Capitol Attack: Did the police let the protesters in?

Question asked by Léa on 01/07/2021


The intrusion of dozens of pro-Trump protesters into the US Congress building on January 6, when the country’s elected officials gathered to certify the presidential election of Joe Biden, is a resounding failure for law enforcement American. The controversy is sharp around the insufficiency of the means deployed by the authorities to face the Trumpists and militants of the various American extreme right-wingers. A woman was shot dead inside Congress, Washington Metropolitan Police report 68 arrests. A police officer also succumbed to his injuries, police said Thursday evening. Agent Brian Sicknick “Was deployed on the clashes at the Capitol on Wednesday and was injured during physical contact with the protesters”, Capitol police said in a statement.

The Capitol Police (USCP) – some 2,000 strong – could not hold their positions against the millie

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Thaïs Chaigne


Baltimore (USA): Police stop drugstore robbers

Police prevent armed robbery in Baltimore

With courageous efforts, two police officers in Baltimore, Maryland, prevented an armed robbery in a drugstore. A 21-year-old threatened two customers there with a firearm on Monday. As can be seen in the video, the officers stormed into the store, pinned the man on the floor and arrested him. A body cam recorded the dramatic action.

Criminals steal prescription drugs and cash

After an emergency call was made from the drugstore, the two officers rushed to the scene and caught the young man red-handed. In the recordings of the body camera you can see him standing behind the counter with his hands raised. According to media reports, two other men, aged 21 and 22, are said to have participated in the attack, but they managed to escape through a window. They allegedly stole prescription drugs and cash.

According to the police, the two men were arrested a little later. Nobody was injured in the attack. The three young men are now facing charges of armed robbery and theft.


They prevent a minor positive for COVID from boarding a plane to Puerto Rico

A woman and her son were taking a plane to Puerto Rico from Baltimore during the Thanksgiving festivities, when local authorities intervened because the minor had tested positive for COVID-19.

Information revealed by NBC News pointed out that the Wicomico County Health Department knew that both would travel to Puerto Rico but had not been able to communicate with the mother.

Health officials would have been the ones who alerted the Maryland State Police of the positive of the minor on November 24 at 3:00 p.m.

According to NBC, in 15 minutes the authorities already had in hand a legal isolation and quarantine order to force the relative not to board the plane and return home.

Finally, both were located by the airport police.

The police officer in charge of what happened told television that they did not believe that the child’s mother knew that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The identities of both have not been revealed so it is not known if they are of Puerto Rican origin.

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USA: A church in Washington, DC attracts “Star Wars” fans

Die Region Washington, D. C.

When they talk about DC, every American knows what is meant: the District of Columbia, subtropically warm in summer, on the Potomac River near the east coast and the Chesapeake Bay, surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia. The district is congruent with the city of Washington – which in turn is the seat of government and at the same time the capital of the United States, but not a separate state.

The DC is placed after the city name mainly to distinguish the district from Washington State, the state in the north-west of the USA. Anyone driving through DC will be amazed at the slogan on many domestic license plates. It says “End Taxation Without Representation”, which means something like: no more taxation without political representation.

Because the district is directly subordinate to the US Congress. There has only been a mayor and city council since 1973, and they don’t really have much to say either, because Congress still has the final say in all decisions.

The 700,000 Washingtonians have not liked that for a long time. You can’t even elect senators to the US Congress. You are just sending one MP with observer status. If it were up to them, DC would become independent with a real say. Another bill is currently underway to make DC the 51st state.

Source: WORLD infographic

Darth Vader on the gable of a cathedral

Could you imagine a “Star Wars” figure on the facade of Cologne Cathedral? In DC this mixture of humor and faith is possible in a relaxed manner. Movie fans make a pilgrimage to the National Cathedral, the third largest church in the USA, and look for a statue through binoculars.

And indeed: Darth Vader hangs on the gothic tower gable. The Episcopal Church announced a sculpture competition for children in the 1980s, one of the winners was “Star Wars” fan Chris Rader from Nebraska.

