Jesus is more famous than me

The US President says he considers Jesus Christ to be the most famous person in the world. He himself is not even close, he said at a campaign appearance in religious North Carolina.

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US President Donald Trump does not consider himself, but Jesus Christ to be the most famous person in the world. Trump said on Thursday (local time) at an election rally in Greenville, North Carolina: “The other day someone said to me, you are by far the most famous person in the world. I said no, I am not.”

The person in question then asked him who was more famous than him. “I said: Jesus Christ.” The US president added with a laugh: “I’m not taking any chances.” With a look up at the sky, he said, amid the laughter of his followers, “And let me look up and say it’s not even close.”

North Carolina belongs to the so-called Bible Belt, a region in which a particularly large number of strictly religious people live. The majority of the population is Protestant.


Donald Trump versus Joe Biden – who is right now?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting for the US presidency. According to polls, Biden is ahead, but Trump can catch up in key swing states. The race is close. The current forecasts.

US President Donald Trump and his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, compete at the US election on November 3rd about the presidency. The race is close – a lot will depend on which candidate can win in the major swing states. Florida is currently in the focus, Biden’s lead in the US state has shrunk to 1.2 percentage points. Biden has also lost his lead in New Hampshire.

The election campaign is taking place in a time of crisis, the corona pandemic has hit the United States hard and since the spring there have been mass protests against racism and police violence in the country after the death of the African-American George Floyd.

Up until the summer, Trump’s crisis management meant that he was well behind the Democrat Biden in national polls and was only able to catch up slowly by the fall. Nationwide, Biden’s average lead in the surveys is over 7.6 percent. (As of September 14, 1 p.m.)

Who is really ahead?

The problem: Nationwide polls in the US provide little information about who will ultimately be allowed to move into the White House. In the 2016 US election, Democrat Hillary Clinton came in with 48.2 percent of the vote, ahead of Republican Trump with 46.1 percent. The end is known, Trump became US President anyway.

This is primarily due to the US electoral system. The president is not elected directly by the people, but by 538 electoral men and women. Each state has a certain number of them according to population size. The candidate with the most votes in the state basically registers all of the state’s electorate for himself. Exception: In Maine and Nebraska, the votes of the electorate are divided according to majorities in the constituencies. The overall winner of the state receives two more votes.

Therefore, predictions about the US election are comparatively difficult. But with a look at opinion polls in the various US states, one can estimate how close the race really is.

Current forecasts: According to the average calculations of “270toWin”, a non-partisan political side, Biden is clearly in the lead after electors. The race has not yet been decided.

What is the situation like in the swing states?

Biden’s lead over Trump is not as great as it might seem. US presidential elections are often decided in a few “swing states” – those are US states in which in the past there was often a changing Democratic or Republican majority. In some of them the race is close and there are many electors.

The US presidential elections were often decided in Ohio, Michigan and Florida. In these US states the race is tight, including the race Biden against Trump. Most recently, Biden lost his lead in the polls almost entirely in Florida and North Carolina, with a total of 44 electoral men and women in the two US states alone.

Current forecast: In the 2020 US election, it is particularly surprising that the polls in Texas predict a relatively tight result. If Trump loses in the home country of the Republicans (38 electoral men and women), he will probably also lose the election. For Biden, a victory in Florida (29 electors) would be a big step towards the presidency. Here Trump was able to prevail against Clinton in 2016 (1.6 percent).

Democrats or Republicans – who will get a majority in Senate and Congress?

In November, not only the US president will be elected, but also the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In the House of Representatives, according to current calculations by “270toWin”, it looks like the Democrats could defend or even expand their majority. The 435 members of the House of Representatives each represent one constituency and are directly elected every two years. The survey shown reflects the trends in the electoral districts. Even if the Democrats lost all races that are currently considered “close”, they should still retain a majority.

The battle for a majority in the Senate looks tighter, and it is still completely unclear which party will be able to achieve a majority here after the November election. About a third of the Senate is re-elected every two years. This third is highlighted in the graphic.

