Deutsche Post: Change! This will soon be important for letters

Deutsche Post: Change! This will soon become important with letters

Deutsche Post: That will soon be important for letters.  (Symbol image)

Deutsche Post: That will soon be important for letters. (Symbol image)

Foto: imago images / IPA Photo

This change in the German Post many customers must have been waiting. On February 4th the time has finally come. Then the shipment tracking or tracking is also called Letters possible.

In addition, the new stamp of the German Post with another cool feature that will especially delight those who love details.

Deutsche Post: Change in the letters

This is how it works: The new brands are provided with a QR code that is only issued once. This means that every shipment can be precisely assigned – and for the first time this enables a normal letter to be tracked.

Thanks to this so-called matrix stamp, you can see whether your letter has already been processed in the start or destination mail center. Previously, this was only possible for a surcharge for registered mail, which could be tracked via a barcode.

+++ Hermes: You ordered a package? THAT is important now! +++

The new so-called matrix stamp, on the other hand, costs no extra charge, a standard letter is priced at 80 cents.


This is the Deutsche Post DHL Group:

  • Postal and parcel service providers as well as providers of international express, forwarding, e-commerce and supply chain management services
  • From 1998 to 2002, Deutsche Post AG gradually acquired DHL
  • Group with around 550,000 employees in 220 countries
  • 65.34 billion euros in sales in 2019


+++ DHL: important innovation at the post office! You have to pay attention to THIS from now on when you send a package +++

The function is not only useful for curious letter writers, but also if a shipment is lost. This makes it easier for Deutsche Post to find out where the system last recorded the missing letter.


These are the Deutsche Post prices:

  • Postcard: 0.60 euros
  • Standard Brief: 0,80 Euro
  • Compact letter: 0.95 euros
  • Large letter: 1.55 euros
  • Maxi Brief: 2.70 Euro


+++ Deutsche Post: huge change! You have to pay attention to this if you want to send a letter +++

Matrix postage has other advantages

The code also makes the postage stamp forgery-proof, as each code can only be sent once.


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Letter writers with a love of detail should be particularly happy about another new function of the matrix brands: A link should also be saved on the code that provides information on the motif and brand.

+++ DHL messenger from Munich discovers a message on the package – then he makes a decision +++

The way to the next post is too far for you? Then you can now frank your letters without a stamp. You can find out how to do this here with us. (vh)


Father runs over son with tractor: boy dies

In East Westphalia, a father ran over his son with a tractor while maneuvering. The seven-year-old succumbed to his injuries after the accident on Saturday morning in Bad Wünnenberg near Paderborn, as a police spokesman said. The accident occurred while loading wood in the area of ​​a barn. How this came about is still unclear.

The 41-year-old father was looked after by rescue workers. The investigation into the case continued, the police said on Sunday. The man may have to answer for negligent homicide or bodily harm resulting in death, said the spokesman.


Police blow up tuner meeting on Wallring

The police in Dortmund took action against speeders and tuners again with a large-scale operation. Again hundreds of drivers used the Wallring to pose and drive illegal races.

During another large-scale operation, the police checked 280 cars and almost 450 people who are assigned to the speeder and tuning scene at three locations in Dortmund. On Saturday night, up to 350 drivers wanted to convert the three-lane Wallring in the city center into a race track or use it to pose their cars, the police said.

Accordingly, 51 dismissals and 13 notifications were issued after violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. A driver received a criminal complaint because he is said to have blinded another driver with a flashlight. Three vehicles with technical defects were seized.

Quieter night than in previous weeks

“Stopping speeders, avoiding accidents, ensuring peace and quiet and implementing protection against infection – with a strong presence on the wall and controls on access roads, we have achieved important goals,” said the head of operations, Stephanie Luzemann, on Saturday morning. Unlike in the previous weeks, there were only a few complaints about noise pollution on Friday evening and during the night. In addition, there were fewer cars on the road.

Again and again there are illegal drag races in Dortmund, considerable traffic hazards and high noise pollution at night from horn concerts and loud music. Such meetings were repeated on the Wallring, especially during lockdown. Last weekend, the police counted around 700 vehicles in one night alone.


Death of young Nora Quoirin in Malaysia: the criminal track definitively excluded

DRAMA – The teenager was missing the day after arriving with her family at a tourist resort in Malaysia. His body had been found in the jungle after ten days of searching.