USA: Pulls "Star Wars"-Fans an: Darth Vader an der National Cathedral in Washington, D. C.

Attract “Star Wars” fans: Darth Vader at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC

Source: AFP / Getty Images

A sundowner with a spectacular view

Washington, DC’s official drink has been around for almost 140 years. The Rickey was invented in 1883 by the Democratic lobbyist and bar owner Joe Rickey. Formerly with bourbon, now mixed with gin, with sparkling mineral water, half a lime, served ice-cold in a highball glass.

Some call it “air conditioning in a glass”. Is often ordered as a sundowner, for example in the bar with the most spectacular view: the “POV Roof Terrace and Lounge” looks directly onto the White House.

Souvenirs with Donald Trump reduced

Presidents come and go, the political gift shop White House Gift Store on 15th Street NW on the way to the White House is always ready for anything. Because of its life-size cardboard display of the incumbent US president in front of the door, with which visitors like to pose.

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Joe Biden Accepts Party's Nomination For President In Delaware During Virtual DNC

The range is consistently divided into political, apolitical, democratic, republican, patriotic. For a few weeks now, Trump souvenirs have been reduced by up to 50 percent, such as kitchen aprons, bottle openers and knee socks (voucher code “4TRUMP2020”). You can’t go wrong with the timeless black face mask with the official presidential seal for $ 8.99.

Discount before the election: socks with the likeness of US President Donald Trump

A bargain: socks with the likeness of Donald Trump


The second greenest city in the USA

Washington, DC has 630 parks and public gardens, making it the second greenest city in the United States. This was the result of a current ranking, the ParkScore Index, by the non-profit organization The Trust for Public Land. According to this, 98 percent of the population live less than ten minutes’ walk from a park or garden. Perfect for the morning jog. Only Minneapolis, Minnesota, is greener.

Best location for running, riding, biking and picnicking in DC: Rock Creek Park in the northwest, an eight square kilometer forest with lots of white-tailed deer. Yoga is popular in the 200-year-old United States Botanic Garden, a few steps from the Capitol. 5000 orchids bloom here.

View from the tallest obelisk in the world

From up here you can see everything: The tallest obelisk in the world, the marble Washington Monument on a hill in the heart of the city, has been open to visitors again. From the 152-meter-high platform, which can be reached in 70 seconds by elevator, you stand in the center of power between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial: in the middle of the National Mall, the promenade steeped in history, 4.8 kilometers long and 500 meters wide .

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How it all began: the classicist White House, seat of the US President, around 1800

From the side you look into the gardens of the White House, at monuments (for example for Martin Luther King, inaugurated in 2011) and you discover ten of the best museums in the world, close together. Like the three most popular ones: The Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum, where you can actually stay overnight, as in the Ben Stiller films “At Night in the Museum”, and the spectacular National Museum of African American History and Culture, which opened in 2017.

When the visibility is good, you can look far to Maryland and Virginia, see the Pentagon on the horizon, and below the obelisk is reflected in the Reflecting Pool.

Open to visitors again: the Washington Monument on a hill in the heart of the city

Open to visitors again: the Washington Monument on a hill in the heart of the city

Quelle: Getty Images

The quote

“Washington in the summer is an endless stream of tour groups and students strolling the National Mall”

Kristen Soltis Anderson, US writer, born 1984, on tourism. In 2019, 24.6 million overnight guests came to DC, a record, 93 percent of them from within Germany. But the interest of vacationers from overseas plummeted before Corona 2019, by seven percent to 1.8 million. In 2020, the US Department of Commerce expects only ten million guests due to the pandemic.

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World on Sunday from November 1, 2020



Election winner doesn’t matter: misery and hopelessness in Baltimore

The US metropolis of Baltimore is a city of hopelessness in many places: two thirds of the population are dark-skinned and poor – they have no hope that anything will change after the presidential election in early November, regardless of the name of the election winner.


