Canada: Pasta and cocktails are now allowed in Québec

Die Region Quebec

She is Canada’s largest province – and the most idiosyncratic. In Québec, only French is officially spoken, English is not even the official language, although of course everyone speaks it here. About 79 percent of the eight million inhabitants are native French speakers.

You have always gone your own way here, and the wish of many to break away from Canada is still present today, but it cannot be fulfilled. The new Canadian Constitution of 1982 has still not been ratified by Québec.

And after a narrowly failed independence referendum in 1995, in which 50.58 percent of the population rejected secession from Canada, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled three years later that a province could not unilaterally declare itself independent. After all, in 2006 Québec was recognized as a “nation within a united Canada” to calm the minds.

There are two national holidays in the province: the Fête du Canada on July 1st and the Fête Nationale on June 24th. The provincial flag adorns the French Lily, a lily made of three stylized leaves.

Source: WORLD infographic

This is all a win for visitors: you get French charm plus North American simplicity. Those who throw in a few French vocabulary are well received. With Hello, Things are going well or one Health makes Québecers happy. Or rather happy.

The language police reach thousands of complaints

Every year, angry citizens send 4,000 complaints to the Québec Language Bureau because they do not feel well informed in French.

In the office, linguists make sure that the Charter of the French Language of 1977 is respected: Everything is Frenchized, street signs (Stop instead of Stop) anyway, with multilingual menu cards, French should always be written in bold. After all: Pasta and Cocktail after much debate, for example, are now allowed without translation.

Canada: If you order a cocktail in Québec, you can't go wrong

If you order a cocktail in Québec, you can’t go wrong

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Like a city in France from the 17th century

Put on your hiking shoes and go: 135 hectares of old town, divided into the upper town on the rocky plateau and the lower town of Petit-Champlain. Upstairs, downstairs over cobblestones, through alleys and arches, past wall paintings that tell the story of the French in North America.

Vieux-Québec looks like a French town from the 17th century. Overly motivated, it was restored in the 1970s, British things were redeveloped. Still a UNESCO World Heritage Site – because of the historic city wall, it is the only one in North America that has been preserved.

The waterfall is more spectacular than the Niagara Falls

Not only is it 30 meters higher than the famous Niagara Falls, but, if you take a closer look, it is also more spectacular because it is less built up: The water of the Montmorency Falls near Quebec City falls over a rock 83 meters deep into the St. Lorenz current.

The cable car takes you up, then you walk on a suspension bridge directly over the waterfall. Sporty people take the panorama staircase carved into the rock, 487 steps. In winter the spray freezes at the foot of the waterfall sugar breadwhat looks like a giant sugar loaf.

Canada: The water of the Montmorency Falls near Québec City falls over a rock 83 meters deep into the Saint Lawrence River

The water of the Montmorency Falls plunges over a rock 83 meters deep into the Saint Lawrence River

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Artists make sculptures out of ice

February, when temperatures drop to minus 30 degrees, is the big time for Québec ice cream artists. They shape, saw and hammer filigree sculptures from blocks of ice: figures such as ice dancers and ice hockey players, airplanes, trucks and horse-drawn carriages – and again and again the Gallic rooster, the French rooster.

For example, at the “Saint-Côme en glace” ice cream festival in Lanaudière near Montreal and at the winter carnival in Québec City (February 5-14, 2021). Nice to melt away.

Canada: In Québec, artists use ice to create filigree sculptures like ice hockey players

In Québec, artists use ice to sculpt filigree sculptures like these ice hockey players

Quelle: Getty Images

Feed elk and deer from your car

Many Québec visitors do not fare much differently in nature than tourists in Sweden: They wonder where the moose are, a symbol of the Nordic wilderness? The animal can almost only be seen as a pictogram on street signs; it prefers to hide in the woods.

An alternative: the road trip through Parc Oméga – a twelve-kilometer drive-through wildlife park near Montebello, an hour and a half from Montreal. Elk and deer lurk along the way, having learned that carrots are handed to them from the car window. If you are concerned about your vehicle and your health: This tour is also available in a grille-protected VW Caddy.