The death of Nora Quoirin, a Franco-Irish teenager who went missing in 2019 and whose body was found in the forest in Malaysia after ten days of searching, is probably due to “a mishap” in the jungle and not to murder or sexual assault, a medical examiner announced on Monday.

The 15-year-old girl, with a slight disability, was staying with her parents at the Dusun Resort, a tourist complex located about 70 km south of the capital Kuala Lumpur, on the edge of the jungle. She had disappeared the day after her arrival, on the night of August 3 to 4, and a window had been found open in the pavilion where the family resided.

“A mishap”

The police had concluded to an accidental death. But the parents claim that their daughter was not able to venture far on her own. They are convinced that their daughter had been kidnapped. “After reviewing all the relevant evidence, I concluded that no one was involved in the death of Nora Anne (Quoirin)”, forensic pathologist Maimoonah Aid said.

According to her, “She is more likely to die as a result of a mishap”. The teenager has surely left the family home “all alone” before getting “lost in the palm tree plantation” which was abandoned, she argues, more than a year and a half after the fact.

40 witnesses heard

The Paris public prosecutor’s office had opened on August 9, 2019, even before the discovery of the body, a preliminary investigation for kidnapping and forcible confinement. Two investigators from the Central Office for the Suppression of Violence Against Persons (OCRVP) visited Malaysia at the time. The teenager’s body was found, naked, at the bottom of a ravine in the jungle, on August 13, 2019. The family then demanded the opening of a judicial investigation to determine the causes of death. This investigation opened at the end of August and made it possible to hear more than 40 witnesses.

On video

15-year-old girl goes missing in Malaysia

The police ensure for their part that they have no clue that could suggest a criminal trail in the death of the young girl and believe that she herself came out of her chalet through the window. But her parents, who live in London, said they heard suspicious noises in the chalet the night she disappeared and described the police response as slow and ineffective. The post-material autopsy concluded that the girl was probably dead from hunger-induced internal bleeding after spending more than a week in the rainforest.

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Marie NDiaye: “In order to build a character, I need to represent her childhood to myself”

Some questions about Revenge is mine and Me Susane. Marie NDiaye, since her stay in Gironde, was kind enough to respond by email.

Are you a reader of various facts?

Yes, I have always been a passionate reader of news items and trial reports: Ondine Millot, Pascale Robert-Diard, Stéphane Durand-Souffland, Doan Bui among others are important authors for me – not only do I read their articles but every book they put out. What an incongruous expression, in French, is that of “fait divers”, which concerns both incidents and heartbreaking crimes …

Read alsoDangerous pity: Marie NDiaye, the lawyer and infanticide

We have the impression that you have not researched the legal profession. You don’t mind, do you, give that impression?

Not only did I not care, but it mattered that I didn’t seem to know myself. In writing this book, I did not in any way claim to make the reader experience the reality of a profession which is foreign to me. Documenting myself on this subject to be true would have been a sham. Besides Me Susane could just as much be a social worker, prison visitor or psychiatrist: I just had to find a way to meet, legally, Marlyne Principaux.

Why Me Does Susane keep her name and title?

She is Me Susane, like my boss, was the Chef, because I like to imagine that, for these two women, the passion for their profession and the efforts they made to acquire it come before everything, before love especially . I try not to make any kind of judgment on this subject in the book, either positive or negative. I read a long time ago A house for Mr. Biswas, by Naipaul. The Mr. Biswas in question is first described to us in childhood, then as a young man, etc. Naipaul never calls him otherwise. I think I remember that we never learn Mr. Biswas’s first name. I really liked the almost shocking contrast between the character’s tender age and this way of calling him. I do not reveal M’s first namee Susane (I don’t know myself for the rest), but her name is a first name, in French. I didn’t go as far as Naipaul, I didn’t name her Me Vincent or Me Thierry, forcing the reader to make an effort to remember that it is a woman, as Naipaul obliges us to make an effort, in the first part of his book, to remember that Mr. Biswas was a child. It seems to me that Me Susane, because of this ambiguity between name and surname, immediately appears as a woman, while it could of course be a lawyer (a male lawyer, I mean).

Emmanuelle Devos would she be a good performer?

She would be in my eyes, because she is an excellent actress. But she may be too beautiful: Me Susane knows or thinks she knows she is devoid of beauty, and she accepts what seems to be a fact with pride, with almost a form of pride. I can hardly imagine making an Emmanuelle Devos probable that one should understand that she no longer suffers from being considered ugly.

