At least 20 killed in Costa Rica with adulterated alcohol

Dand according to a report from the authorities, until Friday there were 52 suspected cases of methanol poisoning, 20 of which died.

The fatal victims, 17 men and three women, were between 23 and 75 years old.

Most cases of intoxication were registered in the province of San José (36).

From 05 of October, the authorities inspected 49 commercial establishments to collect samples for analysis.

In addition, authorities seized 14,327 units of alcoholic beverages in the early hours of Friday.

Last year, Costa Rican authorities recorded 76 cases of methanol poisoning and 29 deaths from ingestion of methanol. alcohol adulterated.

That year, authorities seized more than 66,000 bottles of alcoholic beverages with legal adulterated or counterfeit marks.

Methanol, a substância toxicity related to ethanol, causes serious damage to all organs, namely brain problems.

Symptoms of poisoning include chest pain, nausea, hyperventilation, blindness and coma.

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Rupert Murdoch believes in Trump’s defeat by a wide margin

SAccording to sources consulted by the Daily Beast news website, 89-year-old Rupert Murdoch considers that Donald Trump’s term, which ran during the pandemic of covid-19, will end in the next presidential elections on 03 November, news agency EFE.

This position of the president of the News Corp group, in which he believes in the defeat of Trump against Biden, can put the media universe controlled by the Australian tycoon, such as the Fox News television channel or The Wall Street Journal even further away from the Republican candidate.

According to sources, the relationship between Murdoch and Trump is now more distant and the two have not spoken for weeks, partly due to criticism that the American president has made to Fox News, despite regularly using some of his programs to launch ‘ slogans’ and criticism.

Trump is especially unhappy with the polls carried out by that station television, which put the Republican at a disadvantage in important states.

And he is also displeased with the moderator of the first presidential debate that took place in September, Chris Wallace.

Although Trump and Murdoch were never close friends, the Australian tycoon’s media group, especially Fox News, was instrumental in the Republican candidate’s victory in 2016.

“After all, it looks like people are ready for ‘Sleepy Joe’,” said Murdoch, quoted by the Daily Beast, in a reference to the phrase used by Trump to refer to Democratic rival Joe Biden.

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the Catholic Church is growing rapidly –

Interest in the Catholic Church has virtually disappeared in the Dutch media. That’s strange what the Catholic Church is one of the biggest movements in the world. And the number of Catholic ones is increasing, even in Europe.

Between 2013 and 2018, the number of Roman Catholics worldwide has increased by 6 percent to 1.329 billion. This is evident from the statistical yearbook that the Vatican published on Thursday, the ND writes.

This more or less parallels the increase in the world population

In Africa and Asia, the number of Catholics grew faster than the population growth, in America, Europe and Oceania, on the contrary. Nevertheless, the number of believers also increased by 94,000 in Europe.

Bron (nen): ND


Chano Domínguez, 2020 National Prize for Current Music




The pianist Sebastian “Chano” Domínguez has been distinguished with the National Prize for Current Music 2020 granted annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and endowed with 30,000 euros.

The jury has distinguished with this recognition his “very personal style” and “his long career of four decades dedicated to music, as a composer, performer and arranger”, which have led him to be “one of the greatest representatives of the jazz-flamenco».

Likewise, they have underlined «their numerous collaborations with other great artists and national and international projects, as shown in his latest works: Chano y Colina, together with Javier Colina; Paramus with Hadar Noiberg and A snowball, together with Martirio ».

More than forty years of experience

The musician and pianist Sebastián Domínguez Lozano «Chano» Domínguez (Cádiz, 1960) is one of the greatest representatives of the jazz-flamenco genre in Spain and, in his more than forty years of experience, he has been a pioneer in the creation, dissemination and loyalty of this genre both nationally and internationally.

Self-taught, at the age of eight his parents gave him his first instrument, a flamenco guitar, and at eighteen he had already formed his first group, CAI, with which he recorded three albums for the company CBS. In the 80s, Chano made the leap to the international jazz scene, with the Hiscadix group, winner of the First National Show for Young Performers held in Palma de Mallorca in 1986. Later, he would participate in other international competitions in Sweden, Germany and Belgium. In 1990 he reached the final of the MartialSolal International Piano Competition, held in Paris. His style was praised by musicians such as RichieBeirach, Bill Dobbins, Joe Henderson and Kenny Werner, with whom he had the opportunity to study at different seminars.

In 1992 he formed his own Trio, with the idea of ​​merging the rhythms of flamenco (alegrías, soleás and bulerías) and the musical forms of jazz, and he released his first solo album: Chano. The following years would be of key collaborations with renowned artists such as Michel Camilo, Jorge Pardo and Martirio, with whom he would record Coplas de Madrugá and later, Hecho a mano, a key album in his stylistic maturity. In December 1997 his live album Piano Solo appeared. The decade continued with national and international collaborations: he participated in the album Lorquiana by Ana Belén and produced and directed Tú no suspchas, by the Cuban composer Marta Valdés. Chano’s next album was the award-winning Imán, in which he had the collaboration of Enrique Morente, Luis de la Pica and Blas Córdoba along with his usual trio.

