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Not everything is happiness in the world of those who use APKs to get a better service. WhatsApp has decided to delete the accounts of the users who use WhatsApp Plus, an alternative application that has been gaining followers in recent weeks.

The warning was posted by WhatsApp on its official website and harms those who have downloaded unauthorized applications such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp.

“If after your account has been temporarily suspended you do not start using the official version of WhatsApp, your account could be permanently suspended “says the statement.

WhatsAppFurthermore, it warned about the nature of third-party applications that alter the popular instant messaging system.

“Unsupported applications, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or those that claim to be able to move your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another, are altered versions of WhatsApp. These unofficial applications are developed by third parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not endorse the use of these third-party applications because it is not possible to validate their security practices “they pointed out.

The ultimatum of WhatsApp takes place a few weeks after announcing the changes in its privacy policies, which have caused the flight of millions of users.

How to permanently delete WhatsApp account?

  • Enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Press the Menu button at the top.
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Once there, another menu will open with the details of your profile. Press there the option of ‘Account.
  • At the bottom you will see the option to ‘Delete account’

Just accept the warning and your account will be deleted. Remember that the message history, all the groups you created and the Google Drive backup will be deleted.

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WhatsApp: warn that this simple message can steal your personal data | Trick | Viral | Mexico | Spain | United States | SPORTS-PLAY

Any more reasons to leave WhatsApp? Users of the instant messaging application are receiving a viral message that hides a virus capable of stealing passwords and personal information.

The threat was discovered by the cyber security company ESET and consists of this simple message in WhatsApp: “Download this application and win a mobile phone.” Then a link appears that apparently leads to the Google Play Store.

What malware does is make the user believe WhatsApp you need to download a Huawei app.

Once the app is installed thanks to the hoax done in WhatsApp, the malware will require the activation of access to notifications and other options that put users’ privacy at risk.

The result will be the malware running in the background and appearing above other applications; in this way, it records passwords and bank details.

Finally, the virus takes advantage of the WhatsApp to share the false message between the contacts and thus repeat the operation with another victim.

How to permanently delete WhatsApp account?

  • Enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Press the Menu button at the top.
  • Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Once there, another menu will open with the details of your profile. Press there the option of ‘Account.
  • At the bottom you will see the option to ‘Delete account’

Just accept the warning and your account will be deleted. Remember that the message history, all the groups you created and the Google Drive backup will be deleted.

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Traveling despite Corona: How globetrotters experience the pandemic

MSome globetrotters are not deterred from their travel plans by Corona. Many have even done very well, for example in countries like Australia or New Zealand, which have the virus under control and have returned to a relative normalcy – in some cases without any mask requirement.

Travelers report on road trips, life in the outback and “the time of their life”. But also of doubts and the impossibility of making plans. We spoke to globetrotters and backpackers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Australia: a better location than Germany

Nicole Pern from Unna in the Ruhr area had been in Australia for a while when suddenly Corona struck and mixed up her plans. After graduating from high school, she came Down Under with a visa for a vacation work stay, worked in Sydney, then on a farm and also traveled across the country.

Despite the pandemic, the 20-year-old decided to stay. “It was difficult because the situation was very difficult to assess, but objectively speaking, the situation was much better compared to Germany.” In addition, the costs for flights rose massively at the time.

Nicole Pern from Unna decided to stay in Australia despite the corona pandemic

Source: dpa / private

Nicole says she’s a little homesick now. Sometimes she just misses “the comfort in Germany and not always being ‘on the move'”. But the dramatic corona situation in Germany scares them off.

“In Australia, especially here in Perth, all options are open to me. I have never worn a mask before and have never been to such big festivals as here,” she says. So did everything right? “Germans may not understand that, but 2020 was the best year of my life!”

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Line Sophia Schallmayer is currently in Kundabung on the east coast. The 21-year-old from Frankfurt had just landed in Australia when the virus emerged in March. Actually, she would have loved to fly home straight away.

“But that wasn’t feasible, flights were priceless and hardly available,” she says. “The first few weeks I felt a little like I was stuck.” But then the Hessian made the best of the situation. “I wasn’t able to travel as much as originally planned, but I learned and experienced a lot this year.”

