“Italy should be united now that the EU gives us great resources”

The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, is playing it today and tomorrow in Parliament. After the two ministers of Matteo Renzi’s party resigned last week, thus leaving the Government in a minority, Conte goes to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate to try to add new support and overcome a motion of confidence whose result seems craving agonizing in the Upper House. Senator for life Mario Monti, who led the technical executive that saved Italy from bankruptcy in 2011 after spending a decade as European commissioner, will decide his vote based on the speech Conte offers.

– In the ‘Corriere della Sera’ you wondered if Italy is a “normal” country. Does its endemic political instability make it not?

– During the normal phases, when the EU asked to contain the deficit, many in Italy considered that this was austerity. It is true that there have been times when Brussels has gone too far with austerity, but what I am talking about is the normal rules of good conduct on the accounts. In extraordinary circumstances, as now with the pandemic, the EU instead provides great resources, from which nations such as Italy and Spain in particular benefit. Faced with this, the country should be more united and cohesive, since it is an extraordinary opportunity, but Italy, on the other hand, is suffering a crisis whose reasons are not clear.

– Renzi may be right in some of his criticisms of the Government. Have you done well to put the Executive on the brink of the abyss?

– Some of the points made by Renzi were valid in substance, but there could be other ways to push the coalition and the Government without opening a crisis. This moment looks a lot like a war over the emergency situation of the pandemic. Probably at the bottom of the question is the personality of Renzi, as he has already shown some other time.

– Will the Government pass the vote of confidence?

– Numerically the situation is problematic. I will be present in the Senate at the session. My vote will depend a lot on what Conte says. We still have two years ahead of the current legislature and, if Conte continues as prime minister after this crisis, he will have to give a clear indication of the direction he intends to give the government’s policy. It is not very easy to foresee it, since he has presided over two very different cabinets and in some radically opposite aspects.

The worst hit sectors

– What are the priorities?

–We are in a very difficult situation due to the pandemic, with also economic consequences, which justifies strong support for companies. But if we look to the future we must bear in mind at least two things. The first is that sooner or later the attitude of Brussels will change and it will return to deficit and debt regulation. I hope it will be done in a more modern and efficient way, without penetrating public investments. I would like Conte to make it clear that after a period of subsidies a policy of reducing and containing the deficit and the debt is necessary.

– And what is the second aspect?

–During the last 20 years, Italy has grown less than other countries in the Eurozone. A reflection is required on how to manage aid. It is necessary to deal with socially the most affected sectors, but it is also necessary to give the economy the possibility to develop. You don’t have to put in public resources just to prevent a renewal. Another serious problem, little present in these years, is inequality, which requires great reflection.

– You, like Conte, were not part of a party before being prime minister, although later you founded a political force. Would you recommend the Prime Minister to do the same?

– What you have to ask yourself is if that would suit the country. When I agreed to promote a party, although I did not need it as a senator for life, I did so because I saw that it was useful to have a movement in Parliament with a European and reformist spirit that prevented any of the possible coalitions from prevailing, one oriented to the right and another to the left, with antipathies towards Europe and budgetary discipline. I asked the country for many sacrifices and I saw that the difficulties were increasing and that the other forces were not prepared for the reforms that Italy needed.

– Do you regret having formed a party?

“That decision was against my own personal interests.” If I had stayed calm, it is possible that I would have been elected President of the Republic to succeed Giorgio Napolitano. At least that’s what they told me. But, frankly, my contribution was more positive for the country by avoiding with that party, Elección Cívica, a populist and sovereignist drift. It only hurt me personally.

“I made unpopular decisions”

– Is Italy’s image in Europe bad for this crisis?

–It is surely a damage to our image, which already suffered from the delay and lack of certainty when preparing the action program for the European Recovery Plan.

– What is better for Italy, to continue this government or to open a new political experience?

– Frankly I do not know what is now the best. It depends on the will of the prime minister to risk making unpopular decisions. It was my turn to take them to prevent us from ending up like Greece. Despite this, the political movement that we organized in about 50 days without financial means obtained 10% of the votes. Some could expect more, but today there are many games that are below. That result showed that in the country there are a number of people willing to understand that Italy’s future interest is not in following this or that pressure group.