Québec in Canada: In Parc Oméga, moose and deer can be fed by drivers

In Parc Oméga, moose and deer can be fed by drivers

Source: WORLD infographic

Maple toffee on a stick is a specialty

How about a maple toffee on a stick in winter? Maple syrup fans swear by in Quebec Maple Taffy. This sticky candy is made by simmering maple sap for a long time. The hot syrup is then poured onto a wooden stick laid out in the snow, where it curdles immediately.

If that’s too sweet for you, order Putin: crispy fries, sprinkled with cheese and soaked in gravy, often refined with a lobster topping: a hearty lumberjack mishmash. There is also the national drink of Québecers: Caribou, a kind of mulled wine, but it has it all – a mix of red wine, rye whiskey and of course a dash of maple syrup.

Canada: Maple syrup fans swear by Maple Taffy in Quebec

Sticky candy: Maple syrup fans swear by Maple Taffy in Quebec

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An environmental museum in the Montreal Biosphere

A round eye-catcher from afar, downright mystical at sunset. The Biosphère Montreal is in a park on the island of Sainte Hélène: a spherical dome with a grid of triangles. It has a diameter of 76 meters.

This imposing dome was originally built for Expo 67 and had an outer shell made of acrylic, which was destroyed by fire during renovation work. Now it is “open”.

It houses an environmental museum that has been dealing with climate change and sustainability since 1995. Tip: the panoramic view on the top platform inside the dome.

Canada: The Biosphère Montreal is located in a park on the island of Sainte Hélène

The Biosphère Montreal is located in a park on the island of Sainte Hélène

Quelle: Getty Images

The quote

“I’m from Québec, and every time I go to a country I say that. It’s my roots, my origins, and it’s the most important thing to me.”

Celine Dion, born in 1968, comes from Charlemagne near Montreal. She wrote music history with the “Titanic” title song “My Heart Will Go On”. She makes it clear again and again that she still doesn’t feel like an English-speaking singer. She once turned down the award for best English-speaking artist on the grounds that she was and will always be a French-speaking singer.

Today she commutes between Paris and Las Vegas, she sold her castle on a private island near Montreal for 25.5 million US dollars after her husband’s cancer death.

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When a whale takes a joke

A whale terrified the crowd in Quebec, Canada. At first he doesn’t show himself, then suddenly he appears in front of the rubber dinghy with his mouth wide open.

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Welt am Sonntag from September 27, 2020

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris traveled with people diagnosed with covid-19 | USA

Democratic Party White House candidate Joe Biden was on the same flight as a person who was diagnosed with covid-19, Biden campaign director Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a statement quoted by the newspaper on Thursday. The Guardian.

“Around noon on Thursday, October 15, we learned – in connection with tracking contact from the crew member of Senator Harris’s plane who tested positive for covid-19 last night – that an administrative member of aviation company that charters Vice President Biden’s aircraft tested positive for covid-19, ”announced Jen O’Malley Dillon.

However, the campaign manager ensures that the Democratic candidate “has not been in close contact” with the person in question. “In fact, the vice president didn’t even have contact in passing: that individual was always more than 50 feet [15 metros] of Vice President Biden, got in and out of the aircraft through the tailgate, and both the individual and the Vice President wore masks throughout the flight, ”added Jen O’Malley Dillon.

“In view of these facts, we were informed by the vice president’s doctor and by the campaign’s medical consultants that there is no need for the vice president to be quarantined,” he concluded.

Earlier on Thursday, it was reported that Democratic Party candidate for US vice president Kamala Harris had been on a flight this week with two people (her communications director, Liz Allen, and a “crew member who did not belong to the staff ”) two days before they were diagnosed with covid-19.

Since Kamala Harris and the two people wore a mask during the flight and were not in close contact for more than 15 minutes, Harris is not required to complete a quarantine period. However, “just in case,” Harris canceled his event schedule until Sunday, promising a “robust and aggressive” online campaign.

Those in charge of campaign management for Kamala Harris issued a statement saying that the senator intends to return to campaign actions in person on Monday, noting that Harris tested negative for covid-19 on Wednesday and will be tested again.


” Is there a pilot on the plane ? “Asks the hero of the Hudson

The last time we saw him on screen, he appeared as someone else. Sully Sullenberger faded behind Tom Hanks. For Clint Eastwood’s camera, the actor had to land his plane in disaster on the frozen waters of the Hudson River, after hitting a flight of wild geese. Insane act carried out by the pilot of the company US Airways, one day in January 2009, avoiding the worst to the 155 people on board, and to the city of New York.

