This therapy can help against hay fever –

At the moment many Dutch people are plagued by hay fever. They take medicine against it or try to avoid the pollen, but there is also another way to get rid of hay fever: immunotherapy.

“Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of hay fever,” says Dr. Hanneke Oude Elberink, internist and allergist at UMC Groningen in De Telegraaf. “Many hay fever patients also suffer from sneezing, itchy and burning eyes, a runny nose and in the a stuffy nose during the season, which further increases fatigue. Some of the people get asthmatic complaints.”

Oude Elberink points to the good results of immunotherapy for hay fever. “Immunotherapy with allergens is the oldest form of immunotherapy that exists and has been used since the beginning of the last century. In the past this was only possible by injecting the allergen into the arm with a prick, nowadays treatment with melting tablets is also possible in a number of cases. a possibility.”

You have to continue the therapy for a long time, a few years, for a good result. “If the treatment is successful, you have made a lasting change in the immune system. In general, the treatment is completely successful in one in three people. The treatment is effective in another third, the hay fever is less severe and they can reduce with medication. Unfortunately, the treatment does not appear to be effective in the other group.”

Bron (nen): The Telegraph

These are the main symptoms of the Delta variant –

In the United Kingdom, the Indian variant of the corona virus, officially called Delta variant, is advancing. The symptoms are slightly different from the original coronavirus, making an infection even more like a common cold.

Headaches, sore throats and a runny nose are what most people get after being infected with the Delta variant. Because the corona pandemic is on its way and the symptoms are different – after all, shortness of breath and coughing are not at the top of the list – most think they just have a cold and may go on the road after all.

“Covid is behaving differently now,” said Tim Spector of King’s College London, professor of genetic epidemiology. “People might think they just have a seasonal cold and can still go to parties. We believe that this is an important cause for the spread of the variant.”

“It is very important to realize that since the beginning of May we have seen that the main symptoms are no longer the same as they were,” he emphasized in the British newspaper. The Guardian. “The main symptom is a headache, followed by a sore throat, runny nose and fever.”

The delta variant is probably 40 percent more contagious than the alpha variant and the risk of hospitalization could even double. The variant could also partly escape the first dose of a vaccine. The United Kingdom has therefore postponed the removal of the latest measures by four weeks.

Bron (nen): The Guardian

MP presents accusation against alleged network of Miky López for drug trafficking and money laundering

La Vega, RD.

The Specialized Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Office and the La Vega Prosecutor’s Office filed the accusation against Miguel Arturo López Florencio, alias Miky López, and four other members of a criminal organization dedicated to international drug trafficking.

Along with López, his two children, Miguel Arturo López Pilarte and José Miguel López Pilarte, as well as Ada María Pilarte and José Antonio Román, as well as the companies Auto Crédito Selecto, SRL., Servi Crédito Selecto, SRL., Agropecuaria Gloria Ivette were accused. , SRL. and Inmobiliaria Gloria Ivette, SRL.

According to the prosecution of the Public Ministry, all these companies are fronts and folders, whose operation was disguised to place in the national financial system billions of pesos and dollars obtained from drug trafficking activities.

For his participation in this alleged network, Miky López’s partner, the extradited Pablo Antonio Martínez Javier, who was convicted in the United States in 2009 for drug trafficking, remains a fugitive.

The head of the Specialized Anti-Money Laundering Prosecutor’s Office, Luis González, and the chief prosecutor of La Vega, Aura Luz García, together with a team of prosecutors, were able to conclude an indictment called “The Steel Accusation”, due to the forcefulness of the collected evidence, which will facilitate obtaining a conviction after a merits trial.

According to the criminal prosecution body, this criminal organization moved between 2007 and 2019 more than two billion pesos, information corroborated by recurring economic movements in national banks and whose origin was illegal activities. On March 2, 2019, 111,722 ecstasy pills were seized.

The defendants are facing the accusation of violations of Law 155-17 on Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, as well as the previous regulation on this matter, 72-02. They also violated laws 11-92, on Tax Regime, and 183-02, Monetary and Financial.

The accusation contains 387 documentary evidence, 257 material, 53 testimonial, 18 audiovisual and 27 expert witnesses.

In the investigation process, eight seizures were made of 17 luxury properties, valued at billions of pesos, in the National District and the La Vega, Puerto Plata, Espaillat and La Romana provinces.


