Reunions Ros Buch, Nadia Colhado (and Nria Martnez) return to Fontajau

The visit of Gernika was marked in the calendar of many fans of the Uni because with the Basque team now plays the Brazilian Nadia Colhado and the one that was until last January captain of the team of Fontajau, Rosó Buch. On the court, neither of them had an easy match. But instead, they did receive the esteem of the stands with applause. Among the audience was also another key name of the last years of the Uni, Núria Martínez, who retired this summer and yesterday returned to the pavilion wearing a good pregnant belly.


Daniel Martinez wins in the 13th stage

The chain of Puys, with the Puy Mary as the climax, smiled on Colombians and Slovenes on Friday September 11: the Slovenian yellow jersey Primoz Roglic and his compatriot Tadej Pogacar dominated their rivals at the end of the 13e act of this Grand Boucle, won by Colombian Daniel Martinez (Education First).

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In the general classification, the Slovenes occupy the first two places – with a 44 second advantage for Roglic over Pogacar – and are ahead of no less than four Colombians, Egan Bernal, Rigoberto Uran, Nairo Quintana and Miguel Angel Lopez. In difficulty in the final ascent (with passages at 15%), Egan Bernal, the defending champion, gave up more than thirty seconds to the Slovenian duo on the steep slopes rising towards the Auvergne volcano. He is now in third place, 59 seconds from the yellow jersey.

For the stage victory, Daniel Martinez (24) beat in the final two German riders of the Bora team, in order Lennard Kämna and Maximilian Schachmann. In one of the emblematic sites of Auvergne, the French for their part had a day without.

More French people in the Top 10

Up front all day, Julian Alaphilippe could not fight to the end for the victory. And in the group of favorites, Romain Bardet (4e overall at the start of the stage), handicapped by a fall, and Guillaume Martin let go in the penultimate climb.

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On the line, the disbursement of Martin, who occupied the 3e up from Châtel-Guyon, amounted to 2 min 46 on Roglic. Bardet lost barely less (2 min 30) at Pas de Peyrol, the name of the Puy Mary road pass. The two French runners are at the same time relegated to the 11e and 12e places in the general classification, three minutes from Roglic.

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Saturday September 12, the 14e stage will link Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon on a route of 194 kilometers which includes a second category pass before the halfway point. Two small ribs dot the final before the finish judged on the banks of the Rhône.



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The sale of Federico Martínez is very attentive to Unión

In principle, the charrúa cast accepted the terms to transfer lhalf of the attacker’s token in exchange for $ 1,350,000 to be paid in various installments. But for it to become effective, Red must advance $ 300,000 this Thursday. In case of contract, it will fall. It would be like the payment of the first installment.


Independiente would buy 50% of Federico Martínez, where the 30% owned by Rosario Central would be. This interests Union.

Actually, The cast of Avellaneda acquires the 30% owned by Rosario Central, plus 20%, thus leaving the rest to Liverpool. An important situation for Tate regarding the debt owed by the Scoundrel, which owes about $ 800,000. In case a part of this money enters, it would surely be used to advance something else.

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It is worth remembering that the Rosario leadership I had submitted a payment plan for what is missing from the steps of Diego Zabala, Damián Martínez and Emanuel Britez (separated and with concrete chances of leaving), but the dollar’s latest break threw that idea back for not having resources.


Union is  Attentive to the negotiation, since Rosario Central still has a significant debt.

Union is attentive to the negotiation, since Rosario Central still has a significant debt.

The economic situation of Rosario Central is extremely complicated. This added to the fact that if Damián Martínez plays two more games, he will have to pay the other 50% of the pass to Union, gathering another debt that is already impossible to pay. That is why he seeks to give it up or, failing that, if Rojiblanco does not want to remove the clause, he would hang it.

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For now, Central needs money like water and this could be oxygen, but at the same time, it must comply with the Union, which is closely following the movements of this negotiation by Federico Martínez and Independiente.