→ DOSSIER. The 2020 US presidential election

Today, the hero of what the press has dubbed “the miracle of the Hudson” is once again emerging from the shadows. His face is present in American homes and on cell phones, but there is no longer any question of Flight 1549. Or not only. Sully Sullenberger evokes the loops and thrusts of another captain: Donald Trump. And the finding is terrible. “Being a leader is not just taking the pilot’s seat”, he said in a video that runs on social networks, after being broadcast on television before the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Being a leader is being ready on D-Day, when the unexpected pops up with a bang, sweeping away certainties and habits. We think of Pearl Harbor, September 11, 2001 … You have to act quickly and change course, adapt to a changing terrain that is slipping under your feet. “My whole life has prepared me for this moment”, says Sully Sullenberger. He evokes the model that his father was, a soldier during the Second World War. Then his own past in uniform: “From my experience as an Air Force officer and fighter pilot, I have learned that serving a cause bigger than yourself is the most important mission. “

Lincoln project

And that’s where the shoe pinches, he says. Images follow one another, speaking of Covid-19 and racism, of a divided America. All of them evoke an unmanned aircraft. “It was in this highest mission that Donald Trump failed miserably, he blurted out, staring at the camera. Eleven years ago I was called to this mission. Now it’s everyone’s turn. Let’s vote. “

→ DOSSIER. George Floyd, Jacob Blake: New Cases of Racism in the United States

This video was released by the Lincoln Project, a very active group that brings together Republicans opposed to Donald Trump. A group aware that in this essentially virtual campaign, television and social networks weigh heavier than ever. Clint Eastwood, who had supported the Queens businessman in 2016 before distancing himself, did not react.


home stretch of an extraordinary campaign

A deadly pandemic, sometimes violent disturbances, a weakened country, humanly and economically … And now a hospitalized president, driven to the hospital by helicopter, just a few days after a chaotic first televised debate which had shocked America and made it high the threat of a serious electoral stalemate on the evening of November 3.

An unprecedented 2020 campaign

To say that the 2020 White House running season is unlike any other is an understatement. Each week brings its share of surprises, as in an American series in accelerated version. The latest twist, Donald Trump’s illness, marks the collision of two historical phenomena: the Covid-19 crisis, which has killed more than 210,000 people in the United States, and the presence in the White House of a man populist business, which has tumbled onto the political scene, American and international, like an elephant in a china store.

→ CHRONICLE. US presidential debate: a moment of embarrassment

Normally, if all went well in the United States, the experts in mathematics and geography would speak today. They would study, in detail and for each candidate, the shortest path leading to the 270 major voters, the threshold necessary in this indirect ballot to enter the White House. Should Joe Biden bet on Republican Texas and Arizona, or should he focus on Florida, which voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, before ignoring Hillary Clinton in 2016? Would Donald Trump have an interest in campaigning in the South, to save Georgia and North Carolina, or rather to throw all his forces into the Northeast, to keep Wisconsin and conquer Minnesota?

Behind the scenes, these questions still obsess strategists. In campaign HQs, four weeks before the ballot, it is a matter of distributing as best as possible the two resources essential to wresting or keeping the White House – money and time. But, in recent days, electoral experts must integrate new data, and broaden the scope of their knowledge to new subjects. Starting with the law, to find out whether the Supreme Court can really decide the fate of the ballot. Or biology, to try to guess whether or not Donald Trump will come out weakened or perked up from the hospital.

More speculation than concern for Donald Trump’s health

For now, the president’s health is the subject of more speculation than concern. In recent days, contradictory information from the White House, unsurprisingly from an administration which, for four years, has been distinguished by its erratic functioning, fueled endless debates. ” It was already chaos before. Now that the chef is in quarantine, the boat is without a captain », Sneers a European diplomat stationed in Washington.

