Payments will soon arrive in Mexico via WhatsApp from your mobile phone

It is official, payments by WhatsApp will arrive in Mexico, thanks to a statement the company has revealed its plans to bring its payment system to our country, as previous reports had previously advanced.

However, WhatsApp itself has not shared much information about the arrival of payments on its platform to MexicoLikewise, they have not even disclosed the great detail of the exact date these new updates will be available.

Although, what the company of the telephone application did detail, is the importance that instant messaging platforms have acquired in recent years, and how “more and more people trust WhatsApp to do business“, as they themselves have let it be known.

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It is because of this that payments by WhatsApp will reach our country, as a way to expand the possibilities of users within its platform, both traditional users and business accounts that use the special “WhatsApp Business” application.

This will allow you not only to view product catalogs and place orders, such as shopping applications, but also make payments and different transactions, and all with the comfort of staying within WhatsApp.

And, according to the company, the deployment of these new functions will be carried out in the country in the coming months, which has users anxious and waiting for the content, since this period can include from next month, a couple of months or you can even wait a year.

To keep you in context, we will tell you: payments by WhatsApp were first launched in Brazil last June, however, after a very short period they were suspended by the Central Bank of Brazil due to the lack of the necessary regulations to operate in the Latin country.

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Although, now, with the promise of its arrival in the national territory, Mexico would become the second country to have payments by WhatsApp, unless India receives the pending approval, before in our country, and of course, hopefully in this On occasion, the competent authorities and those in charge of this new system may have each and every one of the details and necessary guidelines in place, so that the update is not affected, as happened in Brazil.

Finally, the executives of the WhatsApp company also mentioned that their application will allow their business users to manage their messages on the platform through Facebook, in order to allow the growth of small and medium-sized companies that rely on their internet telephony services. to offer their products.

Thanks to Facebook, an application that has been preparing the ground for expanding WhatsApp beyond conversations with family and friends, in combination with the launch of “WhatsApp Business” it was the clearest step, although it still has a long way to go to be a “all-in-one” tool in which companies can put their products on sale.

It could even be said that it is about the union of all the pieces that the company has been developing in the past, until the circle is closed and that a product can be bought directly on WhatsApp, from start to finish.

The application wants to increase the ways of consulting what products are available and facilitate purchases directly from a chat, that is, the idea is that WhatsApp is used as a communication platform between the buyer and the seller.

In addition, the novelty is that this catalog will not only be informative, but the buyer will be able to add a product to the cart and place the order directly from WhatsApp, the last link, payments on WhatsApp, have also been in preparation for some time, with WhatsApp Pay that we met at the beginning of the year.


Students of the Faculty of Medicine ask to suspend exam


Third and fourth year students of the UNAM Faculty of Medicine reported inequity in the evaluation of the subject Basic Clinical Integration 1 and 2, because half of the generation, evaluated during the period of the National Healthy Distance Day, did not present departmental exam and they averaged them only with jobs. They claim that by forcing them, the second half of the generation, to take an exam, it puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to choosing their boarding school.

The fourth year students in a month we are going to make the choice of our boarding school, in the Faculty we are numbered from one to 800, that is, the entire generation is numbered based on our average, it is something that matters a lot to us, because that is how we stay in Mexico City or we have to go to another state, “said one of the students who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals.

From June 17, fourth year students sent a letter to the Faculty pointing out various concerns about the evaluation, point two was the cancellation of the exam.

Among the reasons were the lack of optimal access to the internet and computers by the entire generation, the limitations in virtual teaching, the emotional effects of the pandemic and the economic difficulties that some face due to the pandemic, reducing their availability to be 100 percent dedicated to studies.

What most outraged the students was the response of Dr. Laura Silvia Hernández, head of the Department of Integration of Medical Sciences, who, after a second letter sent on September 17, had a virtual meeting with the students and when referring to the problem of those who returned to their states due to the pandemic, she replied that it was not her fault.

We do not take you out of the city, that is clear, we do not take you out of the city and it is a pity that the University does not have branches where you live ”, is heard in the audio record that the students shared on the page of the Medical Student Front.

