Frankfurt Airport evacuated due to “ongoing police operation”

Some areas at Frankfurt Airport in Germany were evacuated this Saturday due to an “ongoing police operation”.

On the Twitter social network, the Airport administration confirms that the police are on site and indicates that, “part of Terminal 1, the regional train station and the ticket to the long-distance train station.ncia are closed. Passengers must follow the instructions of the security team on site “.

Also on the social network Twitter, passengers reported the evacuation scenario, without initially being informed of the reason.

The German media reports, however, that a man put down a suitcase next to the passenger control spot in Terminal 1 and shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great). According to the Federal Police spokesman, the man, who is believed to be homeless, tried to escape but ended up in detention, as well as a second suspect.

The luggage, the police said, was “harmless”. In effect, about 2h30 after the blockade was removed and passengers were able to return to the airport.

[Notícia atualizada às 21h56]

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The National Rifle Association files for bankruptcy

Image from the annual convention of the National Rifle Association

Image from the annual convention of the National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association (NRA) filed for bankruptcy protection on Friday and announced that will move to Texas, as part of a restructuring plan to refloat its financial situation.

America’s largest conservative organization and gun lobby blamed “New York’s corrupt policy and regulatory environment”, where he faces a lawsuit from the state attorney general, Letitia James. New York has accused the leaders of the nonprofit organization of diverting millions of dollars for their personal use and declaring losses to the NRA worth 64 million dollars.

He District of Columbia has also sued the organization for improper use of funds obtained by donations to its foundation. “This movement will allow long-term and sustainable growth that ensures that the NRA continues to be the main defender of constitutional freedoms,” the organization said in a statement referring to the right to own and bear arms.

“The plan can be summarized simply: we throw New York in the trash and we are going to reincorporate the NRA in Texas, “said the organization’s leader, Wayne LaPierre, in an internal letter in which he denounced an alleged political persecution.

The NRA declared $ 500 million debt in your process to qualify for the suspension of payments of Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy law of the United States. The powerful gun-loving partner donation network of the NRA, one of the leading pro-Republican lobbying groups, has been hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the NRA’s headquarters are in Virginia, it has been registered as a non-profit organization in New York since 1871.


The ″ miracle baby ″ of a mother in a coma with covid-19

A woman infected with covid-19, and in a coma, gave birth to a premature baby of 29 weeks at Hospital da Santa Maria, in Lisbon. It happened in November, but the case has only just been publicized, when the mother and baby have returned home in good health. This is one of the most extraordinary situations associated with the pandemic.

Elizangela, the 31-year-old woman, 27 weeks pregnant, had to be admitted to intensive care at Santa Maria Hospital in early November 2020. In a critical situation, with her lungs in a very serious condition, “she had to be placed in ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, an end-of-line vital support technique) shortly afterwards, to maintain your oxygen levels and those of the baby “, explained on the Facebook page of the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Norte.

At the same time, it is added that in the middle of November, with only 29 weeks of gestation, the worsening of his health led the teams of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte to move towards a procedure that had no records in world terms: a cesarean section of a premature infant with a pregnant covid linked to ECMO.

The operation took place in the gynecology block, adapted for this pandemic phase, and the plan resulted in a huge success. The baby, although premature, was born with about a kilo. The mother, in spite of having spent the last days of pregnancy in a serious condition, and with a “very uncertain” prognosis, according to the doctors at the Hospital de Santa Maria, was well and without sequelae, in the care of the Neonatology Service.

On December 7, Elizangela left intensive care, after a recovery that the specialists who accompanied her classified as “amazing”. Ten days later, he was discharged from Medicina II F and was able to spend Christmas at home, but still without his son.

Now, less than a week ago, the baby was also discharged from the Hospital de Santa Maria, where he will continue to be regularly monitored by Neonatology. The family is at home, happy as never before, and with a story of a true “miracle” in times of Covid-19.