→ EXPLANATION. Donald Trump and the White House facing Covid-19

The video, broadcast Saturday, October 3 on Twitter, of a fit Donald Trump reassured, even if some doubted the day and time on which it was shot. As well as the express exit of the president, the next day, to greet his supporters gathered in front of the Walter Reed hospital, and the announcement of a rapid return to the White House, perhaps at the beginning of the week. ” I’m not really worried ”, confirms Randall, a former computer scientist in the US military, and fierce Republican from Dulles, a Washington suburb. “He’s taking treatments with zinc and vitamin D. He’s full of energy, and this disease is not that bad. Me, I just wash my hands He concludes, before reaching out to take his leave.

In the meantime, the press is disseminating images of recent meetings at the White House in which Donald Trump participated, in particular on the occasion of the appointment of judge Amy Coney Barrett, without mask or physical distancing. Red marks on the photographs indicate the infected people, and the list goes on: in addition to the presidential couple, three senators, a chief of staff, an adviser, an ex-adviser… Without forgetting Bill Stepien, the director of the campaign of Donald Trump.

A complicated end of the campaign for the Republicans

Difficult, in these conditions, to occupy the ground and to speak to the Americans. This weekend, in an attempt to regain control, the Republican camp launched an “Operation Maga” (“Make America Great Again”, Donald Trump’s slogan). A largely virtual operation, but not only, since it provides for the travel of members of the head of state’s family. Vice President Mike Pence is also due to meet voters, as part of a tour that will take him to Utah. It is there that he will be opposed, Wednesday, October 7, to Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s running mate, for the debate of “numbers 2”, still maintained for the time being, but with a tighter health protocol.

US presidential election: home stretch of an extraordinary campaign

« Donald Trump’s illness terribly complicates the affairs of Republicans, who were trying to refocus the debates on Joe Biden, portrayed as “the hostage of the radical left”, analysis Ray La Raja, professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. The death of progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been a happy surprise for them, which could be game-changing. Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment was to mobilize the grassroots and beyond. Now we are no longer talking, again, of the Covid-19. A joke is already circulating: she says that Ruth Bader Ginsburg pleaded her first case before God… and that she won it! “

→ ANALYSIS. US presidential election: Kamala Harris, a woman of today

That the most powerful man in the country has not been able to protect himself and his loved ones as well as his collaborators is certainly not the message that the Republicans wanted to see hammered at four weeks of D-Day… The polls published since the announcement of the president’s illness have only confirmed the advance of Joe Biden: Donald Trump is poor in many essential states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and even Arizona. Nationally, he is now more than 8 points behind his Democratic opponent. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was only 4 points ahead. ” More importantly, the situation has been stable for several months now, while in 2016 the polls varied », Notes Ray La Raja.

Towards high participation

The first concrete indications coming from the ground point in the same direction. Because Americans have started to vote in some states, and en masse: more than three million of them have already slipped their ballot in the ballot box, an unprecedented figure one month from the deadline. In Virginia, where some offices have been open since mid-September, the votes already cast represent nearly 20% of the 2016 total.

However, a high turnout is seen as auspicious for Democrats, as their voters have traditionally been less loyal to electoral appointments than Republicans. If the participation is strong, it is because they are responding. ” There is a lot of people, confirms a Democratic activist, face covered with a blue mask, the color of the party, near an office in Alexandria, in the suburbs of Washington. It is a democratic district and the mobilization is strong! “

Washington, sleepy city

Paradoxically, on the other side of the Potomac River, and as an election with far reaching consequences for the country and for the world approaches, the federal capital offers – with the exception of Walter Reed Hospital – the astonishing face of a sleepy city. Pandemic forces, Washington looks more than ever like a provincial town, and every day like a Sunday: the streets are sparse, the parking lots surrounding the Capitol, where tourist coaches usually maneuver, are deserted despite the Indian summer that embellishes the city. cited. Even taxis are scarce in the grid streets.

→ EXPLANATION. American election 2020: what are the key states (or “swing states”)?

Washington is still living at the time of the first wave of the pandemic. Telecommuting is the rule, and footsteps echo in the void on K Street, the famous lobby street. The offices of power, like those of organizations that court or harass him (NGOs, foundations, etc.) are empty. For lack of customers, many restaurants have closed their doors. Those who remain open take the name and phone number of customers, tracing the virus requires. Large chains offering coffee with milk and American, served in cups and sipped on the way to work, lowered the curtain.