The Senate consists of 100 senators. Each state has two seats. In the states that have to award a mandate, it is decided by majority vote. The survey values ​​shown reflect the trends in the states.

Current forecast: The polls currently see the Democrats at an advantage. If this is confirmed, the party could win majorities in Congress and Senate in addition to the US presidency. That would give them plenty of room to maneuver over the next two years and would be a heavy defeat for Trump and the Republicans.


Couple who fought COVID-19 for 30 days, die holding hands 4 minutes apart | News from El Salvador

Shane Peoples, the couple’s son, told WBTV that they spent their entire lives holding hands and that when the final moment was at the door medical staff did what they could to bring them together in the same intensive care room.

Johnny Lee Peoples, 67, and his wife Cathy Darlene, 65, died on September 2 after contracting the COVID-19. The 48-year-old married couple were residents of North Carolina, United States, and parents of three children.

The spouses spent 30 days admitted to the Novant Health Rowan Regional Medical Center, in Salisbur, where they finally lost the battle against this disease that has already claimed the lives of more than 911,000 people in the world.

They died holding hands, four minutes apart. One of his sons, Shane Peoples, told WBTV that in the last week they were both taken to an intensive care room where they were reunited. The disease caused serious damage to their health, but they were able to say goodbye and hold hands until the last moment together, just as they lived during the 50 years they shared.

Do you suffer from headaches? Three symptoms indicate the invasion of COVID-19 into the brain

Peoples added that the first to show symptoms of COVID-19 was his mother (high fever and loss of taste) and two days later his father. Two weeks later they were both taken to the ICU.


In the interview, he adds that the medical staff did what they could to reunite them when the end was inevitable. “The next day they were put in the same room, in the same ICU room, they put their hands together, the nurses got together and it was like four minutes apart,” he said.

Johnny was a sergeant in the United States Army and worked for the North Carolina Department of Corrections, while Cathy served in preschool child care, as well as a teaching assistant at Salisbury Academy and a laboratory technician at LabCorp.

They both enjoyed long days fishing and while her husband is passionate about youth sports training and music, she also enjoyed crafts, music, and playing cards.

“Mom and Dad’s lives were stolen by a virus that many joke about on a daily basis or simply believe is a joke of some kind. They both took this pandemic seriously and still got sick, they still died, “Peoples said in a moving message on Facebook where he called on people to follow safety measures, wear a mask and maintain social distancing.


North Carolina man who won lottery prize charged with murder

Read this article in English in the Miami Herald.

Three years ago, Michael Todd Hill’s life changed when he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket that won $ 10 million. Now, the North Carolina man faces a murder charge, multiple media outlets reported.

Hill, a Brunswick County resident, who worked at a nuclear power plant, played the Extreme Millions game in 2017 and won it big.

“I have a strategy when it comes to a scratch off,” Hill said in a statement from the NC Education Lottery. “I start at the corners. When I got to the dollar symbol, I knew I had won. I saw the one and the zero, but it still didn’t impact me, but then I saw the ‘M’. My heart started beating fast and I was out of breath. ”

Hill walked into the store that sold him the ticket, called his wife, and told her to pack the bags, “because we just made $ 10 million!” He said.

“This changes anyone’s life,” Hill said. “Oh my God!”. Hill preferred to receive a single payment and returned to the home with more than $ 4 million, according to a lottery statement at the time.

Now Hill, 52, is accused of killing Keonna Graham after the girl’s body was found in a Sure Stay hotel room in Shallotte, Shallotte police said.

A cleaning lady found Graham shortly after 11 am Monday. “There was blood in the room” and the woman was not moving, WECT reported. Hill had checked into the hotel alone, and no one saw Graham enter.

“It’s a horrible thing,” Tiffany Wilson, Graham’s friend, told WECT. “I mean, he had won the lottery. He had just married and then he kills a girl. A pretty young woman? I do not understand anything”.

According to police, Graham, 23, had an unstable relationship with Hill, Star-News reported.

Hill was arrested Tuesday, and is being held at the Brunswick County Detention Center without bond, police said.