Later he would participate in Fernando Trueba’s project Calle 54, in which Chano was the only Spanish musician along with artists such as Tito Puente, Gato Barbieri, Chucho Valdés, Paquito D’Rivera, Jerry González, Michel Camilo or Eliane Elías. In 2002 he recorded Oye como venta, a record that was nominated for the Grammy Awards in the Latin Jazz category. During 2002 Chano made several tours of Europe and America with his sextet, together with the artists of the film Calle 54, appearing at the Montreux and Istanbul festivals and in cities such as Washington, Los Angeles or Philadelphia.

In 2003 he toured the US and was invited by WyntonMarsalis to perform at the Lincoln Center in New York, presenting his new composition De Cádiz a Nueva Orleans for a jazz-flamenco sextet and Big Band. He also performed at the Chicago and San Francisco Festivals and, during this period, he released several albums: Con alma, Chano Domínguez 1993-2003, Acoplados and Acércate más.

In her search for new challenges, she took part in the ballet show that brought together El sombrero de tres picos by Manuel de Falla and El café de chinitas by Federico García Lorca. During that same period, he performed at the National Auditorium in Madrid together with the National Orchestra of Spain with his work De Cádiz a Orleans.

In 2006, he created his New Flamenco Sound, a new vision of jazz and flamenco fusion, which incorporates new instruments such as keyboards and electric guitar. Later, QuartierLatin would arrive, together with Paquito D ‘Rivera and Piano Ibérico, in which he interpreted the compositions of Granados, Falla and Mompou; Kind of Blue, nominated for a Grammy in 2012. His latest work includes Chano Revisited, his debut as a composer of symphonic music.

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Tens of thousands of electric cars recalled due to fire hazard –

Tens of thousands of electric cars and hybrids have been recalled due to fire hazards. The battery can spontaneously catch fire while charging or driving, warn manufacturers BMW, Hyundai and Ford.

The fire brigade previously advised against charging electric cars in a parking garage because of the large fire that can occur if the battery catches fire. There have also been films of Teslas that suddenly ignite for some time.

In recent weeks, BMW and Ford have recalled their plug-in hybrids. What exactly is going on is unclear, as is when the problem has been resolved. Hyundai recalled 8,000 electric cars to the garage in the Netherlands alone. Of the model Kona, 16 worldwide would have caught fire in the past year. With the hybrid Ford Kuga, there have already been 7 fire incidents in Europe.

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Woman interrupts (husband’s) marriage in Zambia. And there are images

Abraham Do you was caught by his current wife, Caroline Mubita, when he was at the altar trying to marry someone else. The wife burst into the church and ended the ceremony. Do you e Mubita have three children in common.

The images of the moment were shared on social networks and are now news in the four corners of the world. The Zambian Observer, an English-language country newspaper, tells Abraham Do you left home on the 12th of Octobertelling the woman he was going to work. Caroline found out what was going on because she was alerted by the neighbors.

The ‘other’ was aware that Do you he was married and had another family.

Since bigamy is a crime in Zâmbia, the man can now face up to seven years in prison.

See, in the gallery above, the moment when Caroline Mubita ‘spoil’ the link.

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King of Thailand shocks to reunite lover and wife at the same ceremony

Maha Vajiralongkorn, the controversial king of Thailandndia, continues to talk about social media for the most unusual reasons.

According to journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall, who is covering the country’s events this week, the monarch gave rise to a moment of enormous “embarrassment”.

This is because the woman, the queen, joined in the same room Suthida, and the mistress, Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi.

‘These ceremonies’kathin‘are supposed to be Buddhist rituals that show the virtue of the participants. King Vajiralongkorn turned them into ‘lakorn‘ [palavra tailandesa para designar um drama/novela] with a conflict between the woman and the mistress. What a mess”, wrote in a post on his Twitter account.

It should be noted that, according to the international press, the queen recently granted her pardon to the lover in question, so that she could join the harem her husband has in Germany. It is known that there gather dozens of women in a hotel room that is known by employees as the “pleasure room”.

It is also relevant to remember that the mistress came to be arrested, since she wanted to take the place of queen. Later released, the first concubine was considered in an official ceremony thai.

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Trump threatens to “strike back” if EU moves ahead with sanctions

“Vwe’ll see what happens. If [os Estados-membros da UE] strike us, then we will counterattack much harder than they do. They don’t want to do anything, I can guarantee that, “Donald Trump said in remarks to reporters, quoted by the Spanish agency Efe, before heading to the State of North Carolina.

Brussels, which was authorized on Tuesday by the OMC moving forward with tariffs retaliatórias € 3.4 billion against the United States, warned that it will do so if they do not agree on aviation aid.

“The EU will immediately engage again with the USA in a positive and constructive way to decide on the next steps, “said the European Commission’s executive vice president with the portfolio of Commerce, Valdis Dombrovskis, in a post on the social network Twitter.

In a statement released by the Mission of USA to the European Union, also on Tuesday, the United States Trade Representative, Robert E. Lighthizer, said that Brussels “has no valid basis for retaliating against any products of the USA“.

