Doping: American Brianna McNeal, Olympic champion in the 100m hurdles, suspended – Fil Info

American Brianna McNeal, Olympic 100m hurdles champion in Rio 2016, has been suspended for “obstructing the anti-doping process,” the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced Thursday. The IAU accuses the 29-year-old sprinter of “obstructing the results management process, an anti-doping rule violation of the International Athletics Federation,” without further details.


A mass exodus to Signal, after a controversy over the new WhatsApp terms

The “Signal” messaging application topped the list of the most downloaded applications on the “Apple Store” and “Google Play” stores in several countries since its rival, WhatsApp, announced last Thursday, its intention to share more data with the parent network (Facebook).

Since many users of WhatsApp on social networks expressed their intention to move to “Signal”, like the president of “Tesla” Elon Musk, the free application is at the top of the list of most downloaded applications in India, Germany and France, and also in Hong Kong, as I mentioned. Signal via Twitter.

To attract more new users, Signal published a simple explanation of the usage rules to help them easily transfer their conversations from another messaging application, according to what was reported by the French Press Agency.

The new demand for the application has caused technical problems “Thursday” and “Friday”. Signal stated that “the verification codes are currently delayed (…) because many are trying to join (Signal) at the present time.”

Signal, which was launched in 2014, is classified by experts as one of the most secure messaging applications in the world, especially thanks to its ability to fully encrypt messages and voice or video communications between the two ends of the communication.

The application quickly gained popularity among journalists and whistle-blowers. Especially thanks to the support of Edward Snowden, who leaked classified data on the methods of the American intelligence services in spying on communications.

The “WhatsApp” service is facing criticism after it requested that its two billion users around the world agree to new terms of use that allow it to share more data with Facebook, which owns the application.

Users who refuse to accept the new terms will be banned from using their accounts from February 8th.

The group seeks to generate cash revenues by allowing advertisers to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, until they sell their products directly through the platform, which is what the network began to do in India.

The company pointed out that the data that may be shared between “WhatsApp” and the “Facebook” system of applications (including “Instagram” and “Messenger”) includes contacts and profile information, but does not affect the content of messages that remain encrypted.


She found an envelope with money, returned it, and karma rewarded her: she won the Lottery!

“In some religions of India, energy derived from the actions of an individual during his life, which conditions each of his successive reincarnations, until he reaches perfection”, aYes, the Royal Spanish Academy defines the word karma.

Simply put, this is something like: “Everything you give, good or bad, comes back to you.” And if we talk about karma, the case of Laura Reinoso (41) is the perfect example.

On the last night of 2020, this neighbor of the Spanish town of Cigales, in Valladolid, found an envelope with money -200 euros precisely- and immediately returned it to its owner.

But luck or, rather, karma, was on his side and he turned his gesture multiplied by … 375! Is that on Three Kings Day, with the number 3436, the woman was the winner of the second prize of the Children’s Lottery in Spain and obtained nothing more and nothing less than 75.000 euros (some $ 92,000).

Laura was working at the Bar Menfis, owned by her family, when she heard the news. “We had all the tenths on the table and when the number came out they had to tell me that it was my turn. I have gone crazy,” she told the site for 20 minutes.

When she was already convinced that she was going to lose the 320 euros she had spent on the tenths, this surprise came to her. And it is she herself who associates it with Karma. “They have given me more than 200 euros,” she said happily.

What will the award go to?

Far from wasting the money she earned on luxuries and eccentricities, the woman’s idea is to manage it well and not waste it. “I don’t want to retire at 67 to die. I want to retire at 53, I have a house for sale and with this money I will be able to do it and live well,” he said.

Touched by luck (or a good example of Karma), Laura confirms that although she will never forget this Three Kings Day, it is not the first time that fortune is on her side: in 2013 she was “one number” away from winning 1.8 million euros in the Bonoloto lottery.

In addition, this is the third time that a winning ticket has been sold in his bar: some time ago he distributed 10 million “of the old pesetas”, which at that time was a lot of money; Some fifteen years ago, also, a neighbor won 438,000 euros playing La Primitiva.

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Democrat Raphael Warnock wins runoff in Georgia

Democrat Warnock prevails against Republican Loeffler in Georgia

The Democrats of the elected US President Joe Biden have achieved a stage victory in the decisive runoff elections in the state of Georgia for two seats in the US Senate. The candidate Raphael Warnock prevails against the Republican Kelly Loeffler, as emerged on Wednesday morning (local time) from matching forecasts by the broadcasters NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN and the news agency AP

Race between Ossof and Perdue decides on control in the Senate

The race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican David Perdue is not yet over. It depends on whether the Democrats get control of the powerful Congress Chamber or the Republicans can defend their slim majority. 97 percent of the votes should already be counted.