Virginia Governor issues “stay home” order – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has issued a “stay home” order for state residents Monday, joining the Maryland governor, who made a similar announcement this morning.

Residents may leave their residences only for essential reasons, such as going to the supermarket, seeking medical care or a government service, caring for a family member or loved one, volunteering, or if their work warrants it. Likewise, pets may go for a walk and exercise outdoors as long as they comply with the rules of social distance, that is, they stay at least six feet away from each other, with the exception of family members or members of the same living place.

The order will be in effect until June 10 and could be extended. Here you can see the complete document.

Coronavirus cases in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia continue to rise. On Sunday, the highest number of deaths in the region in a single day from complications related to the virus was reported. In Virginia, some 1,020 cases had been confirmed and at least 25 deaths had been recorded as of Monday morning.

Violations of the order could result in a Class I misdemeanor charge and / or a fine.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, dollar and electronics stores, auto shops, liquor stores, gas stations, banks, pet stores, laundry services and more will remain open. Restaurants and other food establishments may continue to offer food to arrive and home delivery, according to the order issued by Northam on March 23.

Other non-essential establishments may continue operating but limiting themselves to serving only 10 clients at a time and abiding by social distancing measures. Meetings of 10 people or more are prohibited. Entertainment venues must remain closed.

Virginia has 18,000 hospital beds, including 2,000 in intensive care units. A former Virginia Commonwealth University student residence has been transformed into a health center. Lonesome Pine Hospital in Southwest Virginia is being used as an emergency and acute care center.

This is a developing story.


Deaths from coronavirus rise to 11 in DC, Maryland and Virginia – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

At least 11
people have died in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia region
for complications related to COVID-19, the authorities announced.

The Virginia Department of Health announced the deaths of three women, in their 80s, in the Peninsula area Sunday night, bringing the total death toll in the state to six. A Fairfax County man in his 60s died after catching the virus after coming into contact with a previously reported case. His cause of death was respiratory failure as a result of illness. Two other individuals, both in their 70s, died last week, in James City and York counties, of complications related to COVID-19.

early Sunday, Mayor Muriel Bowser reported the second death in
the District of Columbia for the coronavirus: a 65-year-old woman with
pre-existing conditions. A 59-year-old man whose death was announced on
Friday was the first death in the capital.

On Saturday, Maryland health officials reported the death of a woman in her 40s, a Montgomery County resident. It is the third death in the state. A man in his 60s and a Prince George’s county resident was the first deceased, Governor Larry Hogan announced Wednesday. Another Baltimore County individual, also in his 60s, died Friday after contracting the virus, the official said.

eleven people who have died in the region from coronavirus had
pre-existing medical conditions, according to authorities.

More than five hundred people in the US capital, Maryland and Virginia, have been diagnosed with COVID-19, which has sickened hundreds of thousands around the world. By Sunday morning, authorities had confirmed at least 623 cases .: 116 cases in D.C .; 288 in Maryland and 219 in Virginia.

Even if
the virus has caused serious illness, particularly among the elderly and
patients with pre-existing health problems, most cases are
mild and apparently some of those infected do not even have symptoms.
These can be similar to those of a common flu or a cold.


more than 31,000 cases of coronavirus in DC, Maryland and Virginia – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

More than thirty-one thousand people in the US capital, Maryland and Virginia, have been diagnosed with coronavirus, and more than a thousand deaths have already been recorded in the region. By Friday morning, authorities had confirmed at least 31,313 cases of covid-19 and at least 1,283 deaths.

In D.C. 3,528 cases have been reported, in Maryland, 16,616, and in Virginia, 11,169. The virus has affected a variety of patients, from an eight-week-old baby to nursing home residents.

Although the virus has caused serious illness, particularly among the elderly and patients with pre-existing health problems, the majority of cases are mild and some of those infected apparently do not even have symptoms. These can cough, fever and shortness of breath. Patients have also reported temporary loss of the sense of smell and taste.

