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The simple fact of seeing the Spanish actress Ester Exposito and the mexican actor Alexander Speitzer attending a separate important event in Milan, Italy, surprised thousands of his followers who slipped the possibility that the romance had come to an end.

MORE INFORMATION: Alejandro Speitzer to Ester Exposito, “What you have written has been a hug to the soul”

The rumors of the separation gained more force during the last weeks due to some aspects that were made known. One of them was that the couple went each by their own side to an event of the Italian jewelry brand bvlgari. And it is that they were shown to the public and shared photos and videos of the ceremony, but none of them evidenced material together, something they always did since the beginning of their relationship.

The presence of Exposito and Speitzer was like ambassadors of the brand, although it drew the attention of those present that since their arrival at the place neither of them spoke, and they even decided to sit at separate tables.


The means of communication Whoo Psee, was able to interview Foundling in Italy where he was asked whether the relationship with Speitzer it had come to an end. This, apparently, was not to the liking of the actress who only managed to make an exclamation of surprise and did not want to answer the question.

Another detail that the love is over and that was highlighted by the couple’s followers is that before they sent likes and shared romantic publications on social networks and now that has changed a lot.

Another medium that touched on this issue was magazine TVNotas who published a note in which a friend of the couple, whose name is withheld, who revealed what apparently would be the true reasons for this estrangement.

In the magazine it is specified that the actor could not consolidate any project due to his way of being. “He behaved very arrogant and hateful every time she introduced him to someone to be included in a project or commercial, because very little was done to him, he only accepted to be the image of a jewelry and luxury goods brand, and of a of clothes”said the source.

Another comment from the revealing source was that despite the fact that between the two they had agreed to pay all the expenses of the department that Exposito has in Madrid and that the two of them would keep it clean, he didn’t give the money.

For this reason, he adds that the end of the relationship occurred after Exposito spoke with him on several occasions, but Speitzer refused, which caused the annoyance of his partner, so Ester decided to pack his things in suitcases and asked him to go away.

Ester Expósito speaks on Instagram. (Photo: @ester_exposito).


But the version released by the aforementioned media had an immediate response from the actress who through her social networks decided to talk about the issue. She denied that she kicked the actor out of the house.

“I find the absolutely false information that has been given in the media to be regrettable.”, He posted on the social network Instagram.

He also assured that this whole situation has come to affect the life of the young actor. This was a reason for him to tell his truth.

I would never spend a second to deny something like this if it weren’t for the fact that it is having an impact on Alejandro’s daily routine, one of the most wonderful, generous, kind, hard-working and humble people I have ever met in my life. Those of us who are or have been close to him know it”, Is observed in the publication.


3 premiere movies on Netflix that you can’t miss

Have you ever thought what would happen if you couldn’t sleep? Or but still, if no one on Earth could … Many speak of the end of the world by zombies or nuclear attacks, but the truth is that lack of sleep can unhinge anyone, which would bring serious consequences.

We see this crazy assumption in the plot of Disomnia, a movie premiere on Netflix which has quickly become the most sought after and seen on the platform, because it dares to propose another way of the end of humanity very different from what we are used to.

At De10.mx we tell you about this and two other tapes that have just premiered on the streaming platform and that you can watch this weekend with your family.

3 premiere movies on Netflix that you can’t miss

1. Disomnia

Jill is a former US Army soldier who traffics in sleeping pills, which has led to her losing custody of her children, Noah and Matilda. One day he has the opportunity to see them and they are driving around in his car, out of nowhere, all the electrical systems stop working and consequently crash.

Matilda is the most injured in the accident and is about to lose her life. While fighting for it, they realize that the failure is general and there is no electricity, but that is not the worst, because when night comes they find out that no one can sleep, except the girl.

From that moment the lack of sleep begins to drive the population crazy, Jill begins a journey where she will have to save her daughter from those who want to sacrifice her to find the cure.

Disomnia, which is a real sleep disorder, was directed by Mark Raso and starred Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, and Frances Fisher.

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2. Xtremo

This is the story of the revenge of Max, who violently lost his family after a betrayal by the group of gangsters with whom he worked and in which his brother Lucero was involved.

For two years he has been devising the perfect plan to end them all, but he must anticipate it when they kill in cold blood the loved ones of Leo, his protégé and who reminds him of his dead son. Now his hatred is double and it will motivate him to carry his revenge until only one is left standing.

