Le Pen leads the intention to vote the presidential elections in France

The far-right Marine Le Pen would achieve between 24 and 27% of the votes if the French presidential elections were held now, while current president Emmanuel Macron would stay at 23-26%, according to an Ifop poll published by ‘Le Journal du Dimanche’. Elections are scheduled for 2022.

The other candidates they would be far behind, but Xavier Bertrand, president of the Altos de Francia region for the conservative Republican party, stands out, achieving between 15.5 and 19% of the vote. Bertrand would do better than François Baroin (14%), Valérie Pécresse (11%), Rachida Dati (8%) and Bruno Retailleau (8%).

Political boom

Behind would be Jean-Luc Mélenchon, candidate of La Francia Insoumisa, with between 10 and 15% of vote intention, while the ecologist Yannick Jadot would remain between 6 and 8% of support Faced with the political boom of its formation, Europa Ecología-Los Verdes. If Jadot were the only candidate on the left, he would only have 13% support.

For the Socialist Party, the mayoress of Paris, the Cadiz Anne Hidalgo, would reach 9%, while Ségolène Royal would stay at 5%.


Torn France: The stressed country

Five years after the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the November terror: France is in a deep identity crisis.

Illustration: Katja Gendikova

It is a serious and heated discussion in France: How do you dress for school? Belly-free is not possible, say stick conservatives. This clothing debate now appears even more bizarre than usual against the devastating background of a second corona wave with high case numbers and strict regional restrictions, which are protested by those responsible there because they are not allowed to participate in decision-making. The new bans severely weaken the “France Relance” plan recently announced by President Macron and the government under the new Prime Minister Castex to revive the corona-plagued economy. But they are not yet comparable to the repressive nationwide lockdown in spring. The state currently wants to avoid it at all costs and therefore appeals to the citizens: internal reason, please (and properly dressed) not to overdo it with the beloved savoir vivre.

The unfortunate clothes debate, it appears like a lost piece of a French society puzzle. It is a jigsaw puzzle in which a nation that has been stressed on various levels has come to a standstill. So how torn can jeans be in the classroom? Education Minister Blanquer from the ruling LREM party is seriously calling for a “tenue républicaine”, whatever it may be – perhaps a floor-length tricolor for Elev: inside in the national colors, one would not seriously throw in. Under the hashtag # lundi14septembre, students recently campaigned vehemently not to allow short skirts and co. To be banned anywhere.

Instead of calling out solidarity and laissez-faire in unison in a community that claims freedom on paper, there are contradicting signals from society and politics. Here people, mostly men, who cling to traditional conventions, ultimately work on a figure of thought that never existed in reality, even before 1968: good old France, France, in which women and girls, depending on each other They knew how to behave in a flirtatious to “decent” situation, men were still “real”, seductive men, and the many immigrants, mostly from the former French colonies, were obediently ghettoized.

Of course, France has not only been harboring social explosives since the appearance of the yellow vests at the end of 2018. That phenomenon, like the uprisings in ailing French suburbs as early as 2005, shows, however, as if in a burning glass, resource and distribution struggles. And: excessive violence by protesters and the often racist state power. This complicated social situation has nothing to do with the republican pathos that President Emmanuel Macron avidly serves in everyday life. It is characterized by frustration and feelings of inferiority on the one hand and elitism on the other.

New breaks in society

The former editor-in-chief of the German edition of Charlie Hebdo, Romy Strassenburg, recently said succinctly in a taz interview (when the trial of the Islamist-motivated attack on the satirical newspaper began) that the French dose horribilis In 2015, with its big questions about identity, religion and terror, it was replaced to some extent by new questions that revealed new breaks within society. The public focus is now less on the detached, radicalized young Muslims, but more on a frustrated white lower class in peripheral urban areas who do not shy away from violence. France, according to Strassenburg, “is probably even further away from social unity or pacification than in 2015”. Now on Friday two journalists were caught in a knife attack near the former office of Charlie Hebdo injured. Identify anti-terrorist units; it remains uneasy – also on the subject of Islamism.

After the Islamist attack in front of the former seat of the satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris, the main suspect confessed to the crime. The man arrested after the attack was taking “responsibility for his act,” it said on Saturday, September 26th. from investigative circles. As a motive he named the republication of controversial Mohammed caricatures by “Charlie Hebdo”, which he “could not stand”. (afp)

In early September Macron gave a speech at the Panthéon in Paris, where many French celebrities are buried. The tenor of the speech: The values ​​of the French Republic such as freedom, equality, fraternity and secularism are “indivisible”. And in a discourse in mid-June after the second major Parisian anti-racism demo, Macron actually said: “This fight is unacceptable if it is captured by separatists.” You have to act against racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination, but please don’t . How then? The country clearly has problems with the acceptance of its state organs – and people who think critically about it are pilloried.