Portugal reaches new highs of deaths and cases of covid-19

Fourth consecutive day with more than 10,000 cases of covid-19. Second consecutive maximum of deaths associated with the disease. So is the pandemic in Portugal, hours after the beginning of the “light” confinement.

This Saturday, Portugal registers new highs associated with the covid-19, with a record of 166 deaths and another of 10947 cases reported until midnight on Friday. Data from the bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), 8709 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic, which has infected 539416 citizens since March 2.

In the first days of this year 2021, 125738 cases of contagion due to covid-19 are added, 10,121 more than the 115617 registered in the 31 days of December 2020. January is cold and lethal, with 1803 deaths associated with the SARS virus- CoV-2, almost as many as the 1998 of November, the month in which the pandemic accelerated in Portugal.

The number of hospitalized patients continues to rise, reaching 4653, 93 more than on Friday, of which 638 are seriously ill, hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (16 more), this Saturday.

The records are based on an evolution of the epidemic that leads to maximum records in almost all variants. With more than 2304 active cases in the last 24 hours, 128615 Portuguese DGS data are officially infected with covid-19 to date, a figure that has risen since the beginning of the year. Cases that lead to a record 155401 people under surveillance. All told, there are 283566 people confined due to SARS-CoV-2 in Portugal.

In a day with 8477 recovered, the highest record of the year, there are now, DGS accounts, more than 400 thousand people who have recovered from the disease (402542).

One victim under 40 and one under 50

Among victims of a virus especially lethal for the elderly, registration for the death of a woman under the age of 40 (17 deaths in total in the 30-39 age bracket) and a man in the next age group, 40-49 years, the 81st person to die in this age range.

In the next age group, 50-59 years, five people died, all men, for a total of 230 since March. With 16 deaths in the last 24 hours (13 men and three women), the 60-69 age group accumulates 736 deaths, 8.5% of the total recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.

The plague that kills the elderly has stolen 108 more lives (52 men and 56 women) in the highest age group, over 80 years old – there are 5856 the long life histories lost to the virus, 67% of the total 8709 accumulated deaths since that on March 16 died Mário Veríssimo, 82 years old. Between the ages of 70-79, another 35 people died (20 men and 15 women), for a total of 1780, 21% of the national total.

Majority of fatalities resided in the South

The Lisbon Region recorded 69 deaths in the last 24 hours, adding higher values ​​by region for the ninth consecutive day. In total, 3115 people lost their lives to the covid-19 around the capital. This is followed by the North Region, with 46 more fatalities, an increase of 11 compared to 35 on Friday and Thursday. In all, 3685 lives have been lost in the northernmost part of the country since March.

In the center of the country the numbers remain high, remaining close to 30 daily fatalities for the ninth day in a row. With the 28 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, there are now 1360 total victims associated with covid-19 in the Centro Region.

The Alentejo recorded a new daily death record, 17, after 3 pm on Friday, and reached 388 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. In the Algarve there are five more lives lost, for a total of 116 since March.

Madeira has reported a fatal victim in the last 24 hours, for a total of 23. The Azores have not recorded any deaths associated with covid-19 since December 30, keeping 22 deaths.

Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region with more cases for the ninth consecutive day

The Region of Lisbon and the Tagus Valley (RLVT) is the most affected by the pandemic for the ninth consecutive day, having recorded 3975 cases of covid-19 in the last 24 hours, very close to the four thousand infections barrier surpassed on Friday and Saturday. Global numbers, almost 180 thousand people (179873) have already been sick with the SARS-CoV-2 virus around Lisbon.

To the north, the numbers also remain high, and even rose from Friday, 3295, to Saturday, 3795. Another 500 cases around night that contribute to taking the North Region (RN) to pass the threshold of 250 thousand infected ( 252760) since the beginning of the pandemic, first detected on March 2, precisely in the northernmost part of the country.

The center is like the country, going on the fourth day in a row to add more than two thousand cases of covid-19 around each night. The most recent record counts 2136, the new high ever, on par with the same figure on Wednesday, raising the total above the threshold of 70 thousand – 71489 – infections.