A hundred followers of Fujimori denounce an alleged fraud to the UN

A hundred followers of the Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori gathered on Monday at the United Nations headquarters in New York to denounce an alleged electoral fraud after the vote counting, which has so far given victory to the leftist candidate Pedro Castillo.

Shouting “terrorism never again”, “communism never again”, “my vote is respected” or “UN, listen, Peru needs you”, a hundred supporters of the right-wing candidate of the Fuerza Popular party gathered, many from they dressed in the shirt of the national team and waving Peruvian flags and posters in support of their candidate.

“It has been proven that there is fraud and there is theft of signatures (…) We ask that all the records taken and due be reviewed,” Eddie Aguilar, one of the party’s representatives in the northeast of the United States, told EFE that He assures that he asks the UN and other international organizations to pronounce on the alleged electoral robbery.

Fujimori launched a series of complaints of widespread “table fraud” last week without providing reliable evidence of the accusation, and presented a veritable avalanche of claims in order to nullify some 200,000 votes in Andean, rural and poor areas overwhelmingly dominated by Castillo. .

With 99.935% of the votes counted, Castillo wins the Peruvian elections by about 50,000 votes.

For Aguilar, if Castillo prevails without a recount, the “Government would be illegitimate because it would not be supported by the will of the people.”

“I believe that the UN and international organizations have the full right to speak out. We are not demanding that one party or the other be given a winner, but that the people’s vote be respected,” he stressed.

With the most exalted spirits and loudspeaker in hand, Orieta Fernández, who assures Efe that she has lived in the United States for 21 years, shouts that she does not want her country to become a new Venezuela or a new Cuba.

“We do not want more terrorism, we do not want Mr. Castillo, who is a terrorist pig, we do not want to be like Cuba or Venezuela, we want to be a free country,” he shouted before a huge banner held by several participants that prays “vote for freedom and democracy “.

During the protests, cries were also heard against Vladimir Cerrón, the founder of the Peru Libre party, the presidential candidate Pedro Castillo or against former Peruvian president Martín Vizcarra (2018-2020).


Passengers protest in front of the boarding gate at the AILA due to flight delay

“We want answers”, “My money and my sweat”, is the clamor of dozens of passengers at the International Airport of the Americas (AILA) corresponding to Jet Blue flight 2510 bound for New York, protesting in front of boarding gate B4 due to flight delays.

The flight for which they claim was scheduled to leave at 11:00 in the morning for the United States, but it was postponed almost to noon, specifically, at 11:55 in the morning.

After two hours of the passengers being mounted on the plane, the authorities ordered their disembarkation under the allegation that “A bird had entered the engine giving it a strong shock”, which caused a displeasure to all the passengers since the plane was full and ready for take off.

After this event, at 4:30 in the afternoon the passengers have still not received information about what will happen with the flight, which has motivated dozens of them to protest in front of the airline’s door demanding answers about their destination .


Michael Jackson’s daughter says paparazzi caused long-term trauma

Paris Jackson, stopping by “Red Table Talk” for a frank conversation about living under the gaze of the media, reveals that she suffers from long-term anxiety and trauma from enduring countless paparazzi camera clicks since she was a child.

“I experience auditory hallucinations sometimes with camera clicks and severe paranoia and have been going to therapy for many things, but that included,” says Jackson. “I will hear the crunch of a garbage bag and I will shudder in panic.” She adds, “I think it’s a standard PTSD.”

Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, has a face-to-face conversation with her paparazzi pal and friend Willow Smith on Wednesday’s edition of the online talk show airing on Facebook Watch at 9 a.m. PDT / noon EDT.

During the show’s introduction, Smith says he met Jackson on the set of mommy Jada Pinkett Smith’s television show, “Hawthorne.” Smith and Jackson soon forged a bond by growing up with parents in the spotlight and a love of music, modeling, and issues like mental health, sexuality, and body image. One way Jackson says he maintains some privacy is by asking people in his home to sign confidentiality agreements.

Jackson, who has dated both men and women, tells Smith that while there is tension with some of her family members over her sexuality, she has relied on her brothers, Prince and Prince Michael II, and her old friend. of the Omer Bhatti family.