France is drifting apart at critical points. And the monetary gap between the poor and the rich is growing steadily. Social housing, for example, has become noticeably less under Macron. A so-called tax on the rich never came. Whether there is good education and good support often depends on the “right” address – and the qualification at an elite institution – in the centrally managed hexagon, which is strongly geared towards the president. Those who apply for jobs, for example, often fall through the grid due to their non-French sounding name and origin from suburbs that are considered desolate.

System of inequality

Only recently, the powerless, conservative human rights representative of the government, Jacques Toubon, recalled that the “system of France” as a whole must be called into question: “a system that creates and maintains inequalities”. For people who do not look French and / or are not materially well off, “the republic does not keep its promises”.

This condition existed before Macron, but contrary to his promises, almost nothing has happened under him in terms of social and appreciative opportunities for advancement. That Macron is meant, who in his 2017 election campaign with the movement La République en Marche (LREM) like Kai aus der Kiste successfully advocated a France “beyond right and left and on the move”, the man who supported the socialists and the conservatives largely cannibalized to this day. That Macron, who in his election campaign was emphatically social democratic and multicultural. And now, in view of the likely final electoral duel in 2022 between him and Marine Le Pen, the head of the Rassemblement National, strategically moves ever further to the right in his domestic political agenda. Garnished with wishy-washy slogans like “Look ahead and don’t leave anyone behind”.

This mix now drives quite a few in the party into dismal perplexity; the mood is bad and trench warfare at LREM. Several MPs have left the National Assembly and Pierre Person, LREM Deputy Chair, has recently resigned. Aurore Bergé, a more conservative MP, recently warned in The world: “Our movement is in a real malaise. We no longer know who we are and what we stand for. ”What the self-absorbed“ Roi Macron ”probably doesn’t care about – for him, technocratic and vertical governance is more important. He sees movement as a vehicle for power.

Socialists as good as dead

The opposition parties, which are heavily revolving around themselves, and the first visible successes on the Franco-German EU axis after a long time are not (yet) making things really uncomfortable for Macron. The Parti Socialiste (PS) is as good as dead and is only discussing the question of whether it would not be smart to gather behind the Greens (EELV), which were very successful in the last European and local elections. But EELV is clumsy at the national level. Does the party even want to gain power, does it want its own presidential candidate?

The Greens are neither trying to clarify their relationship to liberalism, nor are they clear about whether they are striving for a radical, more emotional course or a more rational, moderate one in the future. And two influential figures at EELV, the Grenoble mayor Éric Piolle and the EU parliamentarian Yannick Jadot, are not green in the truest sense of the word. Cooperation with the conservative Republican Party (LR), also divided and divided, is, unlike black-green options in this country, zero issue for both sides. And then there is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, head of the left-wing movement La France insoumise, who is perfect in populist rhetoric. But since neither the Greens nor the Socialists will agree on him as a presidential candidate, the left will probably remain disparate for the time being, unless a left-wing party with a majority for a change is founded.

In contrast to Germany, where due to the electoral system and the federalist principle, a new party cannot march through from a standing start, in France it is much easier to bundle moods and sensitivities in one movement at the national level, see LREM. If Macron, as the most powerful in the state and the current government, does not slowly succeed in defusing the social explosives with rationality and foresight, the mood, which is doubly stressed by Corona, can brusquely tip. The country would then experience a violent reprint of the yellow vests or similar social, thoroughly heterogeneous movements. As a precaution, the national anthem, the bloodthirsty Marseillaise from the days of the revolution, is sung at demos of all stripes.

The republic – it is currently stressing the people in France. She doesn’t let go of her.