Line Sophia Schallmayer also came near Uluru on her journey through Australia.  The mountain is sacred to the Aborigines

Line Sophia Schallmayer also came near Uluru on her journey through Australia. The mountain is sacred to the Aborigines

Source: dpa / private

She has traveled the east coast from Sydney up to tropical Cairns, and was also able to marvel at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the red heart of Australia. Before going home to Germany in March, she wanted to go to the west coast for the next few weeks. Because of the recent Corona outbreak in Sydney, many inner Australian borders have been closed again.

“Australia was a constant up and down. I struggled with myself a lot and had extremely difficult times where I totally questioned myself and the whole trip,” admits Line. And your conclusion? “The best thing was that you are never alone and meet so many fantastic people!”

Traveling despite Corona: Carina Adamik from Recklinghausen has been in Australia with a working holiday visa for two years

Carina Adamik from Recklinghausen has been in Australia on a working holiday visa for two years

Source: dpa / Pivat

The 30-year-old Carina Adamik from Recklinghausen is currently in Perth and has been in the country for two years with a working holiday visa. The occupational therapist canceled a trip to Germany planned for 2020 to see the family again. “Due to Corona I decided to stay in Australia.”

When the virus broke out, she was working on a cattle ranch in the outback. “I didn’t just want to give up.” She went on a road trip, “up and down the west coast”. The virus has hardly changed her trip – also because she could spend a lot of time in the isolated outback. “I would definitely do it again!”

New Zealand: Backpackers were allowed to stay

Sascha Seib (29) and his girlfriend Claudia Tran Ngoc (29) from Gotha are currently on the Abel Tasman Coast Track on the South Island of the Pacific state. The Thuringians arrived in New Zealand in February 2020 – shortly before the first lockdown in the country. By then the two had already found work in a vineyard in Martinborough.

“At first I was shocked and thought we had to leave. But then we got the information that backpackers can stay if they want, ”says Sascha. The lockdown was tough, but necessary. “As you can see now, life in New Zealand is almost back to normal.”

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Claudia also says that returning to Germany was not an option. “You only get a working holiday visa once in your life and only before you are 30 years old. I would never have gotten such a chance again. ”Their visas are valid until August, which is how long the two of them definitely want to continue traveling across the country.

“But I haven’t planned anything yet because the pandemic is constantly changing everything, including the plans.” The trip is one big adventure. Sascha adds: “When we have toured the South Island, we see what it looks like in Germany – and only then decide what to do next.”

Mexico: Don’t be afraid of Corona

Mark Hegedüs is currently traveling in Mexico, the 44-year-old previously traveled to Costa Rica. “Apart from the fact that you sometimes have to wear a mask and often use disinfectant gel, not much has changed in my opinion,” says the native Hungarian who lived in Vienna for a long time. Overall, he has been traveling in Latin America since 2014 and has now got to know almost every country in the region.

Mark Hegedüs has been traveling in Latin America since 2014.  Here he is looking forward to the highest mountain in Costa Rica, the Cerro Chirripó

Mark Hegedüs has been traveling in Latin America since 2014. Here he is looking forward to the highest mountain in Costa Rica, the Cerro Chirripó

Source: dpa / —

Hegedüs is not afraid of being infected with the coronavirus. “I feel fully fit, eat healthy and have my health insurance,” he says. When entering Costa Rica, he had to present health insurance that also covers treatment for Covid-19. “I would expect something like that from the other countries, too, then you could travel almost anywhere and with reasonable problems,” he says.

At the beginning of the pandemic in Latin America, there were repeated reports that foreign tourists were being attacked because they were seen as a potential source of infection. Hegedüs has not had any bad experiences so far. “But on the contrary. Everyone in Costa Rica was happy about my visit, ”he says. “I often received upgrades for booked rooms without request and was warmly welcomed in the national parks.”

Africa: On a world tour in a Mercedes Sprinter

The retired Swiss couple Heidi and Werner Gloor have been on a world tour in a Mercedes Sprinter since February 2019, currently in Africa. “Why Africa? We thought: let’s start with a more difficult continent ”, say the two. Corona has led to some plan changes – but the virus has not unsettled the couple.

“Flying home was never an issue,” they both emphasize. Instead, they decided to settle on a farm in Tanzania – where they were in spring 2020 – for a few months. There they would have had “the time of our lives”.

The retired Swiss couple Heidi and Werner Gloor have been on a world tour since February 2019

The retired Swiss couple Heidi and Werner Gloor have been on a world tour since February 2019

Source: dpa / private

When the borders gradually opened again, the couple from the canton of Obwalden set off with their motorhome. They spent Christmas and New Year in Namibia in southwest Africa. “Of course the carefree traveling without tests is over,” say Heidi and Werner Gloor. They are now moving more slowly and consciously.