Me Susane is not the narrator. Why is the title in the first person?

Of course, she is not the narrator, but the story unfolds from her point of view alone, it seems to me. The reader is never freed from the perception that Me Susana of events or beings, he neither knows nor, perhaps, feels only what M knows and feelse Susane. He may sometimes forget that the story is in the third person. That said, the title doesn’t necessarily relate to Mr.e Susane.

Why these monologues full of “buts” or “because”?

Marlyne Principaux inserts “mais” in each of her sentences, one might say wrongly – but she was a French teacher, so that’s not the question. Perhaps by her “but” she defends herself without seeming to do so, the “but” is a form of forgiveness that she addresses to herself, the “but” the excuse, lessens the scale of his crime. Gilles Principaux, who begins each of his sentences with a blunt “car”, asserts and supports, sure of what he says or wanting to appear as such. These conjunctions seemed to me to express part of the character of the two members of this couple at the time when Mr.e Susane meets them.

What is more natural to you, the theater or the novel?

I think I will always love the novel above all else, whether I read it or write it. Writing novels has come naturally to me since childhood. Writing plays has become for me an exciting job but subject to constraints, even if light and that I appreciate having, that the novel does not know. Like a child who runs, jumps, plays (the novel) and who is trained to dance (the pieces): he ends up finding pleasure in the hard training of movements, but freedom in the garden will always miss him …

Is it important for writing to change domicile regularly?

I liked to think of it, romantically. I see today that it is not that important – as far as I am concerned, of course, it is not a general matter. In the end, I worked little with what I gained from my two-year stay in Italy, many months in Spain or Guadeloupe, or ten years in Germany. A little, of course, but not in proportion to such a long time spent outside France or outside France. Perhaps this is due to the fact that, in order to build a character, I need to represent to myself his childhood and that I only know French childhood intimately. I need to be able to imagine its social environment, the landscapes that shaped it, etc. I don’t know, in concrete terms, what a German childhood is, a Spanish childhood, etc. I only know France fundamentally, deeply.

Is it really Bordeaux, in this book?

Not really, of course, since a Bordeaux stuck in snow and ice can only be a dreamlike Bordeaux. I am not concerned with describing this city nor trying to give a feeling or a feeling of Bordeaux. This is where M livese Susane. I visualize the streets where she walks, the sidewalk on which she falls. I know and mentally see a lot more of Bordeaux than I tell – almost nothing. It is essential for me to make my characters move in places that I know, so that it all looks true or, at least, plausible. Except for Mauritius, where I have never been and where I project Me Susane however – but what is happening there, for her, is of the order of revelation, therefore of dreams.

What are you reading at the moment?

Lili is crying by Hélène Bessette, the Grand Chosier by Laurent Albarracin, Mon Emily Dickinson by Susan Howe, Louis II of Bavaria by Catherine Decours.

Claire Devarrieux


Lotto: surprise just before Christmas! Dozens of players can hardly believe luck

Lotto: mega-surprise just before Christmas! Dozens of people can hardly believe their luck

Jackpot for 5 lottery players just before Christmas.

Photo: imago images / Eibner

A “double three of a kind” has 27 Lotto-Player in Germany received a rich gift shortly before Christmas.

The lottery drawing on Wednesday brought a very unusual combination of numbers. 11, 12, 13 and 37, 38, 39 ensured that the presents were brought forward.

Lotto: Lots of presents before Christmas

One was especially happy LottoPlayer from the Harz Mountains. He cleared just under 220,000 euros the day before Christmas Eve. The unusual combination of numbers 11, 12, 13 and 37, 38, 39 brought him luck, Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt announced on Thursday on its Facebook page.

Five lottery players even clear away millions

According to the information, the man’s stake was 12.80 euros. Nationwide, 22 other lottery players had bet on the rather unusual number series. There were also five lottery players who also had the super number 7 on their ticket.


Information about the lottery game:

  • The word Lotto comes from the Italian and French and means share “share”, “lot”, “fate” and “game of chance”
  • There were many state lotteries in the German Empire
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, lotteries were merged into several providers in order to reduce competition
  • Lottery numbers have increasingly been typed over the Internet in recent years
  • Every country has a different draw system, with us you play 6 out of 49, plus 1 out of 10


You can look forward to an unbelievable 3.91 million euros. Three wins went to North Rhine-Westphalia, one to Bavaria and Thuringia. (ms with dpa)

>> Editor’s note <<

Gambling can be addicting. If gambling behavior gets out of hand and becomes a substitute for other personal problems, this can lead to pathological behavior and even gambling addiction. It is then no longer just a matter of spontaneous leisure time, but the game suddenly takes on dubious functions: avoiding fear, panic, depression and other negative feelings or avoiding problems.

