With the Mu in sight: the advancement of a new variant

The Mu variant already represents 14% of infections in Chile, which has a similar scenario to our country The Government assured that it is closely observing the development of the Mu variant of the coronavirus, detected for the first time in Colombia and which is also spreading through Ecuador, and is trying to accelerate the […]

Everything wrong ?: what happens between Diego Leuco and his partner Luciana Geuna

“Rare”, Darío Barassi would say. This is how it felt what happened on Wednesday on “Telenoche” (El Trece) when its hosts, Diego Leuco and Luciana Geuna, seemed to compete to see who broke the news first of the death of former judge Norberto Oyarbide, at the Otamendi sanatorium, after take a coronavirus box. “Now we […]

Hit starter, but ran out of lights and paid dearly

Students equaled 1 to 1 with Banfield at Florencio Sola for the seventh round of the Professional League. And although he added a point that serves to continue fighting, the tie ended up leaving a bitter taste if one takes into account that in the first play those of Ricardo Zielinski opened the scoring. Manuel […]

The effectiveness was key for the triumph of the Pincha in Santiago

Students took full advantage of a mistake made by the defense of Central Córdoba and with a goal converted by Juan Francisco Apaolaza, at 25 minutes, he directed a victory last night in Santiago del Estero that he affirmed at 40 minutes of the second half, through Gustavo Del Prete, and allowed him to jump […]

New study reveals effectiveness of COVID vaccines

A study by the Chilean Ministry of Health (MINSAL) released yesterday showed a 5% drop in the effectiveness of the Chinese immunizer Sinovac in preventing symptomatic cases of COVID-19, while Pfizer’s US vaccine decreased by 3%. The effectiveness to prevent death remains virtually the same with Sinovac, while Pfizer, whose arrival in Argentina is expected […]

Bluntly: movie and music stars who made their mental health issues public

Consolidated and successful figures such as Emma Stone or “La Roca” have shamelessly recounted their experiences On May 31, the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka at Roland Garros withdrew from the competition due to anxiety problems, but a few days before, Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds shared with his Instagram followers his struggle with anxiety, “an […]