Limarenko asks to complete the building that he himself slowed down to be completed faster

18:29 16 Jul 2021, updated 18:46 16 July 2021

Sport, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Valery Limarenko discussed with the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation federal support for the construction of sports facilities on Sakhalin. Today, the head of the region and the head of the department, Oleg Matytsin, visited the construction sites of an athletics arena and a boxing center in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

– I see the prospects for the development of the sports infrastructure on Sakhalin. We visited a number of objects that require the attention of the federal government. The Ministry of Sports will provide maximum assistance so that they are put into operation. The most important thing is that the sites are in demand not only by national teams, but also by the residents of Sakhalin and the entire Far East, ” Oleg Matytsin emphasized.

– Objects need to be completed as soon as possible. They are important for Sakhalin people who are fond of physical culture and sports. And this is most of the inhabitants I am sure that new sports grounds will help many generations to achieve success in sports, – said Valery Limarenko.

The track and field arena will appear on Gorky Street. Its construction will solve the problem of the lack of large training and competition grounds, especially in winter.

The total building area is over 12 thousand square meters. There will be 6 circular paths of 200 meters, as well as 8 straight sixty-meter tracks and 2 hundred-meter tracks. There is a sector for high jumps, shot put and javelin throws. People with disabilities will also be able to train on an indoor sports ground.

The construction of the arena started in 2019. The contractor carried out a significant amount of work on the foundation, passageways and external sewerage networks. Also in the process – the installation of metal structures, retaining walls and external water supply networks.

The next object, which was examined by the regional governor and the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, was the South Sakhalin Boxing Center. Its creation will allow taking training in this sport to a new level. In addition, there will be an opportunity to host international competitions. The building will house 3 classrooms at once, one of which is universal. The boxing center will also host volleyball, basketball and mini-football trainings. Here, the construction of the foundation, reinforced concrete frame and external water supply networks has already been completed. At the final stage – the installation of the metal frame.

The completion of the construction of the track and field arena and the boxing center requires 940 and 480 million rubles, respectively. The Sakhalin Region counts on federal support in financing the work, IA Sakhalin reports with reference to the PSO press service.

Updated on July 16 at 18:46

We add that Valery Limarenko himself slowed down the construction of the track and field arena, having withdrawn money from it and postponing the dates to 2024

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the government is changing the strategy of struggle “

Israel became the first country to celebrate the return to normalcy and the removal of most restrictions thanks to its high vaccination coverage. But it turned out that the drugs could not save the country from the COVID-19 delta strain. He came to Israel and caused a spike in new infections.

About 60% of Israel’s 9.3 million people have received at least one Pfizer vaccine. On Sunday, the government began offering boosters for people with weakened immune systems.

After a rush of vaccinations that have reduced the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus, Israelis stopped wearing face masks and abandoned all social distancing rules. Perhaps this also had an impact.

Now in the country, which was considered the most “vaccinated”, about 450 new cases of COVID-19 infection are registered per day. The delta variant in Israel currently accounts for about 90% of cases. In this regard, the government announced that it is changing its strategy to combat the virus. The authorities now want the Israelis to learn to live with the virus, so there are no new lockdowns, but some minimum restrictions will begin to operate again.

“The implementation of the strategy will entail certain risks, but in general, including economic factors, this is the necessary balance,” said Prime Minister Bennett.

The Israeli government’s strategy echoes that of the British government, although Israel is now in the process of restoring some restrictions, while London is completely abandoning them.

The strategy of the “golden mean” and soft suppression of the virus has many opponents. In particular, the Ministry of Health of the country reacted with distrust to her, pointing out that the cost of such an error could be very high.

But some scholars call the Strategy the “golden path”. In particular, Nadav Davidovich, director of the School of Public Health at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, approves of her. He notes that the time has come to move away from hard lines and restrictions.

Israel is in no hurry to endorse public booster shots, saying there is no clear evidence yet to prove this is necessary. The authorities are also considering allowing children under 12 to be vaccinated on an individual basis.

Previously, when nothing was known about the delta strain, it was assumed that 75% of the population would need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. The estimated threshold is now 80%, and doctors are intimidated by this.

“The virus will not stop. It develops, it is its nature. But our nature is to survive “, – stated Dr. Gadi Segal, head of the coronavirus department at Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv.

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the call of the authorities after the incredible discovery in several lakes and rivers (photos)

The facts take place in the city of Burnsville, United States. City officials have discovered gigantic goldfish in several lakes and rivers in the Minneapolis area. They were reportedly released by locals and developed in the wild.

“They get bigger than you think and contribute to poor water quality by fattening bottom sediment and uprooting plants,” local Burnsville officials wrote on Twitter.

Goldfish can grow 5 to 12 centimeters per year if they are in good living conditions.

Officials appeal to the population: “do not release your goldfish in the wild”.


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TROPICAL STORM ELSA: Heavy rain and strong winds reach the east coast of the USA – WELT news channel

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Again numerous cracks with suspected wolf in Tyrol, bear in the Oberland

Again there were numerous cracks with specific suspicions of wolves in Tyrol.


Innsbruck – Over the weekend there were again numerous cracks from sheep in Tyrol. A total of 14 dead, seven injured and numerous missing sheep were reported in the East Tyrolean municipalities of Hopfgarten, Prägraten and Ausvillgraten. According to a broadcast from the state of Tyrol, there is a specific suspicion of wolf. Five sheep were killed in Anras last week.

Last week, three dead sheep were also reported on an alpine pasture in Westendorf. There were now seven more sheep on another alpine pasture. According to previous reports, around 20 sheep were killed in this area. The remaining sheep were immediately brought to the valley – the TT reported.