Anyone who thinks they have gambling addiction or knows someone from whom one has to assume this can get help. The free and anonymous hotline 0800/1372700 is available for this. More information on bzga.


Car crashes into a traffic light pole – one dead

Serious accident in Berlin: A driver crashed his car against a traffic light and was killed. He is said to have been traveling too fast.

A car hit a massive traffic light pole in Berlin-Biesdorf. A person was killed in the process. According to initial findings, the car was traveling at excessive speed on federal highway 1 on Thursday night, as a local police spokesman said.

At Tychyer Street he crashed into the traffic light mast, which fell over from the force of the impact. Another person died at the scene of the accident. The police did not provide any further details at first, the investigation continued during the night.


vigilance must be constant this summer!

The Prefecture of La Réunion and the ARS have published their weekly report on the dengue virus. From December 7 to 13, 16 cases of dengue fever were reported to the ARS. The number of cases has stabilized in recent days. The arrival of the austral summer is likely to favor the appearance of a new epidemic wave.

Also, the prefecture and the ARS encourage people with symptoms of dengue fever to quickly consult a doctor and take a laboratory sample to identify the appearance of new outbreaks as early as possible. The system deployed by the authorities is in fact all the more effective when it intervenes at the very beginning of transmission in a neighborhood and when sick people and those around them protect themselves from mosquito bites.

Situation of dengue fever in Reunion Island on December 15, 2020 (data from the French Public Health Unit in the region, ARS)

During week 50, the reports were located in 7 municipalities:

  • Small island
  • Saint Joseph
  • St Denis
  • St. Andrew
  • The Port
  • Saint Pierre
  • St.Paul

In addition, groupings of cases have been identified in the West region:

  • Saint-Paul (Hermitage)
  • The Port (Cotur Subdivision and Oasis Park)

In order to contain the spread of the dengue virus, the ARS vector control teams are continuing mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid-19.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

Knowing and applying, on a personal and collective basis, preventive measures to fight against dengue, remains by far the most effective way to avoid contracting the disease and transmitting it to those around you:

  • Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites: repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers
  • Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water all around your home
  • Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.). Your doctor will prescribe a sample to be taken in the laboratory for medical analyzes to confirm the diagnosis of dengue.

This biological confirmation is essential to guide the actions of vector control teams and help limit the spread of the dengue virus in the territory.


Second policeman died after a serious traffic accident

After the accidental death of a police officer on Autobahn 6 in Upper Palatinate, his 50-year-old seriously injured colleague also died in the hospital. The Upper Palatinate police announced on Friday. The two officers were called on Tuesday afternoon to a minor accident involving two trucks and a car on the A6 near Amberg. According to the police, the accident site was secured while the accident was recorded.

Then, however, a 34-year-old driver, who apparently wanted to evade, got his car in a skid and hit the police. Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) had shown himself to be “deeply shaken” in a statement.


Investigators assume a crime

A six-year-old who was rescued from drowning from the hall in Halle has become a victim of a crime, according to the public prosecutor’s office. There is sufficient suspicion, a spokesman said Tuesday. According to the police and the public prosecutor’s office, an unknown man is said to have carried the child through the city center early on Sunday morning “most likely mainly in his arms”. The distance is several hundred meters, across the market square to the Saale. The girl was only dressed in gray-beige pajamas with animal motifs and purple stockings.

Two phantom images of the stranger between the ages of 20 and 40 were created and published. The nine-member investigation group “Elsa”, formed to clear up the case, hopes to get information from the population about the man’s identity and whereabouts. His hair was shaved and possibly dyed red. For tactical reasons, the investigators did not want to comment on whether it was possibly a kidnapping or another criminal act.

According to the police, two joggers had rescued the girl from the hall on Sunday at around 8:30 a.m. A runner had previously heard calls for help on the river. The child was taken to a hospital. “He is doing according to the circumstances,” said the prosecutor. He did not provide any further details for tactical reasons.

The girl lives in the city with her parents. According to the information, they had seen their child for the last time in the apartment on Sunday at around 7:30 a.m. and reported it to the police as missing. The prosecutor emphasized that the parents are still not being investigated.