US presidential election: home stretch of an extraordinary campaign

Even in front of the White House, calm reigns, as in the eye of a cyclone. No tourists to take the best pose in front of the gate. But this tranquility is only apparent. The mobilization of Black Lives Matter has left its mark. On the lawn in front of the White House, the statue of the former head of state Andrew Jackson (president from 1829 to 1837) is protected by gates 2.5 meters high. Donald Trump’s favorite American president, a figure hated in part of the country for being the owner of slaves and enemy of the Indians, resisted the onslaught of the crowd.

The risks of a close ballot

A little further on, other grids are still in position. Some see it as a bad omen. ” Trump will not want to return power. Have you seen the debate? This guy is crazy!, loose Ronnis, an old African-American taxi driver. He wants to cheat, and to keep power thanks to justice and the Supreme Court. He keeps talking about fraud. It gives no details, no information. But it is not important. He just wants to instill doubt, to prepare the legal ground. It is like in a trial: the defense does not need to convince that the accused is innocent to save his head. Just arouse doubt. »

Donald Trump is the president of the halo: by dint of aggressive tweets and vague accusations, he often succeeds in creating an atmosphere that serves his interests. In 2016, he had convinced a good part of Americans that Hillary Clinton did not deserve the White House, but the prison. Today, he tries to convince them that Joe Biden is a threat to the country and that only massive fraud can deprive him of a second term.

According to the polls, the method would no longer be successful. But Donald Trump has often been the loser. And many unknowns still surround this very special election. Nothing is going well for the tenant of the White House… but the game is not over.


The key states of the US presidential election

In the home stretch, the campaign is focused on a small number of states, who always seem to hesitate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We already know how the majority of states will vote (California and New York State will vote for Joe Biden; the Plains and Southern States, mostly, for Donald Trump). It is the undecided states that will allow one or the other of the candidates to cross the bar of 270 electors.

Of these key states, the largest numerically is Florida (29 major voters). If he escapes Donald Trump, Joe Biden will succeed him in the White House. If the current tenant of the White House imposes itself there, as in 2016, Joe Biden will have to reconquer the industrial States (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin), or achieve a breakthrough in the West, in Arizona in particular, to hope for s ‘install in the Oval Office.

→ PODCAST. “This is America”. Has the Republican Party lost its reason?


AgTech start-up? Nsect expands Series C to $ 372 million to improve global food safety and sustainability with the world’s first carbon-negative and largest vertical farm


PARIS, Feb. 6 / PRNewswire / -? Nsect increases total funding to $ 425 million, more than the global insect protein sector raised

– The capital will allow the Company to complete the world’s largest insect farm, now under construction north of Paris, France, on a carbon negative project, as well as expand its product lines and expand into North America.

The new funding comes from Astanor Ventures (Series C lead investor), LA-based Upfront Ventures, the FootPrint Coalition of Robert Downey Jr., Happiness Capital, Supernova Invest and the Armat Group.

– The financing is supported by a bank consortium, which includes the Caisse des Dépôts, Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie and Caisse d’Epargne Hauts-de-France.

Insect farming start-up? Nsect has announced that it has expanded its Series C funding to $ 372 million – the largest amount ever raised by a non-American “AgTech” company.

The growing world population increases the demand for proteins and plants worldwide – for human consumption and as a food source for fish, poultry, pigs and cattle. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the consumption of animal protein will grow by 52 percent between 2007 and 2030[1]which poses a serious risk to the world’s fragile ecosystems.

To address this problem,? Nsect has developed a patented process for cultivating mealworms to produce highly digestible protein and fertilizer products. These products sustainably replace animal proteins used in the fish and ranch supply chain, in pet food and in fertilizers. Studies have shown that using? Nsect’s products resulted in a 34 percent increase in rainbow trout yields, a 40 percent reduction in shrimp mortality and a 25 percent increase in oilseed rape yield.

As a vertical farm,? Nsect uses 98 percent less land and at the same time significantly reduces the carbon footprint of protein production and does not generate any waste. Analyzes by the company Quantis show that the project is carbon-negative, has a sequestered value chain and avoids the emission of further CO2 emissions.

“Our ambition is to revolutionize the food chain from the ground up, with insects and soil,” said Antoine Hubert, co-founder, president and CEO of? Nsect. “With climate change and the growing world population, we need to produce more food with less land and fewer resources. We believe? Nsect can play a critical role in this global solution.”

