UNITA calls for urgent PR intervention to prevent tragedy equal to 2016 when more than 15,000 people died in about three months


April 15, 2021 at 15:36

“We must act now to avoid disastrous situations tomorrow,” says UNITA, who places the responsibility on Joana Lina, “who broke the contract with the operators of collection and treatment of solid waste before he even had a contingency plan” and incurred “in a clamorous management error” that had serious consequences for public health, “under the silent and complicit eye of the President of the Republic”.

“For more reasons that the governor had to terminate the contract with the operators, she would have to establish a contingency plan that considers the continuity of the companies’ activity until their replacement through public tender, as mandated by the rules contained in the Public Procurement Law. “, stated the UNITA GP, demanding political and administrative accountability from Joana Lina.

“Ms. Governadora looked for absolutely ineffective solutions and, finally, ended up promoting an addicted public tender that selected companies without technical capacity for the undertaking and, on top of that, demand a down payment (acquisition in advance) for the acquisition of means to fulfill this way, far from solving the problem, Mrs. Governor found other problems and the waste / wastewater mixture persists in being the Luanda business card with all the risks that arise from it “, reads in the communiqué sent by the UNITA GP, in which he argues that “due to the successive mistakes”, Joana Lina “no longer has the morale to continue directing efforts towards reversing the crisis.

“Galo Negro” defends the creation of a “task-force” (working group) with attributions such as “annulment with immediate effects of the last public tender promoted by the Provincial Government of Luanda and which selected companies without technical capacity for the contracted task “, the emergency cleaning of the city with the removal of all sources of garbage, the restoration of the drainage system and the reconstruction of the infrastructures damaged by the rains (streets, roads, bridges and bridges, water pipes and the electricity network).

It also defends the re-evaluation of the solid waste collection and treatment system and proposed measures to make it sustainable and resilient to changes in administration and an emergency plan for sanitary measures to prevent diseases that may occur due to waste and how consequence of the rains.

In the statement, the UNITA Parliamentary Group and its deputies expressed “extremely concern about the catastrophic situation of garbage in the province of Luanda”, as “the lack of basic sanitation in this dimension causes health insecurity in the communities, diseases related to the lack of of public cleaning, diseases related to the heaps of garbage in contact with the rain, river and sea waters, which are the source of food for the citizens of Luanda, who consume the fish in the rivers and the sea contaminated with the garbage carried by the rains “.

In Luanda, recalls the UNITA GP, “we are already faced with an evident situation of the garbage crisis, with the most visible face being the flies that accidentally invade our homes, the evident increase in the population of mosquitoes and the disgusting larvae that crawl on everything which is close to the vast outbreaks of garbage scattered throughout the city “.

“The still immersed part of this huge iceberg are acute diarrheal diseases and other gastroenteritis whose incidence must have increased, but the authorities pretend to ignore it,” says UNITA, guaranteeing that there are already reports of deaths from severe dehydration due to emetic and diarrheal syndromes and countless histories of absences from work due to gastroenteritis.

For “Black Rooster”, “the health authorities’ warning signal does not seem to have sounded yet.

“Anti-vector control measures are not intensified to prevent an uncontrolled increase in cases of malaria and hemorrhagic fevers such as dengue and yellow fever that can kill much more than Covid-19”, he warns.

According to UNITA, the present crisis of garbage is yet another proof that the political-administrative decentralization through the Institutionalization of autonomous local power “is fundamental to correct many of the distortions and dysfunctions that characterize Public Administration today”, allowing the existence of a new model for the collection, treatment and management of solid waste “in an autonomous, transparent, decentralized manner, the competence of which the Constitution already attributes to Local Authorities”.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic: red card after insulting the referee?

WIrbel about red-sinner Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The eccentric Swede is said to have insulted referee Fabio Maresca before his dismissal in the 3-1 (2-0) of AC Milan at Parma Calcio. According to media reports, the word “bastard” was used, but Ibrahimovic speaks of a misunderstanding.

