America presents ecological jersey for Apertura 2021

Las Águilas unveiled the design of their shirt for next season, made with recycled material

The Eagles of America presented the shirt that they will use for the new season Opening 2021 from MX League. The cream blue sweater stood out for being made from recycled plastic bottles and 75 percent recycled polyester fibers.

Through their social networks, America shared with his fans the shirt that the players will wear throughout the Opening 2021 and that is inspired by the sunrises of the Mexican capital. The sweater is yellow combined with blue and on the chest there is a print with orange tones.

“Mexico City is a city that evokes different feelings, always challenging, always imposing. Only a city like this can host the greatness of Club América, the largest in Mexico. The new 2021/22 Club América home jersey is inspired by Aztec patterns that change color in a gradient of warm tones, inspired by the imposing sunrises of the city which can be seen in their splendor from the Azteca Stadium, “the club said in a statement.

The new t-shirt of the America, made by the Nike sports market, was made with high technology with a fabric that absorbs moisture allowing players to stay dry and perform at their best on the field of play.

Meanwhile, Eagles They will debut on July 22 at the Opening 2021 visiting the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro.


Dorlan Pabón terminates his contract with Rayados for the 2021 Apertura

Dorlan Pabón reached an agreement with Rayados and everything indicates that he will return to his native Colombia for the next tournament

Dorlan Pabón reached an agreement with Rayados and terminated his contract to leave the institution and to be able to return to Colombia.

The coffee ram finalized the process with the Albiazul directive last night, so these days He will be attending to the affairs of his move, to travel as soon as possible to Medellín, to enroll with Atlético Nacional.

The decision to end his relationship with ‘La Gang’ is mainly due to his family situation, but the sports factor was also a factor, as he did not feel indispensable for the current coaching staff, a source told ESPN.

‘Memin’ will leave ‘La Pandilla’ after 15 tournaments in two stages, in which he scored 88 goals and registered 83 assists in 298 games.

With the Monterrey shirt he won a League title (Apertura 2019), two MX Cups (Apertura 2017 and 2020), a Concachampions in 2019. He is the club’s fourth top scorer and obtained a scoring championship in 2015.

Rayados continues to prepare for the Apertura 2021 with some reinforcements such as Héctor Moreno, who returns to Liga MX, and also Duván Vergara, Dorlan Pabón’s compatriot, who ended his relationship with the Monterrey team.


Liga MX targets Europe, beyond South America

Liga MX seeks internationalization under the mandate of Mikel Arriola to meet the objective of the growth of Mexican soccer

In the internationalization model of Liga MX, there is the objective of opening “windows” in Europe, which help Mexican soccer to be known in the Old Continent and promote the export of the players.

“Our effort is to open other windows, of course we have the South American window, but we are very interested, for our players in the women’s league, to have more windows open in Europe., that implies generating knowledge of new digital assets, because it is no longer just being on television, but I can be in Streaming, in various digital media, especially with the collaboration of leagues, such as the Spanish one “, commented Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX, in Liga MX Summit 2021.

The Liga MX has sought internationalization in the management of Mikel Arriola, with the increase in commitments with MLS teams. The objective is for the Mexican tournament to have a growth rate of more than five percent per year, which would promote the hiring of better players and greater investment in basic forces.

We have to take that path, Liga MX, in recent years, has grown at five percent per year, it is inertial, we have not concentrated on making it conscious. In Europe it has growth from nine to 15 percent, why does it happen, because they are asset brokers, if we are trained in this methodology we will increase the income of the clubs, the main objective is to leave the inertial growth and get up to one double digits ”, added Mikel Arriola.

Until now, there is a collaboration agreement in the Spanish league, which could open the door to matches between Mexican and Spanish teams, seeking to help internationalize Liga MX.

“Leagues are bodies that organize matches and compete in the market for sponsors.”


Chuy Corona wants to finish his career at Cruz Azul

Jaime Ordiales, sports director of Cruz Azul, revealed that the goalkeeper wishes to retire at La Maquina, so his departure from the cement cluster is not considered.

MEXICO – The desire to Jose de Jesus Corona is to renew contract with Blue Cross and finish his career in this club; he said so Jaime Ordiales, sports director of the Machine, who announced that in order to seek the two-time championship they will look for a steering wheel on the right, after the departure of Elías Hernández.

“Chuy always said that he wants to stay; He told us all, also Álvaro (Dávila). The important thing is continuity; If it were up to me, Chuy would stay for at least a year and hopefully longer, for him; but Álvaro is the one who negotiates with him and Pablo Aguilar, I think since January. Chuy once told me that he would like to renew and finish his degree in Blue Cross. I do not think there is a problem for the two to continue. We will come to an arrangement, God willing, ”he said. Ordiales.

Jaime Ordiales He pointed out that it is very important that the champion team does not disintegrate to achieve more objectives in the second part of the year.

“The players with their representatives usually handle the possibility of not renewing, of holding out longer, of waiting, and sometimes that complicates when thinking about retaining them in the medium and long term,” he said.

The leader stated that Corona and Aguilar were important bastions for obtaining the title, thanks to their extensive experience.

“Chuy’s age does not matter,” he replied. Jaime OrdialeIt’s about 40 years of the goalkeeper. “I retired at 40 and I have always thought that there are players who can be long-lived. Chuy has had one of the best seasons in his career, “he said.

On the other hand, Ordiales stated that due to the little activity he had in the recent sports year, Elías Hernández requested to go to León, and to fill his position, Blue Cross he will look for a right half forward that has speed and overflow.


As for its continuity in Blue Cross, which has been questioned not for lack of good results, but because there are voices that indicate that Álvaro Dávila will continue to bring his people to the club, Jaime Ordiales He stated that he has one year left on his contract, of the two and a half years that he signed with the previous board. “I did not come to ask for a job, they offered it to me when I was the president of Querétaro,” he recalled.

He assured that Álvaro Dávila, president of Blue Crosshas not told you or suggested that you leave the club; so for now he continues to fulfill his functions, for what he was hired, which is to plan the preseason and seek reinforcements, something that he hopes will continue to be his thing.

“The people on the council have always told me that they are very happy with my work, but the reality is that in the end a new project started and we are going to analyze what is the most convenient for the institution.”

He bluntly pointed out that “so far I feel inside Blue Cross and I do my job ”, adding that he has always had the responsibility and power to make sports decisions for the club, always counting on the consensus of the owners or presidents in this case of the Machine and at the time of America, Chivas and Querétaro; He hopes that it will continue to be the same in this new stage and if not, “we will make the decisions that it deems appropriate. For the moment here I am and I will continue at this time ”.

It must be remembered that Ordiales had to negotiate the hiring of Juan Reynoso, when plan A was Hugo Sánchez, and the Peruvian was one of four options for plan B. He practically formed the team and brought in new players such as Luis Romo, José Ignacio Rivero and José Joaquín ‘Shaggy’ Martínez.

Blue Cross He will return to the start of the preseason on Monday 21 of this month. Due to lack of time, there will be no beach work. The options at this time are: Avándaro, in Valle de Bravo, or La Noria, in Xochimilco. They sought to work in the CAR, but there are concentrated national teams; They also tried to go to Querétaro and could not.