A guerrilla from the FARC dissidents is convicted of killing two social leaders

The Second Criminal Court of Florencia, in the department of Caquetá, has condemned a 20 years in prison Verónica Campos Pabón, alias ‘Andrea’, a member of one of the dissidents of the extinct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), for the murder of two social leaders, as well as the forced displacement of a woman and a child in October 2019.

The conviction was for two crimes of aggravated homicide in a homogeneous competition that occurred in La Espensa de Cartagena de Chairá, in the department of Caquetá, in southern Colombia.

The assassinated leaders were Gustavo Montoya Rodríguez and Ronald Rodríguez Zuluaga, who were allegedly targeted by the Residual Organized Armed Group (Gaor) 62 of the disappeared FARC.

In addition, she has also been convicted of aggravated forced displacement, aggravated conspiracy, and manufacture, trafficking, or aggravated possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

According to the 2019 report of the Information System on Aggressions against Human Rights Defenders in Colombia (SIADDHH), collected by the newspaper ‘El Espectador’, Montoya Rodríguez was vice president of the community action board of the La Espensa village, where he was murdered.

For his part, Rodríguez Zuluaga was a member of the Coexistence and Conciliation Committee, also from the same village.

According to the information compiled by the Prosecutor’s Office, ‘Andrea’, 26, was in charge of monitoring the urban area of ​​Doncello and other municipalities of Caquetá so that the dissidents of the former FARC guerrilla “carried out terrorist actions against the population and the Public Force “.

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The condemned woman was captured last September 2020, and since then she has remained in prison, although there are five other arrest warrants for this case, three of them against the leaders of the dissidents, including Miguel Botache Santillana, alias’ Gentil Duarte ‘.

According to figures from the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz), a total of 309 social leaders were murdered in Colombia in 2020, in addition to 12 family members or people related to them and 64 former FARC combatants.


Violence leaves 20 murders in the first three days of 2021 | News from El Salvador

Most of the homicides were registered in the departments of San Salvador, Chalatenango, Sonsonate, and Cabañas; according to the police.

Criminal violence killed 20 people in the first three days of 2021, according to Police figures. On the first day of the year, ten murders were registered, seven this Saturday and three more yesterday.

Five of the crimes occurred in San Salvador, three in Chalatenango, another three in Sonsonate, two in Cabañas, another two in La Unión, and two more in Ahuachapán. The rest occurred in Santa Ana, La Paz and La Libertad.

On Sunday morning, the police authorities found the body of César Aníbal Cruz Juárez, 22, in the canton of San Juan, Cuesta El Gavilán, Tacuba, Ahuachapán.

Cruz Juárez was kidnapped by gang members on Saturday night when he was returning from a religious service, according to police. The reasons why he was murdered is unknown, although the authorities do not rule out that gang members who have a presence in the sector are responsible for it.

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Juan Manuel Flores Mendoza was also murdered yesterday morning on the main street of the Tepemechín canton, of Yucuaiquín, La Unión, the authorities reported.

While the previous Saturday afternoon, the authorities found the bodies of a man and a woman in a ravine in Ciudad Delgado, on the Oro highway. The victims were not identified by the police.

The body of a gang member who had just left a penal center was also found in the Loma la Gloria district of Ahuachapán.

But the most serious event occurred in the early morning of January 1 in the La Clínica de Guarjila neighborhood, Chalatenango, in which two young people died and two others were injured.

A group of men in dark clothes attacked the victims who were celebrating the arrival of the new year. Edwin Josué Hernández Cruz, 18 years old; and Óscar Arnulfo Hernández García, 27.

The young wounded were taken to a hospital in Chalatenango. After the attack, the criminals left a note that read: “Drug traffickers and gang members are dying (Los Justicieros).”

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Gang members kidnap two policemen in San Salvador and in the western zone

The spike in homicides has prompted police officers to alert their colleagues on social media to take precautionary measures so that they are not targeted by gangs or other criminals.

On Saturday afternoon, police officers denounced the kidnapping of one of their companions by gangs in the western part of the country.