But they are optimistic: “Since our trip has no time limit, visas are easily extended due to Covid and there are beautiful remote regions to discover in every country, we are not too worried.”

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From Tanzania to South Africa

Read here what WELT columnist Martin Lewicki experiences on his world tour in times of Corona.

Stricter controls on flights from high-risk areas

Now they have come into force, the tightened police controls on flights from high-risk areas. This includes countries such as the USA, Egypt and Spain. If you want to enter Germany from these countries, you should pay attention to the following.

Source: WELT / Sandra Saatmann


USA: Biden wants to improve relationship with Latin America – politics

On January 20, the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the White House website received an update. She is now available in Spanish again. Under Donald Trump, the version was switched off in 2017 – not by accident, but because he thought the USA was a country “in which we speak English, not Spanish”. In this respect, with the update, the new president is primarily sending a signal to the many millions of Latinos in the USA: They are now part of it again.

Even as Vice President under Obama, he toured the region

Second, it can be read as a message to a region of the world that Trump has opposed in the past four years with a mixture of disgust, isolation and ignorance: Latin America is likely to get a little more attention from Washington in the future, especially since Biden is well versed there: As Vice President under Barack Obama made more than a dozen trips to the states from Mexico to Chile. Biden has already mastered the symbolism, but his new US administration also has a lot of work to do.

One of the biggest problems in relation to Latin America is waiting on the US southern border. Human tragedies take place there every day when migrants from Central America try to get to the USA and apply for asylum. They come mainly from Honduras and have often fled criminal gangs in their homeland, poverty and lack of prospects. Under Trump, people in Mexico were forced to wait for the result of their application, often for months – and those who couldn’t get emergency shelter ended up on the street. Shortly after Biden took office, the US government suspended this so-called “stay in Mexico” program. In addition, Biden stopped the further expansion of the border wall with Mexico, the heart project of Donald Trump, and he restricted the deportations of illegal immigrants.

“The situation on the border will not change overnight.”

Biden faces the challenge of showing a human face on the one hand, but on the other hand preventing a sudden, large migration movement towards the US southern border. The asylum applications that have already been received should be processed quickly, he told an employee on NBC News. However, he also told potential migrants that they should not set off in a rush. “The situation on the border will not change overnight.”

In the long term, however, a lot could happen. Biden has proposed immigration reform to Congress and he wants to improve relations with Central America as a whole. His predecessor Trump had forced the local governments under threat of economic sanctions to turn to his tough course against the migrants. Police and military in Guatemala have since held back most migrants with batons and tear gas long before they reached the US border. Biden has promised that the US government will invest four billion dollars in Central America to combat the misery there.

Exchange of blows with Brazil’s ultra-right head of state Bolsonaro

In addition to migration, Biden also wants to take care of environmental protection and the fight against climate change again. There is a risk of tension, especially with Brazil’s ultra-right head of state Jair Bolsonaro. He systematically clears the Amazon rainforest, he describes Trump as his great role model. There has already been a first exchange of blows between the new US president and Bolsonaro. In a speech, Biden suggested that an international fund should provide US $ 20 billion for Brazil, and in return Bolsonaro should stop destroying the Amazon. Otherwise, said Biden, the country could face economic consequences. Bolsonaro rejected this in his own way. The Amazon belongs to Brazil, he said in November, and added: “If words are no longer enough, then gunpowder is needed.”

Almost all states in Latin America are hoping for one thing above all from the new US president: investments. The corona pandemic has driven economies all over the world into recession, but the crisis is particularly severe in the southern hemisphere. While economists in Germany anticipate a recovery as early as 2022, according to current forecasts it will not occur in Latin America until three years later. In any case, Biden should have a strategic interest in economic cooperation. For many states in the region, which Washington used to confidently refer to as its “backyard”, China is now the most important trading partner.

The hopes for change in Cuba are likely to be particularly high. The socialist Caribbean island is not only suffering from the pandemic, but also from Trump’s economic sanctions. Food and gasoline are always in short supply there. The big question now is whether Biden will resume the policy of détente, which he once shared responsibility as Vice President under Barack Obama.