What happened? After a foul on the former Bundesliga professional Hakan Calhanoglu, there was an exchange of words between the referee and Ibrahimovic. “I don’t care what you say,” Maresca is said to have called out to the great Swede. According to the “Gazetta dello Sport”, he replied: “That seems strange to me”, ie “Mi sembra strano”. But Maresca understood: “Be un bastardo”, so something like: “You are a bastard”.

Then the referee pulled out red (60th). It was the tenth straight expulsion in Ibrahimovic’s club career, five times he saw yellow and red. Trainer Stefano Pioli defended him. “I spoke to Zlatan. He argued with the referee, but he wasn’t disrespectful and certainly didn’t offend him, “he said:” Ibra’s last sentence to Maresca was: “So you don’t care what I say?” “

Milan held the Champions League course with the three. The former Frankfurt Ante Rebic (8th minute), Franck Kessié (44th) and Rafael Leao (90th + 4) met. Parma is penultimate in the table in acute danger of relegation, and Riccardo Gagliolo’s goal in the meantime did not change that (66th).

Inter Milan remains on the masterclass. The front runner won on Sunday thanks to a goal from Matteo Darmian (77th) 1-0 (0-0) against the relegation-threatened team from Cagliari Calcio and is eleven points ahead of the AC.


the TechnicAtome nugget is multiplied

The company, which left the fold of the former Areva in 2017, will equip new submarines and the future aircraft carrier.

Barracuda-class nuclear attack submarines (ANS), third-generation missile-launching submarines (SNLE 3G), carrier of the oceanic component of deterrence, new generation aircraft carriers (PA-NG), etc. These are the three major naval defense programs that TechnicAtome, the French specialist in compact military nuclear reactors, will have to pilot. “These three programs involve the delivery of twelve nuclear boiler rooms over the next thirty years, or one boiler every year and a half”, summarizes Loïc Rocard, CEO of this discreet French technological nugget, 50% controlled by the State, alongside Naval Group (20%), CEA (20%) and EDF (10%).

In order to manage “This exceptional combination of three major nuclear propulsion programs”, the company has decided to create a “new programs” department. She is responsible for coordinating the work of teams called upon to work on three different types of boiler rooms on three scales.

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UNITA and CASA-CE consider the return of known names to management positions in the MPLA attempt to recover ″ spirits ″ in a difficult phase of loss of popularity


April 7, 2021 at 14:32

“The cadres now reappointed in positions they have previously held are known leaders, with a lot of political potential. The changes in the direction of the MPLA must be understood in the context of the preparation of this political organization for its electoral campaign”, the deputy told from UNITA Alcides Sakala.

The deputy also said that “these reshuffles will continue as the general and municipal elections approach, in which political parties are betting on their best cadres to boost their electoral policies”, he added.

Alcides Sakala also underlined that the changes occur taking into account not only the pre-election campaign but also “the protagonism of the opposition, of UNITA in particular, and the national situation itself, characterized by a social crisis unprecedented in the country’s history since the end of the civil war “.

“Measuring by the available social and political indicators, political actors are aware of the changes that will occur in 2022”, he stressed.

Sakala emphasized that “there is a new element” and that it tends to be decisive, that “it is the youth factor”, today “more aware than ever of its interests, which bets on change, on political alternation with UNITA, in 2022 “.

“In fact, the national feeling of change is growing, in almost all social segments, especially in large urban centers”, he added.

CASA-CE deputy Felé António said that “the MPLA is losing popularity in the province of Luanda and, therefore, the party leadership has decided to appoint Bento Bento as the party’s first secretary, who has already held the position. from 2007 to 2016 “for thinking that, thus, it can repeat the effects achieved in the past.

“The MPLA has difficulties in mobilizing people in Luanda to strengthen its organization. Afraid of losing elections in the capital of the country, it decided to bet on Bento Bento, an influential figure who now appears to resume the post of first secretary in Luanda”, referred.

