Detroit Auto Show canceled for 2021

When the Detroit Auto Show is held for the next time, in principle in June 2022, it will be more than three years since the event will have been presented. Indeed, the organizers have decided to cancel the organization of the 2021 edition, postponed to the fall due to the coronavirus.

To make a bit of history, remember that the last Detroit Auto Show took place in January 2019. At that time, we knew that the next edition would take place in June 2020. It was of course canceled on last year and now this year’s party is too.

The decision comes early in the year and is a bit surprising, because we can anticipate that next fall, with the distribution of the vaccine, the situation would have had a good chance of being brought under control, at least sufficiently to hold an event. Maybe not up to what the organizers want, however.

All is not lost for 2021, however, because the Show has nevertheless decided to hold certain events. These will be consistent with those of the Motor Bella which is scheduled for the end of September in Pontiac, Michigan. Originally, there was talk of a gathering mainly planned for old vehicles of Italian and British origin, but above all, of a party planned outside.

Here is Shopicar! All models of the year and all current promotions.

Manufacturers will be able to present new models and go there for product presentations. Days for the media are planned, just like others, for the public. The event is to be held from September 21 to 26, the last four days being reserved for the general public.

Half a Detroit salon, then? It looks like this.

Over the next few weeks, we will also be watching closely for announcements for other major auto shows in the United States, Los Angeles and New York. The first is scheduled for the end of May, the second for the last days of August.

If we had to bet on a trip, it would be that of Los Angeles which could be canceled in May to return to its usual place at the end of November. By this time of the year 2021, hopefully, we will have found some semblance of normal life.


Two former health officials charged with manslaughter for contaminated water in Michigan

Flint, Michigan – Two former Michigan health officials were charged Thursday with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of nine people who were infected with Legionnaires’ disease during the contaminated water crisis in the town of Flint.

Meanwhile, prosecutors looking at how the city’s water system was contaminated with lead and bacteria have filed extortion and perjury charges against a key adviser to former Gov. Rick Snyder.

Snyder joined a parade of former state and city officials who pleaded not guilty in Genesee County courts. He faces misdemeanor charges of deliberate neglect of duties in Flint in a case that was brought Wednesday night, becoming the first governor or former governor in Michigan’s 184-year history to face charges related to his term in office.

All of the charges stem from evidence presented before Judge David Newblatt, who served as an investigative jury. Special counsel Fadwa Hammoud declined to provide details during a news conference but said Snyder “had failed to protect the health and safety” of Flint’s roughly 100,000 residents.

“There is no preferential treatment in our criminal justice system,” Hammoud reiterated. “No one – no matter how powerful or well connected they are – is above accountability when they commit a crime.”

Defense attorney Brian Lennon called the case a “sham.”


Jim Harbaugh extends with Michigan

Munich – Jim Harbaugh’s name usually appears whenever a coaching position is open in the NFL. This year, however, that is not the case and the reason for this is now clear: The former coach of the San Francisco 49ers has extended his contract with the Michigan Wolverines until 2025.

The university has now officially confirmed this. “I continue to believe that Jim is the right man to lead our program to Big Ten and college playoff titles,” said Warde Manuel, the University of Michigan director of athletics.

Harbaugh joined the Wolverines in 2015 and so far has a record of 49 wins and 22 losses. So far he’s still struggling to win against big teams like Ohio State. He wants to get rid of this flaw in the next five years.

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Online Poker | Michigan wants to open virtual borders

Michigan wants to join the network between Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada. Meanwhile, New York plans to allow sports betting on mobile devices.

Regulation in the United States is slow but steady. In the US state of Michigan, online poker was allowed at the end of 2019, but the major providers are not yet online.

Nevertheless, the poker players in the “Great Lakes State” can look forward to the fact that Governor Gretchen Whitmer blessed law on December 29th SB 991 from. This makes Michigan part of the MultiState Internet Gaming Agreements (MSIGA).

In the US state of New York, the game on the Internet is currently a topic. However, it is about sports betting, or sports betting via mobile devices. Andrew Cuomo recently commented that regulation is on the agenda for 2021.


Brave effort in Michigan! | Police officer rescues 72-year-olds from a burning house – news abroad

Quelle: Berrien County Sheriff’s Department
00:51 Min.