Carole Martinez, the hundred conquests of a storyteller

In the hall of the Gallimard Editions are the portraits of all the authors of the literary season. In the middle of these photos with identical framing and dark background, that of Carole Martinez catches the eye: in the green setting of a garden, sitting with her feet on a table, eyes closed, she tends her face towards the rays from the sun. The promise of a nice side step. She arrives happy with the fresh news announcing her book in the first selection of the Goncourt Prize. “Just before coming, I stopped at 36 boulevard du Montparnasse, where my grandmother, a pied-noir of Spanish origin, was a janitor, to say thank you – even though she was long dead. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. “

This grandmother brought into her dressing room, and into her granddaughter’s mind, the marvelousness of a world where you should never look in the mirror at midnight on pain of crossing the devil there; this “Extraordinary storyteller” instills in the child a taste for stories. Yet it was only at 40 that Carole Martinez published her first book, The Sewn Heart. It first goes unnoticed, before word of mouth propels it into the bestseller lists with 300,000 copies sold. He will be crowned by the Renaudot des lycéens.

“Very good at missing everything”

What happened between the lodge and this success? Carole Martinez explains with calm conviction that she was “Very good at missing everything” : “I failed to enter all the theater schools I tried and at Idhec, the ancestor of Femis, to write scripts. I wanted to be in a school to become legitimate. Later, during the Capes oral, I couldn’t speak. “ It is to pass a little quickly over two years of a life as a troupe actress, a fascinating experience as a semiologist (which she ended when her mission fell. “Disgusting” to study the worlds of children’s rooms to better sell them cereals), an activity as a corporate journalist, the publication of a thriller for young people, written in three weeks to console himself for his silence in Capes, and success the following year in the said competition.

Having become a teacher, she no longer writes: “The students are occupants and so are the characters. Impossible to have them all in mind. And then I didn’t feel authorized. “ The authorization will come from Laurent, her husband, who has confidence in her: Carole Martinez takes a year to sleep on paper The Sewn Heart, which she has been telling for years to those close to her or less close, her “Ears”. “In the maid’s room where I went up to write, it was difficult at first to set up the sets, but then it was enough to push the door to enter this second world. “

Flamboyant woman

This flamboyant woman had to fight her taboos to discover her rights as a demiurge, such as that of going back over written chapters in order to transform a character as she pleases. His second novel, From the Field of Whispers, won the Goncourt for high school students in 2011. Will follow The Earth that leans (2015) and, in this return, The wild roses. All draw constants, like borrowing from tales. “I love these modest, timeless and universal stories that accompany us all our lives. “ At the center of his stories are always women “Because my grandmother and my mother are essential characters and, as a child, I lacked heroines in novels. As a sculptor may like to represent the muscles of men, I prefer the bodies of women. “

Recurrence also that the figure of the imprisoned woman, with for paroxysm the recluse of the Domain of Whispers. “It is always a question of freeing oneself, of finding a way or a voice to manage to flee. Personally, I spend my time trying to get out of it, putting my energy into trying to escape. Writing allows it. I am nourished by childish terrors and everything that helps get through a night: rituals, beliefs, magical thoughts and childish prayers. “

A future novel about sleep

All different, his books respond to each other, like the sewn hearts of his latest novel which echo the title of his first. “I like to pull the threads, that everything is woven, weft. Text and textile have the same etymology. I seek identity in the sense of being identical to oneself, which remains intact between childhood and old age. This link of self to self, I also seek it through writing, it is what makes me stay whole. “

Eye to eye, Carole Martinez, who continues to tell her books before writing them, gives us the generous gift of the neighbor. A novel about sleep which, for sure, will keep its readers awake until the end of the night.


For Martínez, Central raises the blind again

between so many twists and turns there were in Central During the pandemic in the reinforcements issue and more specifically in what it does to the forwards, the issue of 9 remains more alive than ever. Because of lowering the blind and not looking for more names, he went back to looking at players in that position. Of course, everything is subject to what happens to the future of Federico Martínez. Is that the possibilities that were reconsidered depend purely and exclusively on the possible departure of the Uruguayan. What’s more, the name of Darío Cvitanich as an alternative, even knowing how difficult it is. Is it a viable option? “The survey existed,” said one of the sources consulted. “It is complex, but we do not rule it out,” replied another. Of course everything will depend on whether Martínez continue or emigrate towards Independiente.

What is clearer these days is that, as already reported from these pages, in Central they are willing to negotiate for Federico Martínez. From there, a thousand conjectures can be opened, in the midst of some other certainties, such as that the door will be opened to the Uruguayan after having a possible reinforcement at hand, which could be Cvitanich, for which all the planets have to align.