Translation by Jorge Posada

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Republicans cancel party convention in Florida because of Corona

Trump cancels Republican convention in Florida

Washington In view of the increase in new corona infections in the US state of Florida, the Republicans are canceling their party conference planned there for the end of August. People’s health comes first, said President Donald Trump on Thursday in the White House. “There is nothing more important in our country than the safety of our people,” said Trump. “This is not the time for a big meeting,” he said.

The formal nomination of Trump as a candidate for the presidential election on November 3rd is to take place on a smaller scale in Charlotte, North Carolina. The US president then wants to give his speech in an alternative form, as he announced.

The cancellation of the major event planned in Florida represented a U-turn for Trump. It was only in June that he announced the relocation of the party convention originally planned in Charlotte with around 19,000 delegates. Because of the corona pandemic, Governor Roy Cooper said that such a major event would only be possible under conditions such as wearing masks and fewer participants.

“We had a huge thing planned,” said Trump on Thursday. He does not want to find himself in the situation in which he is accused of doing something unsafe. Rather, he wants to be a “role model”.

Critics accuse the president of the opposite. Early on in the pandemic, Trump urged the economy to reopen and a rapid return to normal operations. In June he held an election campaign event in front of several thousand supporters in a closed hall after a break of several months against the advice of experts.

Trump should continue to speak to delegates

The party leader of the Republicans, Ronna McDaniel, had said on Monday that the president would address delegates at the party conference. It is possible to reconcile health and the reopening of the economy – and that will be proven at the party congress.

However, the corona situation in Florida has worsened significantly since mid-June. In the state with a good 21 million inhabitants there are now around 400,000 known infections with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. Jacksonville is one of the hardest hit areas.

In the USA, each of the 50 states decides separately which corona requirements apply at what time and when it is time to relax. However, fully attended major events have so far been taboo almost everywhere.

The Democrats will also hold their party conference planned for August to nominate their presidential candidate mostly virtually. Ex-Vice President Joe Biden should accept the nomination as a candidate at the original venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it said. However, the delegates should not come because of the corona pandemic.

The USA passed another dramatic milestone in the corona pandemic. In the meantime, more than four million infections with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen have been detected in the country with around 330 million inhabitants. More than 144,000 people died after an infection, according to data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on Thursday. In no other country in the world are so many infections known.

The US health authority CDC assumes that there is a high number of unreported infections in many regions of the country. More than 15 million corona infections have been recorded worldwide. Around 626,000 people died in connection with Covid-19.

In the United States, the pandemic has recently worsened dramatically. The authorities reported between 60,000 and 77,000 new infections per day in the past two weeks. More than 1,000 deaths were recorded within 24 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

More: “It gets worse before it gets better” – Trump strikes a more pessimistic tone in the corona crisis


Donald Trump and the pure event in Tulsa: A week to Forget

Donald Trump seeks the liberation, however, its mass event in Oklahoma, will become a non-starter – and the Symbol: The President does not find a way out of the Defensive.

Donald Trump is, as once as a Reality TV Star now as a President, obsessed with appearance, and its medial effect – and according to these standards, be a big staged campaign reboot was on Saturday night a complete failure.

After weeks on the Defensive Trump wanted the visual evidence That he can fill the halls as ever, that his people love him, in spite of the Corona and falling poll numbers. For this, he was also willing to put in a mass event, the health of his followers on the game.

Trump and his Team screwed the expectations of even in the height: A Million reservations have given it to. But you have overbid. The images that dominate the appearance in the ultra-conservative Oklahoma, are all those thousands of empty seats in the hall, which holds 19,000 people. A second speech wanted to be outside, where Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence prior to the excess audience talk: Cancelled for lack of audience.

First Rally since 110 days

Saturday night in Tulsa was, for Trump, therefore, to the low point of a week to Forget. His first campaign rally since 110 days not only provided the desired appearance, it is now rather a Symbol of the difficult situation: The US President takes place four and a half months before the election, no way out of the Defensive.

The week brought several new surveys – even his in-house channel Fox News – which showed that the residue on the Challenger, Joe Biden, will only continue to rise. There are two judgments of the Supreme Court, which made it clear that the conservative majority on the Supreme court, which has led Trump self-induced, follows him blindly followed. From the Public Outcry over the dismissal of a Prosecutor in New York, which was completed on late Friday evening, the President also surprised.

