Maserati GRECALE 2022 | The FIRST road test. Here’s how to drive with 300 hp –

Maserati GRECALE 2022 | The FIRST road test. This is how you drive with 300 Maserati Grecale: (almost) all the technical specifications Maserati Grecale, the preview An unveiled Maserati Maserati Grecale: this is what those who have already tried the SUV View full coverage on Google News .

Maserati Grecale: spy photos in Sondrio

A specimen of the Maserati Grecale was photographed in Sondrio, near the border between Italy and Switzerland during a series of tests. The new SUV of the Trident will be presented in the spring of 2022: the launch, in fact, it has been posticipated due to the lack of electronic components required for production. In […]

Battery production: Italy’s first gigafactory

Scarmagno The old factory halls have started to rust, windows have been smashed, scaffolding supports the dilapidated concrete ceiling. Everything looks a bit like “The Walking Dead” here. Instead of zombies, a wiry man in a suit walks through the weathered backdrop, blue slippers on his feet, a thick buckle on his belt: Lars Carlstrom […]

Cingolani: “At work to exempt the Motor Valley from the endothermic ban”

Roberto Cingolani returns to talk about the Motor Valley and the possible European ban on endothermic engines. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, held on the occasion of the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, the minister of ecological transition revealed the existence of negotiations between Italy and the European Union to protect supercar manufacturers from stopping […]

The Maserati MC20 on the green of Pebble Beach

Monterey Car Week in California is the week most eagerly awaited by motoring, historic and sports enthusiasts. This is an important event that takes place in August during which a series of events such as auctions, exhibitions, rallies and contests of elegance. Among the most relevant activities, the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion in Laguna Seca, […]

Ferrari 296 GTB vs. Maserati MC20 in comparison

Data comparison Ferrari 296 GTB vs. Maserati MC20 So the same and yet different Exciting times for fans of Italian automotive art: With the Maserati MC20 and the Ferrari 296 GTB, two new and hot “Belle macchine” are more or less about to be launched on the market. On the surface, the recipes seem to […]

Frank Sinatra and Siegfried & Roy cars at auction

The Barrett-Jackson auction house has cars from Vegas legends for sale. Including a Maserati from Frank Sinatra and a Rolls-Royce from Siegfried & Roy. What drives around in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas, just to change the popular saying a bit. Because cars can change hands from time to time, and this is exactly […]

Bad breath .. Here are the 4 easiest ways to get rid of it

Most people are bothered by bad breath, which is a problem that plagues many people who are unable to know the reasons behind it, especially since not cleaning teeth well daily is not the only reason behind the problem. In many cases, your mental health is also affected by this problem, as many people are […]