“Crazy liberals” have not been forgiven for their “moral imperialism”


“Crazy liberals” have not been forgiven for their “moral imperialism”

“The West has lost its appeal. <...> In their attacks, liberals are aiming at exactly what is most important to us, at the cornerstone … RIA Novosti, 09.24.




marine le pen


European Union

Victor Orban

vladimir putin








“The West has lost its appeal. & Lt; … & gt; In their attacks, liberals are targeting exactly what is most important to us, the cornerstone of the political order we aspire to, the underlying values ​​such as the nation, family and religious tradition. & lt; … & gt; The doctrine that “democracy can only be liberal” was imposed on you. Liberal democracy can bring chaos and collapse, more harm than good is one of the reasons why which we are rooting for another victory of Donald Trump. “Who says this – who has the audacity to simultaneously speak out against liberal democracy and for Trump? A well-known enemy of world liberalism Putin , killing everyone as a “Novice” and undermining the West from within? Fanatical Iranian ayatollah terrorists and terrible Chinese communists who have infected the whole world with their virus are not suitable – they would not publicly root for Trump. Although this statement would be agreed with in Beijing , and in Tehran : “The battle between the world elite and national resistance is not over yet. & lt; … & gt; Citizens of European countries will soon realize that today’s European institutions serve not them, but the interests of George Soros and others like him. & lt; … & gt; The goals of a world wide Soros-style network with unlimited financial and human resources are clear: to create open societies of mixed ethnicity by accelerating migration, dismantle the national decision-making process and transfer it to the global elite. ” This is about global processes, but about the upbringing of future generations: Who is this brave man? This is the prime minister of one of the European countries – Viktor Orban . He leads Hungary for ten years in a row (and before that, at the turn of the century, he headed the government for four years) and is considered to be European Union a rebel and practically a dictator. But what he wrote in his article, published Monday in Magyar Nemzet, is powerful even for him. Orban acts not only as a defender of the nation state and denouncer of “crazy liberals” on a global scale, but as the leader of the Christian-democratic trend in Europe and even in the West in general. He formulates clearly, frankly – in a way that European leaders have not done for a long time: Orban consistently defends the national identity of the Hungarians (the latest arrival of the people of Europe), including their Catholicism – but in this case, he appeals not only to his compatriots, but also to Europeans in general. First of all, of course, to the former comrades in the socialist camp (Orban generally equates communism and liberalism as ideologies alien to Hungarians): That is, we are talking about two Europeans, which somehow need to remain within the framework of one European Union. There are no chances to remake the Eastern Europeans into “not remembering kinship” residents of a united Europe, but there are still chances for a conservative, more precisely, even national-traditionalist revenge in Western Europe . That is, the victory of their own Marine Le Pen in all key states of old Europe – in fact, radical renewal of the ruling national elites. It is clear that the pan-European elites formed by the Atlantists (and this is not just a “Brussels bureaucracy”, but political cadres, first recruited from the level of national states to the pan-European level, and then sent back to their countries) will in every possible way prevent the anti-liberal turn. At the same time, it is the globalist structures, the very collective Soros that the Hungarian prime minister walked through, who will organize and coordinate the process of resistance to the “uprising of the peoples.” … And the 90-year-old billionaire responds by calling Orban a mafiosi and a dictator – and in every way he helps the opposition Hungarian liberals. But if at the national level Orban successfully copes with them, then within the EU and NATO it is not easy for him, which is why the victory in 2016 of Trump, his ideological ally in the fight against liberal globalism in general (and now with Soros in particular) was so important for him. Of course, Budapest continues to put pressure on the European Union, but now at least the American government structures are not in full force is connected to the hand twisting of the Hungarians. Orban’s words of support for Trump – the first such statement on the part of a European leader – were noticed in the European press, but the same Times does not quote the entire passage: Hungary really shows miracles of resistance to external pressure, and this is the merit not only of Orban, but also of the majority supporting him Hungarian society, which understands the importance of preserving national identity. However, now “moral imperialism” is being used against the States themselves – and, of course, Orban wants Trump to resist the beginning in USA ” color revolution “. If he survives and wins – European Christians, conservatives, and traditionalists (those who could be called Christian Democrats if this term was not discredited by its current speakers like the German CDU) it will be much easier to resist both the liberal dictatorship and moral imperialism. That is why truly independent European politicians want Trump to win – so to speak, “for our freedom and yours.”




Ilyas Dimirov

Orban is cool! Respect! And at the same time he manages not to fall into rabid Nazism, which is also not easy.


Oleg Remov Kerch

Super! A real leader. Respect.






RIA Novosti

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Peter Akopov


Peter Akopov






RIA Novosti

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RIA Novosti

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French President Macron and his opponents

IIn the television interview on the national holiday, French President Macron was now also asked about the violent aversion that met him. “I did what I had hinted at,” said Macron – and referred to the spectacular reforms that were considered “impossible” and which failed to make his predecessors fail: “France is a country that is afraid and has no confidence in itself. “The president was not afraid to use the term his two interviewers had avoided: hate. “I may have made something appear that I am not,” he said. In the lockdown, Macron had promised to “reinvent itself”.