And then the controversy surrounding the revelation was the book of his former National security adviser, John Bolton. A judge decreed that the work, despite the threats of Trumps and the suits of the U.S. Department of justice may be published as scheduled next Tuesday.

Strange priorities for the corona crisis

The contents are already known: Boltons pierced story that Trump wooed China’s President, Xi Jinping, and it did, to him by means of soy, and purchases of Wheat from the Middle West to help the re-election, will henceforth be part of the considerations of the Trump presidency.

What is the place of the Rally of Saturday in these narratives, is still open. It all depends on what are the health consequences of a mass event without the clearance rules in the coming weeks.

Blank ranks in Tulsa: The Rally has not delivered the desired look. (Source: Ian Maule/Tulsa World/AP/dpa)

The substance of Trump’s continued focus that did not fit to the triple crisis in the country, with the Corona, mass unemployment and persistent racism protests. The case of George Floyd himself, he said nothing, as he was silent to the 120,000 Corona dead in the country. On the contrary, Trump once again showed that he will have to pay the case, especially as a political burden feels, and said that he had told his people that they should slow down the Test Covid-19 please be nice””.

Frenetic applause for drinking water

A joke, it was called later, from the election campaign team – however, for many Americans, the Corona is likely to be location with the new increase in cases in many Parts of the country for a bit to seriously.

Are you interested in US policy? Our Washington correspondent Fabian Reinbold writes about his work in the White house, and his impressions of the United States under Donald Trump a Newsletter. Here you can subscribe to the “Post-Washington” free of charge, the lands then once per week directly in your mailbox.

Obsessed with Trump of his public perception is illustrated by this Episode: A quarter of an hour of his speaking time for the President to ensure that took advantage of his appearance a week ago at the West Point military Academy to count. The pictures, like he was rode a flat ramp in the floor of the step down and to hold on as he had problems with a glass of Water, went around the world.

Trump told the now in epic scale, from his point of view (“the blazing sun”, “slippery Shoe soles”, “in the end I ran”). As him on stage in Tulsa, the art piece was able to carry a glass of Water with one Hand to his mouth, he earned thunderous applause.

Tricked by teenagers?

Who was to be cheered Trump, as in the best of times. However, for the calculus of the President, there were simply too few.

It is still unclear what it was exactly. Some Fans were probably more out there, because they did not want to expose themselves to the danger of The Situation, spending hours in a hall with no gap, but with a loud roar, endure, is regarded as a horror scenario of health experts.

In addition, there are reports, according to which the predominantly young users of the Internet platform Tiktok agreed community block addresses Tickets and then expire. So you wanted the calculations of the campaign to cross.

In any case, Trump and his campaign Manager Brad Parscale are now disgraced. They had announced further events for the coming weeks – in States such as Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Texas, in which the Corona situation is made worse. According to the pure case of Oklahoma, you should reconsider your plans.


Without flex – Culture / Next

“Sya their names” : say their names, don’t let them sink into oblivion, become the small, simple music signs of abuse or struggles against these deniers. Remember as well what singularities of human were destroyed by the culture violent and racist that fills these days the streets of outrage. Say their names, the chorus of protests triggered in the United States and beyond by the death of George Floyd in the hands of the police is to for visual this slogan implied : show their faces. More than any other of the victims of african-american discrimination and the brutality of policing in recent decades, the portrait of George Floyd is held aloft by protesters, disseminated on social networks, or reproduced, as in this photograph published in Libe Friday, on the walls of memorials, icon of mourning and pain, but also for invocation of the particular experience of the world that was broken, a man of 46 years old, born in North Carolina, raised in Texas, the father of five children, was unemployed due to the context of the epidemic, who found the death in Minneapolis, where this photo was taken.