Max will have the help of María, an expert in technology and part of his rival’s team, to destroy the man who controls drug trafficking in Barcelona.

The film, which is full of action but without getting too violent, was directed by Daniel Benmayor and starred Andrea Duro, Teo García, Óscar Jaenada, Óscar Casas, Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Alberto Jo Lee.

3. Oxygen

A woman wakes up in an airtight medical cryogenic unit not knowing who she is or how she got there. She is trapped without being able to put on, and the oxygen levels in the capsule are dropping dramatically.

Just talk to MILO, an artificial intelligence assistant, who will give you some clues so you can piece together your memories and discover the truth. When he knows that her name is Elizabeth Hansen, he will start a race to get out of there, while hallucinating from the lack of oxygen.

This stunning sci-fi film was directed and produced by Alexandre Aja and starring Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric, and Malik Zidi.

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We share you 10 facts about Loki, the supervillain:


Netflix: Today’s premieres June 11, 2021

Friday has finally arrived and, to spend a relaxing weekend at home, Netflix has a series of productions ready, including the sequel to his hit series “Lupin”, starring Omar Sy.

  • The 5 most anticipated Netflix premieres of June 2021

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix this Friday, June 11.

Estrenos Netflix

  • “Lupine: Part 2” (SERIES)
    • Pursued by “Hubert” and his henchmen, “Assane” struggle to find “Raoul while trying to come up with a grand plan to expose “Pellegrini’s” crimes.

  • “Skater Girl” (MOVIE)
    • After discovering a transformative passion for skateboarding, a young woman from rural India must navigate a number of challenges to achieve your dream of competing.

  • “The dragon in the kettle”
    • Eager to reconnect with his childhood best friend, a boy named Din knows the magic of possibilities thanks to a dragon capable of granting wishes.

  • “Shakes” (ANIME)
    • In “Manila”, where mythical creatures from Filipino folklore hide among humans, Alexandra It shakes”Becomes fully involved in the fight against the criminal underworld.

More Netflix premieres

Consultation the complete list of Netflix premieres that arrive during the month of June and schedule your favorite productions.



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Jennifer Lopez and the incredible news that her fans fell in love

Clearly, one of the most representative women in Latin music is Jennifer Lopez. Due to this, it has a great popularity that sets trends in various parts of the world. For her part, the beautiful Latina recently finished shooting her next film called Shotgun Wedding. It is about a couple whose wedding is interrupted by criminals so they both have to save the day.

As for her personal life, we have to say that she was recently captured again by the paparazzi, but this time with her ex-husband and father of her children, Marc Anthony. It is that a couple of days ago she was seen having a coffee with the interpreter of the song “Vivir mi vida” after her meeting with the actor. Ben Affleck.



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Sweet Tooth Season 2: release date on Netflix, trailer, what will happen, actors, characters and everything | Season 2 Release Date | Series | FAME

The end of the first season of “Sweet Tooth”Left several mysteries unsolved, therefore, a second installment would be the indicated to continue the story of Gus and the other hybrid children. However, as of yet, Netflix has not made any announcements regarding the future of the fantasy series.

MORE INFORMATION: Explanation of the end of “Sweet Tooth”, Netflix series

In addition, considering that the first installment of the fiction only addressed a part of the comics of the same name by Jeff Lemire, which has more than 40 issues, it is only a matter of time for a new batch of episodes.

For now, it only remains to wait for the official response from Netflix, which usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the response of its audience and although it does not share these figures, it does influence the renewal or cancellation of a series.

MORE INFORMATION: Explanation of the end of season 2 of “Three meters above the sky”

Will the radical group that supports hybrids reappear? (Photo: Netflix)


At the end of the first season of “Sweet Tooth”, Gus discovers that it was created in a laboratory and escapes to the field, where he finds a crashed plane from which he communicates with the Reserve for Hybrid Children. Abbot and his men are soon on the scene and shoot Jepperd to take Gus away.

When Aditya meets Gus, she realizes he’s special, so she asks for another hybrid to be brought to her to experiment. Meanwhile, Aimee rescues Jepperd in hopes that together they can get their children back.

In the last scene of the first installment, Bear manages to communicate by radio with Pajarita. Will he be able to reunite with Gus? Where have you been for the last ten years? What were you looking for with your experiment? Is it related to the virus that destroyed the world? What happened to the family of ‘Grandote’? What will Aditya do to help Gus? He was the first child, so could he be the key to finding a cure?