– Does it distort seeing the country from the Chigi Palace, the seat of the prime minister?

-It’s possible. It is a position of great importance, of command. But it would be necessary for public opinion to be concerned not only with Conte, but with the interests of Italians.


He went to the hospital for a severe stomach pain and they discovered a stone of almost half a kilo

Social networks in Vietnam are on fire for the peculiar images of a huge bladder stone that was taken from a 34-year-old woman in recent days.

According to different Vietnamese media, it all started when the woman went to the emergency department of the Hospital General Phu Binh, in Thay Nguyen, complaining of severe abdominal pain.

After a brief examination in which the specialists they could notice how his abdomen was harder and tense than normal, decided to do a tomography (CT) scan to get a more accurate image of what was inside. What they did not expect, however, was to meet a huge round mass lodged in his abdomen.

The specialists confirmed to the woman that they were going to perform an emergency surgery

Given this result, the specialists confirmed to the woman that they were going to perform an emergency surgery to examine and extract whatever it was that was inside.

During the operation, surgeons removed a stone over four inches long, weighing more than 400 grams.

Surgeons removed a stone over four inches long

Surgeons removed a stone over four inches long

The case has become a sensation on Vietnamese social networks, with hundreds of users who do not believe how the woman has managed to lead a relatively normal life andFor so long with such a calculation lodged in your bladder.

the giant kidney stone that was discovered in a 34-year-old woman.

the giant kidney stone that was discovered in a 34-year-old woman.

What’s more, your case is something rather unusual. According to a study published in 2014 by the specialized magazine Turkish Journal of Urology, calculations of more than 100 grams in weight are very rare, with fewer than 85 cases recorded and documented over the years.

the giant kidney stone that was discovered in a 34-year-old woman.

the giant kidney stone that was discovered in a 34-year-old woman.

What’s more, the calculation taken from this woman is the longest ever extracted, Although not larger, because in 2016, Chinese doctors confirmed the extraction of a bladder stone of no less than 1,048 kilograms, extracted from a 54-year-old man.

The vanguard

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Sustainable ‘smartphones’ to save the environment

With the arrival of a new year, many take the opportunity to change habits or start new healthier ones, although it may also be a good time to add to the list of purposes those that can contribute to to save the planet, starting by our ‘smartphone’.

There are many daily actions that can be done to help protect the environment, such as recycling, avoiding wasting water or using the car less. However, we can also do it with technology.

According to a United Nations report, around the world approximately 50 million tons of electronic waste are generated per year, a figure that could triple by 2050.

In addition, despite its fall due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the second quarter of this year the worldwide sale of smartphones to end users registered a figure of 295 million units.

For this reason, there are several companies that have launched sustainable mobile phones, which offers a longer useful life with the aim of reducing the waste that is generated when replacing the ‘smartphones’ frequently, and which even offers the opportunity to replace some elements to update or repair them.


One of these companies is Teracube, which offers users warranties of up to four years -which cover any damage, at no additional cost to the user-, replaceable batteries and the use of recycled materials, all framed in the philosophy of “repair, do not replace”.

Teracube 2e was released in early October, includes the operating system Android 10 and it has a 1.8 Ghz octa-core processor, as well as 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

This device, which has been created from recycled materials and has a biodegradable shell, with a fingerprint sensor, face unlock technology and headphone jack. It also has a 4,000 mAh battery, it is easy to repair and can be found through Indiegogo for a price of 84 euros.


Another company that offers sustainable mobile phones is Fairphone, who designs “products with longer service lives and easy to repair“” We take care of reducing waste and making the most of what we already have, “the company says on its website.

The sustainable ‘smartphone’ Fairphone 3 arrived in Spain at the end of 2019 and incorporates a modular design consisting of a screen, battery and camera that can be repaired individually, helping to extend the life of the device and minimize its environmental impact.

Also, Fairphone phones, which use recycled materials, they have a 3,040 mAh battery that can last a full day, as well as 64GB of memory that can be expanded up to 400GB with an SD card.