Brave effort in Michigan!
Police officer rescues 72-year-olds from a burning house

A police officer runs into a burning house and saves a 72-year-old woman from the flames at the last minute.


Plane crashes into house in Michigan – three people die

An accident occurred in the US state of Michigan: A small plane crashed into a residential building. The occupants and the pilot did not survive.

A small plane crashed into a house in the parish of Lyon Township, Michigan. The local media reported, citing the Oakland County Sheriffs Department. (You can see video recordings of the accident site in the video above or here.)

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said the three people were believed to be the pilot and occupants of the plane. A family of five in the house managed to get to safety. However, the family said their cat did not survive. The family left the room shortly before the crash.

The crash site is near Oakland / Southwest Airport, formerly known as New Hudson Airport. It is unclear whether the plane was en route to this airport.


the tragic end of Thomas, extreme choice – Libero Quotidiano

Thomas Thompson he has been imprisoned on the islet of Chateau d ‘If, Thompson for five years in Michigan. He is a treasure hunter. In 1988 with the discovery of the SS Central America, a steamboat, he found a cargo aboard ten tons of gold, worth 292 million dollars at today’s exchange rate. The gold traveled to New York, thanks to the recovery wanted by 167 investors who had contributed with 12.7 million dollars to set up the research ship, and the submarine module Nemo, designed by Thompson himself to recover the loot which, however, since then no one has seen mine.

They found Hitler's treasure: masterpieces of art for 1 billion

Thomas with two tons of gold, on one of the return voyages to the port, was denounced by thirty-nine firms that had insured the contents of the ship at the time of the shipment. A ten-year legal battle that awarded Thompson del 92% of the value of the loot saved from the sea. In 2000 he then sold a batch of bullion worth $ 52 million and a $ 4.9 million bank account was then discovered in his name in the Cook Islands. Since the sentencing, the judge has imposed a penalty of $ 1,000 per day until he returns the loot. To date, the debt has reached $ 1.7 million. He does not speak because when he comes out he will be able to repay the debt e enjoy the treasure hidden away.


The 2020 US election is over – but President Donald Trump continues to sue

US President Donald Trump lost the election. However, he still does not acknowledge this and renews a lawsuit. He is apparently also considering military support in talks.

Photo series with 14 pictures

Despite dozens of setbacks in court, the incumbent US President Donald Trump continues the legal battle against his defeat in the presidential election. Trump’s campaign team announced on Sunday that it had filed a motion with the Supreme Court to review and overturn decisions by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court.

The Trump camp claims that the court there violated constitutional rights through several postal voting decisions. As a result, invalid votes were counted in large numbers in the state. This objection with a view to Pennsylvania is unlikely to be promising – the Trump camp as a whole cannot shake the election result anyway.

Trump does not recognize defeat

The Republican had lost the presidential election in early November by a clear margin to the Democrat Joe Biden. So far, Trump has not admitted his defeat, but stubbornly claims that he was deprived of victory through massive fraud. Neither Trump nor his lawyers or supporters provided any substantive evidence to support these claims. More than 50 lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been rejected, two of them before the Supreme Court.

Just two weeks ago, the Supreme Court rejected an application for an injunction with which Trump and his supporters wanted to overturn the election result in Pennsylvania. Just over a week ago, the Supreme Court also dismissed a lawsuit from the state of Texas in the four states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Republican Justice Minister of Texas, Ken Paxton, – supported by heads of department from other states and Republican MPs from the House of Representatives – brought the lawsuit to overturn Biden’s victory over his fellow party member Trump.

Previous lawsuits did not stand up in court

After the death of the liberal judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September, Trump had put pressure on to quickly fill the seat on the Supreme Court with the conservative lawyer Amy Coney Barrett before the election. He explicitly referred to a possible dispute over the outcome of the election. The Conservatives now dominate the court with a majority of six to three votes. However, the Trump camp’s previous lawsuits were equally dismissed by judges, regardless of whether they were nominated by Democratic or Republican presidents.

Meanwhile, the electorate in the states officially confirmed Biden’s victory over Trump – with 306 votes to 232. So the 20 votes from Pennsylvania voters are not decisive. In the application for the Supreme Court, the Trump camp argues that the question of the electoral process in the state should be basically clarified with a view to future elections – also for the 2024 election, in which Trump is “constitutionally entitled” to run.