Local, state, and federal authorities are coordinating efforts to minimize the spread of the virus and its impact on communities. Health officials say the best way to prevent getting sick is to wash your hands frequently. Anyone who feels sick should stay home, isolated.

DC: 3,528 confirmed cases

Some 3,528 people had tested positive for coronavirus in the US capital on Monday morning. So far there have been at least 153 deaths. The youngest death has been that of a 31-year-old man.

The ages of those diagnosed range from 8 weeks to 103 years. The majority of those affected are people between the ages of 30 to 41, according to data provided by the District. African-American residents have been disproportionately affected by the disease, accounting for approximately 80% of deaths, despite constituting 46% of the city’s population.

A rector of 50 years of
the historic Christ Church in Georgetown was the first recorded case in the
District. Her case was announced on March 7. Didn’t have a “travel history
international or close contacts with a confirmed case ”, according to
authorities. A 39-year-old organist from that church later also gave
positive for the virus.

Other patients include: a 77-year-old man who attended a Biogen company conference in Boston last month; a 59-year-old subject with a travel history; a 58-year-old woman who participated in a District conference where other positive cases were identified; a 39-year-old man who traveled abroad; a 24-year-old individual; a 59-year-old woman who had contact with a previously identified case, and a 69-year-old woman with no known exposure to the virus.

Virginia: 11,167 confirmed cases

In Virginia, 11,167 positive cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, with most of these in the northern part of the state. At least 1,837 people have been hospitalized after contracting the virus. So far, 407 deaths have been recorded.

People in their 40s, 50s and 60s make up the groups with the most cases.

The most impacted county is Fairfax, with at least 2,584 cases; followed by Prince William with 1,291; Henrico County, with 729; Arlington, with 722; Loudoun, with 529; and the Peninsula area with 320. The city of Virginia Beach has seen 331 cases.

Two of the cases counted in Virginia are residents who were
diagnosed in Texas, authorities reported.

You can find more information on the page of the State Department of Health.

Maryland: 16,616 confirmed cases

More than 16,616 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Maryland, according to the latest data from the Department of Health. At least 723 deaths have already been reported in the state, and an additional 75 are suspected to be possibly linked to complications from the virus. Among the fatalities are a Prince George’s County man in his 60s, a Hispanic woman from Montgomery County in his 40s, a Baltimore County resident in his 60s, and a Prince George’s County individual, also in his 60 years.

As of Friday morning, Prince George’s County was the most affected, with 4,403 diagnoses and at least 147 deaths linked to the virus; followed by Montgomery County with 3,227, and 135 deaths; Baltimore County with 2,234 diagnoses and 65 deaths, and Baltimore City with 1,728 diagnoses and 65 deaths; and Anne Arundel County with 1,373 cases and 56 deaths.

The vast majority of cases were among people ages 21 to 59, according to the Department of Health.

Coronavirus Cases in Maryland, by Zip Code

The data for zip codes with 7 or fewer cases has been hidden.

Closings, cancellations and forties

You can see which events and places in the region have been affected by this coronavirus outbreak at this link.


Donald Trump’s attacks on Baltimore: CNN presenter reacts with tears

foreign countries Victor Blackwell

CNN presenter from Baltimore responds with tears to Trump’s attacks

| Reading time: 4 minutes

“A disgusting mess infested with rats and rodents”

US President Donald Trump verbally attacked Afro-American MP Elijah Cummings and his constituency in Baltimore in July. Trump had drawn new allegations of racism.

US President Trump takes down the city of Baltimore to discredit Congressman Elijah Cummings. CNN presenter Victor Blackwell defends his hometown – and shows Trump a pattern in his remarks.

EUS President Donald Trump called the city of Baltimore, Maryland in “disgusting, rats and rodents infested shithole” on Saturday – to discredit the MP Elijah Cummings, who represents Maryland’s seventh congressional district. But the sharp remarks of the US president are now causing far more than a dispute among politicians. In particular, the emotional address of a CNN presenter sparked a debate about racism.