Pit Cvitanich They don’t see it as the most drinkable alternative, but no one at Central dared to rule it out completely. Similarly, the context is not favorable for scoundrels. The attacker renegotiated his contract with Racing which culminates at the end of December (perhaps that is why someone thought it could be a drinkable name, but as of January) a short time ago, in which he agreed to lower his salary, just for the fact of continuing in the Avellaneda club to play the Copa Libertadores, even though it is clear that it will not be a priority for Rosario coach Sebastián Beccacece.


From Central they contacted Darío Cvitanich.

“The fact that Racing is playing Copa Libertadores is something that plays against Central, but the leadership is handling the name of Cvitanich”, An authorized voice, very close to the leadership of Arroyito. On the side of the Academia de Avellaneda they were also very cautious when they admitted that “it is very difficult that after renegotiating his contract so recently he decides to leave now.”

   Sea Cvitanich or any other, the player in question must have certain scrolls and, yes, adapt to the economic terms that Central would propose in a hypothetical negotiation, which undoubtedly should be under the format of a loan.

The truth is that the search for a center forward returned to settle in Central, after practically giving up on hiring a player in that position and after the frustrated negotiations by Leandro Díaz first (the tip that most convinced the Kily González and that he signed for Estudiantes) and Juan Manuel García later.

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For some in Central, the situation with Federico Martínez and a possible replacement is similar to the one that occurred at some point with Fernando Zampedri and his possible sale also to Independiente. On that occasion the Bull did not leave because the leadership did not have time to look for a replacement for him. Now, although the room for maneuver is greater, the intention is to have a name at hand in case he leaves. Martínez.

But for the latter, Independiente has to make a specific offer to both Liverpool and Central, which is the club to which the player’s federative rights belong, which had not happened until Tuesday.

The departure of Marsínez would imply Central not paying the 750 thousand dollars agreed with Liverpool for the purchase of 30 percent of the Uruguayan’s pass, plus the player’s salary, although the arrival of someone on offense would also imply a cost, possibly lower, but cost finally.

The concrete thing is that the search for a 9, something that already seemed like an off-the-radar issue, was installed again.

Martinez statements that did not go down well

In the midst of the particular situation that you live with Federico Martínez, from Central they made the footballer notice the discontent generated by his statements to a partisan program of Independiente. That is why they spoke with the Uruguayan, to whom they raised this discomfort.

Martínez He spoke to a radio station last Sunday, where he said that the negotiation was not only on track (“much progress was made, I still don’t know if my rescission was closed”, were some of the words of the Uruguayan soccer player), but that he would gladly accept the challenge of play for the Avellaneda club. From Central they took note of the impact caused by those statements and hence the talk they had.

The Uruguayan always had a very low profile since he arrived at Central, from where they considered that these statements were inopportune.


Neuquén: Martínez, Gutiérrez and Affronti analyzed the development of Vaca Muerta and the energy sector

“In the next two weeks we are going to incorporate two drilling rigs and a fracture set in Vaca Muerta, with the interest of showing our commitment to gradually resume activity, always considering the Covid-19 situation and being careful with the health of Workers”Affronti said. In that line, he indicated that “We are going to reach 45 active tower equipment in the Neuquén basin, both conventional and unconventional by the end of March.”

For his part, Governor Gutiérrez said: “I am convinced that energy, like food and education, is the basis for building from public policies, future and future.” And he added that “these are decision times and the most important thing is that there is a team. We are dialoguing, exchanging with the entire industry to value the articulation of public and private investment that contributes to economic development and social development ”.

Meanwhile, according to the secretary, “this is the first of several meetings that we are going to hold with YPF” and also stressed that “we are making the mandate of President Alberto Fernández a reality, which is to federalize and that part of the policy decisions energy are taken from the region involved “.

In that sense, the secretary celebrated the presence of the CEO of YPF, along with his entire team, because “It is a sample of the federal criteria that we want to promote in the Secretariat.” “Because this federal working mechanism is the new axis when it comes to thinking and making decisions for the energy sector”, added.