One thing in common with Trump

It can be expected that it will again facilitate both US tourism and money transfers from Cuban exiles, which are one of the most important pillars of the Cuban economy. But things should not continue to be overly friendly between Washington and Havana as long as the socialist government does everything it can to keep the Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro in power.

Changing that and enabling a democratic transition in Venezuela is also one of Biden’s goals. It is one of the few that he has in common with his predecessor Trump. However, he should not rely on threats of war, but on diplomacy.


Telegram | The best bots | How to use | WhatsApp | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Trick | Tutorial | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | DATA

Telegram It has become the favorite app for many people. This happened after several decided to flee from WhatsApp after not wanting to accept its new regulations or policies 2021 that will begin to be enabled from May of this year.

Although the change is quite remarkable, some people do not know, at the moment, how to use Telegram. One of the options you have in the app is to be able to chat with bots.

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What are bots? It is an automatic response program that, when ordered, gives you an immediate general response.

These bots have the particularity of having been created for specific tasks such as being able to translate, reply to a message, convert your audio into text, among others. Which of all will you use for Telegram? Here we mention some.


Remember that bots fulfill a specific task and will carry out a task as long as you request them:

  • Download YouTube Videos: The bot is called @converto_bot and it has the particularity of converting a YouTube video either in MP4 or MP3 format. You just have to send the link and mention how you want your download to take place.
  • Transcribe a voice message to text: If someone sent you a voice message or you simply want a program to transcribe what you dictate to the cell phone, then you should use @voicy, the bot that converts all audio notes to text.
  • Modify PDF: Do you need to modify any kind of detail in your PDF files? Relax, now with this bot of Telegram you can do it. Is named @pdfbot and with it you can cut, paste, rotate, etc.
In this way you can play with various bots on Telegram.  (Photo: MAG)
In this way you can play with various bots on Telegram. (Photo: MAG)
  • Calculator: If you need to do accounts and do not want to withdraw from your chat Telegram, then you should use this bot calculator: @calcubot.
  • Wikipedia on Telegram: Do you need quick information about some type of character, program, company, etc? Well now you can have it in an instant with the bot called @wiki.
  • RAE: If you want to know the meaning of a word, then you should use this bot from the Royal Spanish Academy: @raebot.
  • Download videos from TikTok: If you want to share a funny video from the social network with your friends, you can download the 15-second clip using the @TiktokDl_Robot bot.
  • YouTube: This bot @youtub) allows us to perform searches without having to exit the application Telegram.
  • Read books: One of the most recommended bots on Telegram is @labibliotecaLibreBot. In it you can access great content of the classic books of classics. For example, most of them are works on philosophy, science, stories, among others.
  • Modify an mp3: If you want to easily edit an audio in Telegram, then this is the bot you should use right away. Is about @mp3toolsbot.
  • Alarm: This bot allows you not only to schedule, but also resorts to spreading the word to you when the time approaches. Is about @alertbot.

At the moment Telegram does not have the option to obtain the beta of its application on smartphones and Android like WhatsApp. So it is possible that, given its rise in popularity, it arrives and any user can subscribe. Would you join?


They arrest five Cuban migrants and three ‘coyotes’ in Choluteca


Five migrants from Cuba were detained in the department of Choluteca, in southern Honduras, as well as three alleged human traffickers who accompanied them, the Honduran Police reported this Sunday.

The arrest, according to a statement from the Honduran Police, occurred in the municipality of Namasigüe, Choluteca, on the border with Nicaragua, when the immigrants were traveling in two vehicles driven by the traffickers, known as “coyotes“.

The detained Hondurans, aged 38 and 41, were brought to justice and will be charged with the crimes of “illegal trafficking of persons and domestic bribery“he added.

The men were captured by agents of the Transnational Criminal Investigation Unit (UTIC) of the Police Directorate of Investigations (DPI) and Border Police, en Namasigüe.

The police pointed out that the Hondurans transferred the immigrants from Choluteca, in southern Honduras, to the border with Guatemala to continue on their way to the United States.

“These individuals, upon observing that they would be detained, offered 20,000 lempiras ($ 826) to the officials in exchange for their release,” the official said. Honduran Police.

The Cubans are being held in an office of the National Migration Institute in Choluteca, where the authorities will decide whether to grant them a permit to cross the national territory or return them to their country of origin.

In recent decades, the Central American country has become a transit point for migrants, especially Cubans and Africans, who cross the Central American countries to reach the United States, whose authorities have reinforced security in recent years at the border with Mexico.