This phone is available in two versions: the Fairphone 3, which has 12 and 8 megapixel cameras, and the Fairphone 3+, with a 5.65-inch Full HD + screen and 48 and 16MP cameras.

The Fairphone 3 can be obtained through the company’s website for a price of 419 euros, while the Fariphone 3+ is available at a price of 469 euros.

The company also has a recycling service for old mobiles, since, as they themselves point out, “the more we reuse and recycle, the less we will have to extract from the mines and manufacture”. In addition, in the event that a mobile of the brand is delivered, you can get a refund when you buy one of its latest models.


SHIFT6m is a German proposal that can be easily repaired. To do this, it has a modular design and easy access to the battery and the screen, since it only has one type of screw head that holds the device together and, in addition, the mobile case includes a screwdriver to be able to make repairs.

“Sustainability, repairability and fairness are not the main issues in the smartphone industry, but they are very important to us,” the company underlines on its website.

However, eThis device is not as easy to repair as the Fairphone 3as it has some overlapping components and short connecting cables.

The SHIFT6m has a 5.7-inch Full HD AMOLED screen and Gorilla Glass protection, a 4,242 mAh battery, a 21MP rear camera, a 13MP front camera and is available through the official SHIFT website for 555 euros. Its casing is also made of recyclable polycarbonate.


Trump supporters stormed Capitol amid protests

Towards noon, Donald Trump he addressed the tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Washington. Until then, the “Save America” ​​march to protest against the Democrat Joe Biden win in the November presidential elections it had been peaceful. But the mogul assured his supporters that “we will never concede (Biden) victory”, reiterated his assertions about “electoral theft” and encouraged them to march to the Capitol to stop the “fraud”. And the tension exploded.

To the cry of “Trump won”, the tycoon’s followers managed to tear down the security fences that surround the Capitol and, after confronting the Police, managed to break into the building in full session of both houses of Congress to certify the victory of the Democratic candidate, a victory that the outgoing president has tried to challenge in court since 3-N. The situation was unprecedented. As the confrontations took place inside Congress between Trump supporters and the agents – whom the protesters called “traitors” -, The Police ordered the evacuation of all legislators after being overcome for the assailants, he sounded the building’s alarm and issued a message asking the senators and journalists who are inside the facilities to seek “refuge.”

While the mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, declared the curfew in the city in the face of the chaos generated and the information about shooting inside the Capitol –there is at least one deceased by firearm-, the Police called for reinforcements and blocked the way of all the people who tried to enter from the building of the Senate offices through the underground tunnels that connect both facilities.

Some of the protesters managed to gain access to the plenary session of the House of Representatives and even one of them got to sit in one of the seats designated for official speeches shouting “Trump won”. Faced with the spiral of chaos, the tycoon asked the protesters to act without violence and “go home” – with words of recognition “you are very special” – and, again, sparked the ghost of the theft of the last elections, a thesis that until now has not endorsed any American court.

“An unprecedented attack that borders on sedition”

However, Trump blamed his vice president, Mike Pence, who was presiding over the session in Congress, for the chaos generated in Washington for not having granted powers that the Constitution does not grant him to overturn Biden’s election victory. “Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what he should have done to protect our country and our Constitution … America demands the truth!“Trump wrote in a first tweet as his followers stormed the Capitol. Shortly after, Pence announced he was breaking up with Trump and dismissed as “unethical” that a vice president can decide the electoral result.

While, the protests spread to other cities in the country, with actions similar to the one that ended the historic assault on the Capitol – “The United States is under an unprecedented attack that borders on sedition“, as defined by Joe Biden himself-. The concentrations took place in front of the capitols, headquarters of the state parliaments, of Salem (Oregon), Atlanta (Georgia), Denver (Colorado), Austin (Texas), Little Rock ( Arkansas), Topeka (Kansas) and Salt Lake City (Utah).

In the latter, the Utah Capitol personnel were ordered to evacuate the building and in Georgia, the leading state in the elections that gave control of the Senate to the Democratic Party, the Police had to escort the state secretary of state, Republican Brad Raffensperger, due to the presence of members of armed militias in front of the legislative headquarters.