Furthermore, Affronti shared the need to be present in the province: “I fully agree with Darío that as a company YPF has to be present in the place where our oil and gas are produced, that is why one of the first decisions we made was the of split the Upstream vice presidency and locate a vice president in Neuquén with the focus on Vaca Muerta. “

On the other hand, the CEO of YPF highlighted “The capacity for dialogue of Guillermo Pereyra and the union leadership team to reach agreements. Our industry is in a critical situation in the country and in the world, with which we have to look for alternative solutions.”

Among the aspects analyzed, it was stated that the development objectives of the company should aim to produce energy in quantity and quality that require both families and the development of the economy and industry, and strengthen the development of all producing provinces.


Daniel Martínez wins the Dauphiné that crushes the Tour hopefuls

No one, not even him, expected him to be a cyclist. But there was the bicycle with which his family delivered the orders from the candy store. Daniel Felipe Martínez thus learned to pedal, like the old runners of the Spanish postwar period. With 15 years he began to compete. Quick. At 18 he ran the Volta a Catalunya. With 20 the Giro finished. And with 24 he has just won this edition of the Dauphiné that has tortured all the favorites for the already close Tour. He left, tired, Bernal. Roglic fell. Landa’s back pains stopped after going out in a whirlwind in the final stage. Quintana drowned, like Porte. And Pinot, the one who resisted the most, gave up the victory on this last day of madness, with seven passes and Kuus triumph at the finish line of the Megeve airfield. In that exciting carousel, a Colombian emerged who was not expected by the forecasts, Daniel Martínez, champion of his country against the clock and also a climber. “In the last two kilometers I have pedaled with my soul”, he said when taking this round that has crushed all the bodies. Two weeks before the start of the Tour, no one can believe the favorite anymore.

More than from stage to stage, the Dauphiné has gone from shock to shock. After months of inactivity due to the pandemic, the applicants to the Tour were in five mountain days. Without respite. They choked. First Bernal, the last winner of the Grande Boucle, got off the race. It was said that for back pain. It seems that it was more due to fatigue and not suffering a defeat against Roglic. The Slovenian lasted one more day. He fell on Saturday and, although he saved the lead, he did not start in the last stage, where surprises continued with three of the favorites: Landa, brave, who attacked as soon as the day began, his back betrayed; Quintana was not seen (he retired due to pain in one knee), and Pinot cracked at the Domancy coat when he had the race in hand. There, Pogacar, ‘Supermán’ López, Daniel Martínez and Kuus jumped.

The final stage had nothing to do with the first. Neither Bernal, nor Roglic, nor Landa, nor Quintana were there. In the Ineos de Bernal and Froome the trump card was young Sivakov. And in Roglic’s Jumbo, the leaders were Kuus and the recovered Dumoulin, the Tour candidate who comes out stronger from Dauphiné. While the Gallic race got into the circuit where Bernard Hinault crushed the Sallaches World Cup in 1980, everything was blown up. Then the beast Pogacar appeared on Domancy’s coat. Only López, Martínez and Kuus followed. They caught the two escapees, Alaphilippe and Sivakov, and played this unpredictable race against each other.

France, with Pinot

Martínez was the virtual leader for about twenty seconds over Pinot, who did not resign himself to the bottom of the road. Another that pulled soul. The ‘Marseillaise’, the French anthem, sounded. Martin, Bardet, Alaphilippe and Barguil lent a hand to their compatriot Pinot. But not like that. Ahead, Kuus, ever higher, awarded the Jumbo with another stage victory at the Megeve aerial summit. A few seconds away, Martínez, in the company of Pogacar, sealed the victory in the general classification of the Dauphiné. His first great leap in body and soul. From now on everyone will look at you, wait for you. He has won the race that has brought down all the Tour contenders. Pinot, 29 seconds, and Guillaume Martin, 41, escorted him to the podium.

Dumoulin, who started as Roglic’s gregarious, finished seventh after more than 400 days without competing due to that bad crash in the 2019 Giro. His name is already rumbling on the way to Paris. Like Bernal, Roglic, Pinot, Quintana … And Landa. The physical problems of this final stage do not cover the level shown during the first four days and the attitude at the beginning of the last. He was with Pinot on the opening offense. He went out to win the Dauphiné, which is already owned by Daniel Martínez. In less than two weeks, everyone is seen on the Tour.