We are not afraid of an exam, what is unfair are the conditions in which they want to take this exam, why? Because the internet connection is not good, the platform is not good and the objective set by the Faculty of the application of these departments is the standardization of teaching and learning, ”said another of the students, who considers that such standardization would not be met when evaluating half with an exam and the other half not.

But it is not only about the access that medical students can have to computers and the internet, also young people have documented failures in the Faculty’s exam platform in previous tests.

For example, in the exam that was applied for the third year there were problems, at the time of the exam they did not load me with several images to reach the diagnosis of the cases that they requested, send a message via Telegram and in fact a bot answered me; I also could not answer some questions, but because the application did not allow it, that is, it blocked the option, I also sent them a message and the only thing they answered was do not answer it ”, said another of the students, who even has captures of Bot response screens.

When considering all these factors, the students insist on their concern for the application of the exam that is worth 50% of the final grade of the subject, failing or not finishing it due to technical problems implies taking a final exam, which is equivalent to 100% of the qualification and failure, due to these same circumstances, implies repeating the school year.

Regarding the emotional effects of the pandemic, Dr. Hernández herself replied that it was not a reason to suspend the test, in the virtual meeting on September 18.

The Faculty has the means to support all this difficulty to face this reality, difficulty of the emotional state; It is not to stay like that, really, we cannot stay in our depression, in our sadness that we have lost relatives, we cannot stay there, because it is precisely having repercussions and taking away an exam will not help that ”.

The students did not get the support of the authorities and half of the fourth-year generation is obliged to take the departmental clinical integration exam at 3 in the afternoon. Half of the generation of third-year students will do so on Saturday, October 24 at 10 a.m. There are between 400 and 500 students for each grade.

We will have to do it with resignation, hoping that we really have a good internet connection, that there are no technical failures, “said one of the students.

Those who deem it necessary can go to present the exam at the Faculty where computers will be available, even though the UNAM issued an agreement suspending academic, dissemination and cultural meetings until next January 4.

It implies that the classmates mobilize, not only the economic expense, but also an exposure to their person, that perhaps they can be asymptomatic carriers, they arrive with their relatives again and then they turn out that they too get sick ”, expressed another of the students .

Excelsior, sought a position from the Faculty of Medicine, however, no response has been obtained so far.

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Mexico: Millennia-old traditions blown (

In the Mexican region of Tehuantepec, indigenous people fear that a project by the energy company EDF is threatening their livelihoods.

In the Mexican region of Tehuantepec, indigenous people fear that a project by the energy company EDF is threatening their livelihoods.

Foto: Getty images/Francois LE DIASCORN

Four representatives of the Union Hidalgo, an indigenous community in Mexico, have brought an action against the leading energy company Electricité de France (EDF) at the Paris court. They are demanding an interruption in the project for a new wind farm on their land, where they have not been consulted or given their consent. Until this has been done, the work should rest. In their demarche they are supported by the human rights organization ProDESC from Mexico, the European Center of Constitional and Human Rights from Berlin and other organizations. The lawsuit is based on the law on vigilance passed by the French parliament in 2017, which obliges multinational corporations to ensure in their projects abroad that their own branches and companies commissioned by them comply with human rights and basic social and environmental rules will.

The group is liable for injuries, including those caused by remote subcontractors. This is comparable to the supply chain law planned in Germany. In France, the trigger for this legislative initiative was an accident that killed 1,100 people in Bangladesh in 2013. A multi-storey factory building has collapsed there, in which clothes for French and other European fashion chains were sewn under inhumane and life-threatening conditions. They were only looking for the lowest possible prices and, against their better knowledge, did not worry about the local working conditions. The legal text was supplemented by another law in 2017 that extended these obligations to the fight against corruption. All of this applies to EDF in Mexico. Here, the group subsidiary Eólica de Oaxaca was awarded a public tender to build 96 wind turbines with a total output of 252 megawatts, which will be spread over 4.00 hectares.