“Any imposition of tariffs based on a measure that has been eliminated is clearly contrary to the principles of OMC and will force a response from USA“, added Lighthizer.

The diplomat also said that USA “they are determined to find a resolution to this dispute that addresses the massive subsidies that European governments have provided Airbus and that harm the United States’ aerospace workers and companies.”

Robert E. Lighthizer added that Washington is waiting for the “European Union response” to the American proposal to “restore fair competition” and “level the playing field for this sector“.

On Tuesday and reacting to the decision released by OMC, which authorized the EU to to adopt rates retaliatórias against the United States in the case that opposes the two blocks for aid direct aviation, Valdis Dombrovskis he insisted that Brussels prefers “a negotiated agreement” on this type of support.

But he left a warning to the American administration: “If that doesn’t happen, we will be forced to defend our interests and respond proportionately.”

At stake is the commercial dispute between Washington and Brussels over public aid to North American (Boeing) and European (Airbus) aviation, which has lasted for several years, and in the âscope of which OMC has already declared both the United States and the EU guilty.

In a decision published today, the organ appeal OMC determined that “the EU may apply for authorization to to adopt countermeasures in relation to the United States at a level not exceeding, in total, four billion dollars (about 3.4 billion euros) “, according to the document published on the website of internet of the institution.

In that document, the organ appeal OMC justified that the total amount of these tariffs retaliatórias that the EU can now to adopt it is “proportional to the degree and nature of the adverse effects” of United States public aid to Boeing.

And in that EU-friendly ruling, the OMC also needed that these countermeasures against the United States can result in the “suspension of tariff concessions and other obligations” namely in relation to a “list of North American products to be defined in due time”.

In October past, the OMC decided in favor of the United States and authorized the country to apply additional tariffs of $ 7.5 billion (almost seven billion euros) to European products, in retaliation for EU aid to the French aircraft manufacturer, Airbus.

That was the heaviest sanction ever imposed by that organization.

However, in December past, the judges of OMC they argued that these additional tariffs should be reduced by about two billion dollars to close to five billion dollars.

With this permission, the United States adopted fees customs 10% in aeronautics and 25% in agriculture.

In retaliation, Brussels soon warned that it would to adopt similar measures when it had a ‘green light’ from OMC – which happened today – since Washington was also found guilty of supporting Boeing.

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Pope Francis warns of global “educational catastrophe”

THE alert is part of a video message that the Pope sent to a meeting promoted by the Vatican, to produce a Global Education Pact.

In the message, the Pope began by saying that due to the pandemic of covid-19 “many children and adolescents have been left behind in the natural process of educational development”.

Using the expression “educational catastrophe” that some international organizations have already spoken of, the leader of the Catholics later said that “about 10 million children could be forced to drop out of school due to the economic crisis generated by coronavirus, increasing an already alarming educational gap, with more than 250 million school-aged children excluded from any activity educational “.

For the Pope, “this situation has increased the awareness that a change in the development model must be made”.

Francisco called for a new education capable of “generating and showing new horizons, in which hospitality, solidarity intergenerational and the value of transcendence build a new culture “, defending after education is presented” as the natural antidote to individualistic culture, which sometimes degenerates into a true cult of self and the primacy of indifference “.

And he defended a “new period of educational commitment, involving all components of society”.

“Let us hear,” said the Pope, “the cry of the new generations, which expresses the need and, at the same time, the stimulating opportunity for a renewed educational path, which does not look the other way, favoring serious social injustices, violations of rights , great poverty and human exclusions “.

Francisco proposes that education also be “a shared path, in which one is not indifferent to the scourge of violence and abuse of minors, the phenomenon of girls wives and child soldiers, the tragedy of minors sold and enslaved”.

On current health crisis situation, “full of despairyou and confusion “, the Pope explained that the Church considers” that it is time to sign a global educational pact for and with the younger generations, involving families, communities, schools and universities, institutions, religions, governments, and all of humanity in the formation of mature people “.

The pact provides for young people to be helped to “value their dignity in order to highlight their own specificity, their beauty, their uniqueness and, at the same time, their ability to relate to others, rejecting lifestyles. that favor the diffusion of the culture of disposable“.

In addition to proposing that the voice of children, adolescents and young people be heard, the pact defends the promotion of “the full participation of girls and young people in education” and that the family be considered as the first and indispensable educator.

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“I panicked”. Young woman gives birth, throws baby out of window and goes to sleep

Ua 23-year-old woman was arrested after the police found an abandoned baby by one of the windows in the house where her mother lived in New York, USA.

It is now known that the young woman gave birth alone and threw the baby out the window. Then he put on his laundry, took a shower and went to sleep.

Sabita Doookram, from Richmond Hill, is accused of attempted murder for having thrown the baby out of the window.

“I gave birth yesterday. I cut the umbilical cord with scissors I had in the bathroom. I panicked and threw the baby out the window “, confessed the child’s mother.

The newborn was transported to the hospital and connected to a ventilator. He was later transferred to a pediatric hospital where doctors realized they were brain dead.

The judge regretted what happened, deploring the fact that a “child is suffering due to actions of the mother herself “.

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