Honduras signed an agreement with the United States in September 2019 that seeks to stop irregular migration from Central American countries.

According to the cooperation agreement released last May by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, in English), the governments of Honduras and the United States agreed to send the asylum seekers to the Central American country to the United States authorities.

The document joins two similar cooperation agreements on asylum matters reached with Guatemala, on July 26, 2019, and El Salvador, on September 20 of last year, respectively.


Telegram | Application will stop working on these cell phones | 2021 | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | WhatsApp | Trick | Tutorial | Viral | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | SPORTS-PLAY

Do you have one of these cell phones? It is not compatible? What should you do? As is already known, WhatsApp generated a series of losses in users at the beginning of the year after several decided to move to Telegram to continue chatting with all your loved ones, family, partner, etc., without fear of using your data. Although there are several who do not know in depth the tricks of the app, this is what you should know immediately.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram updates its security policies from time to time, as well as its list of cell phones compatible with its messaging program.

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At present, the British-Emirati application indicated, on its website, that some devices will no longer be able to receive updates in the future due to incompatibility with the operating system, either Android O iOS.

This incompatibility is due to the fact that internal codes vary as mobile devices are created and Android or iOS terminals need more resources for their operation.

As is known, this will not be immediately, but will be carried out progressively so that your conversations in Telegram are not affected in the future.


Most cell phones not compatible with Telegram They are those that were launched more than 5 years ago, either due to their internal components or simply their operating system. What are they? Pay attention to the list:

  • In the case of Android devices, only cell phones that have Android 4.1 and higher can continue chatting in the app.
You should always check if your cell phone is compatible with Telegram or not.  (Photo: MAG)
You should always check if your cell phone is compatible with Telegram or not. (Photo: MAG)
  • For its part, on the case of iPhone terminals, with iOS, there will only be compatibility with devices from 9.0 to higher.
  • It also works, at the moment on Windows devices.
  • Also, if you want to use Telegram Web you can also use the app from Windows, macOS and Linux computers.

Among them we have the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Google’s Galaxy Nexus or Sony’s Xperia S. In the case of the iPhone are the iPhone 3S, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.

It should be noted that Eset stated that TelegramFor example, the encryption of conversations does not come by default in all conversations, but only in those that the user decides to do so. Did you know? So your chats may not be protected at first and anyone can see it.

At the moment Telegram does not have the option to obtain the beta of its application on smartphones and Android like WhatsApp. So it is possible that, given its rise in popularity, it arrives and any user can subscribe. Would you join?


Maduro reported a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline in Venezuela


Maduro reported a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline in Venezuela

Maduro reported a terrorist attack on a gas pipeline in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has condemned the terrorist attack on the gas pipeline of the state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). RIA Novosti, 24.01.2021







nikolas maduro



in the world




MEXICO, January 24 – RIA Novosti. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the terrorist attack on the gas pipeline of the state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). The attack led to a massive fire at facilities in the state of Anzoategui in the east of the country. According to the head of state, no people were killed or injured in the incident, PDVSA workers stopped the gas leak … The organizers of the attack, intending to disrupt gas supplies from the local refinery, he called terrorists and cowards. Earlier Maduro repeatedly accused Colombia and the United States of attacks on communications systems, energy and oil refining facilities. However, citizens of these states, arrested in Venezuela on charges of preparing or following armed attacks, deny any links with their respective governments.






RIA Novosti


7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”



RIA Novosti


7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”






RIA Novosti


7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”



mexico city, anzoategui, pdvsa, nicolas maduro, usa, colombia, in the world


Refugee caravan heading for the USA: stopped in Guatemala

Up to 9,000 people have set out in a caravan from Honduras to the USA. Police and military took action against them in Guatemala.

Heavy military operation against the refugees from Honduras in Vado Hondo, Guatemala Photo: Sandra Sebastian / ap

OAXACA taz | The Guatemalan government leaves no doubt that it will not allow a migrant caravan from Honduras to travel through their country. About 50 kilometers from the border of the neighboring country, soldiers and police officers used tear gas and batons against the march on Sunday, in which around 6,000 people took part.

The Hondurans had previously tried to break a lockdown by the security forces. “Several migrants, members of the army and employees of the immigration authorities were injured,” reports Alejandra Mena, spokeswoman for the Guatemalan Institute for Migration (IGM).