The Tehuantepec location in the south-east of the country is already an Eldorado for Spanish, Danish and French companies. In barely more than ten years they have already built 17 parks in this region with a total of 2212 giant wind turbines, which divide and dominate the landscape in rows that are kilometers long. They are used to produce cheap electricity for the agri-food industry, which processes landscape products here, which are then mostly exported. The gigantic concentration of wind turbines robs the residents of their sleep with their noise and has already driven away most species of birds permanently, the concrete foundations protruding deep into the earth block underground water veins, leaking oil from the engines pollutes the groundwater and also the nearby coastal waters, so that fishing is possible no longer worth it here. The EDF project threatens their livelihoods, complain the representatives of the indigenous community Union Hidalgo, to which 15,000 members of the Mexican indigenous people the Zapotec belong. It stands in blatant contradiction to the international agreements for the protection of indigenous peoples, which were signed by both France and Mexico. Most likely by bribing regional and local politicians, the group obtained building permits in record time, without complying with the legal requirements for consulting the affected population and for investigations into possible environmental impacts. The indigenous community was presented with a fait accompli. All concrete technical information about the project is kept secret from the representatives of the Union Hidalgo, which contradicts Mexican law. Protest demonstrations were beaten down by private militias, which resulted in deaths. Individual members of the indigenous community were “convinced” with money to rent their part of the community land so that wind turbines could be built there. In this way, the group has broken the millennia-old traditions of the indigenous community, according to which the land can only be used collectively and everyone must be involved in important decisions.

“We have the right to decide what to do with the land of our ancestors,” said Guadalupe Ramirez, president of the Union Hidalgo, in Paris. »Instead of discussing things with us, EDF has massively influenced individuals. Now our community is divided, critics of the project are threatened and attacked. With our lawsuit we are calling on EDF to stop the project for the time being until our right to participation has been implemented and the violence has come to an end. “


WhatsApp | Trick 2020 | How to download the statuses of your friends for free | Wasap | Wsp Web | Status | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Viral | NNDA | NNNI | SPORTS-PLAY

¿Usas WhatsApp? Well, we tell you that the fast messaging application is the most downloaded in its field, above Messenger and Telegram. Although the app brings a series of functions that will help you in your daily communication, there are some tricks that very few users know, such as the possibility of downloading the status of your friends without the need for alternative programs.

States of WhatsApp were created due to the popularity of Instagram stories. Although some have stopped using them, others keep using it to publicize what they do to their chat contacts.

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However, many people want to download the popular statuses and search for alternative programs to have them on their mobile devices. But that would cause many of these apps to ask for permissions to enter your contacts, personal information or chats.

If you want to download the states of WhatsApp, then you must perform these simple steps to achieve it totally safe:

  • The first thing you should do is enter WhatsApp and see the Status of your friend.
  • After that, enter your cell phone files.
  • There, first look for the WhatsApp folder.
  • When you do, go to Media.
Follow these steps to be able to have the statuses of your WhatsApp friends.  (Photo: Mag)
Follow these steps to be able to have the statuses of your WhatsApp friends. (Photo: Mag)
  • After that, simply click on the three dots that are in the corner of that folder.
  • Go to Settings and select the “Show hidden system files” tab.
  • After that go back to the WhatsApp folder and you will see a shaded file that says “.Statuses”.
  • Click on this folder and you will see all the statuses of your friends that you have seen.
  • Copy the one you want and voila, you will have them downloaded without programs and free.

The best 7 WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that cares about the experience of its users when immersing themselves in its app, that is why they update frequently, making communication between people more practical and simple. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of the popular application.

The creators of WhatsApp have developed various tools so that their users can navigate the application at ease. However, this is unknown to a large part of the population, it is for this reason that the same company has shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the app.

1. Hands-free voice notes: By simply pressing and holding the microphone icon and sliding up, you can lock the voice memo function to record, without having to hold the mobile with your hands. An option that surprisingly works!

2. Mark main messages: To obtain this option you must use the “star” message function, where you will mark key messages that you will easily see in a central location. All you have to do is press the message that you want to save as a favorite and then touch the “star” icon.

If your device is an iPhone, you can find all the starred messages by going to Settings and Starred messages or by selecting the chat name and tapping “Starred Messages”. In the case of Android users, they will have to press “More options” and then “Starred messages”.