His relatives reported the incident to the police authorities, so a search operation was carried out on his colleague and after two hours the policeman was able to escape from his captors. He was found by agents of the 911 Emergency System and taken to a hospital to be treated for the beatings he received while he was abducted, according to police sources.

At night, another police officer, stationed in Ilopango, also managed to escape from the gang members who had him kidnapped. He was found by his colleagues from the 911 Emergency System near the Harrison community bridge in the San Jacinto neighborhood, south of San Salvador.

The agent said that he had been deprived of his liberty by gang members, but that he was able to escape along the banks of the Acelhuate River. The victim, who was allegedly drunk, had a sprained right ankle, for which he was taken to a hospital.

The authorities maintain their defense that homicides have dropped significantly. The Minister of Security, Rogelio Rivas, wrote on January 1 on his Twitter account that 2020 had closed with a rate of 20 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants and an annual average of 3.6 murders per day, the “lowest registered in the last two decades ”.


An indigenous leader assassinated in Honduras, the second in less than 72 hours

The leader of the Tolupán ethnic group Adam Mejia was assassinated in Honduras this Tuesday while working in the municipality of Morazán, in the center of the country, days after the murder of the peasant leader of the Lenca ethnic group and candidate for deputy Félix Vázquez, according to Europa Press.

Mejía was assassinated to bullets by unknown persons who have subsequently fled and, until now, the motive for the murder is unknown, while the perpetrators of the homicide have not been arrested, according to local media La Tribuna.

Is the second indigenous leader assassinated in a few days, after last Saturday a group of hooded men assassinated Félix Vázquez, a pre-candidate for deputy for the left of the Libertad y Refundación (Free) Party, who lived in the department of La Paz and was assassinated at his home.

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Since 2015, at least 20 indigenous defenders have been murdered, according to what the Lenca Independent Indigenous Movement of La Paz-Honduras (MILPAH) denounced at the time.

Among these crimes, the most media coverage was the one committed against the leader of the Lenca people and renowned environmentalist Berta Cáceres, an environmental activist who led the opposition to the construction of a hydroelectric dam in indigenous territory and who was shot dead in her own home on 2 March 2016.


Cause for trial against Jay O’Neill González, accused of murdering Rosimar Rodríguez

Jay O’Neill González Mercado will face trial for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Rosimar Rodríguez Gómez.

This was determined on Wednesday afternoon by Judge Sylvia Díaz Solla, of the Bayamón Court of First Instance, who indicated the start of the trial for December 16, from 9:00 a.m.

The decision was made after hearing the testimony of Xadiel Cabranes Mojica, to whom González Mercado tried to blame the murder.

Rosimar’s family was in court at the time of the decision. No person related to González Mercado, who has participated in this preliminary hearing process via Zoom, was present.

Previously, Cabranes Mojica testified that some sexual videos that González Mercado allegedly found on the cell phone of his partner, Jonelys Soto Adorno, caused a dispute between them that could have ended with the kidnapping and murder of Rosimar.

During his testimony, the 20-year-old explained that he had known González Mercado since 2012, when they both lived in the same urbanization, and that they used drugs together. It alleged that the defendant used marijuana, Xanax and Tramadol.

Cabranes Mojica affirmed that he shared with his girlfriend, whom he identified as Samantha, and the couple made up of González Mercado and Soto Adorno, whom he said he met in 2017, on several occasions this year.

The most relevant part that the young man detailed in his testimony was that on September 16, the day before Rosimar’s murder, González Mercado wrote him a message on WhatsApp in which he indicated that he wanted to have a conversation with him. In that message, the phrase “la pu… esta” stood out.

“I was guiding there and I received a call from Jay that he had found some sex videos of Jonelys,” he said in his testimony.

“I get a call. I put it on ‘speaker’, because I’m guiding. Jay in a tearful voice tells me that he feels like sh … He’s like tearful. He tells me that he feels shit … for having given him his trust. She starts crying and says ‘you’ll see’ and the call hooks me, ”added the witness, amid several interruptions due to differences between the prosecutors – Lizette Sánchez Vázquez, Gretchen Pérez Catinchi and Jessika Correa- with the defendant’s lawyer, Manuel Morales Schmidt.