With the deployment in Vado Hondo near the city of Chiquimula, the officers were able to stop the caravan, but thousands of women, men and children were still waiting at the barrier early Monday morning. More are on the way there. The IGM informed that only those who had a negative Covid-19 test were allowed to continue traveling.

At the same time, according to the authorities, 980 people were deported to Honduras by Sunday evening. Videos from journalists show that Mexican buses are also used for repatriations.

The goal: USA

According to the Guatemalan government, around 9,000 people have entered the country from the neighboring country in the past few days. Your destination is the USA. Even before the migrants left the city of San Pedro Sula last week, the governments of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras made it clear in a joint declaration that they would not tolerate “illegal immigration” and took appropriate measures.

The Guatemalan government had “prevention status” in order to maintain “citizen security and social peace” in the face of the pandemic. Police officers and soldiers were instructed to break up public meetings. In Mexico, 500 national guards marched on the border. Soldiers also patrolled the Rio Suchiate, which separates the country from Guatemala.

Despite the measures, around 4,500 migrants broke the border between Honduras and Guatemala on Friday. Since there were also numerous children among the travelers, no violence was used, said a police chief at the El Florido border post.

Should those involved in the caravan succeed in crossing Guatemala and overcoming the Mexican border, they will face another challenge in northern Mexico. Future US President Joe Biden, who will take office on Wednesday, has announced that he will no longer continue the repressive migration policy of his predecessor Donald Trump. Nevertheless, he called on those seeking protection not to come now. “The situation at the border will not change overnight,” he told NBC News.

After the Guatemalan security forces were deployed, the government of Honduras asked for an explanation. Guatemala must investigate how the unfortunate incident could come about, it said in a communiqué. The Guatemalan ombudsman for human rights, Jordán Rojas, also criticized the actions of the security forces. He recalled that the migrants had to flee their homeland from poverty and violence. In addition, two hurricanes that struck the country in November exacerbated the situation.


Mexican President Amlo regrets the end of a beautiful friendship with Trump

He already misses Trump, in Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It’s the New York Times who writes it: “The Mexican president is a great admirer.” And he maintained a “Very good relationship” with Trump. He himself says it… And not to just anyone, not during his daily press conference. He expressed it directly to Joe Biden.

First on December 15, when Amlo resolved to take up his pen to congratulate the Democrat six weeks after the election. Once the congratulation formula had been sent, López Obrador described to his future counterpart what makes the success of good bilateral relations: respect for sovereignty, the principle of non-intervention and self-determination of peoples. So much for the “letter of congratulations”. A short sermon does no harm to anyone, especially since interventionist arrogance is part of the idiosyncrasy of the post of President of the United States.

It was still necessary to make sure that Biden understood. Amlo had so far refused his appeal proposals. On December 19, he accepted a conversation whose New York Times revealed the content. López Obrador, a bit of a goujat, is said to have spread praise for Trump and his respect for the autonomy of Mexico.

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It will be understood: the fad, the alpha and the omega, the paragon of the sacred and the inviolable, for Amlo, it is sovereignty. To be sure, the walls are unpleasant in the landscape, and the Mexican president has celebrated Biden’s decision to halt construction. But the United States does what it wants on its territory. And then the wall, it was the only solution offered by Trump to the problems of immigration, drug trafficking, security …

Biden, for his part, will want cooperation, coordination, all these concepts that easily turn, in López Obrador’s mind, to interventionism, to the sending of undercover agents and drones. He also explained how much he appreciated that Donald Trump, after having offered his assistance twice to Mexico during major security incidents, accepted without flinching the refusals received in response.

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Walking the talk, as soon as the Democrat was elected, the Mexican government carried out two targeted lightning attacks against the interventionist tendencies of the United States. He promoted a law limiting the room for maneuver of American agents on Mexican territory. And Amlo accused the DEA, the US drug agency, of fabricating the drug trafficking and money laundering charges against former defense minister General Salvador Cienfuegos. The latter was arrested in the United States in October and returned to Mexico on condition that the justice of this country resume the investigation. Very quickly he was exonerated. Gringos, learn the lesson: you don’t touch a Mexican general.

Biden is not to hear much praise from Trump these days. But from the South a dissenting voice comes to him: “Trump and us, that stuck… With you, we don’t know.” Preventive hostility adorned with smiling bonhomie… From the great Amlo.

Emmanuelle Steels correspondent in México