If the Democrats can secure control of the Senate, Biden can rule through at least the two years leading up to the next congressional election, if he can get the Democrats behind him in parliament. A Republican majority could prevent him from drafting legislation and put obstacles in the way of appointing Supreme Court judges or cabinet members. Candidates for these and other high government offices must be approved by a majority of the senators.

Trump still does not recognize the election result

The incumbent US President Donald Trump continues to raise unsubstantiated allegations of fraud in the presidential election on November 3 and refuses to admit defeat. There has been concern among his Republicans that this could undermine the prospects of the two Republican candidates in Georgia. The fear was that Trump’s allegations of “stolen” votes could deter Republicans from casting their votes.

In Georgia, however, the Republicans have a better starting position: a single victory in the two runoff elections is enough for them to maintain their narrow majority in the Senate. In contrast, both Democrats have to win the race against the previous Republican incumbents in order to achieve a de facto majority in the Congress Chamber. Two Democratic victories in Georgia would result in a 50-50 stalemate in the Senate. Such a stalemate could then be resolved ex officio by the future Vice President Kamala Harris in favor of the Democrats – she is also President of the Senate.


They put together a crowded social gathering on a yacht and it almost went down

Around 25 young people who were participating in a clandestine party aboard a yacht on the Paraná River, off the coast of the city of the same name, had to be rescued after the boat began to sink due to excess weight.

The event, which took place last weekend, caused outrage at the image of girls and boys between 20 and 30 years old, accumulated in the boat that rescued them without any isolation measure, in the midst of a regrowth of the cases of coronavirus in the country.

The yacht with the young people had left the Paraná Yacht Club for Isla Bonita, while on the way they celebrated with abundant alcohol and without any kind of distancing measure.

Apparently the ship began to leak due to the excessive weight and the crew had to be rescued.

Although the rules imposed by the yacht club for navigation indicate that boats must have half the maximum crew, in the case of the yacht that suffered the accident, it has capacity for a dozen people and was carrying 25 young people.

This was indicated by the head of the entity, Leonardo Díaz, who described as “irresponsible” the way in which those responsible for the boat were handled.

“The ship left without the requirements that we put at this time, in an irresponsible way carrying too much cargo on board, some members and others not members of the club,” acknowledged the manager in statements to the channel TN.


[AFP] Vaccination: the HAS wants to “accelerate” but keep the same strategy

The vaccination campaign of the French against Covid-19 “must probably accelerate”, but maintaining the same strategy, estimated Monday an official of the High Authority of Health (HAS), who rejected the term “disaster” .

“The strategy remains: priority on the most vulnerable people, and health professionals, by expanding when we can, if we have the necessary number of doses”, declared on France Inter Elisabeth Bouvet, president of the Technical Committee on vaccinations of the HAS, which drew up France’s vaccination strategy.
“For us the strategy remains the same. The implementation of the strategy must probably accelerate,” she added.

Ms. Bouvet thus ruled out the idea of ​​administering the vaccine to volunteers as a priority: “Given the number of doses which, I remind you, is currently limited, we cannot distribute it like that to people who want it, while they have no risks “.

Asked about the pace of this vaccination, she replied that it was not the choice of this institution which advises the government. “It was never requested that there be this slowness,” said the infectious disease specialist.
But according to her, the criticisms are too virulent.

“I believe that we must be extremely positive and recall the optimistic elements of this vaccination and stop flogging, in the same way that today we must stop saying that it is a disaster,” he said. she pointed out. “We must not exaggerate: we started to vaccinate a week ago, we still cannot speak of a disaster.”
On France Inter also, the geneticist and president of the League against cancer Axel Kahn was once again very critical of the government.

The fact that the clinical trials of the Pfizer-BioNetch vaccine are very encouraging “is really a huge hope, and it is really something very exciting. And so the tone. [du gouvernement], it is a psychological error (…) It is a gigantic psychological error, and that, I believe that the minister [de la Santé Olivier Véran] heard it, “he said.