The testimony, despite the interruptions, revealed that González Mercado’s discomfort was because the defendant allegedly told him “I found some videos…… this one (she doesn’t say a name). I feel shit … for having given him my confidence ”.

These expressions were heard in the room by Rosimar’s mother, Rosa Gómez Ortiz, and her father, Roberto Rodríguez Negrón. There was also his aunt, Marangelí Gómez Ortiz, and an uncle who was not identified.

In his testimony, Cabranes Mojica reported that he recommended González Mercado to “take things easy.” He said the reply he received was a cartoon with a broken heart.

He immediately commented that he wrote to Soto Adorno to see if he was okay.

“She proceeds to tell me what happened,” he stated.

However, the explanation was not publicly disclosed, as the lawyer successfully objected that nothing of what Soto Adorno wrote or said could be indicated.

The witness continued to answer questions from the prosecutor Correa, in which he revealed that on the afternoon and night of September 17, the day Rosimar was kidnapped, he was with his girlfriend Samantha at his mother’s house and that they went to eat sushi.

The defendant, however, stipulated in his affidavit that he was with Cabranes Mojica that night and that it was Cabranes Mojica who killed Rosimar with two shots. But, during the hearing it emerged that the autopsy revealed that the body had about 15 detonations.

Likewise, the agent who investigated the case, Jesus Alicea Ortiz, reported during the judicial process that there is evidence that locates the witness in the places he reported during the hours of the crime. For example, there are videos of the place where you went to eat with your partner.

On the other hand, Cabranes Mojica said that it was when he was with his partner in the car talking that September 17 that he learned through a post on Facebook that Rosimar and Soto Adorno were missing.

He explained that he tried to get Soto Adorno through messages on his cell phone, but that it was not until September 18 at around 7:00 pm that she replied to him on Messenger.

He said that on September 20 he saw a Facebook Live of the moment when agent Wilson Cordero interviewed Soto Adorno about the Rosimar case.

“I heard various things. I know that she lied, because she had told me (about the Rosimar case), ”he said.

“We had already had a conversation and he told me about Jay and Rosimar what happened, how he lost his phone,” he said in another instance.

The young man tried to stipulate in several instances that he always thought that González Mercado was involved in Rosimar’s disappearance and death. But, due to objections of the lawyer, his testimony on the matter was not allowed.

At the end of the morning hearing, Cabranes Mojica revealed that from the first day the Police interviewed him, on September 22, he handed over his cell phone to the Police. This mobile is supposed to contain the evidence of the conversations he had with González Mercado and Soto Adorno regarding the crime.

Prosecutor Pérez Catinchi reported that its content will not be used as evidence in this preliminary hearing. It would be revealed at the trial.

The hearing was recessed until 2:00 pm, when the defendant’s attorney will cross-examine the witness.

Upon his departure, Morales Schmidt indicated that “it has not been contemplated” to stipulate any defense of mental insanity for González Mercado or to reach an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to plead guilty to the evidence that has been passed so far.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor Pérez Catinchi explained to the press that they do not have to have a testimony that stipulates that González Mercado shot Rosimar.

“If two people are in concert and in common agreement and kidnap a person and culminate in the murder of a person, that is called in concert and common agreement”, so it is a murder in the first degree, he explained.

Then, he explained that “allegedly, Jay’s testimony is that he is upset and that he calls Xadiel, they have already seen that it is not correct, and that he tells him that he is upset, that he is going to look for him and that in the car they decide, supposedly , give (Rosimar) a scare and they go and kidnap her. What evidence is clear? That Jay did arrive in his car and they kidnapped her. Xadiel was not there. The same one who gets there is Jay, the one who has reasons because he’s upset is Jay… That’s the proof ”.

Rosimar, 20, was kidnapped near her residence, in the Sabana Seca neighborhood of Toa Baja, on September 17 at 9:22 p.m. Her body was found on September 27 in a spot on the PR-167 highway of Golden.

The investigation pointed out that González Mercado, in mutual and common agreement with other individuals, tricked her into sending him a text message with her location. It was then that he came to the Sabana Seca neighborhood and allegedly kidnapped her. They escaped in a white Suzuki SX-4 vehicle.

