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Memes of Will Smith exercising go viral – Noticieros Televisa

The actor Will Smith published a photo on his social networks in which he is seen doing sit-ups with the help of a gym apparatus and a ball, he asked his followers, please, not to make memes with the image. Obviously they ignored him and, of course, we present a selection with the best editions of the photograph, which include everything from dinosaurs to UFOs.

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Either Independence Day, The Prince of rap or many other movies and series, one of the most popular Hollywood stars today is Will Smith. Proof of this are the hundreds of edits he received of a photograph he posted on his Facebook account.

La foto original de Will Smith. (Foto: Will Smith/Facebook)

In less than an hour, the number of memes he had made with his photograph were already counted by the hundreds.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Whether in the toilet or on a dinosaur, the meme authors took flight.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Others visualized him in a mechanical game and even in the company of the former candidate for the presidency of the United States, Bernie Sanders.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

From being in a gym, Will Smith became the protagonist of the most incredible and hilarious situations possible, thanks to memes.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Of course, the references to the actor’s most popular films could not be absent.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Some images remind us of other classic memes.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Some of the memes that Will Smith received in the form of comments to the original photo have received tens of thousands of likes.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

These memes gave the actor the opportunity to star in video games and even take a Chilean in an anime.

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

Meme de Will Smith. (Imagen: Will Smith/Facebook)

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Will Smith has gone viral. Previously, the actor uploaded an image in which he was supposedly seen without some teeth due to an accident while playing golf.


Memes about Gignac and his “infidelity” with his son’s teacher arise

After rumors of an alleged infidelity by the Tigres player, Andre Pierre Gignac, With their child’s teacher, users scoffed and shared the best they can do: memes.

The name of the French striker became a trend on social networks and some point out that this situation prevented him from having an optimal performance during the Guard1anes 202 tournament.







The French footballer is married to Deborah, his second wife.

After learning of the rumors, Gignac, in a peculiar way, clarified the alleged infidelity. In a video that he posted on his Instagram account, the footballer’s son is observed who asks him if his teacher is pretty, to which the little one responds with “yes”

Later, Gignac turns the camera and asks the same thing to his wife Debora, who only managed a smile.



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Luis Silva’s meme about the escape of Cuban player César Prieto after his arrival in Miami

The popular Cuban comedian Luis Silva shared on his social networks a meme about the César Prieto’s escape after his arrival in Miami.

The creator of the character of Pánfilo published on his Facebook wall an image in which an alleged name of Prieto is seen in Google, to which the search engine responds: “One moment please, we are still looking for him.”

Capture from Facebook / Luis Silva Pánfilo

Silva has already removed the joke from his Facebook.

The actor wanted to join the numerous jokes that abound on social media about the desertion of the young athlete from the team that will participate in the Baseball Pre-Olympic, shortly after arriving at Miami International Airport.

Many have been surprised by the speed and effectiveness with which the 22-year-old from Cienfuegos fled, and this has been reflected in various memes.

César Prieto arrived in Florida and all he did was go with his companions to the hotel where they would stay in West Palm Beach, in the south of the state. Once there, he left the bus and disappeared, as confirmed by journalist Francys Romero.

One of those who shared some memes was actor Andy Vázquez, Silva’s former partner in the program ‘Vivir del tale’, who has resided in Miami since January 2020.

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