3. Check messages without touching the cell phone: If what you want is to be able to check WhatsApp without having to use your mobile device, what you have to do is download the WhatsApp web desktop app, which will project your cell phone conversations to a computer. So you can send messages, photos and GIFs without having to have your computer in your hands.

4. Use stickers in conversations: Emojis are becoming a thing of the past, today stickers offer you a more fun way to express yourself. You can find them in the field where the text is entered in a conversation, in a small square icon with a folded side page, where you can also add your own stickers and bitmojis.

5. Read messages without being online: The option to hide the “Read receipts” is not the best option if you want the other person not to realize that you have read their message. That is why slightly lifting the message on the screen and opening the full text on the iphone lock screen is your best option to go unnoticed.

6. Manage who can add us to groups: There is nothing more uncomfortable than being added to a group full of strangers. That is why WhatsApp developed the option to manage who can add us to groups.

When you enable the contacts from whom you want to receive messages, these people must send us an invitation link in the app. Only if we accept it, we can be added to the group.

To enable a contact we must go to Settings> Account> Security> Groups and select between the options: All, My contacts or My contacts except.

7. Be in control of your groups: There is a way to change the group settings so that only we can make changes to the group’s image or name. To do this, you must go to Group Settings and then Edit group information.

These are the 7 tricks that you probably do not know. WhatsApp always surprises us with news so it is likely that in a short time we will update our list.

New WhatsApp emojis

Like every year, WhatsApp has incorporated a new list of emojis to its conversation platform. He recently added the icons of the mate, the paella, the bat, the mototaxi, the tooth, the clown, the ostrich, among other characters and / or objects. This time, thanks to Emojipedia, some of the emoticons that will be part of the application at the end of 2020 have been made public.

Although WhatsApp added its new 230 emojis in the month of November, it is expected that these 117 figures can also be seen only in that month.

According to the Unicode website, the new members of this “select group” were chosen after its Emoji Subcommittee “analyzed thousands of proposals submitted by users” around the world, which had to include the reasons why they should be included. in the list and other data.


Meet Discord, the program that could replace WhatsApp

Discord: The alternative app to WhatsApp that is gaining strength



Baseball: The Cuban Rocket (

Hit: Randy Arozarena led the Tampa Bay Rays into the World Series.

Foto: imago images / Kyodo News

It’s a somewhat strange tradition, but it has brought luck to the Tampa Bay Rays so far: The Venezuelan coach of the baseball team, Rodney Linares, gives his Cuban outfield player Randy Arozarena a clap on the head before every game – to cheer him up. Arozarena, whom even insiders hardly knew before the season, has already scored seven home runs in this year’s playoffs. The 25-year-old set a rookie record and almost single-handedly led his team into the World Series. Tampa Bay will now face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the finals of the US Profile League Major League Baseball (MLB).

It was by no means certain that Arozarena would one day make it that far. Born in Mantua, in northwest Cuba, a four and a half hour drive from Havana, he first played football. After switching to baseball, he signed a contract with the provincial capital, Pinar del Rio, when he was 18. One of his biggest supporters was his father Jesús, who never missed any training or game of his son. He died in 2014 after eating a seafood platter and having an intense allergic reaction. “Losing my father at such a young age was the hardest thing I ever had to go through,” says Arozarena. “After that I just felt alone.”

After his father’s death, his role in the family also changed. Randy suddenly felt responsible for his mother and two younger brothers. When he was removed from the squad by his team before an international tournament in 2015 – allegedly because of the risk of fleeing – he began to think about his future. And so he asked his mother for her blessing to go abroad – to earn money for the family as a baseball player.

Like other Cuban baseball players before, Arozarena fled to Mexico by boat. The crossing took eight hours. “When you’re at sea, you just think about it and hope to arrive safely,” he said once. “There are people who are at sea for days or months. And there are others who fail because they die. When you’re in one of these homemade boats in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, you can only hope to survive. I took the chance and thankfully I arrived without any problems. “

The USA’s blockade policy is to a large extent to blame for such daring maneuvers. For example, this prohibits all US companies, including the MLB, from any commercial connections with Cuba. Cuban players must first accept the residence of a third country and cut off all connections to their home country. Only then can they be employed by an MLB club – a rule that only applies to Cuban athletes. That created a real black market for Cuban baseball players. Smugglers organize the “desertions”. It was only in April of last year that Donald Trump’s administration overturned a previous agreement with Cuba that would have allowed Cuban players to legally play in the MLB.