The sophisticated composition of the image confronts the face of this martyr ordinary, and its status as a cursed shadow shaped another face that are seemingly young, and black, as was Floyd, which is likely to have led to his death. The photographer has also taken care to let in in the framework to initiate a device other than the own, which leaves, perhaps, guess yet others. He instructed as well something the media blaring of the current trend on social networks. Beyond the echoes hectic gatherings, images abound of groups and individuals taking the pose as a sign of rebellion or support, raised fist or knee to the ground, without that we can discern clearly now, if these gestures are there for those who look at them from the same tar, or if they did not conceive of as image conscious of themselves and of their becoming viral on Twitter or Instagram. The young woman who runs here for the objectives has chosen not to choose : she takes the poses – or should we say, mixes the poses. Several imaginaries and strategies of activists have come to forget their old differences in the convulsion syncretic of a new fact various scandalous and inspiring.

In the sixties and the vortex of the struggle for civil rights, the raised fist, a legacy of the early struggles, communists in the Germany of the 30s (and to respond to the outstretched arm of the first nazi groups), then passed by the parades of the popular Front in France and revived as a rallying sign by the Black Panthers in their productions of soldatesques strapped down, becomes iconic, thanks to the two athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Mexico olympics in 1968, on the podium at the time of the medal ceremony and the anthem, lifted the left fist gloved in black leather, heads lowered in a sign of outrage against racism and racial segregation – a gesture that is worth to be excluded from the olympics, which is, earlier, Martin Luther King who, in 1965, photographed on one knee in a posture of prayer and pacifist protest during a march for civil rights in Selma (Alabama). The football star Colin Kaepernick réactualisera this knee to the ground, head bowed, in the summer of 2016, explaining later : “I don’t want to get up to salute a flag that oppresses Black people and people of color.” This gesture, repeated on the occasion of several matches, will school and controversy, until it cost him his career.

The action of Kaepernick, now massively taken over by the activists of the black cause, was not immediately found its shape. In the first games, the player was content to remain seated while the whole stadium stood at the sound of the national anthem, and it took several weeks before, his teammates, the media, and soon the entire country – a Donald Trump foamy head – not take note of his silent protest. In a forum that is exciting, published in the New York Times a year later, the united states football player Eric Reid recounts the journey of an intellectual and an activist, which led him to accompany the claim to his mate, and how it found this ambiguous form of a half-kneeling. To describe the moment of crystallization of his awareness of a disaster that is impossible to be silent any longer, he has this formula : “I knew I needed to stand up for what is right” (“I realized that I had to fight for what was right”), striking by the polysemy of the verb “stand-up” – both “stand” and “fight”, “stand up”. Kneel for “stand-up” so, the strange figure as it compares to the symbolism of the flag to half-mast.

The videos are very impressive that have circulated these last few days, where we see squads of police officers, mostly white put collectively a knee to the ground, quickly surrounded by a swarm of protesters blacks adopting the same position of allegiance, mutual recognition or reciprocity of values, or gender, appear to be not only nourished by the memory of fighting racism of previous generations, but the setting of heroic réchappées as well from the manga, video game and a Games of Thrones that of the Marvel universe (the cut scene of the death of Iron Man in Endgame by example and became viral after it was revealed), and especially the postures of attacks of the Black Panther, regularly depicted ready to leap or landing a knee to the ground. The genuflection pious and the energy of a propulsion forces supra-human, are together in an amazing harmony of abandonment and pain of superpowers in anger multiplied, energizing the body, assembling them into balls of fire anti-fascist and anti-Trump.

Didier Péron


Julien Gester


Why there are so many Swiss people all over the world

Dhe Münsterland knows how to surprise. At Anholt, near the German-Dutch border, the landscape changes completely surprisingly: surprisingly, two mountain sticks pile up from a largely rock-free park landscape. Although significantly smaller, they resemble Rigi and Pilatus in the Confederation.

It is not a coincidence. The Anholter Switzerland landscape park, created in the 19th century, deliberately mimics a Swiss scenery. Around six kilometers of hiking trails lead through the approximately 50-hectare facility – and always in view: a waterfall and the two mountains, well, hills.