Shortly after the security forces they managed to clear the interior of the Capitol After three hours of assault and they launched irritating gases and stun grenades to disperse the hundreds of protesters still gathered in their surroundings, the curfew began in Washington, the capital of the country that Trump supporters claimed they wanted to “save.”


From four and a half to two and a half

In March it will be seven years since the remembered semifinal of the Bergara Soraluce Tournament within the four and a half between Altuna III and Artola. Both were still wearing white and had no advertising on their shirts. A party delight. Titanic effort of both. The public fired them on their feet after 372 hits in 54 minutes without truce. Jokin Altuna was still 17 years old. I was about to turn 18.

That meeting is relevant to help understand the evolution of four and a half. The Altuna and the Artola from 2014 have nothing to do with the current ones in the cage. Although they had grown up watching Irujo and an increasingly aggressive Olaizola II compete – also even Titín -, they played long and matured as much. It is not understood in another way that they touched 400 balls, an improper figure for the times that run, little less than unthinkable today.

An ex-manist of the first rank transferred us this week a comment from a former colleague. «He told me that last month the Championship and the Four and a Half were played and now we are attending the Two and a Half. I agreed with him.

It is undeniable that the game has approached the front, but also that it has multiplied the speed. The increasing control of the air by the protagonists has caused an enormous transformation. Young people look at those who win. In the worst case, they are copied. Others go further: they evolve.

If someone demonstrated the ability to win heads up all over the court by playing bounce or did the same inside the cage with constant balls in search of the line of four, it would not be necessary to announce it with capital headlines to return to that style . Word of mouth would spread.

Altuna III and Artola played that way. Possibly also Jaka, a full back until cadet age. They understood that it was convenient to change. Because stagnating means disappearing.


El Dipy got angry and left Alejandro Fantino’s program in the middle of a note

This was not just any week for David Adrián Martínez, the tropical music singer known in Argentina and much of the world by his nickname: El Dipy.

On Sunday 27, the musician received an RT on social networks from former president Mauricio Macri, who echoed the constant criticism that the Dipy raises against the government of Alberto Fernández.

A couple of days later, on Tuesday 29, the musician became a trend again but this time for starring in a controversial episode in Fantino in the afternoon (America, Monday through Friday at 4:00 p.m.), when he annoyedly interrupted an interview they were doing to stop, say hello and leave the studio.

“Can I say something? Can I go? Because I was not surprised that they changed the subject when I began to talk about what I think. And the truth is I feel that they disrespected me,” Dipy surprised in the middle of the interview.

The singer had been asked about the death of Diego Maradona and the first thing he expressed was his repudiation of the disorder that reigned at the wake that was organized at Casa Rosada.

Dipy crossed paths with Marcela Tauro.

The Dipy crossed paths with Marcela Tauro.

But the dynamics of the cycle, in which there are journalists and lawyers, led to a more current report that analyzed the details surrounding the succession of the former footballer.

“I understand where it comes from … You have nothing to do with it, you are all workers. I started talking and you wanted to stop me a lot of times,” Dipy told the journalist Eduardo Battaglia, who conducts the program to replace Alejandro Fantino.

“I have nothing with you but I don’t like being invited and when I start to talk to them about something, if it bothers me, they change (the subject) …”, he said later.

Marcela Tauro, member of the panel of Fantino in the afternoon, he quickly left the musician’s crossing “Don’t go psycho, do you think it’s because of something political?” He asked. At that time, the singer and the journalist clarified that they had been exchanging messages during the story.

The Dipy waving to the driver of "Fantino in the afternoon", the journalist Eduardo Battaglia.

El Dipy greeting the host of “Fantino in the afternoon”, journalist Eduardo Battaglia.

“The interruption was not intended to cut what you were saying, but it was a monologue,” Battaglia pointed out. “I don’t feel comfortable,” the Dipy returned.

“If someone on the channel was bothered by what I speak or whatever, I am very sorry, I am what you see, I am this, I have no other speech,” insisted the singer on several occasions, who at the same time distributed praise to the Fantino’s team.

“I appreciate you going straight ahead,” Battaglia acknowledged, but clarified: “The interruption was because I felt outside, you don’t see ghosts because nothing strange happened. Maybe seeing ghosts is a mistake.”