Iron prices are declining globally after China pledged to limit steel production

Iron ore prices have been hit hard, with China pledging to limit its steel production over the next year, which threatens demand for crude that is approaching a general close with a distinct performance for this commodity, in conjunction with the emergence of many indications of an increase in the supply of crude in the markets The prices of iron ore futures contracts in Singapore recorded their lowest level in two weeks.
The official Xinhua News Agency quoted Chinese Minister of Industry Xiao Yaxing as saying that his country will ensure a decline in crude steel production during the next year, and that there are new rules regarding the replacement of steel production capacities in China, with pressure on companies to reduce exhaust Invasive industry.
The price of iron ore has recently retreated due to an increase in supply in international markets at the end of the year, and news of a reduction in steel production raised more concerns about the possibility of continuing strong demand for crude during the next year.
The price of iron ore in the Singapore Commodity Exchange trading yesterday fell 4.4 percent to 153.80 dollars per ton, the lowest price since December 16th. The price of iron ore in the Dylan Stock Exchange trading decreased by 3.7 percent, while the price of steel rose in the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading.
The global iron ore market revolves around the giant steel industry in China, which buys more than half of the ore supplies coming from Australia and Brazil, including the production of giants such as BHP Group, Rio Tinto Group and Phil. Steel production in China had reached a record level during the current year, thanks to government stimulus measures aimed at curbing the repercussions of the new Corona virus on the entire Chinese economy.
This – along with supply disruptions – drove up iron ore futures contract prices to their highest level since 2013.
In parallel, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced, after a meeting with steel companies yesterday, that the Russian Antitrust Authority had not recorded any legal violations in the prices of steelmakers’ products in Russia. The ministry said it viewed the idea of ​​imposing tariffs on Russian steel exports “with great concern”.
The steel industry in Russia is highly dependent on exports; It sells more than 40 percent of its production in the overseas market. Steel exports are Russia’s second most important, after oil and natural gas exports.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that Russian steel companies operate in “extremely competitive conditions in foreign markets” and face trade fees and investigations abroad.
She added that imposing duties on exports would have a negative impact on steel exports, which is a strategic commodity for Russia.
The Russian construction companies had filed a complaint with the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Marat Khosnolin about the high prices of metal products in the country, especially rebar.
The decline in the price of iron ore due to the increase in supply and the news of a reduction in steel production raised concerns about the possibility of continuing strong demand for crude through 2021 (Reuters)


A creative meeting of Ahots will be held in Azpeitia

The sixth edition of the Ahots Baten creative meeting will take place on Monday and Tuesday, December 28th and 29th, at the Dinamoa creative center in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa). Registration for the meeting was a success and places were filled immediately. If so, the 20 young creators who were the fastest to register will enjoy sessions that allow them to immerse themselves in theater, bertsolaritza, singing and storytelling or literature.

The Mintzola Oral Workshop has announced that the usual four- to five-day stay will be a two-session initiative this year. Participants will meet at 09:30 at the Azpeitia Dinamoa creative center: the session will end at 18:30 on Monday and at 19:45 the following day, with a show to end the two-day event. As for the meal, they will have lunch in St. Augustine.

On the first day, the focus will be on literature and verse: literary expert Iratxe Retolaza will begin the session, and in the afternoon, bertsolaris Miren Amuriza and Nerea Ibarzabal will join the group. The second will feature actor Xanti Agirrezabala and singer Mursego; Finally, Agirrezabala will present his solo play Satiro.

Mintzola has been taking advantage of the Christmas holidays with the creative residency of Ahots Bat since its first in 2015. It has been a great success among the participants since its inception, and the guest creators have also been pleased with the experience.


Dollar appreciation fell again this Wednesday in Colombia

The price of the dollar in Colombia fell for the third day in a row amid high expectations for the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting and the news emerging from the incipient vaccination cycles against Covid-19 in the world.

In that sense, the average price of the currency was $ 3,416.32, which represents a fall of $ 6 compared to the Representative Market Rate (TRM) equivalent to $ 3,422.44 for this Wednesday.

The currency opened the market with a price of $ 3,405.00 and so far it has marked a minimum value of $ 3,403.00 and a maximum of $ 3,422.90.

On the other hand, the valuation of a barrel of Brent crude, the reference for Colombia, is quoted at USD51.05.


vigilance must be constant this summer!

The Prefecture of La Réunion and the ARS have published their weekly report on the dengue virus. From December 7 to 13, 16 cases of dengue fever were reported to the ARS. The number of cases has stabilized in recent days. The arrival of the austral summer is likely to favor the appearance of a new epidemic wave.

Also, the prefecture and the ARS encourage people with symptoms of dengue fever to quickly consult a doctor and take a laboratory sample to identify the appearance of new outbreaks as early as possible. The system deployed by the authorities is in fact all the more effective when it intervenes at the very beginning of transmission in a neighborhood and when sick people and those around them protect themselves from mosquito bites.

Situation of dengue fever in Reunion Island on December 15, 2020 (data from the French Public Health Unit in the region, ARS)

During week 50, the reports were located in 7 municipalities:

  • Small island
  • Saint Joseph
  • St Denis
  • St. Andrew
  • The Port
  • Saint Pierre
  • St.Paul

In addition, groupings of cases have been identified in the West region:

  • Saint-Paul (Hermitage)
  • The Port (Cotur Subdivision and Oasis Park)

In order to contain the spread of the dengue virus, the ARS vector control teams are continuing mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of Covid-19.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

Knowing and applying, on a personal and collective basis, preventive measures to fight against dengue, remains by far the most effective way to avoid contracting the disease and transmitting it to those around you:

  • Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites: repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers
  • Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water all around your home
  • Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.). Your doctor will prescribe a sample to be taken in the laboratory for medical analyzes to confirm the diagnosis of dengue.

This biological confirmation is essential to guide the actions of vector control teams and help limit the spread of the dengue virus in the territory.