Rigi and Pilatus, built from limestone and lava rock, not with Swiss rock, but at least as close to nature as an Alpine massif – accessible to everyone. After the “climb”, the “Swiss little house” beckons with a stop. The dark wooden chalet, with a balcony and flowers in front of the parapet, is located on an island in the middle of an artificial lake, which – you guessed it – is modeled on Lake Lucerne.

German dream: The original replica chalet is in Anholter Switzerland, a Münsterland landscape park with piled-up “Alps”

Source: imago / alimdi

The landscape park was opened in 1892 and the chalet was built a little later. The decorative elements such as metal fittings, doors, window frames and wooden decorations are original of this; they come from a company in Interlaken. The house was to be owned by its owners, Prince zu Salm-Salm (1838-1908) and Eleonore. Princess of Croÿ (1855-1903), remember her honeymoon.

Almost every region in Germany has its Switzerland

Landscapes in Germany often have the addition of Switzerland because of a romantic transfiguration of the Alps, which became the preferred destination of wealthy travelers in the 19th century. It is still understandable that local low mountain landscapes were given alpine name additions such as Saxon Switzerland or Franconian Switzerland.

Franconian Switzerland (Bavaria): Next to the old half-timbered house in Tüchersfeld, a Jura rock rises up

Franconian Switzerland: Next to the old half-timbered house in Tüchersfeld, a Jura rock rises up

Credit: pa / imageBROKER / Ferdinand Hollweck

But Switzerland in the lowlands? Dithmarschen, East Frisia, the Münsterland – almost every German region, no matter how flat it is, has its Switzerland. And sometimes only because a local regent had sentimental tendencies.

Switzerland’s hype, which was rampant 150 years ago, was an international fad. So there are even ten hours flight from Germany, in the Central Asian Gorchi Tereldsch National Park, a Mongolian Switzerland. It is a beautiful, pleasant mountain landscape with spicy-scented mountain meadows full of colorful flowers, only that there are yurts in the mountains instead of chalets.

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Mountaineer Reinhold Messner is committed to saving the mountains

But most of the landscapes with the suffix Switzerland can be found in Germany: Above all, the Holstein, the Franconian, the Mecklenburg Switzerland. Gütersloh has its Switzerland as well as Dithmarschen on the North Sea (suitable for many cows) or the Ruhr area: Elfringhauser Switzerland stretches between Hattingen, Wuppertal and Velbert.

From Haiti to Namibia – many countries have Switzerland

For most German Swiss – there are more than 100 in total, if you count the unofficial ones to 130 – there is no need for mountains, just a pleasant landscape. The really beautiful, or a longing for it. A little Switzerland for a short break; a romantic transfiguration. Feelings that people on all continents have.

In the Gorchi Tereldsch National Park in Mongolia, yurts are used instead of chalets

In the Gorchi Tereldsch National Park in Mongolia, yurts are used instead of chalets

Credit: Getty Images / imageBROKER RF / imageBROKER / Herbert Berger

There is also a Switzerland in Namibia (at Keetmannshoop in the south of the country); in Mongolia, east of the capital Ulan Bator, the aforementioned Gorchi Tereldsch National Park, on Haiti, Martinique, in New Zealand and several in the USA, including Little Switzerland in North Carolina – the name alludes to the surrounding mountains reminiscent of Swiss summits.

Wild West with a Swiss touch: This place in North Carolina has been called Little Switzerland since 1910, alluding to the surrounding mountains

Wild West with a Swiss touch: This place in North Carolina has been called Little Switzerland since 1910, alluding to the surrounding mountains

Source: imago / ZUMA Press

Even in Switzerland, more precisely in Bern, people have been aware of the many foreign Swiss since the capital was given a sculpture by the Swiss artist George Steinmann 28 years ago: five rock groups rise up on a surface covered with white gravel. “Each person represents a continent,” says Steinmann. “Balance of things” is the name of the installation, which is reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden.

The sculpture embodies perfect harmony, because the distances between the stone groups and the area are laid out according to the rules of the golden ratio. George Steinmann: “The stones of the sculpture come from five continents and were taken from areas, valleys and places that bear the name of Switzerland.” In total, he laid 45 stones, six of them from Germany.