When Arozarena arrived in Mexico, he didn’t know anyone. Called “el cohete cubano” (Cuban rocket) because of his speed, he played for a long time in Mexico and lower US leagues. “I didn’t have any friends. I haven’t spoken to anyone. I felt really weird, ”recalls Arozarena. “But then I looked around and said to myself that I’m here alone, give 100 percent and don’t have to worry about anything else, just play baseball because that’s what I can do.” Finally, the St. Louis Cardinals signed a $ 1.25 million contract in 2019. Arozarena made his MLB debut in August last year. After almost 20 games, the Tampa Bay Rays bought him in exchange for Matthew Liberatore, one of the country’s greatest throwers. The deal caused disbelief in the league, but especially among the Rays fans.

A year later, nobody shakes their head anymore. Arozarena’s start was anything but ideal. He missed the preparation and the first five weeks of the season, which was shortened from 162 to 60 games due to the pandemic, because of a positive corona result. During the quarantine, he ate mainly rice and chicken, the only dish he knew how to prepare, did 300 push-ups a day and put on seven kilograms of muscle mass. Arozarena only played its first game of the season for the Rays at the end of August. In the playoffs he finally played his way into the limelight. With three home runs, he played a key role in the series win against the New York Yankees. Arozarena sent four home runs behind against the Houston Astros – and was the first rookie to be named the most valuable player in a final series.

The World Series is now about the first title win in the club’s history. And that against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were able to prevail in seven dramatic games and after a 3-1 deficit against the Atlanta Braves. The final between the two best teams in the main round will be held at a neutral location for the first time in the 116-year history of the MLB. Before the start of each game in Arlington, Texas, Arozarena will then ask his coach Linares to give him a pat on the head. “Because then the home runs come out and I tell him, ‘Hey, give me a harder clap’. Let’s see if I can keep hitting so they don’t get the ball! “


Are fats necessary in a healthy diet? – Counter Reply


Fats are essential macronutrients and play a vital role in people’s diets. The importance of fat consumption goes beyond their caloric intake, since they are part of cell membranes, help regulate body temperature, support the transport of fat-soluble vitamins, among other functions. The debate around its consumption is related to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Given this, NotiPress consulted Paola Shue, a nutritionist by profession and manager of corporate affairs and communication for Latin America at Upfield Latin America, about the consumption of fats, particularly those of vegetable origin.

When talking about lipids, those saturated and unsaturated fats must be identified. Also, the unsaturated group is divided into monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Fat consumption has been demonized in recent times due to the strong relationship between saturated fat intake and the development of cardiovascular disease. In this regard, Shue commented “Not all fats have the same profile, what scientific evidence shows us today is that if we consume a higher proportion of ‘healthy’ fats such as mono and polyunsaturated daily, we will be contributing to the care of our body “. There is no scientific information on harm to health from eating healthy fats. If they exist, regulatory bodies worldwide would not allow their use and therefore companies around the world would stop incorporating them into food, explained the specialist.

Among the main sources of foods containing saturated fats are coconut oil (84%), cocoa butter (62%), pork fat (55%) and palm oil (50%), among others. In relation to palm oil, it is often replaced by other fat sources with a higher proportion of saturated fat, such as coconut oil. This responds to the decision of food producers due to numerous criticisms, however, they do not always consider in their analysis the point of view of science.

Shue says, too much saturated fat, like too much sodium or anything else, can be detrimental to health. “Any food or nutrient consumed in excess can cause an imbalance in the human body” and exemplifies that drinking excess water is also negative for the body. A part of the criticism of vegetable oils is related to its refining process.

A study published on August 26, 2019 by the Polytechnic University of Madrid points out, “The absence of any pronouncement from the scientific community on the effects of palm oil on consumer health has meant that the message reaches the general public mainly through the media and is often biased and incomplete. “

Due to the importance of the role of fats in the diet of people, the Upfield specialist suggests guidance as a tool to decide on adequate and balanced nutrition, according to the characteristics of each person. It is not just about restricting a certain food group, but about finding a beneficial balance that contributes to people’s well-being.

