Cuban singer Manolín, El Médico de la Salsa, announces his retirement: ‘Sueño fulfilled’

The Cuban singer Manolín, the Salsa Doctorannounced this Monday his retirement from music and public life.

“What can I tell you: it was a great pleasure, but today I put an end to it. My dreams are fulfilled. Today I officially inform you that I retire from music and public life“said Manuel” Manolín “González Hernández on Facebook.

“It was an immense pleasure to make music, a wonderful experience. It has been wonderful to travel this world singing and giving joy. Although before it was a privilege to be famous, today it is the opposite. now the privilege is to lead a private life, out of fame“, he claimed.

The singer’s YouTube channel will remain open with all his videos so that “there is evidence” of his “modest work” and his “small contribution to music,” he said.

The singer thanked his followers, his musicians, his work and production team.

“My satisfaction is total, at the time my songs were hit almost all and more than 95% of my concerts were sold out everywhere, “he added.

Almost 30 years later, I retire from music and I do it with joy, satisfaction and happiness. Dream fulfilled, “he said.

Manolín, the Salsa Doctor, resides in Madrid, Spain, after spending years in the United States.

The singer generated controversy on social networks with his views on both politics and music, in particular due to his disagreements with reggaeton artists and Cuban artists who went to Miami.

Manolín, the Salsa DoctorHe said last year that singer Paulito FG had nothing to go looking for in Miami. He also responded to the athlete Javier Sotomayor that “Cuba is more than poor.”

“I’m retiring from Music” What can I tell you … it was a great pleasure, but today I put an end to it. My dreams are …

Posted by Manuel Manolin on Monday, June 7, 2021