New wave of covid-19 spreads in Europe and there are already brakes on deconfinement

A new wave of covid-19 is spreading across Europe, hitting mainly the countries with lower vaccination rates, but also young people, and forcing governments to re-impose restrictions. The situation is felt with more impact in central and eastern Europe, where vaccination levels follow the Russian scenario and remain low. In that area, Ukraine, Latvia, Romania, […]

now the German Der Spiegel is targeting the Netherlands

A blonde girl in traditional Dutch clothing turns her back to a poppy field and a windmill. He smiles with a cheese in his hand. But the latter is riddled with holes from which a white powder comes out and sachets containing the same substance sprout from the top of the typical Dutch ‘kaas’. In […]

Stefan Kuntz with Turkey 1-1 against Norway in World Cup qualification

EDisappointed, satisfied and impressed: On the night after his debut as national coach of Turkey, Stefan Kuntz had a wide range of emotions to process. The 1: 1 (1: 1) on late Friday evening in Istanbul against a Norwegian who was strong even without star striker Erling Haaland was too little for the hosts. Qualification […]

Scientists have found out why the COVID-19 vaccine does not always work Scientists have found out why the COVID-19 vaccine does not always work Scientists have found out why the vaccine against COVID-19 does not always work – RIA Novosti, 10/04/2021 Scientists have found out why the COVID-19 vaccine does not always work The results of a study by Dutch scientists have shown that each person’s […]

The world’s tallest population is shrinking, but it’s not known why

Maria Campos September 21, 2021 at 3:38 pm The Netherlands has the tallest population on the planet, but new data suggests that the height of the Dutch is decreasing and scientists want to know why. With men averaging 1.83 meters and women averaging 1.68 meters tall, the inhabitants of the Netherlands remain the tallest population […]

Bitcoin miners produce as much electronic waste as the Netherlands

The bitcoin mining industry, which enables transactions to be validated and cryptocurrency to be created, produced 30,700 tonnes of electronic waste over a year in May, as much as a country like the Netherlands, a study estimates. “The life cycle of machines (used by minors) is 1.3 years, which is extremely short compared to anything […]

female rhino dies in zoo mating trial

Exhausted after a chase with the male, she fell into a pond and drowned. A female rhino drowned in a zoo in the Netherlands after escaping during an unsuccessful mating attempt, the Wildlands Zoo in Emmen in the east of the country announced on Friday (September 17th). Read alsoAt La Flèche zoo, the uninterrupted dream […]

Coronavirus: France, the Netherlands, Portugal … new health measures in Europe

Dstart of the third dose vaccination in France, the event over several days again possible under conditions in the Netherlands, end of the compulsory wearing of the mask outdoors in Portugal, compulsory and paying tests for non-vaccinated in Greece, presentation a health pass from this Monday in Switzerland … The evening takes stock of the […]