With more than 510 cases, the Alentejo remains above the 500 mark for the third consecutive day, in a month in which it is breaking records. The total number of people affected has been 17812 since the beginning of the pandemic in the Alentejo region.

In the extreme south, the numbers returned over 400 cases. After a Friday with 318 registrations, the Algarve added 402 new infections, for a total of 12112 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Azores recorded 50 more cases, the same number as Saturday, which had been the lowest record of the last 10 days. The total number of infections in the Azorean archipelago amounts to 2881 since the beginning of the pandemic.

In Madeira, this Saturday brought 79 more infections to the DGS bulletin, 14 less than the 93 of the record reached on Saturday. The total has been in 2489 since the virus reached that archipelago off the African coast.


"Fire ball" travels over Mediterranean skies at 105,000 km / hour – Notícias ao Minuto

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Temperature rise will have unpredictable but negative consequences

Alfonso Delgado-Bonal, from the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, stressed that the immediate effects are already visible, in the form of increasingly more extreme weather phenomena, although the long-term consequences are unpredictable.

“If this trend continues, we cannot even measure or predict the effects. It is very worrying,” said this atmospheric physicist, a native of Salamanca, in an interview with Lorenzo Castro E., of Efe.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA (NASA, on the acronym in English) released on Thursday its annual report on the temperature of the planet, according to which the average of 2020 was 1.02 degrees Celsius (ºC) above the value recorded between 1951-1980, which is used as reference.

According to the National Administration of Oceans and Atmosphere of USA (NOAA, the acronym in English), the year 2020 had an average temperature of 14.88ºC, a hundredths below that of 2016, in contrast to the NASA, which points out 2020 as hotter than 2016, but by a difference so small that essentially the two years are tied.

Thinner-Bonal highlights what the NASA he pointed out, namely that the trend of the last seven years, the hottest since there are records, since 1880, bodes for new records, unless habits are changed.

“Our greenhouse gas emissions do not stop, the atmosphere continues to heat up and, moreover, it is a cumulative process,” said the scientist.

For this reason, mandatory quarantines in much of the planet, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, ended up having a residual effect on the global average temperature of the planet.

Delgado-Bonal highlighted the consensus of scientists on the effect of activity the temperature of the planet, which includes both activity industrial, as or abbe of trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The scientist stressed that the climate crisis will bring meteorological events “more frequent and more intense”, as was the last hurricane season in the Atlânative, with several records, including the number of named storms that formed, 30, two more than in 2005.

Of the 12 storms or hurricanes that hit land in the USA – Hanna, Beta, Laura, Delta, Zeta, Marco, Christopher, Sally, And, Berta, Isaías and Fay – there were seven that individually caused damage estimated at more than one billion dollars (828 million euros).

A report from the NOAA, broadcast this month, reveals that the damage caused by natural disasters in the USA in 2020 it exceeded 95 billion dollars (78,635 million euros), the fourth highest value in history.

Delgado-Bonal warned of possible seasons cyclonic, like that of 2020, with the foreseeable disastrous consequences for economies and, more importantly, the loss of human lives.

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A teacher said in class that it was Antifa to invade Capitol Hill. Students laughed

Ostudents at a school in Florida recorded the moment when the teacher decided to teach about the attack on the Capitol, informing the class that the riot was caused, not by Trump supporters, but by members of Antifa (anti-fascist movement associated with the far left) ).

The students began to counter-argue, with one referring that they wore hats and other clothing in support of Donald Trump.

“They were paid to be there and cause a riot, they had to make it look like they were Trump supporters, so they wore hats and carried Trump flags,” replied the teacher, who was teaching that class in place of the permanent teacher at the school. Lake Wales.

The professor, says Yahoo, made reference to an article by the conservative Washington Times, who wrote that facial recognition identified Antifa members among Trump’s supporters, something that was later denied and the article was corrected.