González Mercado was charged on October 15 with five charges for the Rosimar crime. These are one for first degree murder, one count for kidnapping, two counts for violation of the Gun Law, and one count for providing false information to authorities.


Mexico demands explanations from the US for the death of Mexicans in San Diego

Mexico demanded “transparent, impartial and expeditious” investigations into the death at the hands of the American authorities, of two Mexican men in San Diego (California, USA), in two different cases in a space of four days.

“He Government of Mexico it has asked the local authorities for transparent, impartial and expeditious investigations into the circumstances of these deaths in order to clarify the facts, “the Mexican consul in San Diego, Carlos González, told Efe.

Border patrol

At dawn last Monday, the Mexican Jose Alfredo Castro Gutierrez died from a shot by a San Diego Police officer, while another Mexican, whose identity has not yet been revealed, lost his life last Friday after another shot by a Border Patrol member near the international bridge that connects that city with Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico).

These two episodes, which González classified as “unfortunate coincidence”, prompted Mexico to ask the US authorities for explanations. “disproportionate” use of deadly force.

Police abuse

In a phone call with Efe, the Castro family’s lawyer, Eugene Iredale, a specialist in cases of police abuse, argued that the deceased Mexican “suffered from schizophrenia and was very paranoid” at the time of the fatal outcome.

According to videos and images from street cameras that Efe had access to, Castro ran towards several police officers, who first fired a rubber bullet, then used a Taser, and finally him they shot dead.

“We believe that the use of deadly force was unnecessary, tragic and criminal; especially because he was not wearing anything, “said the lawyer.

Both he and the deceased’s wife, who also spoke with Efe, pointed out that Castro “was asking for help from the police because he had a panic attack and thought they were following him. “

Lawsuits against the Police

The Department of San Diego Police It investigates the two deaths, and the defense of the Castro family expects their case to be resolved in a month. Depending on the outcome of the investigations, Iredale assured that they will file a civil lawsuit against the police force and the agent who fatally shot Castro.

In the case of the other Mexican who died at the hands of the border agents, his name and the specific circumstances of his death have not yet been made public.


Former FARC guerrillas protest murders against them

Former FARC guerrillas in the municipality of Mesetas, in the department of Meta (center), they undertook a march to Bogotá to protest against the murders of which 234 of their companions have been victims since the signing of the peace agreement four years ago.

The pilgrimage “for life and for peace” of party members Alternative Revolutionary Force of the Common (FARC), was decided after the assassination on October 16 in Mesetas, of ex-guerrilla Juan de Jesús Monroy, leader of the reincorporation in Meta, and his bodyguard, Luis Alexander Largo.

“We are going on the pilgrimage for life and for the peace of Colombia, we are leaving behind our gaze to the jungle to walk to the center where institutional decisions are made, so that life is guaranteed to us and life is guaranteed to social leaders, “said the delegate of the FARC party in the National Council of Reincorporation (CNR), Pastor Alape.

Solidarity of society

The pilgrimage started this Wednesday from Mesetas after the burial of Monroy, which was attended by ex-combatants from Meta and other nearby departments. “Today we are starting this pilgrimage from which we expect at least a smile and a solidarity of colombiansAlape added.

The ex-guerrillas began to walk along the road that connects Mesetas with the municipality of Granada with white flags that waved during the journey.

“For the 234 murders As fellow peace signatories, we have decided to start this march to demand guarantees from the government and also to call on different sectors of society to join us in this mobilization for life, “said Isabella Sanroque, a member of the FARC party.

The ex-combatants plan to arrive in Granada and from there walk for two days until they reach Villavicencio, the departmental capital of Meta, and then move to Bogotá.

Join forces

The mobilization was joined by ex-guerrillas from different regions of the country, such as those living in the southern department of Huila, who carried a banner that read “We are complying with (the peace agreement) but notthey are killing them“.

Others took to the streets to join this protest in the framework of the demonstrations that are taking place today against the social and economic policy of the Colombian Government, as well as in rejection of violence that live some regions of the country.

One of them is ex-guerrilla Gabriel Ángel, from the FARC party, who assured that they signed the peace agreement under the promise of the Government to provide “full guarantees for life, personal integrity and the exercise of political activity, among other rights.”