MORE INFORMATION: When will season 6 of “Lucifer” premiere on Netflix?


The second season of “Sweet Tooth”Does not yet have an official trailer.

Trailer for "Sweet Tooth"
Trailer for “Sweet Tooth,” Netflix series


These are the actors who could return in a second season of the series of Netflix.

  • Christian Convery as Gus
  • Nonso Anozie as Tommy Jepperd
  • Adeel Akhtar Como Dr. Aditya Singh
  • Ramirez como Amy dishes
  • Neil Sandilands como el general Steven Abbot
  • Stefania LaVie Owen como Bear
  • Aliza Vellani as Rani Singh
Nonso Anozie will return as Tommy Jepperd in season 2 of "Sweet Tooth" (Foto: Netflix)
Nonso Anozie regresará as Tommy Jepperd at the time 2 of “Sweet Tooth” (Photo: Netflix)


The second season of “Sweet Tooth”Does not yet have a release date for Netflix, but most likely the new episodes will hit the streaming platform in mid-2022.


Netflix: Releases June 4-5, 2021

Like every weekend Netflix has prepared some original productions on its platform for subscribers to enjoy these days.

Then We share all the details about the premieres of Netflix for this weekend.

Estrenos Netflix

  • “Sweet Tooth” (SERIE)
    • On a dangerous adventure through a post-apocalyptic world, a half-human, half-deer boy looking for a new beginning accompanied by a surly protector.

  • “Xtremo” (MOVIE)
    • In this relentless action thriller, a retired hit man seeks revenge of his deadly stepbrother with the help of his sister and a troubled teenager.

  • “Breaking the limits: The science of our planet” (DOCUMENTARY)
    • Sir David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström examine the collapse of Earth’s biodiversity and explain that we have time to avoid crisis.
  • “Human body: An endearing world” (DOCUMENTARY)
    • The latest scientific advances and the most compelling personal stories are combined in this docuserie enlightening about the incredible workings of the human body.

Netflix premieres June 5

  • “Cats: An Ode to Cat Love” (MOVIE)
    • Documentalists capture on video the daily life, routines and adventures of a group of Dutch cats, with all his curiosity and tenderness.

More Netflix premieres

Consultation The complete list of the news that Netflix has prepared for the month of June 2021.



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Bridgerton: Phoebe Dynevor Confirmed The Duke of Hastings Will Be In Season 2 | Netflix | Spoiler

2021 started with everything for the streaming service Netflix and he did it by conquering the world with Bridgerton, an adaptation that became the best premiere in history for a series on the platform. So much was the success that it was renewed for three more seasons, but to the disappointment of the fans, in April there was news that they did not want to hear: Regé-Jean Page decided to abandon the project. However, the Duke of Hastings will be present. Look what Phoebe Dynevor explained!

Recently, the interpreter of Simon Basset referred to his departure in an interview with Variety and gave explanations for the fans: “It was what it had to be. Simon was meant to be a bombshell antagonist during one of the seasons, to be reformed and find true love after Daphne. I think one of the bravest things about the romance genre is allowing the audience to have a happy ending”.

Previously, Dynevor He had made reference to the actor and clarified that he already knew it before everyone else, but he wants fans to understand that the series focuses on the Bridgerton brothers and in the books each one has a certain role. In this case, the actress spoke again on the subject with The Wrap: “Obviously, it’s sad to see Regé-Jean leave, but I’m looking forward to being reunited with my family!”.

However, Phoebe confirmed that the Duke will somehow be within fiction: “I think that in the dialogues we are mentioning him a lot, what’s more, Fans will see our baby! Season two will focus on the family relationship, and it will be very different. “. He then defended the way the story is told: “I’ve said it before, but fans who have read the books will see that each season focuses on one of the characters in the family. And that is what is most engaging, deep down, in the long term: seeing the different love stories that occur.

The second season of Bridgerton is already in the process of recording, where the adapted Julia Quinn novel will be The viscount who loved me, starring Anthony (Jonathan Bailey). “This time Anthony Bridgerton is the most coveted bachelor of the season in Victorian high society. But this year, the handsome viscount, fun-loving and enemy of commitment, surprises everyone and decides to find a wife and settle down”says his synopsis.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Guardians of the Galaxy 3


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