An Egyptian movie that achieves “zero revenues”… and its producer reveals the truth

The film’s producer, Mohamed Al-Diyasti, comments on this news spread during the last hours, explaining that the film was officially lifted from theaters on Wednesday.

Al-Diyasti added to “Sky News Arabia”: “I was surprised by the widespread news, about the film achieving (zero pounds), although it was not present in cinemas, so how will it achieve revenues?!”

And the Egyptian producer continues, laughing: “I contacted one of the journalists who published the news, and I asked him about the source of that information, and he told me that he had seen the disclosure of the revenues of Egyptian films on Wednesday, and he did not find a movie for rent, so he expected that the film achieved (zero pounds) on this day, and the fact is that It was not found (for rent) in the revenue statement, because it was removed from the cinemas on the same day.”

movie show plan

Al-Diyasti clarifies that there is a plan to show the film, and it has been agreed with a famous alternative theater platform to show it “for rent”, after its tour in foreign theaters in Arab countries.

In addition, Al-Diyasti confirms that “For Rent” will have a tour of Arab and international film festivals, and that the artistic quality of the film gives him an opportunity to participate in those festivals.

And the Egyptian producer added: “The movie (For Rent) was shown for the first time, within the tenth session of the Luxor African Film Festival, which was held last March, for the film to win the (Radwan Al-Kashef) award, and Khaled El-Sawy won an award for his role in the film, and he won the admiration of critics and the audience, and he will participate (For rent) in more than one festival during the coming period.

theater war

“We decided that the film would be shown in Egyptian cinemas for two weeks, before it started its foreign tour, but (for rent) it experienced a number of crises during its screening, I don’t know their real reasons yet.” ) during which it achieved approximately 150 thousand pounds.

He continues: “I was with my friends in the first week of the movie’s showing, and we decided to watch (for rent) together, and I went to a cinema in Alexandria (northern Egypt), and they told us at the time that the movie tickets were completely sold out, and we had to wait for the next party, but when we went again to The cinema, they told us that the movie tickets were completely sold out again, and after I contacted the director of the cinema, he told me that he canceled the screening of the film during the two concerts, to use the halls to show other films, and this situation was repeated in more than one cinema, even the family of the film director, Islam Bilal, They were able to watch (for rent) after going to the cinema three times.”

Al-Diyasti points out that this problem was relatively resolved after communicating with the company specialized in distributing the film in Egypt, “but that is after a whole week has passed since the film was shown, and only another week remains to be shown under normal conditions, however, the film succeeded in achieving acceptable revenues, given the circumstances of Marketing and the crises he was exposed to, and because we were not looking to reach the highest revenues in Egyptian theaters.


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