Jürg Altwegg

All the presidents of the Fifth Republic have felt the desire of the French to kill the king. Hatred of Emmanuel Macron has reached new dimensions. In January of this year, the police had to free him from a theater after a visitor mobilized demonstrators via Twitter. Two weeks later, his favorite restaurant “La Rotonde” was set on fire – alleged perpetrator: an actor. Poles with impaled Macron skulls were carried in a torchlight procession against the pension reform. “Louis XVI. was beheaded. We could start again, ”threatens Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s“ Indomitable France ”.


“Covid-19 has created awareness”

INTERVIEW – For the president of Ifri (French Institute for International Relations), Westerners must draw the consequences of the rise of China.

Thierry de Montbrial, president of Ifri.
Thierry de Montbrial, president of Ifri. Creative Common Wikimedia

Thierry de Montbrial deciphers the geopolitical upheavals caused by the Covid-19.

LE FIGARO. – Will the international system resist the virus?

Thierry DE MONTBRIAL. – All the experts, after the test, discuss the after and before coronavirus. Philosophically, the present moment, however, does not exist. Rather, it is an overlap between a continuing past and an emerging future. There is never really a break. The pandemic will not transform the international system but rather accelerate certain trends that were already at work. The most fundamental of them, which has existed since the end of the XXe century, is the Sino-American competition. Everything else revolves around this central axis, even Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This major fact was accentuated first by the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House, then by the pandemic.

Do you think that China and the United States risk an armed conflict?

This is a fundamental question, which makes

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A lot of criticism of the new French warning app

I.In the fight against the Corona epidemic, the French government plans to use the “Stop Covid” warning app from Pentecost weekend. A trial version can already be downloaded. For the time being, the French Corona app will not be compatible with the German system, which should be ready for use by mid-June at the earliest. This is because the federal government has rejected the joint app project that was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute with the French research institutes Inria and Inserm. The central recording of anonymized data, as provided for by the common app protocol “Robert”, should be avoided in Germany.

This aspect was not criticized in centralized France. Still, there are big doubts about the usefulness of the warning app, as the Wednesday National Assembly debate showed. “The app is part of the series of anti-freedom laws,” criticized MP Jean-Luc Mélenchon from the left-wing party La France Insoumise. He doubted that data security could be guaranteed. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen from the right-wing national party “Rassemblement National” criticized: “We amuse people with an app, but we lack the most important tools for infection protection such as tests and protective masks.”

Minister of Health: Use all means

“Is the drug appropriate for the purpose?” Asked Health Minister Olivier Véran. The epidemic was not yet over, so “every means” had to be used to protect against infection. State Secretary Cédric O tried to dispel privacy concerns. “There will be no automatic geolocation,” he said in the National Assembly. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that algorithms and artificial intelligence already played a major role in society.

The app works with Bluetooth signals and sends warning messages if a user comes close to an infected smartphone user. “You will never find out who the infected user was,” said O. The warning was a tool to prevent a new outbreak of infections. However, it is not a miracle cure. It complements the social distance and hygiene rules and the work of the health authorities to trace the infection chains. “It helps us to save time,” said the State Secretary.

No privacy protests

The French data protection authority Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) raised no objections. The most important recommendations have been respected, the data protectionists write in a statement. For example, the Corona warning app only uses anonymized data and does not create lists of people. In addition, the use is voluntary. Abusive infection reports should be prevented by only sending a QR code in a laboratory if a positive test result is required, which is required to report an infection on the app. This report is also voluntary.

The French app goes back to the joint project between the research institutes Inria and Inserm with the German Fraunhofer Institute. The original idea was to develop a model for a “pan-European app” that can be used in the Schengen area after the border has been opened.

Independent of Apple and Google?

In Paris, the focus is on not being dependent on American providers such as Google or Apple for sensitive health data. “Stop Covid” from Apple and Google is technically autonomous, the French government emphasized. However, the non-governmental organization La Quadrature du Net corrected the presentation; she announced that the app uses the Captcha technology, in which personal data is forwarded to Google.

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French intellectual Nicolas Baverez was outraged at how quickly the French were ready to give up their freedoms. “The corona virus has infected our understanding of freedom,” said the publicist. The Paris Bar has advised against downloading the app. Lawyers should also be very careful when using the app with their private smartphones. “The risk of interference with fundamental rights is too high,” writes the Association of Lawyers. Human rights lawyer François Sureau accused his compatriots of lacking awareness of data protection. Even President Emmanuel Macron is said to have been amazed at how quickly the French were ready to accept fundamental rights interventions without criticism during the pandemic.