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No reimbursement of plane tickets estimates the Council of State

Tour operators and travel agencies must finally breathe, while travelers will be satisfied with a credit and a good ration of soup with a grimace. The Council of State has just rejected the appeal of consumer associations UFC-Que Choisir and the CLVC. They demanded the outright reimbursement of travelers who had seen their flights canceled due to the pandemic. Tour operators and travel agencies will be able to continue to offer credit to their customers.

The highest administrative court in France has therefore confirmed its order of March 25 which stipulated that tour operators could offer assets, and not refunds to their customers. A decision based on the astronomical amount of cancellations during that time. An ordinance which is however opposed to European law, which constituted the legal basis of the appeal of associations. The Council of State therefore did not reverse its decision.


219 confirmed cases of dengue fever on the island

219 cases recorded from June 15 to 21, 2020 throughout the department. We publish in full the quantified assessment carried out by the Prefecture of La Réunion.

The dengue epidemic is decreasing. Let’s continue our mobilization!

From June 15 to 21, 219 cases of dengue fever were confirmed in La Réunion. Although the number of cases continues to decrease, the circulation of the virus remains active in 21 communes, mainly in the west and the south of the island.

The number of emergency room visits and hospitalizations is also decreasing. In this southern winter period, let’s continue our efforts to slow down the circulation of dengue.

The Prefecture and the Regional Health Agency remind the people of Réunion of the importance of protecting themselves from dengue fever by implementing essential prevention measures:

protect yourself from mosquito bites, eliminate breeding sites all around your home, and quickly consult a doctor if symptoms arise. These protective measures also apply to people who have already contracted dengue.

Indeed, with 3 types of dengue present on the territory, these people can again be infected by the virus.

Since the beginning of the year

Over 16,100 Aboriginal cases confirmed
580 hospitalizations
1,654 emergency visits
13 deaths (including 6 directly related to dengue)

Epidemiological situation on June 30, 2020 (data from Cire OI, Public Health France)
Over the past 15 days, 21 municipalities on the island are still affected by the dengue epidemic.

The west concentrates 46% of the cases, with a main grouping of cases in Saint-Leu.

In the south, the number of cases is decreasing (39% of cases) but with a main dengue outbreak in Saint-Pierre and an increase in cases in Tampon and Étang Salé.

In the northeast, the circulation of the virus is localized in Saint-André, Saint-Benoît and Sainte-Marie.

The main groupings of cases (dengue outbreaks)
South region

Saint-Louis (la Chapelle, La Palissade, Plateau Goyaves, Larrey, La Pente Vacoas, La Rivière, Le Verval, Le Bois-de-Nèfles, Les Cocos, Cité Cocos, Petit Bon Dieu, Roches Maigres, Le Ruisseau Terres Rouges)

Saint-Pierre (La Cafrine, Terre Sainte, La Ravine Blanche, Bassin Plat, Condé, Montvert-les-Bas, La Vallée, Bois d’Olives, Ravine des Cabris, Sainte Céline, Chemin Stéphane, Concession, Grand Bois, Ligne Paradis , la Morière, Mahavel)

Les Avirons (la Croix, Fond Maurice, Bois-de-Nèfles-Cadet, Le Ruisseau, La Croix, Barouty)

L’Étang Salé (La Ravine Sheunon, Pied des Roches, Bois-de-Nèfles-Cadet, La Ravine-Sèche-les-Bas, La Roche des Oiseaux, Domaine Roche Carangue)

The Entre-Deux (La Mare, Le Bras Long)

Le Tampon (La Plaine des Cafres, Le Dix-Neuvième, Trois-Mares-les-Hauts, Le Bras de Pontho, La Châtoire, Sarda Garriga, les 400, Le Bras Creux, Le Vingt-Troisième)

Saint-Joseph (Manapany-les-Bains, City center, Bois Noirs, Langevin, Le Plateau, Vincendo)

La Petite-île (La Ravine du Pont, Le chemin Jessy)

West region

Saint-Paul (Le Barrage, Lotissement Belle-vue, La Saline, Carosse, Saint-Gilles, Plateau Caillou, Fleurimont, La Baie, La Poudrière, La Grande Fontaine, Le Ruisseau, Center-ville, Bouillon, L’Étang, Cambaie , La Plaine, Le Bernica, l’Ermitage, Lotissement Gayette, Jacquot)

La Possession (Pichette, Halte-là, Saint-Laurent, Sainte-Thérèse, downtown, Camp Magloire, Le Vingt-Septième)

Saint-Leu (Entre-Deux, Piton Saint-Leu, Le Butor, Bois-de-Nèfles-Piton, le Portail, Maduran, Le Plate, Quatre Robinets, Cité Pêcheurs, city center, la Fontaine, Les Colimaçons, Stella, L’Étang, Grand Fond, Pointe des Châteaux, Dubuisson)