Excessive violence

According to the latest report by the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, to the Security Council on the UN Verification Mission in Colombia, “the incessant violence against ex-combatants continues to affect peacebuilding. “

The document, presented on October 2, detailed that so far in 2020 they have been 50 former FARC guerrillas assassinated, two of them women. “In 2020, 30% of the killings have been committed near the new reincorporation areas, which are mostly located in isolated rural regions,” the United Nations noted.


The murderer of a French teacher called the victim “the executed dog of hell” | In the world

17 October 2020, 05:41

The terrorist who brutally murdered a college professor near Paris said that his victim was “the executed dog of hell.” The killer left this message on his Twitter account.

The offender posted on his account a photo of the severed head of his victim. He also left an appeal to French President Emmanuel Macron. According to the terrorist, he “executed the teacher who dared to humiliate the Prophet Muhammad.”

Currently, the administration of the social network has blocked the killer’s account.

Earlier it was reported that the French police detained four people as part of an investigation into the murder of a teacher in the suburbs of Paris. A college professor was beheaded, according to one version, after he showed students cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. One of the detainees is a minor.

Law enforcement officers conduct searches in the apartment of a terrorist who beheaded the teacher. They intend to find out what he was up to shortly before the crime.

Killed in the attack – a history teacher at the Conflans-Saint-Honorine College in Paris. The perpetrator was an 18-year-old boy who was shot by police. He shouted Islamist slogans and was wearing a suicide belt, which has not yet been officially confirmed.

According to the latest information from Le Parisien, he was shot dead by the police – “a young man of Chechen origin in 2002 with French citizenship.” The publication reported that he was born in Moscow and later moved to France. The Russian embassy is currently investigating the identity of the attacker. There is currently no data on his possible Russian citizenship.

French President Emmanuel Macron called the incident a terrorist attack, called on the French to rally in the face of the terrorist threat and thanked the police for decisive action.


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Family members remember George Floyd on his birthday and ask for justice

Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, the African-American assassinated by a white police officer last May and whose death sparked a wave of anti-racist protests throughout the United States, recalled his relative on the occasion of what would have been his 47th birthday, in an act in which he asked those responsible for their passing is held accountable.

“I keep up but I’m not okay, and the reason I’m not okay is because my people aren’t okay. I’ll be okay when something called accountability occurs“Terrence said at a ceremony held in the Flatlands neighborhood in the New York borough of Brooklyn, before about twenty people.

The voice of those who are no longer

In front of a mural of George Floyd’s portrait, Terrance, who for several moments had to interrupt his speech visibly moved, took the opportunity to reject violence.

“I am here to be my brother’s voice, to speak when he cannot speak, to walk when he cannot walk, to speak when he cannot speak and to love when he cannot speak anymore. Hating takes a lot of energyI’m not here to do that. I love you all and my brother said so, I love him, that’s what he did and that’s what I’m going to take with me, “he stressed.

“Black Lives Matter”

Terrance, who was wearing a black mask, also referenced the motto that marked the demonstrations that followed his brother’s death: “Black Lives Matter” (Black lives matter).

“Black lives matter, yes, all lives matter, human lives matter because at the end of the day there is only one race, the human race, “he said.

Before the concentrates began a short march in which they sang the song of happy Birthday In honor of George Floyd, his brother lamented that he will never be able to call him again to congratulate him.

“Unfortunately I am not going to be able to call him and say happy birthday or give him a hug or just listen to him or make a joke, but I know that he is fine, that he is up there with my father,” he declared.


Video of the place where an Islamist decapitated a college professor in France | World, Crime

16 October 2020, 20:36

Police officers cordoned off the murder site of a college professor in the Val-d’Oise department (municipality of Eragny) in the suburbs of Paris. As previously reported, the man was beheaded by an unknown attacker who shouted Islamist slogans.

According to Parisien, the offender who was killed by the police is believed to be the parent of one of the victim’s students. According to one of the versions, the man learned that in the classroom the professor showed the students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

In connection with the incident, the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation. The French Interior Minister interrupted his visit to Morocco and is leaving for the scene of the incident.


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