“I asked myself at the time, why do people call such areas after Switzerland, how did it come about? My impulse was to enter into a dialogue with these places and the people. The lawn banquet at the time here in the immediate center of Switzerland was ideal for such a sculpture. ”In the countries from which the artist sourced stones, he had yellow signs posted at the“ removal points ”with directions and distances to“ correct ”Switzerland .

32 countries took part in the art event in Bern

According to a survey by the Swiss Tourism Association, there are around 200 Swiss in the world. So Steinmann had to make a selection and also got advice from geologists. The sculpture towering next to the Swiss Federal Parliament is therefore a geological cross-section of the earth.

For example, tuff from Japan, sandstone from Saxon Switzerland, gneiss from Rantasipi Switzerland in Finland and greenish serpentinite from what is probably the most Swiss of all Swiss mountains, the Gotthard massif.

“At that time, employees of the respective Swiss embassy in the countries organized the stone handover and presented a serpentinite from the Swiss hospental as a gift. This exchange was a very important gesture of mindfulness, ”says George Steinmann.

The Swiss artist George Steinmann presented the city of Bern with the installation “Balance of Things”

Source: George Steinmann / © Pro Litteris

The non-Swiss Switzerland apparently liked the action. “From Valdez in Alaska, the entire population of the village sent a letter with greetings and wishes,” recalls the artist.

“And when I opened the box from the Switzerland of Himalchal Pradesch and wrapped the stone from India out of the purple cloth, it smelled of Indian spices. Which was also very nice – an indigenous tribe from Peru had a sacred stone brought to them. ”This is how his work actually brought Switzerland into a dialogue with the world, because at least 32 countries took part in the elaborate art campaign.

Schwyz is the root of Switzerland

George Steinmann still regularly visits his sculpture. “Here I quickly get into conversation with people. Once I met a representative of an American First Nation in full feather headache who was visiting a delegation from a non-governmental organization to the United Nations in Geneva. ”

The trail of the (Swiss) stones – it actually connects people. And – thanks to the strength of the material – for a long time. And if you don’t have one, you collect stones, like the prince from Anholt in the Münsterland.

The Swiss canton of Schwyz is characterized by an idyllic mountain landscape

The Swiss canton of Schwyz is characterized by an idyllic mountain landscape

Source: picture alliance / Blickwinkel / A

But if you want to experience the original, you have to go to Switzerland. In addition to Bern with the Swiss sculpture, a trip to the canton of Schwyz with the cantonal capital of the same name is also worthwhile.

Because the name “Switzerland” (and also the Swiss coat of arms) goes back to this idyllic mountain region; Schwyz is the root of Switzerland, the Swiss and all Swiss in this world.

Fascinating pictures of the Matterhorn

An amateur photographer from the United States has posted a time-lapse video that shows the beauty of the Swiss mountains. Ferrera spent eight days in the Matterhorn region.


US election 2020: Trump is doing so well in the key states

Et seems paradoxical: US President Donald Trump is threatened with impeachment proceedings – and yet he could be re-elected in almost exactly one year, on November 3, 2020. According to a recent poll of 3766 registered voters, that seems possible. The survey was carried out by the “New York Times” together with the Siena College in six particularly decisive states, so-called battleground states. And it doesn’t look so bad for Trump.

In all six surveyed states – Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – Trump won in 2016, if only barely. In the new survey, the president now scores differently against the three most promising candidates for the Democrats, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren: Trump is on par with Sanders, while Biden – Vice President under Barack Obama – is on average just two percentage points ahead of Trump and against Warren, Trump would even be two points ahead on average. The tight figures show how open-minded the race could be until election night – even if the Democrats see themselves on the right track.

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In the survey, the incumbent president is between 24 and 26 percentage points ahead of his three possible challengers, particularly less educated whites without a college degree from the six states.

Source: WORLD infographic

For whites with college degrees, Biden (10 points), Sanders (6) and Warren (7) are all ahead of Trump. With other population groups such as blacks or people with Hispanic background, Trump’s potential challengers are even more clearly ahead, with up to 74 percentage points.

