The trial of the media, Amr Adib, for insulting Muhammad Ramadan today

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Saturday 17 July 2021

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Today, Saturday, the Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court is considering the trial of the media, Amr Adib, for insulting and defaming the artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

In his lawsuit, “Ramadan” demanded compensation of one hundred thousand, in compensation for the damages he sustained as a result of “Adeeb” attack on him in an episode of his “Al-Hekaya” program, criticizing him after publishing the “money” video that the artist published after losing the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr’s case.

The lawsuit stated that the first advertiser, Amr Adib, used his job as a journalist and violated the work charter, so he wanted to achieve a media scoop and false fame, so he directed phrases, words, insults, slander, defamation and threats to the student and broadcast this through his media platform.

According to the lawsuit, he intended it to harm the reputation and honor and insult his family, and he took a public issue in a personal capacity, and allowed himself to insult the student and insult his family.

The lawsuit stated that the accused had committed the offenses of insult and slander, using the media platform to publicly defame and threaten the student claiming civil rights, in the manner mentioned above, through terms and expressions, through a channel. “mbc”.

The media, Amr Adib, and the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, entered into several verbal altercations after “Ramadan” published a video, which “Adeeb” considered a mockery of the judicial ruling against the former obligating him to pay 6 million pounds in compensation to pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.


A new attack on Muhammad Ramadan .. This time because of Saddam Hussein!

Crises do not refuse but to follow the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, as the Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, attacked “No. 1”, after his meeting with Harir Hussein Kamel, the granddaughter of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

In her comment on the picture of Harir, the daughter of Raghad Saddam Hussein, and Muhammad Ramadan, she said that the Egyptian artist is proud of a picture with the granddaughter of what she said was: “He fought a people and invaded his neighbor”, in reference to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

The media explained that Ramadan has the right to photograph with his audience, but not to publish a picture of Ghazi Al-Kuwait’s granddaughter, claiming that this is a challenge to the feelings of an audience he loved, “Muhammad Ramadan”, as she put it.

She also called on the Egyptian artist to apologize to the Kuwaitis and the Iraqis at the same time, considering that Saddam Hussein had made a mistake with the two peoples, as she put it.

It is noteworthy that the granddaughter of the former Iraqi president, Harir Hussein Kamel, published on her official page on “Instagram”, last Tuesday, a picture she collected with Muhammad Ramadan, which she said to him, “You are enlightened, hero, and keep you fixed.”

happy dawn

Saddam’s granddaughter

It is noteworthy that Harir Hussein Kamel, 35, became famous after writing a personal diary book, “Saddam’s granddaughter.” Harir Hussein Kamel appears from time to time on social media.

While the crises continued on the Egyptian star Muhammad Ramadan one after another during the last period, starting with his story with the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr and its repercussions, especially after the death of the latter, then the disputes with the media Amr Adib, who reached the corridors of the judiciary, and the give and take with the family of the late artist Ismail Yassin, and from Then a clothes tailor confirmed that he worked with “No. 1” without receiving a wage, and then actress Samira Abdel Aziz accused Ramadan of insulting her after she refused to participate in a series of his starring, as well as the latest attack by Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr, accusing him of corrupting public taste.


Sumaya Al Khashab shines in a new photo session in the Emirates (photos) | news

The artist, Sumaya Al-Khashab, published new photos from the latest photo session she underwent on her account on the social networking site Instagram.

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Al-Khashab appears in the pictures enjoying her time in the water, and she chose the blue color as the main color for her look, so she wore beachwear of the same color and cosmetics in shades of blue.

The audience interacted with the new photo session, and among the praising it was the artist, Nadia Al-Jundi, who commented, “Qamar”.

It is worth noting that Somaya Al-Khashab participated in Omar Kamal’s clip “Promise”, which achieved a high viewership and won the admiration of the audience, and Al-Khashab also participated in the last Ramadan season in the series “Musa” with Mohamed Ramadan, Wahba Magdy and other elite art stars. The series is written by Nasser Abdel Rahman and directed by Mohamed Salama.