“I no longer feel comfortable, I do not want to disrespect you. I love you Marce (Taurus), but I feel uncomfortable. And I feel uncomfortable for not being able to say what I feel,” concluded the musician, who stopped, greeted the driver and left the studio.

Despite the explanations given to him on the air on the program, Dipy remained convinced that something strange had happened during the interview they did with him.

And so he made it very clear in a Twitter message, written shortly after his departure from the Palermo channel and with a photo of Frank Underwood, the popular character from the series House of cards.

“They invite you to talk about what you think, and when you start talking they want to cut you off. As they see that they can’t, they change the subject. A thousand apologies to those who work there, it’s not with you. But you see the line drop. If those above do not like what I say, do not invite me “, closed the musician.

Dipy's message on Twitter after his departure from the Alejandro Fantino program.

Dipy’s message on Twitter after his departure from Alejandro Fantino’s program.

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Avilés sign Samu Pérez, Sporting youth midfielder

Avilés continues to strengthen itself for the second phase of the competition and yesterday confirmed the signing of Samu Pérez, a 19-year-old midfielder who last season played for Sporting de División de Honor Juvenile. After the agreement reached by both parties, the footballer yesterday carried out the first training session with his new teammates.

Before Samu Pérez, the blue and white team made up to three incorporations of players who went through the First Division. The last, that of the Congolese Cedrick Mabwati, winger trained in the Atlético de Madrid quarry and who played for Numancia, Betis, Osasuna and UCAM Murcia.


The US Congress approved a package of economic measures for almost $ 900 billion :: Economy :: RBC

The package includes payments to most Americans in the amount of $ 600, as well as additional payments to those who are out of work in the amount of $ 300 weekly. According to the document, the program of loans for small businesses in the amount of about $ 284 billion is also expanding. In addition, additional funds are allocated to help airlines, schools, universities, businesses, as well as to distribute the coronavirus vaccine.

US Treasury proposed to allocate $ 916 billion to stimulate the economy

Read on RBC Pro

Now the decree on the application of new economic measures must be signed by President Donald Trump.

At the end of March, Trump signed a law on financial support for the economy of the country affected by the spread of coronavirus in the amount of $ 2.2 trillion. It included direct payments and benefits to citizens, support for the health care system, as well as individual enterprises.

In April, Congress approved a $ 484 billion economic bailout package that included funds for a small business lending program, hospital assistance and funding for a coronavirus testing program.

Many of the measures approved in the spring are due to expire soon, and the new package of measures provides for their extension.


From being seen out in mid-2019 to being world champion a year later

October 6, 2019. This could be one of the key dates and that possibly they have more marked the Girona pilot of KTM, Albert Arenas, who was proclaimed Moto3 champion yesterday. That day, he won the Thai Grand Prix and rumors ended that left him without a motorcycle for 2020. And is that 2019 was a difficult year for Arenas. Right at the start of the World Cup he suffered a fall on his bike while training and this led him to be two races away. When he came back, he didn’t get good results and that made him be on the tightrope, but everything changed in that race in Thailand, and that made him renew with the Aspar Team for this year, when he has been champion.

Albert Arenas (Girona, December 11, 1996) has always been a fan of motorcycles. From an early age, he had become acquainted with the world of minibikes (which he first tried in Pedret at the age of four at the hands of a friend of his father) and motocross, and in 2014 he was able to compete in his first Moto3 race. It was in the hands of the Spanish team Calvo, in the last test of the World Cup, at the Cheste circuit. In 2015, he did not compete in any race at the world championships, although he was runner-up in the Moto3 junior world championship, behind the Italian Nicolò Bulega. After this adventure at the CEV, Arenas made the final leap to Moto3. In 2016, he competed in a few races with the Mahindra Aspar Team as a guest driver, until Peugeot MC Saxprint signed him to compete in the last nine races of the year. After a 2017 learning with the same bike as the year before, in 2018 he faced his second year with the same team, which changed to KTM. In 2018, Arenas added his first victories in professional motorcycling, and did so on two legendary circuits such as Le Mans in France and Philip Island in Australia. Two victories that gave him morale to face the following year, when experts put him in the package of drivers for the title, but 2019 was not a great year. After the first race in Qatar he missed the next two due to an arm injury while training on a bicycle. When he returned, the results did not accompany him much, and is that after the first 14 races, he had only scored in 6 and had retired in 5, and that made the team consider not renewing it. But everything changed on October 6, 2019 when he got a major victory in Thailand, and that would make him renew with the team.