“They have always been very supportive,” he says, noting that to better connect with his sister, Prince Jackson in high school joined a student-run club that unites LGBTQ + youth and allies. “Not many people can say they have siblings who support them like this.”

In 2020, Paris Jackson and her then-boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, who formed the acoustic duo The Soundflowers, had a documentary series on Facebook Watch called “Unfiltered,” which provided a glimpse into their private lives. Jackson revealed self-harm and suicide attempts in his testimonies, and said that music was a way of channeling his pain. She released her first solo album “Marchita” in November.

“Red Table Talk” has recently made headlines with interviews with Olivia Jade Gianulli, Kelly Osbourne, and when Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, discussed their marriage.


Man turns one year old jumping daily into Lake Michigan

A Chicago bus driver, seeking a way to mitigate stress during the coronavirus pandemic, dove into Lake Michigan for the 365th day in a row on Saturday.

Dan O’Conor said that last year he started jumping into the lake from the Montrose Pier in the north of the city to reduce stress.

“It was during the pandemic, during the protests, during an election year … So it was a place where I could go and block out all that noise and be fully with me on the lake, and find a moment of recollection,” said O’Conor. , who has three children.

He continued to dive into the lake during the fall before the tricky thing came: Carving a hole in the frozen ice of the lake that was big enough for him to jump into the water during the winter. He said that after such a jump, he noticed that he had 20 scrapes and cuts on his body.

O’Conor said he was encouraged by the reaction his dives elicited.

“People started asking me for whose benefit this is being done and how could they help, and when I say people I mean strangers online, you know. When I started posting videos on Twitter and Instagram … I was more encouraged by the comments of people like ‘this makes my day, it’s nice to see it,’ “he said.

Saturday was special because it was the culmination of doing it for a whole year.

“I just wanted to celebrate the trip to dive for the 365th time,” O’Conor said.


DISPUTE – What if Haiti continues?

Vinicio A. Castillo Semán

President Luis Abinader declared this week that if the Haitian government continues to build a canal that diverts the Massacre river, without waiting for the results of the technical table agreed by the RD-Haitian foreign ministries, his government will give forceful responses in defense of national sovereignty and protection. of the bordering border river.

All the reports out there indicate that Haiti is not going to stop. In that case, it is evident that the DR would have to adopt diplomatic measures to enforce the International Treaty of 1929, as well as send a clear signal to the government of Haiti that they are not going to put us on the spot and knock down the pulse with impunity.

The way forward, if this happens, must be to seize the international arbitration that provides for the same International Treaty signed with Haiti.

This treaty establishes the appointment of arbitrators for each country and these, in turn, choose a third of recognized arbitrators from the arbitral tribunal in The Hague.

I do not agree with going to the OAS and where Almagro, because they have demonstrated in RD-Haitian conflicts they are biased, and legally the Treaty outlines the way forward in arbitration.

But, in addition to international arbitration, it is clear that the DR cannot let Haiti connect the Masacre river and wait years for an arbitration decision. The government must propose to channel the Dajabón river before reaching Haiti. It is an extreme measure that I hope we should not take, but if Haiti forces us with its absurdity, we would have no alternative.

In what the arbitration decides, the waters of our border farmers must be guaranteed. Likewise, I call on President Abinader to reform members of the binational joint commission.

On the Dominican side, there are members who are not defending the national interest of the DR. It would be very beneficial for the country if the President could appoint Eng. Osiris de León at the technical table to save the Massacre and RD sovereignty.

The former director of Indrhi, friend Olgo Fernández, declared that both in the Leonel and Danilo governments, technical studies were carried out at the request of Haiti to channel the Massacre. On both occasions, the DR denied that request to Haiti.

This data is very important, because it indicates that there are already technical studies carried out that cannot now be varied by current incumbents to please Haiti.

What is at stake in this conflict with Haiti over the Massacre involves much more than protecting the river and our producers.

It is national sovereignty and national dignity that are at stake. Your firm defense is essential.

The people trust that President Abinader will fully fulfill that supreme mission.


GLORIOUS GESTURE – The expedition that fractured the Trujillo dictatorship

62 years have passed and the Dominican people still remember that June 14, 1959, the day on which 198 men of different nationalities embarked on an expedition that involved sacrificing their lives in exchange for ending the dictatorial regime of Rafael Leónidas Trujillo.