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Mohamed Ramadan ignores his crisis with Samira Abdel Aziz, and tops “Thabit” “YouTube” Egypt

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, ignored his crisis with the artist, Samira Abdel Aziz, after announcing to “Madam” the details of his exposure to her in profanity and messages on the phone, announcing the video clip of his new song “Sabet” ranked first on the site “YouTube” in Egypt and most Arab countries.

Ramadan presented, through his account on “Instagram”, a clip of Thabet, and commented on it, saying: “(Thabit) is number one on (YouTube) in Egypt and most Arab countries… Praise be to God, and trust in God is greater success in the railway,” expressing his great happiness The clip exceeded the two million watch mark, only 24 hours after its release.

The song “Sabet” is written by poet Mustafa Hadouta, composed and distributed by Ehab Kolpix, director of photography Hossam Habib, and producer Mahmoud Al Sheikh.

Ramadan released a video clip for his new song “Taheb”, in which he collaborated again with director Mohamed Sami, after they achieved several successes together in works, including: “Rayehin Neshar” and “Bam Bam”.

The video clip is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and the show dances that characterize the work of the Egyptian star.

Mohamed Ramadan also posted a video clip, through his account on “Instagram”, in which he revealed that he opposed the director’s desire, Mohamed Sami, to release the clip on Friday; Being a holiday, and can achieve high views, he preferred to put it immediately to the delight of his audience.

Ramadan said that Sami sent him a message via “WhatsApp”, which includes the final version of the video clip “Thabit”, and asks him about the date he would like to release, to which he replied, saying: “I, YouTube, Instagram and the meat of my shoulders belong to the republic, and the popular peasants and the Upper Egyptians who are like our case.” When they have something left in their hands that makes people happy, they take it down as long as they can.”

It is noteworthy that Ramadan had sparked widespread controversy in the past days on social media, after he announced in a video clip the bank’s reservation of his money, and it turned out that the matter was due to the implementation of a judicial ruling on the case of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, who received a judgment in compensation amounting to 6 million. EGP, and EGP 25 million in compensation in the case of his dismissal from service, last April, a contradiction that exposed him to the attack.


Zahrat Al Khaleej – Muhammad Ramadan challenges his attackers after seizing his money… and responds in his own way

#Arab famous

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, defied the attack campaign launched by some against him in the past hours, after he published a video of the seizure of his money by the state.

Ramadan was subjected to a fierce attack by public figures, deputies and lawyers who submitted communications about it, but he responded to them in his own way, by publishing clips of his work that suggest defiance of his opponents and critics.

Ramadan, through his account on “Instagram”, shared a video clip of some of his works, in which he shows his assault by beating and slapping in the face for those standing in front of him in a clear projection of his attackers.

Ramadan enclosed a song suitable for this challenge, which is “Sabeet fi Makani”, the song that he will present in the coming days.

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It is noteworthy that Ramadan sparked widespread controversy in the past few hours, through social media, after he announced in a video clip the bank’s reservation of his money, which the bank denied, and it turned out that the matter was due to its implementation of a judicial ruling on the case of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, who obtained a ruling. The compensation amounted to 6 million pounds, and 25 million pounds in compensation, in the case of his dismissal from service, last April, a contradiction that exposed him to the attack.


A consultant psychiatrist analyzes for “Fi Al-Fan” Muhammad Ramadan’s recent crisis: He has social stupidity… and is interested in creating a controversial case | news

As usual, the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was widely criticized for the crises that haunt him, one after the other, the latest of which is the video crisis of the reservation of his money.

Consultant Psychiatrist Ibrahim Magdy, via FilFan, analyzed the crises of Muhammad Ramadan and gave him Roshta tips to get rid of them and reach the universality that he wants to reach, which we will monitor in the following points:

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– He has social stupidity and lacks a professional team to manage his behavior and talent. He has talent, but it is not enough, and his behavior is immature and he cannot measure the reaction around him.

– Muhammad Ramadan was satisfied with a certain group of the audience, which is from 15 to 20 years old, and this segment is gradually decreasing because of his actions. As a star, he must take care of all classes. We have the example of the leader, Adel Imam, the rich and the poor watching him.