In his address, Victor Blackwell first draws attention to the fact that Trump has often used the word “infested” in connection with discrediting remarks about dark-skinned MPs. “Do you see a pattern?” He asks the audience rhetorically. A little later, he tears when he talks about Trump’s attack on Cummings. “The president says about Congressman Cummings’ district …” he begins and has to pause, his eyes filling with tears, “that no human being would want to live there.”

His voice breaks as he continues: “Do you know who lived there, Mr. President? I. From the day I was brought home from the hospital to the day I moved out to go to college. ”Yes, there are challenges in Baltimore. But people are proud of their community. “They go to work, take care of their families, love their children, they swear by the flag.” He concludes with the words: “They are American too.”

Here you will find content from YouTube

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The excerpt, only two and a half minutes long, is now fueling the racism debate over Trump’s statements. Blackwell’s words did not appease the US president, on the contrary. He put it up again. In an attempt to fend off criticism, Trump, for his part, described influential Congressman Cummings as a racist on Twitter. He accused the Democrats of “playing the racism card”.

Here you will find content from Twitter

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Cummings had responded to Trump’s tirade on Saturday: “Mr. President, I go home to my district every day. Every morning I wake up and go out fighting for my neighbors. It is my constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch. But it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents. ”Cummings’ district is 55 percent black. The city of Baltimore has to contend with violent and drug-related crime and there are many homeless people.

Downtown Baltimore – many people struggle with addiction problems here


He got a lot of support from the Democrats. As chairman of the House Reform and Oversight Committee, Cummings is considered an influential MP. In this role, he has led numerous investigations into Trump’s government affairs.

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Elijah Cummings

Baltimore tweets uproar

Trump insisted that his criticism was not racist and drew attention back to Cummings: “If racist Elijah Cummings were to focus his energies more on helping the good people of his district, perhaps progress could be made on the chaos, his He has contributed to many years of incompetent leadership. ”He did not provide detailed evidence for his allegations.

A White House official said Sunday Trump was frustrated by the Democrats’ relentless investigation and talks over an impeachment trial. He has taken out his anger on Cummings and his constituency because he believes his critics in Washington deny serious problems in their eagerness to undermine his presidency. Trump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney sought damage control in two nationally broadcast television interviews, saying Trump was not a racist. However, he himself understands why some people might see Trump’s words as racist.

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Congressmen (from left) Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commenting on Trump's racist attacks against them

Just two weeks ago, Trump had suggested to four left-wing MPs on Twitter that they should return to their “broken and crime-ridden” supposed countries of origin. You should put order there first instead of giving advice to the US government.

Meant were Ilhan Omar from Minnesota from Somalia, New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with roots in the US suburb of Puerto Rico, Afro-American Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib, who was born in Detroit as the daughter of Palestinian immigrants. All of them are US citizens and, with the exception of Omar, were born in America. The House of Representatives, which is dominated by the Democrats, condemned Trump’s tirades as racist only a few days later in a resolution.


Donald Trumps Tweets: Was ist los in Baltimore?

SOn the streets of Francisco’s streets, the US president calls it “disgusting”, Atlanta is “infested with crime”, and Oakland and Ferguson are the most dangerous places in the world. Donald Trump has also verbally attacked New York and Los Angeles in the past. The east coast city of Baltimore has been the target of his eloquent attacks since last weekend.

Trump’s tweets are aimed at Baltimore’s Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings, who criticized the situation in the migrant camps on the border with Mexico. Cummings’ constituency in the greater Baltimore area, on the other hand, is a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested chaos,” wrote Trump on Saturday. “Nobody would want to live here.”

Trump’s tirades against various American cities have one thing in common: He mostly attacks metropolises in which the Democratic Party has particularly high approval ratings, which are considered liberal or in which the Afro-American or Hispanic population is high. The president is thus fueling the fears and prejudices of his supporters along demographic, ethnic and cultural lines. What can be heard these days should only be a foretaste of what to expect in the 2020 election campaign.