And he stressed that the return of Virgílio Fontes Pereira to the leader of the MPLA Parliamentary Group and that of Rui Falcão as a spokesman for the party, is an effort to strengthen the organization with a view to the 2022 elections.

The MPLA leadership sought, just over a week ago, for Virgílio de Fontes Pereira and Rui Falcão, for the MPLA Parliamentary Group and secretary for party information, positions they already held before the arrival of the current party leader, João Lourenço, to power.

Central Committee met on Tuesday

Meanwhile, meeting the MPLA Central Committee (CC), on Tuesday, this party released a final communiqué in which it encourages the agriculture and fisheries sector to continue creating conditions for the increase of national production, with a view to reaching food self-sufficiency and make Angola an exporter of agricultural products.

The members of the Central Committee recommended that the Executive accelerate the process of construction and rehabilitation of access roads to agricultural production areas, in order to facilitate the flow of products from the countryside to the places of consumption, among other aspects.

The Executive was also recommended to keep investing in promoting investments in irrigation infrastructures for agricultural production in order to mitigate the effects of drought.

Finally, the MPLA Central Committee condemned acts of terrorism against the defenseless populations of Cabo Delgado, expressing its solidarity with the brother people


Streamers for air sex banned with plastic figure – multimedia

The “Smash Melee” player Joseph “Mang0” Marquez was banned on the Twitch streaming platform. The reason is curious.

“Sexual content” or in German sexual content was probably the reason that Joseph “Mang0” Marquez was banned from the Twitch streaming platform for three days. Anyone who thinks that Marquez undressed in front of the webcam or presented other pornographic material is wrong. During a live stream, however, Marquez took a small anime character and mimicked a sexual act. That seems enough to break Twitch’s policy.

While the exact reason for the banning is unknown, it was the only scene on the stream that could really be described as sexual content. “Mang0” immediately wrote to his streaming colleague “Ludwig”, who was also on the air: “Bro, I think I popped an anime character one too many times.” Marquez also published a tweet criticizing the streaming platform.

It’s almost a little ironic that “Mang0” was banned for sexual content because, like other well-known streamers, it has spoken out against the hot tub trend on Twitch in the past.

These are users who play video games with light clothes. The game is not in the foreground here. Twitch opened the Just Chatting category precisely because of these streamers. You don’t have to play in this, you can simply switch on the webcam and talk to the audience.

Half-naked women in the hot tub

“Mang0” sees the Twitch platform as a gaming platform, he thinks that anyone who wants to see half-naked women can go to countless other sites. That is why it annoys him and other streamers that it is allowed to sit in a bikini in the hot tub. According to “Mang0”, that doesn’t belong on Twitch. The community largely supports “Mang0” with his view.

The tactics behind a twitch ban are obscure. So Marquez is banned for air sex with a plastic figure for three days. When the streamer MissBehavin completely undressed on the streaming platform, she was also banned for three days. Your reason: The stream was not intended for Twitch, but for your OnlyFans account.

What is allowed on Twitch is still decided by the platform.

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This is how you can use Google search anonymously – multimedia

Christoph Cronimund has developed a tool that allows anonymous searches with Google.

“Can cows sweat?”, “How do I cook potatoes correctly?”, “Do I have an STD?” – Anyone who answers their questions with the Google search engine leaves a data trail. A tinkerer wants to prevent that with a new tool called Trooia. As he explains to the “Tages Anzeiger”, Google can be used “completely anonymously”.

Christoph Cronimund started the project at the end of 2020. He just wanted to get a better overview of the results, as Cronimund, who works in search engine marketing, explains. “Ads on Google weren’t that dominant a few years ago. You almost have to scroll to get to the unpaid entries,” he told the newspaper.

Under the radar

But how does Trooia actually work? If you type in a request with Cronimund’s tool, it will be forwarded to Google. What Google spits out is in turn automatically picked up and displayed on Trooia. This is legal, but the IT giant does not like it when machines use the search.

