Study confirms: These are the worst nights for men because of the “moon”

A recent study published in the “Science of the Total Environment” journal, conducted by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden, revealed a surprise for men in particular, when it confirmed that men’s sleep is affected more strongly during the first half of the lunar cycle than women’s sleep. The new study is more comprehensive and […]

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Russia’s FSB secret service abducts Crimean Tatar leaders

AWhen a dozen masked men beat on the doors and windows of his house at around 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, Nariman Jeljal must have known that he, too, would be fetched. Jeljal is the last leader of the Crimean Tatar minority who still lives on the peninsula after the annexation of Crimea by Russia. […]

Prince Harry pushes for vaccine equity in GQ speech l GMA – Good Morning America

Prince Harry pushes for vaccine equity in GQ speech l GMA  Good Morning America Can China save us from Prince Harry? – The Spectator World  The Spectator World Prince Harry Calls Out COVID-19 Misinformation & Wants More Vaccine Education & Access I THR News  The Hollywood Reporter Prince Harry praised by Oxford/AZ scientists over speech – ‘Said things […]

Victory run at the start of the league for Salzburg now standard – football –

29.08.2021 10:30 (Akt. 29.08.2021 10:40) Jaissle kept his clean vest © APA/ERWIN SCHERIAU Nine competitive games, nine wins: Matthias Jaissle continues on the wave of success with Red Bull Salzburg. Even a strong rotation could not bring the series champion out of step. With seven fresh men in the starting line-up, Hartberg was defeated 1-0 […]

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7 benefits of prickly pear for men, including protecting the liver

09:00 am Wednesday 11 August 2021 I wrote – Shaima MorsiPrickly pear is a delicious food that contains many nutrients, but some men neglect to eat it, despite the multiple benefits that we show you, according to the “stylecraze” website.1- Reducing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate:Men with an enlarged prostate often feel their bladders […]

Olympia, weightlifting – Martirosjan tenth, world records by Talakhadze

Man of the day was the Georgian Lasha Talakhadze, who set three world records. Top marks of 223 kg in snatching and 265 kg in pushing were combined in the two-way record of 488 kg, with which the 27-year-old multiple world champion and Olympic champion in 2016 improved the record he set himself this year […]

What does not alcohol do in the body

Germans drink almost eleven liters of pure alcohol per capita every year. But what happens in the body when you go without alcohol for a while? Even a few weeks of abstinence has amazing effects. For many, a beer after work or a glass of wine is part of everyday life. For many people, drinking […]