Le Port (Bleeding Heart, City December 20, Wooded Park, Mondon, EDF Factory, Cotur, Rivière des Galets, December 20)

North region

Sainte-Marie (La Grande Montée, Beaumont, Desbassyns, La Confiance-les-Bas, La Rivière des Pluies)

Saint-Denis (Brittany, Ilet la source, la Source, Sainte Clotilde, La Petite Ile, Saint Jacques, Vauban, la Trinité)

Sainte-Suzanne (Sainte-Vivienne, Camp des zévis, Délices, French Quarter, Bel Air)

East region

Saint-André (Milles Roches, Cambuston, 100 Gaulettes, SATEC Champ Borne Subdivision)

Bras-Panon (The Mast River, Avocado trees, Pink Berries)

Saint-Benoît (Chemin Ceinture, downtown, Bourbier-les-Hauts, Bras Canot, Bras Fusil, Saint-Anne, La Confiance)

ARS and SDIS vector control teams continue their mosquito control operations day and night, applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid-19.

These treatments against the proliferation of mosquitoes are essential to fight against dengue fever and must be accompanied by the preventive measures implemented by the Reunionese.


Suspected pollution in the Rivière des Marsouins

The DEAL services have been informed of shrimp mortality in the mango basin located in the Rivière des Marsouins, investigations by the State services are underway.

Regarding the supply of drinking water, a pumping site is located near the Rivière des Marsouins and may possibly be affected. Water samples will be taken from the distribution network today and tomorrow by the services of the Indian Ocean Regional Health Agency.

As soon as this information was known, CISE Réunion shut down the pumping site. However, as a precautionary measure, subscribers in the following sectors * are requested not to consume tap water and to consume bottled water. However, tap water can be used for all other uses (hygiene, WC, washing).

La Cise asks subscribers to follow this instruction for the next 72 hours.

* Saint Benoît / La Confiance area, Grand Etang, Payet bridge, Belt path, Cambourg, Chicot les Orangers


WHO advises gay people to take antiretrovirals as a preventative

Gottfried Hirnschall, who heads the WHO HIV department, says the organization is seeing “explosion of the epidemic”. He explains this by the fact that there is a relaxation of prevention and worry.

According to the WHO report, gay men today are 19 times more likely than the average population to be infected with the virus.

And to counter this data, the WHO estimates that taking a daily pill combining two antiretrovirals, in addition to the use of condoms, could reduce the risks by 20 to 25%, and avoid “one million new infections in this group in ten years”.

As a reminder, more than 35.3 million people are living with HIV worldwide, and 71% are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa.


Kidney transplant resumes in Réunion

Following the serious incident which saw a surgeon remove a patient’s healthy kidney instead of the sick kidney (read: The surgeon is wrong and remove the bad kidney), kidney transplants had been suspended at Félix Guyon hospital. In a press release, the ARS announces that the Specialized Commission for the organization of care has delivered a unanimous favorable opinion for the resumption of activity. Here is the press release:

“On June 9, 2011, the Specialized Commission for the Organization of Care delivered a unanimous favorable opinion on the issue of the authorization for an adult renal transplant to the Félix Guyon Hospital Center, subject to conditions. This opinion constitutes a step necessary for the decision to resume renal transplant activity in Reunion, which will be taken by the Indian Ocean Health Agency.

Following serious accidents in the care of patients, the Indian Ocean Health Agency (ARS-OI) requested the suspension of the renal transplant activity at the Félix Guyon Hospital Center in September 2010. The inspection carried out with the support of the Biomedicine Agency, highlighted shortcomings in the organization of care and inadequacies in the medical and surgical workforce.

The Félix Guyon Hospital Center has been engaged, for several months, in an important work of reorganization of the care chain, in the writing of protocols and in the additional recruitment of specialized hospital practitioners. These actions are
are translated into the presentation of a quality dossier, making it possible to envisage a resumption of the adult renal transplant during the second half of 2011.

The Specialized Commission for the Organization of Care, made up of elected officials, health professionals and user representatives, delivered a unanimous favorable opinion on June 9, 2011 on the issue of authorization for an adult renal transplant at the Félix Guyon Hospital Center, with conditions relating to the continued securing of care:
– the successful recruitment of two additional urological surgeons, fulfilling the regulatory experience requirements
– the finalization of the protocols organizing continuity and coordination of care
– additional training for professionals in the histocompatibility laboratory
The Biomedicine Agency will be associated with these verifications.

Kidney transplant in Reunion is a major public health issue. This highly specialized activity cannot be implemented without meeting all the regulatory conditions and good practices guaranteeing quality and safety.
care. Also, the ARS-OI will take care, within the framework of its missions in favor of the health of all, that all the safety requirements are satisfied before any resumption of the activity of renal transplant. “