“You have to fly under Google’s radar,” said Cronimund. To do this, he uses so-called proxy pools. This means that the requests to Google are made from different IP addresses and thus virtually masked. He bears the cost of this service himself, as he explains.

1,000 emails answered

However, Troy cannot be used at the moment. Because: After the first report in January, his website was overrun. “Obviously, data protection is important to many people. It seems that I have hit a nerve with it. I have answered more than 1,000 emails,” said Cronimund to the “Tages Anzeiger”. Cronimund is currently working on technical details for Trooia. The platform should go back online as soon as it is stable.

When it comes to search engines, Google is the clear leader with a market share of over 90 percent. The remaining percentage points are shared by websites such as Bing, Yahoo or Baidu. However, there are now alternatives that place great emphasis on data protection. These include platforms such as Duckduckgo, Qwant or Startpage.

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WhatsApp will soon no longer run on these smartphones – multimedia

Anyone who has an iPhone with an older system could lose access to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp updates its app regularly and as a result removes support for operating systems that are no longer updated. It has now become known that people who are still using Apple’s iOS 9 operating system will lose access to Messenger. Evidence of this has surfaced in a recently updated support document, according to Macrumors.com.

IOS version 10 is now required to use WhatsApp. In other words: You have to own at least an iPhone 5 or a newer device in order to continue using the messenger. However, this should only affect a small proportion of users, explains iMore.com. The latest system, iOS 14, is installed on 81 percent of all iPhones. The iOS 13 version runs on 17 percent of all devices. This means that only two percent of the devices run a version older than iOS 12.

Away from WhatsApp

At the beginning of 2021, numerous users of the popular messenger app turned their backs on it. “I deleted WhatsApp,” said Emrah, among others, in January. That came after the creators announced new terms of use for the app. Although not much has changed for users in Europe as to how WhatsApp shares its users’ data with the parent company Facebook, many users have suddenly started worrying about their privacy.

Because even if the private data of users in Europe will remain private for the time being, there is no guarantee that WhatsApp will not start sharing this information with Facebook at some point in the future. Other messenger services, which are known for being more interested in the protection of user privacy, benefited from this. The Threema messenger, for example, quadrupled its downloads. The app has also been number 1 on the download charts for weeks. But apps like Signal or Telegram were also able to benefit from the WhatsApp exodus. They have recorded millions of new users since the beginning of the year.

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Tech group Xiaomi focuses more on Austria – multimedia

Xiaomi Austria has a new manager.

Xiaomi Austria has a new manager.
©UNIQUE relations/APA-Fotoservice/Schedl

The Chinese tech group Xiaomi, best known for its smartphones, wants to gain a stronger foothold in Austria. A need for own stores is currently being assessed.

The tech group XIAOMI was founded 10 years ago as a start-up in China and is currently third in the global smartphone market. In Austria, too, the brand’s mobile phones are becoming increasingly popular, and the SCS has even had its own Xiaomi store for about two years. However, this is not an “official” store of the company, but the business of an importer from Croatia.

Xiaomi wants to be more active in Austria

The Chinese smartphone provider is now present on the Austrian market and is planning to further expand its activities. Xiaomi Austria boss Kurt Manninger told journalists on Monday in Vienna that his company currently has a four percent share of the smartphone market in Austria. Worldwide there are 11 to 12 percent market share, making it number three worldwide in the last quarter of 2020. In 2020, Xiaomi sold around 145 million smartphones.

Manninger, who previously worked as a manager at Huawei, sees a lot of growth potential in Austria. Not only when it comes to smartphones. Xiaomi offers a whole range of wearables such as fitness bands and smart watches, household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, televisions, kitchen appliances and lighting to lifestyle products such as e-scooters.

Xiaomi stores in Austria in planning

The need for own stores in Austria is currently being surveyed, and these should pay off. Both own shops and cooperation with partners are planned. From one of the first of these collaborations, Magenta is offering the Xiaomi Mi 11 5G flagship phone for pre-order with a free Mi Watch on top.