Manuel Martínez ‘Chopera’: “We think it’s fantastic that Illunbe is a multipurpose venue”


Manuel Martínez Azcárate 'Chopera', in Illunbe.  / MICHELENA
Manuel Martínez Azcárate ‘Chopera’, in Illunbe. / MICHELENA

“In these circumstances, it is not responsible to organize any event that could lead to agglomeration”

The bullfighting businessman Manuel Martínez Azcárate ‘Chopera’ applauds the conversion of the Illunbe bullring into a multipurpose venue, an initiative that even qualifies as “fantastic”, while reviewing the circumstances that have led to the suspension of the Week Fair Grande, a decision that was adopted on May 29 in a


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FC Bayern: Now Boateng – a lot will change at the club

Bundesliga Personnel cuts

Now also Boateng – a lot will change at Bayern

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Thiago and Alaba? “Will not give a summer sale”

At Bayern Munich these days there is uncertainty about the future of David Alaba and Thiago. Both have a contract until 2021. And both, emphasized Rummenigge, will also be available to Munich for the rest of the season in the Champions League. But then Thiago will probably go – and Alaba could follow him.

FC Bayern feeds the impression that the face of the team could change significantly again. This is how Boateng’s farewell comes into play. With two other stars the way could lead to England.

KIf you honor everything that has been said or rumored at FC Bayern in the past few days, it gives the impression that a lot will soon have to be dealt with in the club’s HR department. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, for example, was listening when he revealed his thoughts about two deserving veterans of the club.

The time of triples winners Jérôme Boateng and Javi Martínez is over at Bayern. That was his message. In the middle of the battle for David Alaba and Thiago, the Munich bosses did not send any signals that the contracts of the two defensive stars from the Ü30 group could also be extended. “You will have to wait and see whether the two want to stay with FC Bayern until the end of their term or whether they may or may want to do something else beforehand,” said Rummenigge.

Farewell? Javi Martínez (left) is estimated at to have a market value of 13 million euros. At Jérôme Boateng it is twelve million

Credit: dpa / Peter Kneffel

“Both of them already have the three of them at the front in old age, so you start to worry. Do you want to stay at Bayern for a year or do you possibly want to end your career somewhere else if you can, ”Rummenigge conjectured. First of all, the two 31-year-olds are focused on the Champions League – and on the start of team training from Sunday.

Boateng can imagine both – stay or change

As with Thiago, David Alaba, who plays poker, and goalkeepers Sven Ulreich and Ron-Thorben Hoffmann, Boateng and Martínez’s working papers are dated June 30, 2021. With suitable offers, the record champion would say goodbye to Boateng and Martínez this summer after the games in the premier class, i.e. two of the five remaining 2013 triple winners in the squad.

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Leroy Sané in the Bayern jersey

Leroy Sané at FC Bayern

The two long-standing top performers look back on the national competitions with different feelings. Boateng was happy about his return as a prop under the direction of Hansi Flick. “You are always part of the team, but it just feels more complete when you can actively participate on the pitch. I had a lot of fun playing football again, ”summed up the 2014 world champion.

The Spaniard Martínez, once the most expensive transfer with the 40 million euros transferred to Athletic Bilbao, made the season less enjoyable as an often injured complement. “When Javi is fit, you can always rely on him 1000 percent,” said Flick during the difficult Corona season. “He has a few aches and pains, but he is fully involved, committed, and it is important for me that we can bring his quality into play.” But the professional was able to do that with the physically demanding playing style because of too many ” Aches and pains ”has become increasingly rare in recent years.

Boateng already emphasized that he could imagine both an extension and a move abroad. The proud salary he receives in Munich should be difficult to achieve for Boateng in financially challenging times for football. Martínez has always been associated with a return to Spain, but speculation has also been made about the United States.

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“We see who is leaving us and how we will react,” said sports director Hasan Salihamidzic. “At the moment our team is very well positioned. But the game calendar calls for a good squad, so we’ll try to keep our eyes open until October 5th. ”Boateng and Martínez have had that long as well.

According to the Munich calendar, this will soon expire at Thiago, the Bavarians have more or less said goodbye to the midfielder who is ready to emigrate, only his goal does not seem to have been decided yet. Maybe Jürgen Klopp has brought some light into the dark. The Liverpool coach has described the 29-year-old Spaniard as a great player, but at the same time referred to the Iberian international’s contract with Bayern Munich.