So far, the Republican has not commented on whether he wants to run again in four years’ time, but is sticking to the myth that he has already won this election for a second term. Hardly a day goes by when Trump does not rage on Twitter about the election results and spread unsubstantiated allegations of fraud. Several US media reported at the weekend that Trump was still busy discussing scenarios of how the election outcome could still be turned behind the scenes.

Heated meeting in the Oval Office

The “New York Times” reported on Saturday, citing unspecified sources, that on Friday evening there had been a – at times heated – meeting of Trump with advisors in the Oval Office. Among other things, Trump discussed using a controversial lawyer on his campaign team, Sidney Powell, as the government’s special investigator for alleged electoral fraud. Powell had recently made headlines with the conspiracy theory that Venezuela’s leadership had manipulated vote counting software to influence the US election outcome.

The report said that at the meeting in the Oval Office, Trump also asked about the possible use of military forces – an idea launched by his former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. The Axios news site wrote that high-ranking officials in Trump’s administration were increasingly concerned that the president was engaging in such mind games and surrounding conspiracy theorists.

The final result of the presidential election will be officially announced on January 6th in Congress in Washington. Biden is to be sworn in on January 20th. On that day, according to the constitution, Trump’s term of office ends automatically – even if he does not admit defeat.


Treasure hunter has been in jail for 1700 days

For eight years he has sworn not to know where he keeps misappropriated gold coins: Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson. Photo: Michigan Police

Either he is really forgetful or just horny as gold. Treasure hunter Tommy Thompson is now starting year 5 in jail – for contempt of court. Because he refuses to reveal the whereabouts of 500 gold doubloons.

Thompson tracked down the wreck of the SS Central America in 1988. The so-called “gold ship” was caught in a hurricane in 1857 and sank off the coast of South Carolina with thousands of tons of gold bars and coins. 161 investors had financed the search with an amount of 12.7 million dollars – against a promised profit-sharing.

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The gold recovered by Thompson and his crew was sold for a total of $ 50 million in 2000. Except that the investors didn’t see a cent of it and sued Thompson. A court ruled that Thompson had to give the injured party 500 gold coins that he had bagged for himself. Except that the 68-year-old has sworn since 2012 that he forgot where he hid the coins. Even an arrest in 2015 failed to get Thompson to speak.

Judge Algenon Marbley had enough of the game in 2017. He ordered that the forgetful treasure hunter not be released from prison until he unpacks. In addition, there is a $ 1,000 fine per day, which has already risen to a total of $ 1.8 million.

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Thompson sticks to his version of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, which affects his short-term memory. Which is why he has now been behind bars for over 1700 days and was not even released as part of the easing of detention due to the corona pandemic due to the risk of escape. The courts have so far rejected all requests for release from detention.


Trump suffers new defeats in Michigan and Georgia in his attempt to reverse election

Michigan, United States.

A judge of Michigan and another from Georgia on Monday dismissed lawsuits aimed at questioning the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the elections on November 3, which represents a new blow for the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Demand for Michigan had been filed individually by a group of voters from Trump and of Georgia by the conservative lawyer Sidney Powell, that in principle was part of the legal team of the president but was removed from him after promoting conspiracy theories about the elections.

Neither of the two complaints had the back express of the lawyers of the campaign of Trump, which have also legally challenged the electoral results.

In the case of Michigan, Judge Linda Parker, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama (2009-2017), rejected the demand of a group of Trump voters considering that your claims about a alleged fraud they are very broad and “far from successful in this matter.”

Ignoring the will of millions of voters

In fact, he accused them of being trying undermine the trust of the American people in the democratic process and attempting to “ignore the will of million voters. “

On November 23, Michigan, one of the key states in the elections, certified the biden win in this state, where he beat Trump for about 154,000 votes.

On the other hand, in Georgia, judge Timothy batten refused to consider the Powell’s demand considering that he was seeking to override the wishes expressed at the polls by the Georgia neighbors, CNBC reported.

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On November 19, Georgia, a traditional republican bastionno, it confirmed the victory of Biden for a difference of about 12,000 votes.

Biden was the first democrat to win in the southern Georgia since in 1992 I did Bill Clinton (1993-2001).

Trump so far it has not recognized its defeat in the elections, claiming, without proof, that there was a electoral fraud, above all, in voting by mail, which was fundamental due to the pandemic, and has filed several lawsuits in key states, most of which have been dismissed by the courts. EFE