HE sells a fart for 70 euros – multimedia

The hype about the so-called NFTs is becoming increasingly absurd: Now providers want to cash in with particularly curious offers.

A painting by artist Beeple sold for $ 69 million this month at Christie’s auction house. That is more money than has ever been spent on works of art by Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali. The crazy thing about it: The image only exists digitally, as a so-called NFT.

The abbreviation NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Ownership of a thing can thus be clearly proven. Behind this is blockchain technology – similar to how it is used in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Anyone who buys NFTs receives an asset that represents ownership of a particular digital object. In contrast to Picasso on the wall, digital art can be saved, distributed and reproduced as often as you like.

Extravagant Trade

“Depending on who you ask about it, NFTs are either the next big thing or the next big nonsense. The truth is probably somewhere in between, as is the case with many crypto topics,” says Zeit.de, judging the ongoing hype. And: In the last few weeks, NFT trading has become more and more unusual. Not only do prices rise higher and higher, the type of property also becomes more extravagant.

For example, New York director Alex Ramírez-Mallis is currently trying to improve his budget with digital flatulence. He sells recordings that feature farts as NFTs. These were created over the past year. For the sound snippets he charges 70 euros each. There is also a “Master Collection” of the clips – a “52-minute audio file with all the fart recordings from last year,” as the 38-year-old explains.

He now sells the digital flatulence as so-called NFTs.  If you buy a fart for $ 85, you get a token that proves ownership of the recording.  So far, Ramírez-Mallis has sold a good two dozen farts.
He now sells the digital flatulence as so-called NFTs. If you buy a fart for $ 85, you get a token that proves ownership of the recording. So far, Ramírez-Mallis has sold a good two dozen farts.Screenshot

Dozens of individual farts

In his opinion, the sales price should be between three to four million dollars, as he recently explained in a radio interview. Ramírez-Mallis makes fun of the hype with the fart auction – but also tries to profit from it. However, the actual sales price achieved was considerably lower: $ 2,999,566.38 to be exact. The virtual “Master Collection” changed hands for $ 433.62. After all: Ramírez-Mallis has already sold a good two dozen of the individual farts.

File transfer instead of relocation

The artist Krista Kim, on the other hand, was more successful. She recently auctioned her so-called Mars House for 288 ethers. That’s the equivalent of over $ 500,000. The new owner does not have to hire a moving company to move in. All that is needed is a data transfer: the property cannot be inhabited as it only exists digitally.

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WhatsApp now offers solution to THIS problem – multimedia

Do you also have that one contact who sends you voice messages that last for minutes in the worst moments and for which you have no time?

Almost all WhatsApp users have saved a person in their contacts who likes to send long voice messages. Often you have little time and no nerves to listen to all the explanations and “Ums” and “Alsos” for minutes, only to have forgotten in the end what you actually wanted to answer at the beginning of the message. If you recognize yourself in this description, WhatsApp will soon be introducing a new feature that is made for you.

As Wabetainfo.com reports, WhatsApp is working on a new feature with which the speed at which voice messages are played can be adjusted manually. Specifically, WhatsApp should provide three different options that can be used for voice messages. In the future, these can be played either at normal speed, at 1.5 times the speed or at twice the speed.

According to Wabetainfo.com, WhatsApp is technically also able to slow down the speed for playing voice messages, but this function will most likely not be rolled out for users because it makes little sense.

No read receipt for voice messages

Another innovation in voice messages via WhatsApp is a change in the read receipt. Until now, the two ticks on voice messages always turned blue as soon as the recipient had listened to them. It did not matter whether the other party had activated or deactivated the read receipt for messages.

As Techbook.de describes, WhatsApp has now changed this without any major announcement. The voice messages that have been played back are only colored blue if both call participants have activated the option for read confirmation. People who do not want their counterpart to know whether they have listened to the message or not can now hide this. So WhatsApp has adjusted the settings for voice messages to text messages.

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