? Nsect’s process is underpinned by technology that is protected by around 30 patents, which make up 40 percent of the total patent portfolio of the ten world’s leading insect protein companies.


Investment Bank: Jefferies (Dominic Lester – Joseph Benito Sanz) – Corporate Attorneys: Equity – Baker McKenzie (Matthieu Grollemund and Hélène Parent), Debt Securities – August Debouzy (Xavier Rohmer and Olivier Moriceau)

About Ynsect

? nsect is the world’s leading producer of natural insect proteins and fertilizers. The Next40 company, founded in Paris, France in 2011, converts insects into high-quality ingredients for food for pets, fish and plants. With its state-of-the-art farms,? nsect offers a long-term, sustainable solution for the increased consumption of proteins and plants.


Stocks on the radar:Semperit, Frequentis, Polytec, Rosenbauer, FACC, SBO, Composite, AT&S, AMS, Wienerberger, OMV, Addiko Bank, Immofinanz, Kapsch TrafficCom, startup300, SW environmental technology.

Random Partner

HSBC Germany is part of the HSBC Group and can therefore access one of the largest international networks. HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG employs over 3,000 people at 12 locations in Germany. The financial institution can look back on more than 30 years of experience in issuing investment certificates and leverage products.

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“Physics, chemistry, literature… which Nobel Prize for Donald Trump? “

“Trump nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. “ If the “one” of Liberty Champion, the gazette of a pro-Trump evangelical university in Virginia, is devoted to a virtual reunion of the country’s conservative forces, the announcement of a possible award for the American president still figures prominently on the front page.

Because supporters of Donald Trump dream of an early Christmas present for their champion. And the verdict is approaching: the Nobel jurors announce their winners this week, starting with medicine, Monday, October 5. Physics, chemistry, literature, peace will follow, before the economy, on October 12, closes the glorious march.

→ DOSSIER. The 2020 US presidential election

One month before the election, a Nobel Prize would be of the best effect, and a great comfort for the tenant of the White House, diminished by the effects of Covid-19. To appear before the voters, crowned with such a distinction, that would not lack allure. Supporters of Donald Trump naturally think of the Nobel Peace Prize, after the signing of a normalization agreement between Israel and two Gulf countries. The CV of the Head of State would rise to the height of that of his best enemy, Barack Obama, winner in 2009.

But why stop there so good? Donald Trump can harbor greater ambitions. In economics, first of all. Did he not say, Tuesday, September 29, during the first debate, to have “Builds the best economy in history” ? This would deserve a medal, and it does not matter if the pandemic then derailed the American TGV. In medicine, and despite his current setbacks, Donald Trump is not left out. Isn’t he the one Americans will soon be thanking when they get the anti-Covid vaccine? “From mid-October, maybe a little later”, he assured in September.

In terms of chemistry and physics, we also owe the tenant of the White House some astonishing advances, in particular on the effect of bleach and light against viruses. But this approach is undoubtedly a little too… revolutionary for the jurors of the Nobel Prize.

What about literature? On this ground, things get complicated. It is because Donald Trump has serious competitors. This year, the list of favorites is long, and prestigious. And even if Trump: the art of negotiation or Trump par Trump were bestsellers, their author can hardly compete with Michel Houellebecq, Ismaïl Kadaré or Margaret Atwood. Unless … if the Nobels get up to speed. And that they inaugurate a Nobel Prize of the Tweeterature. The first crown could not escape the man in the Oval Office.

→ PODCAST: “This is America”. Has the Republican Party lost its reason?


Covid-19. Brazil exceeds five million infected | Coronavirus

To the minute

Eight more deaths and 944 confirmed cases in Portugal. Increase in cases of covid-19 “not surprising” Government, which guarantees “responsiveness”. Mandatory outdoor mask in Italy, which extended a state of emergency until January. Brazil has passed the five million infected and in the USA, Donald Trump says he has a drug that can cure covid-19.


Judge chosen by Trump can enter the Supreme Court four days before the elections | US Supreme Court

Barrett, 48, is known for her opposition to abortion and defense of arms

Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett, appointed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court left open by the death of liberal and progressive Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is expected to take office just days before the November 3 elections. .