– His actions affected his work and success, so we feel the difference with his great success with the “Prince” series in Ramadan 2020 and the “Mousa” series this year, so no one felt the series.

– He is interested in making the controversial case only and seeks, as he is a star and is interested in the trend, not the other way around to be a trend because of the success of his business

– He lacks an economic and media advisor and a work team to reach the universality he seeks, such as the artist Omar Sharif, who has reached universality because of his use of consultants from France, Italy, Spain and England. It is not correct to say that you are global without languages ​​and economic thought.

– Muhammad Ramadan will end if he confines himself to the videos that he publishes on social networking sites in order to gain high views in order to make profits from them.

– He needs a psychological consultant to psychologically rehabilitate him, such as world stars such as the Liverpool star, the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Salah, and the great artist Ahmed Zaki, as well as to have a group of intellectuals next to him.

It is worth noting that Muhammad Ramadan appeared in a video on his account on the social networking site Instagram, and said that he received a phone call from a bank employee telling him that the state had reserved his money, and Ramadan followed the matter that all his money to the Egyptian state and that he had twice the money in his home.

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Doctors analyze Muhammad Ramadan’s reaction after “seizing his money”

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The reaction of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to the state’s decision to seize his money inside a bank, raised the astonishment of a large segment of the audience of social networking sites, especially after he published a video in which he announced the state’s reservation of his money, accompanied by a comment, “I and my money belong to my country and the people of my country, oh God, there is no objection.” ».

Ramadan said, during the video – while drinking coffee, and in a normal condition, and wearing sunglasses: “I woke up today on a phone from the bank telling me the state has reserved your money, and I told him: I, my money, my house and my shoulder meat belong to my country and the people of my country, what is the problem?! ».

The video made the audience of social networking sites wonder: Is it possible for someone who lost part of his money and it was reserved to announce the news with such calm and smile, and the video begins with “Good morning” while drinking coffee?!.

“Al-Masry Al-Youm” contacted psychological experts and consultants to analyze the artist’s controversial reaction to this decision, where Dr. Mary Gerges, a mental health and behavior modification consultant, said that the nature of Muhammad Ramadan’s personality prefers to communicate an idea to the public that he has a strong personality, stressing that he initiated the publication of the video. Before another party precedes him in this, in order to reduce the public’s comments, and to show himself as if he does not care about that at all.

Mary added that “Ramadan” is dominated by the idea of ​​“there is nothing to break Number One,” and confirmed that the calm that appeared during the video was “artificial”, pointing out that drinking coffee has a meaning, as it gives evidence of being a calm and non-passive character, especially He is someone who always likes to be the center of conversations and arguments.

Hesham Maged, a psychiatrist, international lecturer, explained that anyone who acts like Muhammad Ramadan in general, and takes his own position, they call him in psychology “calling strength at the time of weakness,” meaning that the person inside him feels weakness, oppression and conspiracy from everyone around him, so he tries Summoning strength in front of others, and that he does not care about anything, but that is the opposite of the truth, noting that the real cohesive person does not try to put all these proofs on his calmness, such as using coffee and beginning the video with the sentence “Good morning”, stressing that this indicates that he exaggerates in showing his calm But it shows that what’s inside is quite the opposite.

“Majed” added that people who act like “Ramadan” are psychologically diagnosed with “negative narcissism”, which is the desire to appear, elevation of “ego” and arrogance in any action whatsoever, even if it is to provoke the public or appear controversially, stressing that he is an artist. He has a great talent, there is no doubt about that, and he has the ability to influence the audience, but he is not good at acting with social intelligence at all.

“Majed” warned the famous artist that the nature of his personality loves dramatic events, so if fame recedes from him for any reason, his life could end in a dramatic way, so that he would be the focus of all conversations, citing the example of “Dalida.”

Muhammad Al-Hadi, a psychological consultant and educational expert, saw that every famous person whose wealth was nationalized or seized by taxes or something like that often gets sick and suffers complications, explaining that the calm of “Ramadan” during the video is clearly fabricated, especially that in the end he is an actor and can reincarnate. Calm well.

Dr. Jamal Frouez, a mental health consultant, said that the behavior of “Ramadan” came to draw attention and search for “trends”, as well as an irresponsible act.