According to media reports, Thiago should always be on the wish list of the new English master. “I have no idea who will be playing for me next year,” said Klopp to TV broadcaster Sky, “we’ll see, there is nothing to say at the moment. Thiago Alcántara is a great player, but a Bayern Munich player. There is nothing to say about this – I have now done so with too many words. “

Thiago before leaving: The director in profile

Thiago Alcántara apparently does not want to renew his contract with Bayern Munich. Most recently, the Spaniard was increasingly associated with Liverpool FC.

Meanwhile, it was also publicized that Manchester United is tinkering with a commitment from Kingsley Coman, according to the magazine “The Athletic”. According to the report, the Premier League club has already had talks with the French winger. The 24-year-old Coman still has a contract with Bayern until 2023. So far, the English attacker Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund has been the target of the United transfer efforts. There is speculation in the industry that Coman Manchester’s Plan B will be reached if no agreement can be reached with BVB on a transfer from Sancho.

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FC Bayern Campus - Jochen Sauer

Here you will find our live ticker with all relevant updates on the Corona crisis.

Leroy Sane targets Champions League title

After moving from Manchester City to FC Bayern, Leroy Sané sees himself in a good position to win the Champions League.


Goran’s Sports Betting – This game will be a very tight panties!

Hello gamers!
At the weekend, after a long time, I let myself be tempted to gamble again and played various combination bets. This is logically associated with a lot more risk and so it happened that I ended up making exactly € 100 minus. On the one hand, I was lucky that the largest station wagon (Naples, United, No goal Norwich) went through, but on the other hand, it could have been really clumsy because I had a lot of bad luck with several station wagons. In three out of four station wagons, only one goal was missing to clear away properly. In the first combination, a goal was missing in the game Sion vs Thun (final score 1-1), in the second one a goal was missing in the game Chelsea vs Wolverhampton (final score 2-0, was particularly annoying as it was already 2-0 at half time ) and in the third station wagon the top favorite Basel did not go beyond a 4: 4 against Lugano and thus there was no booth to get my favorite station wagon (Juve + Basel, € 100, – stake). My bankroll is currently € 1550, – and therefore everything is still in the green.


UPDATE: Napoli is already qualified for the Euro League by winning Coppa Italia. Since Napoli still has a strong team, the 2.50 odds for Draw no Bet is still very stable.

Tip 114
Inter Milan – SSC Naples: (28.07.2020, 9.45 p.m.)
On matchday 37, Serie A has a top game between Inter and Naples. Since there is nothing more for Inter (Juve is master) and they are already qualified for the premier class, I see the chances in this duel about 50/50. I am usually extremely careful this season when it comes to betting against Inter, as they have built up a really blatant team with players like Eriksen, Lukaku, Martinez or Alexis Sanchez.

However, I can’t quite understand the bookmakers’ odds here because the SSC Napoli are still fighting for international places (1 point behind Milan, 6th place) and Napoli of course also has a really strong team. With players like Koulibaly, Insigne, Ruiz, Callejon or Mertens, they have an enormous individual class and, moreover, these guys have been playing together for years. Napoli is definitely a chunk and you can definitely win against any Serie A team. In the semifinals of Coppa Italia, Naples already eliminated the “Nerazzurri” in the return game (1: 1/1: 0) and once again put their class to the test. Since there are only two match days left in Serie A and the worst competitor from Milan only has to deal with Sampdoria Genoa and Cagliari, Napoli must not allow himself any more slips and will therefore play fully against Inter against Inter.

As I said, Inter is now extremely strong again, but I find the game relatively balanced due to the constellation (Napoli must win / Inter is through) and therefore see much more value in the Naples odds offered. The win rate on Naples stands at a really strong 3.40 and in my eyes definitely has more potential. Since I, especially since it is a very tight panties, but like to secure myself a little, I of course decided again for the draw no bet odds (for draws, money back), which also stands at a very stable 2.50 . Therefore: In this game anything can really happen and I’m only going for value here.

My advice: NEAPEL DnB / Quote: 2,50 bei
Bet: € 50, – / Max. Payout: € 125, –

Bankroll Start: €1000,-
Bankroll current: € 1500, – (€ 50, – open / tip 114)

Greetings Goran