All this it meant a turning point for the future, in a 2020 in which he has been champion. A year marked by the pandemic in which he has achieved three victories – Qatar, Jerez and Austria – and has been, almost always – at least at the end of the race in Montmeló -, leader of the World Cup.


Cuatroté suspends expansion of hospital for children with cancer

The government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador decided to suspend the expansion of the National Institute of Pediatrics that would create new spaces for the consultation and care of children with cancer, those who require transplants, chemotherapies, palliative care and intensive therapies.

The expansion would have an investment of more than 150.8 million pesos, but it was stopped in a context of mobilizations and complaints from parents of children with cancer who have denounced a lack of care and a shortage of medicines.

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“How is it possible that there is money for Dos Bocas, the Mayan Train, to remove one airport and put another one and there is no problem where we have a health crisis. Look, what indolence of the government and they say they are not inhuman. What inhumanity to prefer to invest in roads, in large infrastructure works and not in a hospital that cares for children with cancer, when today we have a humanitarian crisis and they want to deny it. Or how many deaths do we need? ”, Asks Israel Rivas, father of a child with cancer who leads the movement of families seeking care for their children with this disease.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Master Plan for Physical Infrastructure in Health of the government of the cuatroté provides for an investment of 1,134 million 256 thousand pesos in five hospitals at the federal level. The plan in charge of the Ministry of Health, and in force as of September 2020, includes 22 works to be carried out this year, the only one that stopped that of the National Institute of Pediatrics

In contrast, the largest investment – 750 million pesos – was allocated to the replacement of the Hospitalization Tower of the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition.

In that place, it seeks to expand the availability to 168 beds in general hospitalization and 17 in the Intensive Care Unit. In addition, it is planned to place ten additional operating rooms, a teaching classroom, parking, control and automation room, interconnection bridge for radiology and emergency services, and a storage tank.


In addition to the Institute of Nutrition, the other hospitals with current investments are the National Institute of Geriatrics, with an investment of 64.4 million pesos; that of Perinatology Isidro Espinosa de Los Reyes, with an expense of 1.5 million; that of Rehabilitation Luis Guillermo Ibarra, with 168.5 million and that of Respiratory Diseases Ismael Cosío Villegas, with 149.7 million pesos.

The work plan underway indicates that at the National Institute of Geriatrics there will be interventions to strengthen the Geriatric Assessment Unit with the expansion of five clinics (geriatrics, nutrition, ophthalmology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and psychology). Work is also being done to expand the areas of social work, central nurses, patient stabilization and healing, among others that older adults require.

The Institute of Perinatology seeks to strengthen the MRI room, the recovery area, the reception toilet and the lobby.

Today we have a humanitarian crisis and they want to deny itIsrael Rivas / Father of child with cancer

At the Rehabilitation hospital, the plan includes the expansion of the continuous admission service, including the assessment area (10 cubicles), x-rays, nurses’ station, doctor’s work, access and the entrance of ambulances. In addition, improvements are foreseen in the administrative areas such as the purchasing and supplies area, the internal comptroller, the administration, financial resources and management.

While in the Institute of Respiratory Diseases the investment is to locate special facilities at all levels of the Research Unit in Infectious and Chronic Degenerative Diseases.

The rest of the interventions are in equipment, particularly the Salvador Zubirán National Institute of Nutrition, to equip the hospitalization tower that is built in research and oncology areas. The current plan also includes the equipping of two microscopes to another hospital; and the medical area of ​​the Mexico City Metro will be provided with equipment for its telehealth and telemedicine system.

Last year, at the start of the Fourth Transformation and prior to the Covid pandemic, the health works plan consisted only of the acquisition of medical equipment for the endoscopy service at the National Cancer Institute.