22-year-old from Amstetten injured in avalanche – Lower Austria

Three people were killed in the avalanche in Salzburg’s Lungau. Two men were injured, including a 22-year-old from the Amstetten district. As reported, there was an avalanche in Tweng im Lungau (Salzburg) on ​​Saturday. A group of eleven went on a ski tour in the direction of the Lackenspitze. In the process, an approximately 200-meter-wide […]

9 year old girl sold to man (55) – world

Her father sold Parwana Malik (9) to a man out of need. The nine-year-old escaped her fate. But such cases are increasing in the country. In Qala-e-Naw in northwestern Afghanistan, a distressed father sells his nine-year-old daughter to a 55-year-old. For little Parwana Malik, the man receives sheep, land and cash worth 200,000 Afghani (around […]

Corona rebel (26) chokes a policewoman after a demo in Vienna – Carinthia

After a corona demo in Vienna, a 26-year-old took the train to Carinthia on Saturday. At the rally he must have looked too deep into the glass. A 26-year-old, obviously intoxicated man from the Spittal / Drau district got off the train at around 8.30 p.m. after participating in a Corona demo in Vienna at […]

Steirer spread fake news about dead police officers – Styria

The police were able to investigate the man who is said to have spread false news about the death of a police officer via voice message. In Knittelfeld (Murtal district) an initially stranger had falsely claimed via voice message that a Styrian police officer (46) had died after the 3rd corona vaccination – in fact, […]

“Beinfeger” ensures a ban on approaching the husband – Carinthia

A marriage dispute in Villach resulted in a 50-year-old being banned from entering or approaching. Previously, he is said to have physically attacked his wife. A marriage dispute escalated in Villach on Friday. As the police announced in a broadcast, there was a veritable argument around 11.45 a.m. in the shared house of a 50-year-old […]

Two hippos in zoo infected with corona – coronavirus

Two hippos tested positive for the coronavirus in Antwerp Zoo. How the animals got infected is still a mystery. Two hippos caught the corona virus in a zoo in Antwerp, Belgium. Tests were positive for the 14-year-old Imani and her 41-year-old mother Hermien, the facility said. The national veterinary laboratory confirmed their infection. How the […]

This is how long you are protected after an infection – health

According to the study, the antibody levels depend, among other things, on the previous illnesses and the course of the corona infection. A recovery study at the Medical University and Biobank Graz showed strong formation of antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and a stable antibody level for up to eight months. The antibody levels of […]

“Obscure club”: STS singer distributes against FPÖ – Austria

Gert Steinbäcker, singer of the band STS, which dissolved in 2014, refuses to use lines of text by FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl. “I heard that a Mr. Kickl used lines from my grandfather song at a press conference for an anti-vaccination demonstration. All I can say about this is that my grandfather would turn in […]

Hofer and Lidl are engaged in a wild discount battle – multimedia

Who offers the best at the lowest price? Both the discount store Hofer and Lidl want to provide the answer. Lidl is now opening the attack. “Lidl Connect is hotter than hot again”. This mailing of the discounter Lidl is unlikely to please the domestic competitor Hofer. After all: With “hotter than hot”, Lidl alludes […]

Big train accident! Two elephants crossed the track – wild animals

Sad. On December 1st, two elephants were hit by the train in Morigaon, India. They died at the scene of the accident. A tragic train accident in the northeast Indian state of Assam occurred on December 1st when two elephants tried to cross the tracks. The decoy had no chance to prevent the accident and […]