The “Glorious Gestation of Constanza, Maimón and Estero Hondo”, as the heroic expedition is also called, was the third anti-Trujillo movement that tried to free the Dominican people from the dictatorship that had lasted since 1930.

Although this effort was defeated at the hands of the despot’s Army and Air Force, who were outnumbered by men and weapons, concluding in the torture and murder of those involved, it managed to ignite the “august flame of freedom” in the Dominican people.

Along with the Dominicans, expedition members from Guatemala, Puerto Rico, the United States, Spain, Cuba and Venezuela also joined, who equally pursued a common goal: to fight the worst one-man dictatorship on the continent.

Only the Dominicans Poncio Pou Saleta, Mayobanex Vargas, Francisco Medardo Germán and the Cuban expedition members Pablito Mirabal and Delio Gómez Ochoa survived the inhumane torture to which the expedition members arrested by the regime were subjected. The latter, 62 years later, is the only one that survives.

They step on Dominican soil
The expedition, organized by the Dominican Liberation Movement in conjunction with the peoples of Venezuela and Cuba at that time, resulted in the accentuation of national and international political opposition against the Trujillo regime.

Long before starting the operation, the group of guerrillas was already receiving military training in the camp located on the “Mil Cumbres” farm in the Pinar del Río province, in Cuba. Another group trained in parallel in “Madruga”, located in Havana, the capital of the country.

Preparation on foreign soil allowed the insurgents to have greater facility for planning, action and training, avoiding being accused of conspiracy against the stability of the Dominican government.

On June 14, 1959, after gathering enough funds, weapons and people for the battle, the expected moment arrived: they would end the repression of Trujillo once and for all. It was 6:20 in the afternoon when the first group of guerrillas began to be seen in the air on board a plane that displayed the initials of the Trujillo Air Force to go unnoticed.

Supported by Fidel Castro and led by the commander-in-chief of the Dominican Liberation Army, Enrique Jiménez Moya, a total of 56 combatants set foot on Dominican soil, specifically at the Constanza military airport.

The plans were for the landing to take place in San Juan de la Maguana, however, the atmospheric conditions forced the Venezuelan pilot Julio César Rodríguez and the former captain of the Dominican Air Force, Juan de Dios Ventura Simó, to descend in the north of the country.

Immediately they arrived, the combatants exchanged shots with soldiers who were approaching the aircraft to find out about the landing. The guerrillas quickly left the plane and went into the mountains, a group of 36 men took refuge in El Río and Tireo, while the rest went to Los Botados.

According to the plans, the arrival of the plane had to be done simultaneously with that of two boats led by other expedition members, however, the maritime landing took place six days later due to the obstacles that arose.

Those who arrived first were instructed not to fight until the remaining expeditionaries anchored in the boats, however, they faced constant persecution by Trujillo troops that cost them their lives.

By the 19th, 20 guerrillas had been captured and liquidated, a day later there were 42 dead and two prisoners, including among the dead the pilot Juan de Dios Ventura Simó.

On June 20, a total of 121 men arrived in Maimon in the “Carmen Elsa” boat, commanded by José Horacio Rodríguez. At the same time, in Estero Hondo, 48 expedition members landed, traveling in the ship “Tinina” with José Antonio Campos Navarro as commander.


The remains of the expedition members remained in the National Pantheon until 1972, the date on which the monument in their memory was built located in the Center of the Heroes, where the canteens, boots, flags and other objects of the expedition members are also kept for the memory of the next generations.

Her ideals.
In honor of the bravery and heroism of these combatants, a year later the underground movement “June 14” was organized and adopted their ideals, and a monument was erected to recognize the intrepid feat.


REHABILITATION – Luis Severino leaves the game with a right groin injury

Yankees right-hander Luis Severino dropped out of a rehab start for Class-A Fort Hudson Valley on Saturday with a right groin injury. He will undergo an MRI on Sunday.

Severino, who is working his way back to the majors after undergoing Tommy John surgery on February 27, 2020, was unable to support his right leg and needed help getting off the field after getting five outs on his outing in Brooklyn.

It was his second rehab start, after pitching 2.2 innings for Class-A Baja Tampa last Sunday. The last time he got on the hill with the Yankees was in 2019.