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Fifty-five percent of the residents of Cummings’ constituency in Baltimore are African-Americans, and the city has an African-American population of 63 percent. In addition, a democratic mayor has ruled here for decades. Bernard Young, who took office in April, called Trump’s remarks “painful and dangerous” and “unacceptable”.

In fact, Baltimore has had major crime problems for many years. Compared to many other major American cities, the murder rate is extremely high. In the current year, according to the “Baltimore Sun”, 191 people were murdered in the city of 615,000 inhabitants. In 2018 the city counts 309 murders. With 342 murders, the 2017 homicide rate was 56 homicides per 100,000 population – the highest per capita homicide rate in the United States. Across America the homicide rate was 5.3 in the same year.

Remembering those killed: People at a gas station in Baltimore remember murder victims

Remembering those killed: People at a gas station in Baltimore remember murder victims


In 1993 the number of killings in Baltimore peaked at 353. In 2011 the murder rate fell to 31 victims per 100,000 residents. The city managed to reduce crime rates with a zero tolerance policy, but the number of incarcerations skyrocketed, which in turn had other negative consequences.

Statistics published by the “Baltimore Sun” give an insight into the terrible dimension of violence: Young African American men in particular are victims of the blood crimes, and the number of crimes is particularly high in certain parts of the city. The majority of the victims were killed by the use of firearms.

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How racist is Donald Trump?  Scene at the ice rink in New York's Central Park in 2011

The reasons for the high rates of violence are diverse: ghetto formation, poverty, inequality and a lack of opportunities for parts of society are named as causes. In addition, Baltimore has been particularly hard hit by the opioid crisis. The number of people who died of an overdose in the city has risen dramatically since 2011: from 22.7 cases per 100,000 people to 85.2 cases per 100,000 in 2018. The African American community is particularly affected. In addition, around a quarter of the people live below the poverty line.

The median income per household reveals the different realities of life between the white and Afro-American residents of the city: in 2015 it was almost twice as high for white households. 2013 figures also show that unemployment among young men is particularly high in the African American population. In addition, politicians have little to counter the problems. The fact that the city has one of the best clinics in the USA with the Johns Hopkins Hospital has almost disappeared in view of this.

In 2015, the whole country looked to Baltimore: The 25-year-old African American Freddie Gray died four years ago in police custody as a result of his arrest. Thousands protested against police violence. Following the incident, a Justice Department investigation showed that Baltimore police had treated and discriminated black people for years.

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Protesters in Baltimore on Tuesday evening

Trump seems to be aiming at one thing above all with his attacks: He serves the resentment of his supporters. Baltimore, a city with a large African American community, is the perfect destination for him, as he can ascribe the responsibility for the grievances to his political opponents like the Democrat Cummings. Especially since Cummings is black, as are the mayor of Baltimores and the city’s chief of police.

Cummings’ response to Trump’s attacks on Twitter: “I wake up every morning and fight for my neighbors.” He urged the president to work with him to change the financial troubles of families in Baltimore and across the country. There is something else about Cummings that is likely to displease the President: He is chairman of the House Reform and Oversight Committee and is considered an influential MP.

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In this 1919 photo provided by the Chicago History Museum, a victim is stoned and bludgeoned under a corner of a house during the race riots in Chicago. Hundreds of African Americans died at the hands of white mobs during “Red Summer,” as the summer of 1919 came to be known, but little is known nationally about this summer of violence 100 years later. (Chicago History Museum/The Jun Fujita negatives collection via AP)

Racism in the USA 1919

In his role, he has led numerous investigations into Trump’s government affairs. The congressman had previously publicly condemned Trump’s attacks on four Democratic congressmen with a migrant background as racist. The president had urged MPs, all of whom are US citizens, to return “to where they came from.” There they should help to put these “totally broken and crime-ridden places” back in order.

As sharp as Trump’s attack, the response of the local newspaper “Baltimore Sun” sounded on Monday: “It is better to have a couple of rats than to be one” was the headline of their editorial.