In the Oberland, in the Ötztal municipality of Umhausen, there was another indication of a bear at the weekend. An examination of a dead sheep suggested it. There was also similar evidence in the municipality of St. Anton am Arlberg. Here, too, a large predator is said to have tampered with a sheep. (

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Detect infections at an early stage


New corona mass test up to 100 times more sensitive than rapid antigen tests

by Felix Heyder

(01.07.2021) A new corona test developed at the University Hospital Bonn can analyze a large number of smears simultaneously with the help of sequencing technology and has a similarly high sensitivity as the common qPCR test. The innovative method offers great potential, particularly for systematic testing in day-care centers, schools or companies. The study results for the new corona test have now been published in the renowned specialist journal “Nature Biotechnology”.

Picture gallery

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk, recorded while pipetting in a laboratory on the campus of the University Hospital Bonn
Photo: Felix Heyder / Bonn University Hospital


Swab material from corona tests stained blue is prepared for analysis in a sequencing device with the help of a laboratory robot.
Photo: Felix Heyder / Bonn University Hospital


In order to be able to effectively monitor and contain the infection process in the corona pandemic, in addition to vaccination, systematic testing of the population remains of central importance. This is the only way to effectively monitor the spread of the virus and to contain it through targeted measures. The innovative “LAMP-Seq” corona test, which was developed at the University Hospital Bonn (UKB), offers the possibility of regularly testing many people for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In this way, infections can be detected at an early stage and corresponding chains of infection can be quickly interrupted.

“Our corona test” LAMP-Seq “is about 100 times more sensitive than the currently widespread rapid antigen tests and almost as sensitive and specific as the common qPCR test”, describes Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schmid-Burgk from the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology at the UKB discussed the properties of the test procedure, which was developed in an interdisciplinary manner with other researchers at the UKB.

“In addition, there is the high scalability of the test. Using sequencing machines, thousands of samples can be analyzed at the same time, ”says Schmid-Burgk, who was appointed to the University of Bonn in 2020 and previously worked at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The LAMP-Seq process not only detects corona infections with the original virus, but also those with new mutants of the variants alpha to delta.

Members of the ImmunoSensation2 Cluster of Excellence, the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health, Life & Brain GmbH and the German Armed Forces Central Hospital in Koblenz were among others involved in the project.

For the “LAMP-Seq” test, the Bonn scientists have adapted the already established LAMP method (“Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification” – multiplication of the virus genome at a constant temperature) and made it compatible with sequencing machines from biomedical research. As a result, many samples can be analyzed simultaneously using the high-throughput method.

This laboratory diagnostic procedure is made possible by an innovation from Schmid-Burgk: Before thousands of samples are analyzed together in a sequencing run, each individual sample is linked to a molecular barcode. This barcode ensures that every sample can be clearly assigned even after thousands of samples have been pooled. “Subsequent testing of the entire pool in the event of a positive test result is therefore no longer necessary,” said Dr. Kerstin Ludwig, Emmy Noether group leader at the Institute for Human Genetics. This technology significantly reduces the costs per test in direct comparison to the qPCR test and makes the “LAMP-Seq” method a scalable corona mass test.

“With its high throughput and high sensitivity, the“ LAMP-Seq ”test can make a significant contribution to the screening of undetected infections. Especially in schools or companies where many people meet regularly, our corona test is ideal for systematically and preventively monitoring the incidence of infection, ”says the co-developer of the test procedure, describing the possible application scenarios for the“ LAMP-Seq ”test .

Prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve, Medical Director and Chairman of the Board at UKB, explains the benefits of the new test for corona surveillance as follows: “To effectively contain a pandemic, you have to find infected people before they infect other people. In order to achieve this goal, we need mass screenings with the highest sensitivity, with which we can get a detailed picture of existing chains of infection. This is exactly what the ‘LAMP-Seq’ corona test developed at the UKB is ideal for. “

Even smaller models of the sequencing machines used are able to analyze around 10,000 samples in a single run (duration: around ten to twelve hours). This means that the laboratory capacities are almost excluded as a limiting factor in the testing.

In several large studies (including school and employee tests) with a total of around 20,000 tests, the Bonn scientists have extensively tested, optimized and successfully validated the entire upstream and downstream logistics, from taking samples via throat swab to fully digital feedback of the test results. The documentation of the study results recently went through an independent peer review process and was published today in the renowned journal “Nature Biotechnology”.

While the Bonn researchers have currently focused their innovative method entirely on SARS-CoV-2 testing, “LAMP-Seq” can in future also be used for differential diagnostics in testing for other viruses such as influenza A and can also be quickly adapted to other pandemics . The scientists are currently working on the CE marking as part of a conformity assessment procedure in order to make the “LAMP-Seq” test available internationally in a timely manner. Until this approval has been obtained, the technically and scientifically fully validated “LAMP-Seq” method will continue to be used for pilot tests.

The scientific team received financial support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the National Research Network for University Medicine (NUM B-FAST).

To the University Hospital Bonn:

The UKB cares for over 400,000 patients per year, employs over 8,000 people and has a balance sheet total of over one billion euros. In addition to the more than 3,300 medical and dentistry students, over 500 young people are trained in other health professions every year. The UKB is in 1st place among the university hospitals (UK) in North Rhine-Westphalia in the science ranking, has the fourth-highest case mix index (case severity) in Germany and had the economically most successful annual result of all 35 German UKs in 2020 and the only positive annual result of all UKs in NRW.



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Tsunami is caused by falling glaciers…

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