Image: Special


International flights: Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism affirms that they are interested in opening flights to the United States and Mexico | Rocío Barrios | Mincetur | nndc | ECONOMY

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Hurricane Delta 2020 in Cancun: Mexico prepares to suffer the effects of Hurricane Delta

Hurricane ‘Delta’ made landfall this Wednesday morning in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and, despite having lost some strength in recent hours, dropping to category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, meteorologists have warned of the damage it can cause in the Yucatan peninsula.

The National Water Commission (CONAGUA) has confirmed that the ‘Delta’ center has entered Mexico at 5.30 am in the vicinity of the town of Puerto Morelos. Heavy and even “torrential” rains are expected in the Yucatan peninsula, as well as maximum sustained winds of 175 kilometers per hour and waves of up to nine meters.

The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) has reported the deployment of almost 1,800 troops in Yucatán and Quintana Roo, within the framework of an operation that also includes 2,000 members of the Navy, according to the newspaper ‘El Universal’. Local governors have also urged the population to estimate precautions.

The Ministry of Tourism has estimated that some 35,000 tourists have had to be evacuated from the hotel zones in the affected areas, among which is Cancun. The authorities have established health protocols to prevent the refuge centers from becoming sources of coronavirus contagion.

Next 24 hours

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) estimates that ‘Delta’ will strengthen once it enters the Gulf of Mexico and may again reach Category 4 before hitting the southern US.

A movement to the west northwest to northwest is expected over the next 24 hours. On the forecast trajectory, the center of Delta will pass over the northeastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula for the next few hours before entering the Gulf of Mexico, where it will be strengthened and on Thursday it could have category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale (from 1 to 5).

In Cuba, tropical storm conditions are expected for the next few hours.


Meet the immigrants who support Trump’s wall

REPORTAGE – In Texas, the “Border Hispanics for Trump” group is supporting the construction of the wall along the Mexican border. But that doesn’t mean they like the US president, far from it.


A man holds a
A man holds a “Latinos with Trump” sign on May 25, 2016 in Anaheim, California, during a meeting for the Republican candidate.

It was thanks to the war that Ray Baca became American. During World War II, when the United States was in need of soldiers, his Mexican father joined the Marines. He survived, learned English… and obtained an American passport. Over 70 years later, Ray Baca is based in his office in El Paso, Texas. “ I was lucky He said. “ My father was clairvoyant enough to realize that we would have a better life in this country. »

A few kilometers from Ray Baca’s office begins Mexico. If on the map it was sworn that there is only one city, there are actually two: El Paso to the north and Juárez to the south. In the middle, the Rio Grande river… and a wall. A “ big and beautiful wall As Donald Trump says. Four years ago, he made it the central theme of his electoral campaign. Supposed to keep migrants at bay and to stem the trafficking of drugs and human beings, this wall has also become the symbol of

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Mexico prepares the purchase of medicines abroad amid doubts about distribution

The new way to buy medicine

After conflicts due to the shortage of drugs, mainly cancer, López Obrador accused the companies of monopolizing and designing complicities to maintain control and assign contracts.

Derived from these indications, the Ministry of Public Function (SFP) sanctioned five distributors with fines and disqualifications, among which are Grupo Fármacos Empresarios Especializadas; Peripheral and Outpatient Clinics; Octeo Sen, Grupo Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma and Avisa Medical.

It may interest you: Government of Mexico investigates PISA and 5 other companies

It was not the only change. Since last year, a consolidated acquisition has been made, which in a first attempt left 62% of drugs without bidding, which were gradually obtained. Then they began to acquire the medicines abroad, first with permits, later with a decree, until an agreement was signed to buy keys with an international mechanism.

Through UNOPS, the consolidated purchase of 2,380 keys of healing material and Patents, Single Source and Generic medicines prioritized for 2021, for a sum of 100,000 million pesos (4,000 million dollars).

With this instrument, national and international companies will be able to participate in the bidding of supplies for Mexico, but the country will be responsible for ensuring that they reach their final destination.