Study confirms: These are the worst nights for men because of the “moon”

A recent study published in the “Science of the Total Environment” journal, conducted by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden, revealed a surprise for men in particular, when it confirmed that men’s sleep is affected more strongly during the first half of the lunar cycle than women’s sleep. The new study is more comprehensive and […]

why the return to the moon will not take place in 2024?

The date of the return to the Moon, currently set at the end of 2024, is today impossible to keep. Only NASA still seems to want to believe it! Several key elements of the Artemis program are very behind schedule. Yesterday, NASA learned that the suits of the astronauts who will walk on the Moon […]

The first images of Ganymede taken by the Juno probe

It was launched in 2011. Since 2016, it has been orbiting Jupiter. And this Monday, June 7, 2021, the Juno mission passed very close to Ganymede, the largest moon on the largest planet in our Solar System. NASA today unveils the first images of this close flight. There it’s done. This Monday, June 7, 2021, […]

If you missed the solar eclipse, here are the most beautiful photos

This Thursday, June 10, a ring of fire overlooked part of the northern hemisphere of our planet. The first annular eclipse of the year, and the 16e of XXIe century, has plunged this part of the world into moonlight. Futura has concocted for you a selection of the most beautiful images of this sublime celestial […]

NASA space probe to fly over solar system’s largest moon tonight

More than 20 years ago, the Galileo probe approached Ganymede like never before. Today, the adventure is relaunched. The Juno mission is about to fly over Jupiter’s largest moon at just 1,038 kilometers above sea level. Astronomers are eager to receive the data. In May 2000, the NASA Galileo probe offered us the closest images […]

Here are the most beautiful photos of the May 26 total lunar eclipse

This Wednesday, May 26, 2021 was marked by a fabulous event: a total eclipse from Moon. For those who do not know, when the Earth passes between the Soleil and the Moon, its shadow covers our natural satellite making it take on a red tint. This color is explained by the rays of the Sun […]