Another student recalled that they were Trump supporters who were in Washington that day, and that they went to the Capitol to try to prevent the vote that made Joe Biden’s election official. The professor denied, claiming that Trump’s supporters were “trying to prevent the windows from breaking.”

After the video was released, the teacher was fired not only from that school, but also from the school group, as confirmed by Damien Moses, the school’s director, to TMZ. “We met with her and she was fired, not just from our school, but the entire school district,” she clarified.

It is recalled that at least 70 invaders who have already been identified, arrested and formally charged with the January 6 attack on the Capitol, which culminated in the death of five people, including an official.

Washington federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin has indicated, however, that he is expected to bring charges against “hundreds” of people. The charges range from theft of government property, illegal entry into a restricted building, disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill with the intention of preventing operation, trespassing and rioting.

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Couple refuses to close restaurant in Lisbon and pleads Constitution

Os restaurant owners Lapoin Lisbon, refuse to close their doors due to the confinement general, which has been in effect since midnight on Friday, and invokes the Constitution to keep the doors open.

“Following the promulgation of Decree-Law no. 6-A / 2021, of 14 January, and after an assessment of the present facts consistent with our moral and ethical, as well as with the spirit – and the letter – of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, we, António Guerreiro and Bruna Guerreiro, managing partners of Atelier Lapo Lda., we decided to keep the restaurant Lapo open, invoking article 21 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic – Right of Resistance“, read in the owners’ statement, shared on the account of Instagram of the restaurant and already widely shared by social networks.

We understand that human rights have been widely violated and that the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic has been trampled on. As was explicitly stated in judgment No. 1783 / 20.7T8PDL.L1-3 of the Lisbon Court of Appeal, dated 11 November 2020, the State has no legitimacy, in circumstância none, to disregard the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens “, stressed the couple.

For António and Bruna Guerreiro, “when the authority, which has a duty to defend and govern us, leads our companies and our families to financial ruin, depriving us of the right to subsistence, after a life of blood, sweat and tears, it is a sign of that is urgent reflect and act “.

“The defense of public health should not and cannot become a alibi for an attack on the life and freedom of the Portuguese people “, underlined the partners.

The couple’s statement comes in response to the measures applied by the Government, this Friday, due to the growth of cases of Covid-19 in Portugal and with Portuguese hospitals reaching the limit due to the increase in hospitalized patients.

[Comunicado do restaurante Lapo]© Instagram/ Lapo

It should be recalled that Portugal added 10,663 more contagions due to the new coronavirus and 159 deaths related to Covid-19 (a new daily maximum), indicates the DGS this Friday. In total, with this update, the country accumulates 528,469 infections and 8,543 deaths since the beginning of pandemic.

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Attentive restaurant maid saved two children from abusive parents

UA restaurant maid from Orlando, United States, this week received praise from the local police, after realizing a situation of child abuse with the visit of a family to the place. The employee’s quick actions helped save two children from a “potential homicide investigation,” according to authorities.

Flavaine Carvalho was on duty on January 1, at the restaurant, when she received a family of four: a man, a woman and two children, a boy of 11 and a girl of four. After the order was placed and the food was served, the parents prevented the boy from feeding.

The employee also noticed that the boy had marks of violence and quietly wrote questions on a paper: “Do you need help?”. The boy nodded. Flavaine then wrote “ok” to show him again and called the police.

Timothy Wilson, 34, the stepfather, was arrested at the scene. Her mother, Kristen Swann, 31, was arrested on 6 January.

The boy, already in custody of Orlando Police Department agents, revealed that he had already been arrested by the wrists and ankles, and that he had already been hung upside down on a door. He also said that he used to be hit with a wooden broom and that he was often handcuffed.

At a press conference on Thursday, the police praised the employee’s actions.

“I want to express publicly how much we appreciate the actions of this young woman, who is here with her daughter and the owner of the restaurant,” said the police chief. “Because of her, two children were saved. We are talking about a potential homicide investigation, if she had not intervened and did what she did,” he added.

The two children are delivered to social services.

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