Overall, however, the lead in all six states for all four candidates is extremely narrow. In some cases, they are even within the margin of error: According to the New York Times, this is 5.1 percentage points for the survey in Michigan and 4.4 points in all other states.

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The Democratic Presidential Democrats Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren (from left to right)

Biden is three points ahead in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two in Florida and five in Arizona. Trump is two points ahead of the 76-year-old in North Carolina, and there is a stalemate in Michigan.

There has Sanders like in Wisconsin, two points ahead, in Pennsylvania the 78-year-old is only one point ahead of Trump. But Trump is one point ahead of Sanders in Florida and Arizona, while the Republican is three points ahead of the Vermont Senator in North Carolina.

Worst of all Warren in the six surveyed states: only in Arizona is it two percentage points ahead of the president. In North Carolina (+3), Florida (+4) and Michigan (+6) he is ahead of the 70-year-old senator from Massachusetts. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the two are on par, according to the survey.

Source: WORLD infographic

How big the lead of the candidates is in the end in the individual states is not at all decisive in the election in November 2020. The US electoral system is based on the electoral principle: not whoever gets the most votes wins, but the candidate with the most voters. The following applies to the individual states: “the winner takes it all” – whoever wins a state with a majority of only one vote, unites all the electoral votes from it.

A total of 101 electors are to be called in the six surveyed states. Whoever wants to become President must have at least 270 of the 538 delegate votes. According to recent polls, it is believed that the Democrats have 183 and the Republicans 125 electoral votes from other states that are not Swing or Battleground States. For the rest of the electorate, the trend in the respective states for Democrats or Republicans is not yet clear enough.

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Greta Thunberg is at the climate demonstration "Fridays for Future" with her sign next to the German climate activist Luisa Neubauer

It remains to be seen which candidates voters in America will actually have to choose between next year. It is not only unclear among the Democrats who will actually be the candidate in the end – because Trump is still threatened with impeachment.

Trump is trying to fight it with his campaign motto “Keep America Great”. The 73-year-old described his 2016 slogan, “Make America Great Again”, as the best of all time – but the stated goal has largely been achieved. He treated his potential challengers with the usual abuse: Sanders is the “crazy Bernie” (“Crazy Bernie”), Biden the “sleepy Joe” (“Sleepy Joe”), Elizabeth Warren is for him “Pocahontas” – she once had it advertised to have Indian ancestors.

Democrats are collectively advocating impeachment proceedings against Trump

The Democratic applicants meanwhile plead in great unity for impeachment proceedings against Trump and repeatedly attack the president sharply. Biden and Sanders recently named Trump the “most corrupt president in the history of the country” in a recent TV debate. Warren complained that Trump repeatedly violated the law.

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Quite a few from the political center are working on the deconstruction of democracy and its organs, says Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP)

US Democrats in the House of Representatives are conducting investigations that could lead to impeachment proceedings against Trump. You accuse Trump of having abused his office – with the aim of a foreign government interfering in his favor in the election campaign. Trump had encouraged the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in a phone call to investigations that could harm Trump’s rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

He accuses Biden’s son Hunter of having improperly enriched himself on business in the Ukraine – through a high-paying position on the board of directors of an energy company. He again accuses Joe Biden of having used his position as US Vice President years ago to protect his son from criminal investigations in the Ukraine. Biden vehemently denies that.


Law in Tennessee allows psychologists to turn away gay patients

This project is not aimed directly at LGBT people, but according to associations it is they who suffer directly. They also strongly condemned it. But they are not the only ones. The American Counseling Association, a professional group of psychologists, likens the measure to an “unprecedented attack.” For them, this law “violates the group’s code of ethics, according to which mental health professionals cannot refuse to help a patient on the basis of ‘personal values, attitudes, beliefs or behavior'”. They add that this law “is rooted in a dangerous misconception that religion can be used as a pass to discriminate.”

The governor justified himself by saying that the law as voted by the Senate evokes “principles” and no longer “beliefs”. It is also enshrined in this bill that psychologists cannot refuse patients in imminent danger or those who could harm those around them.

Wave of anti-LGBT law in the United States