Portland, a “bobo” city in the turmoil of the US presidential election

In the United States, Portland is considered a “bobo” stronghold, where everyone rides their bikes, drinks natural juices and eats vegan. Since the death of George Floyd, the African American killed by a white police officer in late May in Minneapolis, she has also become in the eyes of the country the epicenter of anti-racist Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

Daily protests in Portland

In the city center, largely barricaded to guard against overflows, “BLM” posters and graffiti are omnipresent and demonstrations are daily. Sometimes they are marked by clashes with the police. Scenes of marginal violence that the right is quick to use to show what would become of America under democratic rule. In the conservative media galaxy, Portland is thus portrayed as chaotic and delivered to “anarchists” and “antifa”, the far left nebula that Donald Trump describes as a terrorist organization and which is present in the night processions.

→ READ. United States, the muscular methods of federal agents cause scandal in Portland

Eager to assert himself as the president of “law and order”, the tenant of the White House dispatched federal agents there in July without the approval of the governor of Oregon or the mayor. of the city, both Democrats, to protect a federal court in the city center. These paramilitary forces, which do not wear identification badges, were withdrawn following clashes with demonstrators, not without having galvanized the declining movement.

“It took it from several hundred to several thousand people. We still feel the momentum ”, notes a young white demonstrator met at a march, Thursday, September 9. He did not wish to give his name for fear of reprisals.

Oregon’s racist past

Shaped by the hit series “Portlandia” which plays out on its progressive and alternative side, Portland is seen as a “left bubble” in a state – Oregon – with a controversial racial past. Until 1926, its constitution prohibited the installation of blacks and non-white people on its territory. Today, 87% of the state’s population is white (2% is black), making Oregon one of the whitest places in the United States.

→ EXPLANATION. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death shakes up US presidential campaign

“The founders of Oregon saw the country torn apart during the Civil War and didn’t want the trouble of having black people. Oregon was a white utopia “, Summarizes Shirley Jackson, professor at Portland State University.

Portland is not immune to criticism. With 77% white and only 5.8% black, it is the whitest American large city in the country. Given its reputation, the city has also attracted far-right groups for decades, active in conservative and rural regions on the outskirts. At the end of August, the arrival of one of these groups, Patriot Prayer, equipped with “paintballs” used on demonstrators, ended in blood, when one of its members was killed by a man claiming to be from the Antifa movement. , whose presence in Portland is ancient and well known. The episode further fueled the Trumpist discourse on a city that had fallen into anarchy.

“These completely opposite groups are fighting for the same small space, summarizes Shirley Jackson. A tragedy had to happen. I’m even surprised it didn’t happen before ”.

Despite Trumpist rhetoric, violence and damage to buildings remains rare and marginal. In addition, many demonstrations have been called off in recent days due to major fires in the region, which have draped the city in a veil of toxic smoke.

“There’s a lot of hype about the situation here. The city is not upside down. Vandalism is not widespreadinsists Isabella Campbell, a 19-year-old BLM protester. And attacking buildings is not the same as attacking individuals ”.


Find Alexis Buisson in his podcast This is America :


dissidents start a party abroad

Opposition figures, based in North America and Europe, want to “establish democracy” in Riyadh.

“We are launching this party at a critical time to save our country, establish a democratic future and meet the aspirations of our people”, Explique Yahya Assiri (
here in 2019 in Istanbul), defender of human rights and secretary general of the National Assembly Party.
Serhat Cagdas / Anadolu Agency via AFP

It is a challenge to the authority of the young Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman. While the latter, de facto ruler of the Saudi kingdom due to the great age of his father, King Salman, strives to silence any dissonant voice inside Arabia, a group of dissidents in exile have created the first opposition party. The announcement on Wednesday coincided with the celebration of the 90e anniversary of the founding of the kingdom, an absolute monarchy that tolerates no political opposition. “The National Assembly Party aims to establish democracy as a form of government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, said the dissidents in a statement.

The new formation is led by London-based human rights defender Yahya Assiri, and includes academic Madawi al-Rashid, researcher Saïd Ben Nasser al-Ghmadi, activist Ahmed al-Mshikhs, Abdallah al-Awda, son of an imprisoned preacher, living in the United States, and Oman Abdel Aziz,

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