“The first I advised you, and now I am careful.” Amr Mostafa sends a harsh message to Muhammad Ramadan

For suggestions of places to go out

Composer and singer Amr Mostafa attacked the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and his way of talking about seizing his money in a bank in favor of the case of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

“Mustafa” commented on the video in which Ramadan appeared this evening and wrote through his official account on the Facebook website: “I went through very many problems that had no value.. And in the program of the divination Ramadan, which has passed, I gave advice to Muhammad Ramadan that he benefits from my experience and nullifies problems .. but unfortunately Today, I was surprised that he inserted the name of Egypt into his personal problems by trying to flip the facts with a video regarding his personal problem in seizing his money.. He changed his hints that Egypt and its people, if they need my money, please, I am ready!!

Amr Mostafa continued: “No, Ramadan, Egypt and its people do not need your money, nor anyone’s money. With your permission, solve your personal problems without interfering with the name of my country in your crises. Mohamed Ramadan or any other artist .. the first and last loyalty to Egypt.”

He concluded: “As a person of the soft power that represents Egypt, it is my duty to warn you against involving my country’s name in your crises, and my duty is to change my country and anyone who loves this country…#Egypt_First.”


Mustafa Bakri sends a fiery message to Muhammad Ramadan: “A measure of shame is required” (video)

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The journalist, Mustafa Bakri, said that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, came out with a video today on his account on the Instagram website, in which he said that his money was seized in a famous bank.

He said, during the presentation of the “Facts and Secrets” program broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, that the video is strange and said with normal coldness, especially that Muhammad Ramadan mentioned the word reservation, which is a false information.

He added that any investor who hears this hadith fears investing in Egypt, but what happened is a court ruling because of the deceased pilot, Abu Al-Yusr, and the state has nothing to do with it.

Bakri added that the pilot received a ruling of 6 million pounds in compensation, and died without receiving any penny, saying, “There must be a degree of shame and modesty.”


Do you give him the title of king of provocation? 4 exciting comments by Muhammad Ramadan, the latest of which is “My money is at home” | news

Crises follow Muhammad Ramadan, which makes him a subject of constant controversy and the public’s talk on the social media, but it is not only the crises that aroused the public’s discontent, but his comments on the problems caused a greater crisis, and through the next lines we review the most prominent comments of Muhammad Ramadan on the crises he was exposed to.

Commenting on the state’s reservation of his money

A short while ago, Muhammad Ramadan published a video on his official page on the social networking site Instagram, in which he announced the state’s reservation of his money kept in a bank. Ramadan commented on the news that his money belongs to the state and there is no objection to the matter, but he added at the end of the video part of the dialogue that took place between him And between the bank employee who told him about the state’s reservation of the money, where Ramadan said: The popular people, the Upper Egyptians, and the peasants who are like my cases pay their money at home.

Muhammad Ramadan commented after the court’s decision to fine him 6 million pounds

Muhammad Ramadan’s comment on the court’s decision to fine him 6 million in favor of pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr provoked the public’s discontent, as Ramadan posted a video of him on his account on the social networking site Instagram while throwing money against the background of one of his songs, which says, “My place is not marginal. Hatomi Versace”, which some considered an insult to the pilot and an underestimation of money.

Muhammad Ramadan’s comment on Amr Adib’s criticism of him

The crisis escalated between the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, and the media, Amr Adib, due to the case of pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, and Adeeb attacked through the “Al-Hekaya” program broadcast on MBC. O Muhammad, who has money, there are people who have money that will give you 100 times, but they do not do that.. O Muhammad, we are the ones who think that Moses came as Pharaoh.”

Ramadan responded to Amr Adib’s criticism of him by publishing a video clip from the series “Nesr al-Saeed”, and Amr Adib’s voice was installed on the video, with Ramadan’s response from the series saying, “Put your brain in there, why.”

Muhammad Ramadan’s comment on the death of Samir Ghanem

Mohamed Ramadan’s comment on the news of Samir Ghanem’s death aroused the public’s discontent, as Ramadan published an old video of the late star Samir Ghanem praising Mohamed Ramadan’s performance.