Hesse, the threatening letters are said to have been preceded by unresolved internal queries on police computers, in which personal data of the victims were investigated.

Onay: “Enemy of democracy is on the right”

Onay is sometimes horrified at what is happening in Hesse and hopes that the authorities will be able to clarify this as soon as possible. “At the same time, I hope that the Federal Minister of the Interior will have a clear focus on the right-wing scene in Germany. The enemy of democracy is on the right. That has to be completely clear.”

Relation to right-wing extremist terrorist group

The terrorists Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, who murdered ten people between 2000 and 2007, described themselves as NSU, short for National Socialist underground, among others in Hamburg and Rostock. Her victims were eight Turkish and one Greek-born small business owner, as well as a police officer. Her accomplice Beate Zschäpe was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2018.

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